15 Best Cat Litter For Odor and Dust Reviews For Cat’s Health of 2021

Cats are adorable pets and they always show you when they don’t like something. In getting a cat litter for odor and dust you should always get what your cat prefers. You need to get the best product in the market made of quality materials. This object will be used by the cat to relieve itself every time.best cat litter for odor and dust

You will need to get a cat litter for odor and dust that one can easily remove the cat’s urine and feces at ease. It should also be able to keep the bad smell of the cat’s waste away. There are cat litters that are covered and they are crucial in keeping the bad odor at bay. Some cat litters are scented and this will assist in ensuring that the smell of cat’s waste does not create an uncomfortable environment.

Some are fitted with carbon fillers that help in containing the smell. You can also get automatic cat litters costly and better in dealing with odor from the cat’s waste. Whatever you do, when you have a cat, you will need it to avoid having a cat’s mess all over the place.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For Odor And Dust Control?

Picking the Best Cat Litter with No Dust and No Odor

What is Dust-free Cat Litter and How Does It Work?

A dust-free cat litter is free of small particles that may be inhaled by the cat or human. The dust-free cat litters are not however, 100% dust-free the highest rating is 99 %.

They are available in different models from those that use crystal gels to those that use clay litters.

How they work

Most of these components used to make the dust-free cat litters have a high absorption rate. When a cat urinates on the clay or the crystal gels, they absorb the moisture and inflate. Most of them use paper pallets or granules, silica crystal gels that have a high moisture absorption rate.

This enables them to absorb the order while emitting a smell of the compound used to make it. The smell of the material used to make cancels the bad odor of the feces and urine making your home air pleasant.

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Who Should Buy Cat Litter For Dust and Odor Control

Dust-free cat litters are suitable for pets. The pets will not inhale any bad particles that might cause them problems. There are no 100% dust free and odor control cat litters but those that exist in the market have the dust composition reduced by a greater percent. You will find most of them with a 99% percent rating in terms of being dust-free. The dust-free cat litters are good for:

People with allergies

A dust-free and odor control cat litter is good for your cat but it is also good for your health if you have an allergic reaction. Most of the time the dust cat litters produce a lot of dust that will be irritating to an individual with allergies.

They fill the air with dust particles that create an uncomfortable environment in your home. A dust-free cat litter can be suitable for any person with allergies as it creates a comfortable home environment.

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Good for your cat’s lungs

Cats can easily get asthma, just like humans do. The dust particles might fill the cat’s lungs, which will make breathing very uncomfortable for the cat. Having a dust-free cat litter is crucial in ensuring that that your cats are healthy and you avoid any problem of developing lung conditions.

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A person who likes cleanliness

The dust-free cat litters will ensure you have a clean home. The dust particles may be floating around the house, settling on your appliances, and making your home untidy.

Additionally, your cats pick up the dirt and spread it on your couch and carpets. If you have a dust-free cat litter, the dirt will be minimal having a clean home always.

These are who should own these dust free cat litters for their health reason and the health of the cats.

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Things to Consider in Buying Cat Litter for Odor and Dust

Given that cats tend to choose what they like and what they do not, it is better to consider many factors to get the right cat litter for your cat. Some of the factors to consider include:


Most people usually use this factor in selecting the cat litter they will be getting for their pet cat. Getting an expensive cat litter does not mean you will have a product to deal with the cat’s waste as you want.

The cost of different cat litters will vary depending on the quality of materials used and the type of brand. It is better to buy them in large quantities as you will get them always get cheap cat litter. Purchasing one at a time may be very costly. This will also depend on the budget the buyer has in mind.

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Scent and odor features

Dealing with scent from the cat’s mess is a big task always. You can get cat litters which are scented and the unscented ones. Scented ones are always good at dealing with the waste smell.

However, one must be careful in choosing the scented cat litters to avoid getting those that your cat might have an allergic reaction to or cause skin irritation of your pet. They use some of the best-known fragrances to deal with the cat’s waste nasty smell.

Odor feature in the cat litters enables it to deal with ammonia smell efficiently. It locks in the ammonia scent perfectly. Some unscented cat litters are good at securing the ammonia by ensuring the smell does not escape. Clumping cat litter offers you better ways of dealing with odor.

Different models have adopted various mechanisms of dealing with the odor, like some that use baking soda to deal with the odor.

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The cat litters usually produce a lot of dust. This dust might be harmful to cats with allergic reactions and may cause a lot of health problems.

