6 Best Litter Box for Large Cats Reviews of 2021

extra large litter box for big catsHave a large cat in your possession? You must pick and administer to it the best litter box for large cats. These cats are larger and hence tend to occupy or demand more space from you. We draft this review-cum-buying guide to help you in making a more informed purchasing decision for yourself.


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What Is the Best Litter Box for Large Cats?


Why Do Large Cats Need Extra-large Boxes?

best litter box for large cats

A large cat generally needs the best litter box for large cats due to the following reasons:

– Extra Space Needs

These cats generally need more space than your ordinary cats. This extra space may only be provided if the litter box in use is similarly larger in scope and sheer size. Chances of you providing this extra-large space by picking a smaller or ordinary litter box is almost negligible.

– Need for Maximum Comfort

All cats regardless of their sizes require some comfort. If they are large, they will typically need a larger litter box to provide them with the room to hold themselves comfortably. Picking a smaller or ordinary litter box may not really yield this end for them.

litter box with large space– Minimize Suffocation

When large cats are stashed in smaller and cramped up spaces, they tend to suffocate or even overheat. To stem these two tides, you need to place them in spacious containers such as large litter boxes. That is the only way that the smooth flow of air may be upheld at all times of occupation.

– Allow for Growth

Even though these cats are larger, they may not necessarily have ceased growing. To be true, they still need to keep on growing for some time. Only by you administering a larger litter box may you be able to provide and guarantee this room for growth.

– Accommodate other Extras

Obviously, you need a couple of other extras and accessories to keep your cat growing and well taken good care of. A smaller litter box might not give you the room and the resource base you need to accommodate these extras, unfortunately. Thankfully, you have some exceptional support in the extra-large litter boxes.


Best Litter Box for Large Cats Reviews

We now review a couple of the best litter box for large cats that are available on the market as of now:

1. Best Odor Control – Catit Jumbo Large Hooded Cat Litter Pan with a Carbon Filter

Want also to provide some shade to your cats? You need a litter box that is hooded. When we talk about that, this should rank top of your consideration. Here are outstanding features and benefits.

Catit Jumbo Large Hooded litter box for large cats

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  • Large Hood

A large hood dominates its awesome traits. The hood plays the role of providing some shade and cover to the cats and the interior contents. Because it lifts up, it allows for easier cleaning.

  • Built-in Bag Anchor

When scooping the mess from the litter box, you will engage the built-in bag anchor. This one engages and disengages seamlessly to enable smoother and appropriate handling when needed.

  • Carbon-impregnated Filter

For your added safety, the item also possesses a Carbon-impregnated filter that suppresses and neutralizes the foul smell that emanates from the mess that the cats leave behind.



  • Confers some privacy to the cats you have
  • Its hood lifts up for easier cleaning
  • Made of the safe and odorless BPA-free materials


  • Takes up more spaces to install

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2. Best Easy-sifting – Pet Mate Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan for Large Cats

When this litter is used for a longer duration of time, they tend to develop some foul stench. If and when this happens, they compromise the safety and the wellbeing of the places they are installed. You want to use that stays fresh for longer. Here are outstanding features and benefits.

Pet Mate Arm Hammer Large Sifting box

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  • Sifting Litter Box

Comprising a wonderful part and aspect of this litter box is a sifting litter box. Its role is to facilitate the cleanliness of the item by negating the need to scoop out any mess.

  • Large cat Litter Box

In its entirety, this item is a large cat litter box. It is able to accommodate cats that are larger than the average cats that exist in your typical home environment.

  • Antimicrobial Protection

Existing further to cement the item’s ability to make your life better is the antimicrobial protection trait. Its role is mainly to suppress the foul stench to leave behind some fresh and breathable interior air.



  • Fights off stains and bacteria
  • Manufactured using eco-friendly materials and products
  • Quite convenient to keep clean


  • Slightly delicate to care for

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3. Best Open Top – Van Ness CP2HS Large High Sides Cat Litter Pan with Large Space

Wishing to add some décor and beauty to your interior spaces? Pick and make use of this litter box. It comes about in an assortment of assorted colors for you to choose from. Here are outstanding features and benefits.

Van Ness CP2HS Large High Sides litter box

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  • High-polished Finish

Its exterior bears some exterior high polished finish that serves to add some aesthetics and décor to the places wherein the item is placed for subsequent use. With this comes the benefit of beautifying your interior.

  • Pureness Large High Sides

The sides of the litter box are high enough to prevent the mess from spilling over to the floors and the interior surfaces where the same is installed for use.

