Top 10 Best Cat Litter For Odor Control And Tracking Reviews

using cat litter for odor control

There is a bewildering level of choice when It comes to purchasing cat litter that is effective for odor control as well as tracking. Most types of cat litter are designed to provide odor control and tracking. Cats often track or trail litter after using the litter box or tray. Cat litter is generally made from clay, wooden pellets or crystals that to varying degrees control odor and prevent tracking.

Considering the most suitable cat litter to buy can make a real difference to odor control and more specifically for tracking. Your purchasing decision and how you use the litter can determine how well odors can be controlled and tracking reduced.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For Odor Control And Tracking?

Best Cat Litter For Odor Control And Tracking Reviews

How Do I Keep My Cat From Tracking Litter Everywhere?

There are different ways to keep cats from tracking litter everywhere, some involve what is done with cat litter and other methods that do not directly involve letter. These methods should reduce the amount of tracking and clean up after your cat.

Clean dirty litter

One method of reducing tracking is to clean dirty litter out of the tray on a daily basis so that there is less litter that the cat can out of the tray.

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Change litter

Consider changing the type of cat litter that you purchase to see if that reduces the amount of tracking. Changing the litter can make a difference, for example, long haired cats are more to track clay litter than pellet based or crystals. Make sure that the cat approves of any cat litter that you switch to using.

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Change litter tray

Consider changing the litter tray, for example getting one that has higher sides, cats are likely to rub the litter off their paws when climbing out of such trays.

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Place a mat

Buy a mat to put under the litter tray. Cats will happily rub their paws over a mat to get the litter off them.

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Clean your cat

Wipe or clean your cat’s paws as often as you can so that if they do track then they are spreading the mess around your home. If possible try to cut short the hair of cats, which tend to have longer hair.

Is There Any Cat Litter That Doesn’t Track?

The best cat litter for not tracking is crystal based litter. This type of cat litter is unlikely to track even with long hair cats. Clay-based non-clumping and wooden pellet based cat litters are more likely to track. Clumping clay-based cat litter tends to track more than crystal based litter but less than other types of litter.

There is always the potential that litter will track, but crystal based litter is the least likely to do that.

Best Crytal Cat Litter For Odor Control and Tracking

Why Do You Need Non Tracking Cat Litter?

You would want non-tracking cat litter as it is more hygienic than using litter that cats can track. It is not hygienic at all for cats to track litter and possibly waste around your home. Cats cannot help themselves when it comes to tracking litter around your hour, so it is best to prevent litter from getting on their paws in the first place.

Using non-tracking cat litter should mean that you spend less time going around your home cleaning up after the cat. Non-tracking litter will not have to brush up off the floor, and you will not have to mop or wipe the floor to be certain that it is hygienic and odor-free.

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Best Types of Cat Litter for Odor Control and Tracking

There are different ways to choose cat litter for odor control and the prevention or reduction of tracking. Your final purchase decision could be strongly influenced by the importance, which you place on been tracking free in your home.

Crystal cat litter

If your main concern when buying cat litter is to reduce or stop tracking then you should set out to buy cat litter that consists of crystals as these are more likely to prevent tracking. Crystal cat litter is designed to absorb and retain more moisture than either clay or wooden pellet based litter products can match.

Clay-based litter

Clay-based litter whether clumping or nonclumping will match the litters made with crystals in terms of odor control. Clumping flat-based cat litter seems to be more effective at reducing tracking than non-clumping litter or wooden pellet litter. Yet emptying the waste from litter trays should help to minimize the amount of tracking that takes place.

Stick with crystal-based cat litter if preventing tracking is your priority, while all types of litter will do a good job of controlling odors.

You may also wish to consider how much the litter costs, how long it lasts for, and whether it is dust-free.


There is certainly a wide variety of cat litter out there to be brought, or avoided. Some of these cat litters are better for odor control than others are. You need to consider the type of cat litter that suits your cat, controls odor, and reduces or prevents tracking. While most cat litter products have similar standards for odor control, some litters are better than others for preventing tracking. Crystal based litter products stop tracking, followed by clumping cat litter being the second most effective at reducing tracking. Generally, wooden pellets and non-clumping litters are the least effective at preventing tracking.

So if you priority in relation to the cat litter purchased is to prevent or tightly control cats tracking then a crystal based litter is certainly your best option in terms of your home been more hygienic. If you don’t mind having to clean up small amounts of tracking then other types of litter will control odors to comparable standards. Whatever cat litter you buy there are also ways to reduce the amount of tracking, such as having trays with higher walls, placing a mat under the tray, or cleaning the waste out of the tray every day.