Additionally, the dust makes cleaning the cat litter very difficult. The good thing is that most brands in the market have tried to address this problem. When getting a cat litter, look for ones that are dust-free and are usually denoted to have a dust-free rating of 99%.

Cats dislike having dusty litters that may make them find other places to dump their waste. A dustless one will ensure the cat uses it without any fuss.

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Not all the cat litters in the market have the clumping feature. Some are made to clump faster, while others will talk some little time to clump. A cat litter that clumps quickly is a good one since it offers less time for the smell to escape and create an uncomfortable environment.
Some cat litters create small clumps. They clump quickly to lock the bad odor inside.

By going by your preference, you will select one that will serve your cat as you want. These are some of the essential factors that one can consider in getting a cat litter.

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A suitable cat litter should be light. Even if it is closed, it should be light that the cat can easily access and easily carry. You will be in charge of cleaning and scooping off the dirt most of the time.

With that in mind, you will always need a cat litter to move around easily in your home.

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Benefits of Cat Litter for Odor and Dust

If you live with a cat, the waste they dump can create an uncomfortable environment in your home. The cat litters help by:

Maintain a clean air environment

The cat’s urine is full of ammonia that is very smelly. By using a cat litter to collect the cat’s waste, it will contain its odor. This will make your home environment comfortable that you can continue with the daily routine without any worry.

Ensure cleanliness

Cats are secretive and if you do not have cat litter in your home, they will always look for a dark place in your home to relieve themselves. This can be behind your chair in the sitting room that creates an uncomfortable room in your home. Having a cat litter will give them a place to relieve themselves and ensure you have a clean home.

Is Breathing Cat Litter Dust Harmful?

Yes, it is harmful.

When the cat is using this clay litter, it is likely to inhale some particles, which will cause an asthma attack, irritation, and allergic reaction in your cat. The collection of the clay litter in the pet’s digestive system may lead to blockage.

This happens when the pet ingests it as the pat may lick the litter over time. When it comes in contact with moisture, the ingested litter might cause a life-threatening blockage. If your cat is using clay litter, then you should be careful when cleaning. You should always wear a mask while going to clean as the clay litter contains some harmful airborne participles.

These particles cause an allergic reaction, irritation, and it might cause an asthma attack. It is even said that continuous exposure to clay litter may cause your immune system to go into a hyperdrive according to vets at the Cornell university college.

The clay litter can lead to toxoplasmosis infection that is dangerous to pregnant women. In pregnant women, it can lead to defects during birth and problems that might affect the baby later on in life like blindness and mental disability. There has not been much scientific research on this matter, but according to some of the top veterinarians, it is better to be careful when handling the clay litter.

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Is Crystal Cat Litter Dust Free?

No, crystal cat litter is not dust free. The crystal cat litter is made of silica gel beads like those used as preservatives in food items or medication that can easily be damaged by moisture. They are usually very absorbent and are useful in controlling the bad odor.

Most people prefer to use crystal cat litters because the dust percentage is less than 1%. They are, however, very expensive, and they will always last longer. It is very dangerous however when ingested by a cat over time.

Types of Dust Free Cat Litter

There are different dust free cat litters available in the market currently, which include:

Silica gel crystal litters

Like the crystals used in preservatives of foods or medicine that can be damaged by moisture. Crystals are highly absorbent and are made of silica gel. The silica gel crystals can deal very well with odor from the cat’s waste.

They are very expensive and they will usually last longer whenever you are using them. It is almost dust-free but the danger comes if a cat ingests it since it can be life-threatening. Additionally, the cats don’t like then in their paws and they tend to get there quickly.

Recycled paper litter

The paper is turned into small pellets and granules. The good thing about this litter is that the paper is biodegradable, and it is dust-free. The paper granules are very absorbent and you will never experience any problem with cleaning and scooping it off. The paper in pellet form does not make urine clumps but the one in granule form does form the clumps.

Wheat litter

It is made of ground wheat. When it comes in contact with moisture, it forms a clump but provides good odor control. It is edible and cats can ingest it a lot. That is why you can avoid it. Moreover, when a cat urinates on this type of cat litter the wheat decomposes that makes it smelly hence cleaning should be done frequently.


Cats are brilliant and will always dictate what they want. In getting a suitable cat litter, this article can give you the inside to some of the things to consider. You will always want your cat to be in good health hence you will have to choose between the dust and the dust-free cat litters. It all depends on your preference and what your cat wants.