10 Unique Cats You Would Like To Know

unique cats -image from pixabay by dimitrisvetsikas
It is said that there are over 100 unique cats in the world. Each unique cat has its own unique features and characteristics compared to other breeds of cats. Such features include unique coloration, unique patterns on fur, a special type of body, and a unique way of grooming itself.

1. Solomon Island Spider-Cat

The island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands is famous for its unique and giant creatures, such as the fabled Bigfoot or Yeti. Recently, a unique cat was discovered on this same island: the Guadalcanal Tiger Cat. This unique cat looks like a regular house pet. However, its size shows that this unique creature isn’t your average house pet. This unique species only lives on three islands in the region–Guadalcanal, Santa Isabel, and Malaita. It has been classified by scientists as being in serious danger. This is due to human encroachment, feral animals, and illegal bird trapping inside its habitat.

2. Genie – The Talking Cat

The unique cat you will read about in this article is unique because of its ability to communicate with humans. The unique feline was taken in by California resident Trudy Cooper after it showed up at her doorstep one day and wouldn’t leave. Genie has a unique meow that lets the Coopers know what she wants. It’s a unique meow for food, water, and even pick her litter box, among other unique things. Because she can meow like a regular cat, scientists have been unable to pinpoint Genie’s level of intelligence. However, they believe that she understands language like a human child does: through context and association.

3. Indonesian Naked Cats

Discovered in Sulawesi, Indonesia, these unique cats are wild. However, they don’t act like wild animals at all. The unique thing about them is that they don’t have hair. After the unique cat was discovered, it quickly became endangered because of habitat loss and trapping for pets. Scientists believe that unique species were once regular house cats before their natural environment changed so drastically. They adapted to this change by losing their hair to better survive in the unique Sulawesi region.

4. Minskin – Half-Cat Half-Pin

These unique cats come from New Hampshire and take after a unique breed of cat called Munchkins. Unique cats with this unique trait are born either naturally or through genetic mutations because of their unique heritage. Genetically, unique cats like the Minskin resemble kittens that have been crushed in an accident at birth. As a result, developed disabilities such as missing limbs or no limbs at all. Because the unique breed has no particular standard for its breeding, Munchkins can appear in various sizes and colors.
unique cats-image from pixabay by JonasOgrefoln
unique cats-image from pixabay by JonasOgrefoln

5. Hairless Chinese Crested Dog Cat

Synonymous to the Hawaiian Silky Terrier mixed with a unique cat, this unique creature can be found in many dog breeds. Cats like this breed are unique because of a genetic mutation that causes them to be hairless. Because they have no fur around their body, unique cats like this one will need maximum care to maintain their health. You need to protect their skin from sunburn or infection.

6. Peterbald – Half-Cat Half-Dog

Peterbald is a unique creature with many real names: Don Sphynx, St Petersburg Hairless, and more. This cat is native to Russia but was discovered in 1994 by some Russian scientists who set out on an expedition looking for a hairless unique dog. What they found instead were these unique creatures who shared a resemblance with cats.

7. Sphynx – The Hairless Unique Cat

Much like the unique cat above, unique Sphynx cats are born from a genetic mutation that causes them to be hairless. However, rather than being the result of a mutated gene, unique cats with this trait are born to parents who both carry a recessive baldness gene. When two such cats reproduce sexually, there is a 25% chance that their offspring will inherit the unique genes and be born hairless. Because these unique creatures can’t produce their own body heat, they need special care and attention. You have to feed them milk heated to 98 degrees Fahrenheit or other unique Sphynx kittens will develop unique health problems.

8. American Wirehair – Unique Cat With Unique Coats

American unique cats have a unique coat that looks unique because it is unique. This unique fur has unique wire-like curls which differentiate the creature from other unique cat breeds. Oddly enough, the gene for this trait is dominant. Meaning that if one parent carries the gene and passes it on to their offspring, there’s a chance that their offspring could also pass it down and create more unique furry creatures.

9. Peterbald – Half-Cat Half-Dog

These unique creatures are unique because they have unique genes that cause them to be unique. If you have a unique Peterbald cat, then its unique DNA will show unique characteristics different from any other cat around. Unique cats like this can come in many colors and coats, depending on what kind of unique visible traits the unique parents had. These visible traits are dominant, so if one parent has a unique coat or color, their offspring are more likely to have this visible trait too.

10. Cat Weasel – Half-Cat Half-Weasel

These cats are sometimes called freak cats because of their strange appearance, which mimics that of a weasel or ferret. This type of unique cat breed often comes out in litter. Their kittens don’t quite look unique because they are typically born with short legs and unique coats of fur. These unique cats are unique because they have unique genes which cause them to be unique. If you have a unique cat, there’s a chance that their offspring might have the genes too.
unique cats-image from pixabay by brokenfotos
unique cats-image from pixabay by brokenfotos

Best practices to take care of unique cats:

  • Unique cats are one-of-a-kind snowflakes that require distinct measures because of their particular situation. Other unique cats might not like being different and will therefore require special attention. Unique creatures that aren’t born with any hair need specialized care in order to keep their bodies warm and protect them from infections.
  • Unique animals have a special diet that differs from other sorts of cats. Make sure the milk is heated to 98 degrees Fahrenheit before offering it to a distinctive kitten, or you risk losing this adorable little creature.
  • Unique cats like the American Wirehair (above) should be fed delicious food made with fresh ingredients. Just as unique cats are unique recipes that should be unique to your unique lifestyle and needs. To find unique food for these unique creatures, check out the unique recipe section on the Unique Kitten site.
Above all else, unique cats are creatures who require a little extra care because they’re different from other types of kitties. If you have a pet or plan on getting one in the future, make sure their needs are being met so they can live a happy and healthy life.