  • Excellent Dimensions

All in all, the item comes about in some excellent dimensions. These are the 17-1/2-inch long by 15-inch wide by 8-1/2-inch and deep respectively. It hence fits the least storage spaces available.



  • Reduces the scattering of the mess
  • Makes the management of the mess simpler
  • Made of plastic material that is resistant to stains and odor


  • Has a somewhat shorter lifespan

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4. Best Automatic – CatGenie Self Washing & Self Flushing Litter Box for Large Cats

Do you operate a timeline that is somewhat squeezed? You need a self-washing machine of this kind. It, as its designation implies, is capable of washing itself and hence cuts down the time necessary for the job. Here are outstanding features and benefits.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing cat litter box

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  • 3 Cleaning Cycle Options

It boasts of three cleaning cycle options for you. This gives you the freedom to select the approach that best mirrors your expectations and cleaning needs.

  • Laundry Room Option

You may also install the gadget in the laundry rooms as it is appropriately equipped for the same end. Thus, it saves greatly on the space requirements while at the same time managing the services you need.

  • One-Time, Easy DIY Setup

In all, the item demands only a one-time setup as it is simple and easier to use. You do not need that much technical expertise to handle and engage as is the norm with the more complicated counterparts.



  • Washable and reusable for a prolonged duration of time
  • Able to wash itself and hence cuts down some time
  • Devoid of any odors and is hence safer for use


  • Requires constant repairs and maintenance

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5. Best Covered – IRIS USA Large Private Hooded Corner Litter Box with Scoop for Large Cats

Getting rid of the wastes might never be a really easy job to do. You need a litter box that is accompanied by a scoop that plays the role of facilitating the elimination of the wastes from the surfaces concerned. Here are outstanding features and benefits.

IRIS USA Large Private litter box for large cats

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  • Flap Entry Door

Its entry door comes in the form of a flap. This arrangement allows for easier access into and the retrieval of the contents that are stashed therein. It also works to contain the sprays and other foul odor.

  • Handle and Secure Buckles

A set of secure and handle buckles also exist on the item. They allow for seamless portability chiefly by way of enabling the smoother handling and subsequent transportation of the item to the remote locale of use.

  • Quick Access Lift Top

Rounding them all up is the quick access lift tip that enables smoother cleaning and engagement of the item altogether. With this quick access also comes the ability of you to retrieve the contents smoothly.



  • Provides a sufficiently high amount of interior storage space
  • Comes with a scoop for easier elimination of the mess
  • Buckles securely for your own safety and easy engagement


  • Likely to take up more space from you

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6. Best Top-entry – Petmate Litter Box with High Walls for Large Cats

Could it be that you have only a limited amount of space? If you answered back in the affirmative, you need a litter box that is similarly meant for the cramped up spaces, such as this one. Here are outstanding features and benefits.

Petmate Litter Box with High Walls

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  • Extra Tall Walls

Its walls are extra tall and hence capable of fitting the smaller cramped up spaces you may have. Then, it opens from the top enable even easier access to the interior contents with utmost efficacy.

  • Litter-cling Lid

Contributing to the overall safety of the contents is the litter-cling lid. This lid suppresses the odor while at the same time preventing unauthorized access to the interior contents like the cat.

  • Roomy for Large Cats

The interior of the box is sufficiently roomy for the largest cats. In light of this, it works extra hard to confer additional storage and movement spaces for the cats as it does not impede the free movements thereof.



  • Accessible from the top for easier engagements
  • Spares your floors from all mess
  • Expedites the tasks of cleaning the mess


  • Too narrow for multiple occupants

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How to Choose the Best Cat Litter Box for Large Cats?

Seeking a suitable best litter box for large cats? Factor the considerations below to make an informed decision for yourself:

Size VS. Space Availability

The sheer size of the litter box should be at the top of your concerns. A good litter box has to come at just the right size and be able to fit seamlessly within the meager storage and mounting space you may have. Be certain to mark the dimensions before proceeding to make a purchase.

Material Makeup

Next, you should factor in the kinds of materials that make the item up. A great litter box has to feature strong and enduring materials. That is to prevent the same from getting damaged a bit too soon! Stainless steel and Aluminum are two of the most reliable materials of all.

