Top 5 Best Cat Litter for Ammonia Smell Reviews In 2021

how to get rid of ammonia smellLiving with pets in the house can be challenging, especially in the training period, as they can leave your home smelling awful. If you live with your cat in the house, it is always advisable to use the cat litter for ammonia smell to prevent urine odor. The cat litter products come in different designs, whereby some brands are specifically manufactured to eliminate foul ammonia odor from the litter box.

These litter products work by neutralizing the litter’s smell to eliminate any foul odor spreading in the house. If you notice the same smell coming from your cat litter, this is the right article to read. We will provide detailed information about the ammonia smell from the cat litter, the proper litter products to use to eliminate the odor, and how to choose the right litter. But first…

What Is the Best Cat Litter For Ammonia Smell?

Picking From Top 5 Recommended Cat Litter For Ammonia Smell

How to Choose the Best Cat Litter for Ammonia Smell?

best cat litter for bad smell

The texture (granulated litter vs. clay litter)

 -Clay litter

Do you know the litter’s texture can help control the ammonia smell coming from the cat’s litter? The clay litter is highly recommendable for kittens because it has a soft texture and is quite inviting to cats instead of granulated. However, when it comes to controlling odor and reliability, this litter types may not work well.

The clay litter gets soggy quite fast, which may be uncomfortable to the cat’s feet when they step on the wet litter. Also, they require constant change since they get wet quickly.

 -Granulated litter

On the other hand, the granulated litter models are perfect for controlling the odor since they instantly clump to form hardball granules when the cat urinates. This facilitates the quick drying of the litter to contain the smell. The granulated litter is also durable since the cat can use it more than ones.

All you need to do is remove the clumps from the litter to dispose of when cleaning. However, the granulate litter is not ideal for a kitten since they can quickly ingest the litter. The cat may also feel uncomfortable for the first time of using it.

Dusty vs. dustless litter

This is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a litter for your cat. The dusty litter such clay tends to track in the house since it traps on the cat fur and paws when it gets in the litter box. The dusty litter is also not safe for people and cats with respiratory problems such as asthma since the dust affects airflow. So, if you want to maintain cleanliness in your home and safety, choose the dustless litter.

Unscented or scented litter

Again the cat litter brands come in different designs where some are scented to provide a fresh smell in the room, while others are unscented. If, of course, you have an allergy to strong scent, the unscented litter may work for you. Or better still; choose the litter that has a natural smell from natural ingredients like vanilla.

The unscented litter is suitable since it balances the room’s scent for a more comfortable staying environment. Also, some cats may develop respiratory issues if you use the scented litter.

Best Cat Litter for Ammonia Smell Reviews

1. Best Clumping – Arm and Hammer Cloud Control Platinum Cat Litter For Ammonia Smell

cat litter for odor control

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This litter is dustless, making it an excellent option for people allergic to dust, and it keeps the house clean, considering the cat does not track when walking around the house.

Special features:

Eliminates strong odor

If you are looking for cat litter to control any foul odor coming from the cat litter, this right here is a good option. The litter is made with a combination of arm and hammer balding soda to control the strong odor coming from the litter box.

Hypoallergenic design

This litter product is safe for people who are allergic to strong scents since it has a hypoallergenic design to control the scent. It also lacks dust for the same purposes.

Dander shield technology

This litter product consists of this technology essential for reducing the pet’s dander when scoping the clumps.


  • This litter is pure dustless for comfort
  • The litter easily clumps for easy scooping
  • The litter is safe for people with allergy reactions


  • This litter does not clump fast as opposed to other brands


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2. Best All Natural – Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump

cat litter for ammonia smells

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Vets have approved this cat litter for controlling ammonia smell due to its reliability in keeping the house smelling fresh for a long time.

Special features:

Super odor control

This litter is made with natural ingredients from cassava and corn that reduce odor on the litter box.

Natural and safe for all cats

This litter is recommendable for all ages of cats, including kittens, since it has natural materials. Thus, even if your cat ingests it, it cannot harm them.


Keep your cat safe from respiratory issues with this litter product as it does not produce any dust. It is also safe for people with an allergic reaction to dust.


  • This litter is made with safe ingredients to accommodate all cats, including those with sensitive skin
  • The litter does not have any dust to prevent tracking
  • This litter only has a natural scent


  • This litter forms super hard clumps, and it does not drain easily


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3. Best Unscented For Ammonia Smell – Purina Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter

eco-friendly cat litters

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If you need a litter product to introduce to your cat, this brand is a good option worth considering. It is made with papers to prevent ingestion, and it is also unscented for the safety of your cat.

Special features:

High absorbency level

This litter absorbs the urine and feces three times faster than other clay litter brands

It is unscented

This litter product does not have any scent to suit cats that do not like scents, or people allergic to scents.


  • This litter has a high absorbency level
  • The litter is light in weight for the comfort of the pet
  • It excellently helps to control the odor


  • This litter has ashy materials, which causes tracking


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4. Best Scented – Fresh Step Odor Shield Cat Litter

odor free cat litters

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Keep the litter box clean without overspending by acquiring this great litter product. The litter also clumps when it comes to contact with the cat’s feces and urine for convenience when scoping to clean.