  • PATENTED LITTER SIFTER - Owning a cat is fun and rewarding and we just made caring for your cat much easier. Use our Highest Rated SIFTER with Highest Rated DEEP SHOVEL. SIFTER Spacing is Perfect -- lets only clean litter through (narrower), as it is curated by cat owners.
  • ENCLOSED STAINLESS STEEL BOX - Our Newest Stainless Steel Litter Pan with enclosure help to contain the mess in the box itself. The Stainless Steel litter box does not hold any stinky odor so your house or your backyard will completely be odor free!
  • MADE UP OF PREMIUM MATERIAL AT COMPETITIVE OFFERS - Waterproof Handle. Solid Cast Aluminum that is NON-STICK PLATED. Reinforced Front Edge. Tapered (Wider Front Edge) to Clean Deep Corners. Super Solid Handle.
  • EASY TO CLEAN UP - Sometimes it is painful to clean and wash litter boxes but this nonstick coated litter box doesn’t resist and build any residue which can go away in one wash only. Please notice the STICKER shown on the litter box may NOT be on the box. The units we sell may not likely have it.

Desired Location of Installation

Where exactly do you plan to set the litter box up for eventual use? A great litter box for your use has to fit as nearly as can be within the less storage space you have in your possession. That is only achievable if you first and foremost mark out the necessary dimensions before proceeding to make a pick.

The Number of Occupants

How many cats would you wish to stash in the boxes at any given time? It is necessary that you pick a box that is large enough to accommodate all the cats you have in mind. To arrive at a great purchase on the basis of this requirement, you have to figure out the ventilation of the boxes too!

Access and Entry

Stashing the cat in the litter box is one thing. Retrieving the same from the box is yet another thing altogether. To make your life safer, you need to figure out the way in which you will access the cats in the boxes. Consider the entries and the lids of the boxes as you go about this.


What Types of Cat Litter Box Are Designed for Large Cats?

These cat litter boxes come in diverse sizes and shapes. Here now, we take a look at the various types of the best litter box for large cats:

– Top Entry

As its name implies, this is a litter box that possesses an entry point at its top rather than the sides. It is mainly useful in circumstances where space is some kind of an issue. That is due to its ability to take up limited space while at the same time enabling free access into and out of the shelter.

Best Top Entry Litter Box for Large Cats – IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

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– Enclosed

This one comes equipped with a closing apparatus. It hence plays the role of facilitating the closure of the shelter to confer maximum security to the interior occupants. You will find it appropriately suited for the role of securing your cats from the agents of external exposure.

Best Enclosed Litter Box for Large Cats – Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box

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– Hidden

Would you wish to economize the spaces you have? You want to make do with a hidden litter box of this kind. It has the ability to fit nicely within the limited spaces that may exist within your home premises. On the same note, it still shelters your cats perfectly and comprehensively.

Best Hidden Litter Box for Large Cats – Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box

best hidden litter box for large cats

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– Covered

A covered litter box comes in handy when you want to prevent any form of direct contact between your cat and the ‘outside world.’ The cover acts as a barrier that prevents what is outside from getting in and what is inside from getting out. In the course of doing that, it ensures a healthy cat inside.

Best Covered Litter Box for Large Cats – Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box

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Is It Proper to Get Cat Litter Box with Lids for Large Cats?

large litter box with a lid

YES, it is! Below are the core reasons why this is absolutely necessary:

Confers Added Protection

The number one benefit that comes along with this kind of structure is that it confers added protection to the cats themselves. It prevents the exterior occupants from getting into contact with the cats and possibly harming the same in the course of doing that.

Controls and Mitigates Odor

By sealing the lid of the best litter box for large cats completely, you get to prevent the odor from dispersing and spreading out completely throughout the rooms. That is of course news to the interior room occupants as it means their welfare is not compromised in whichever shape or form.

Minimizes Mess and Dirtying

When the lids are tightened fully, there is absolutely no way that the mess from the cats may spill over to the external areas. That way, it spares the interior room occupants from the foul stench while at the same time enabling them to enjoy the best peace of mind they need.

large litter boxRestrains the Cats from Harming the Interior Occupants

If your cat is wild and unruly, placing a lid atop it definitely goes a long way in restraining the same from harming the interior occupants from any dangers that the cats themselves may pose. The lid acts as a restraint on the strength and the restlessness of the cats themselves.

Aids with Cleaning

With reduced incidences of the cats messing your interiors, comes the added advantage of aiding with the cleaning thereof. You won’t really have to struggle to have your way as is the norm with the other forms or approaches of cleaning. That makes your life somewhat simpler and more convenient.


High-sided Cat Litter Box Vs. Large-hooded Cat Litter Box for Large Cats

These best litter boxes for large cats come in two main kinds. They are the high-sided and the large-hooded cat litter boxes respectively. But how do these two measure up? We are going to belabor them in the following segments of our conversations:

Place of Installation

To set these litter boxes for use, you will need to devote some space to that end. Generally, a high-sided requires space that is narrower as it does have a narrow base. Its large-hooded counterpart on the other hand demands space that is broader owing to the sheer large size it possesses.

Sheer Size of Cat

Though both are meant for large cats, the sizes of the cats they may accommodate vary considerably. The high-sided has a smaller interior carrying capacity and is as such suited for the smaller cats. As for the large-hooded, it is on the whole capable of accommodating larger cats.

 extra large litter box for large catsSpace Size Requirements

As hinted already, the high-sided requires a comparatively smaller amount of space to set up for eventual use. The large-hooded nonetheless demands more space owing to its comparatively larger stature. You may hence count on the former to fit the cramped up condominiums and apartments.

Ease of Transportation

If you happen to change your location or base of operations every now and then, the high-sided is the one to set your eyes on. It is on the whole compact enough to fit the smallest amounts of spaces that be. The large-hooded however takes up more space and is hence quite strenuous to handle.

Access and Retrieval

To access and retrieve the cat from a high-sided litter box, you will need to do so from the top of the box. That is because the litter box is for a large part only accessible from the top. To do the same from a large-hooded, you will approach it from the sides.


What Size of Litter Box Should I Have for Large Cats?

top entry litter box for large cats

There is really no unifying size that may be necessary for your large cats. The right size is dependent on the following characteristics and factors:

Size of the Cat

How large your cat is ranks tops among the key determinants of the size of the litter box that may come in handy for your use. A great box must definitely be large enough to accommodate the cat you have with some room to spare. It is only through this arrangement that your cat may have some room to breathe.

Amount of Space Available

The size or amount of space you have at your disposal also matters considerably. A great box must definitely fit the small amount of space you have as nearly as possible. We recommend that you measure this dimension and juxtapose it with the amount of space you have to find out whether it fits.

Intended Number of Occupants

Chances are that you have more than one cat in your possession. If this is the case, you must also consider the number of occupants you may wish to stash in your box. Be sure to settle on a box that is large and spacious enough for all those cats.

PS: Generally, the best litter box for large cats should be one-and-a-half-times longer than your cat. The purpose of this size is to allow for some growth, comfort, and the free circulation of air inside and outside the box altogether.


Tips for Large Cat Litter Boxes

XL large litter box for large catsWhile using your best litter box for large cats, you have to adhere to the following tips to manage better performances:

  1. Wash the litter box consistently to suppress the odors
  2. Stash the boxes in well-aerated places that allow for smooth circulation of air
  3. Never use scents and perfumes as they may compromise the smell of the interiors
  4. Place baking soda in the box to suppress the foul stench from the cat mess
  5. Replace the box regularly preferably annually
  6. Refrain from covering the box as much as possible
  7. Keep the cat handling and engagement a lot simpler and to the point


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

This matter of best litter box for large cats is not without its share of controversies. We now take some time to ask and answer those questions that linger around this subject for a large part:

1. Is sifting cat litter box convenient for large cats?

YES, it is! The sifting cat litter box is definitely great for the large cats as it provides sufficient storage and mounting spaces for your cats. With this spacious interior comes the added benefits of extra comfort and sufficient room for the cats to stay in there with an absolute peace of mind.

2. Is it safe for large cats to use the self-cleaning cat litter box?

While there is really nothing wrong with the large cats to use the self-cleaning cat litter boxes, be sure to limit this to the automated litter boxes. It is only them that have the equipment necessary to maintain your cats in an absolute state of comfort and overall great minds.

3. How to know if my cats are large-breed cats?

You may have to secure the services of a trained veterinary officer. Let the person examine the cat and carry out the necessary tests to ascertain its breed and ancestry. If you can observe the characteristics and make a deduction on your own, the better for you.

4. My cat refuses to use the litter box. Does this mean it’s too small?

Several accounts for this. They are:

  • Poor states of the cleanliness of the litter box
  • Too small or cramped-up litter box
  • Too many occupants of a single litter box
  • An uncomfortable hood liner or hood
  • A litter box that is too deep for your cat (greater than 2 inches deep)



Our review and peek into the best litter box for large cats comes to an end there. We now defer the matter to you to make an appropriate purchase of this item. That should be easy now as our insight has been quite in-depth and touching on every aspect of the subject matter thereof!