Special feature:

Low dust litter

This litter has a low dust quantity for convenience and safety when pouring to the litter box.

Easy to clean

This litter forms hard clumps on coming to contact with urine or feces for easy scoping to clean the litter box.

Fresh scent

This litter is infused with a fresh scent that keeps the litter box areas smelling nice.


  • Scoping the used litter from the box is easy since it forms hard clumps
  • It keeps the litter box smelling fresh for up to 10 years
  • The litter is quite affordable
  • The litter does not track for easy maintenance of your home


This litter product is not durable since a pack only weighs 10 pounds. Thus, you may use more products if your cat uses the litter box more often.


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5. Best Lightweight – Purina Tidy Cats Free and Clean Clumping Litter

unscented cat litters

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Besides controlling the odor in your litter box, this litter product makes your cleaning process easy since it is easy to scoop off the litter box.

Special features:

Low dust

This litter does not produce a high level of dust when pouring to prevent respiratory issues associated with dust and prevent tracking.

Blocks odor

This litter is one of the best products to block ammonia smell from the litter box. The litter consists of activated charcoal to trap any odor coming from the litter box.

Unscented litter

The litter has a natural smell and ingredients to suit people and pets allergic to strong scents.


  • This litter traps all ammonia odors coming from the litter box
  • It is light in weight
  • The litter is safe for all cats, including kittens
  • The litter is easy to clean


  • The litter is super light such that it sticks to the cat’s feet


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Why Does My Cat’s Urine Smell Strongly of Ammonia?

bad ammonia smell

One thing you need to keep in mind is that it is typical for a cat’s litter box to smell like ammonia ones in a while. However, it should start to worry you if you notice a strong smell of ammonia coming from the litter box or spreading in the room. The cat’s urine consists of urea, uric acid, sodium, urobilin, pheromones, and other bacteria.

On urinating, the bacteria break down urea, which in return, releases ammonia that mildly smells or does not smell at all. But, if the litter stays long before cleaning, it decomposes, resulting in the strong ammonic smell from the piled layers of decomposed urea in the litter box.

If you notice the strong ammonia smell coming from a lately cleaned litter box, the problem could be coming from your cat’s urine system. In most cases, the cats release strong smelly ammonia urine due to bacterial infection on the urine system, kidney stones, and others due to litter change. So, make sure to seek medical assistance from the vet.

Is Scented Cat Litter Better Than Unscented?

This is determined by how your cat responds to the introduction of the litter. Some cats are easy-going, whereby they can quickly adapt to different litter types they are introduced to, including the scented ones. On the other hand, some cats do not like strong scents, putting them off. The strong scents may interfere with air circulation in the room, which affects people with allergies to strong scents.

But, if the cat responds well and you are safe to use the strongly scented litter, it is an excellent choice for your litter area. The majority of companies infuse the litter with scents to help in controlling the ammonia smell in the litter box if the litter products cannot do it on its own.

How to Keep Cat Litter Box Free from Ammonia Smell?

If you have an adult cat or if your cat tends to use the litter box often, cleaning should be done frequently. You can change the litter after a day if you use the dust litter models. If you use the clumping models, you can scoop the clumps after a day or two.

    • It is always good to clean the litter box well by disassembling all parts, and air dries them on the outside to ensure all bacteria are removed, even on the box edges.
    • If you have more than one cat in the house, it is good to use more than one litter box for easy control and cleaning.
    • Keep the litter box in a ventilated area in the house.

How Do You Get Cat Litter to Stop Smelling Like Ammonia?

If an infection does not cause the strong ammonia smell on your cat’s body, it is easy to control it through the following tips.

Regularly clean the litter box.

ways of getting rid of ammonia smell

The strong ammonia smell may come from the litter box if left to stand for long before cleaning. Hence, make sure to keep the litter box clean regularly.

Use odor treatment

There are unique odor control products used in a spray form to control the odor coming from pet’s items. The odor control spray works by neutralizing the ammonia smell to eliminate or reduce it. Some sprays are scented to provide a fresher smell around the area.

Use cat litter for ammonia smell.

These litters absorb the urine and form large clumps to facilitate the quick drying of the urine. This, in return, helps to control the smell of the urine.


What Is the Ammonia Smell?

Ammonia is a form of gas used to make a variety of cleaning products. This gas has a pungent odor that is quite strong, and thus, if you have used any cleaning product made with ammonia, it is super easy to identify it. When it comes to cats, the ammonia smell occurs due to bacterial decomposition, which occurs when the cat messes or urine decay and stays long before disposal.

Can Ammonia from Cat Litter Make Me Sick?

The answer is yes! The strong ammonia from the cat’s litter occurs due to urine and feces that have stayed for a long time. Thus, the strong ammonia smell affects the air circulation in the room and may result in difficult breathability, even severe for people with asthma.

Other than affecting your respiratory system, the smell may cause some allergic reactions such as red eyes, itchiness on the skin, and running nose, among others.


It is easy to control the strong ammonia smell coming from your cat litter box with the above-reviewed litter products and using the right cleaning measures. However, make sure to seek help from the vet first to make sure the cat is safe and does not have any infection. Consider your cat’s safety and safety when choosing the litter products if you have any allergic reaction.

Top 3 Best Cat Litter For Ammonia Smell