The 10+ Best Cat Automatic Feeder Reviews For Multiple Cats & Dogs

Buying the best cat automatic feeder is an excellent option because it guarantees that your pet is well-fed in case you need to take a few days’ trips. These devices can usually be purchased depending on the model you buy, but it is definitely worth the effort.

For the following part of this article, we will introduce top 10 best cat automatic feeders and make detailed reviews, plus, we will also offer you the basic knowledge you should know about buying and using them.

Now. let’s get started!

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What Is the Best Cat Automatic Feeder on the Market?

Quick Pick on Top 10 Best Cat Automatic Feeders with Timer

Photo Title Price Buy
PetSafe Healthy Pet...image PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder $89.95 Check Latest Price
PETKIT Automatic Cat...image PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Feed Pet Feeder for Cat and Small Dog Check Latest Price
CrazyFire 6L Automatic...image CrazyFire 6L Automatic Cat Feeder Check Latest Price
PetSafe 6 Meal...image PetSafe Automatic 6 Meal Pet Feeder $89.95 Check Latest Price
BELOPEZZ 6L Smart...image BELOPEZZ 6Liters Smart Pet Automatic Feeders for Dog and Cat Food Dispenser $209.86 Check Latest Price
Sure Petcare -SureFlap...image SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, White $186.99 Check Latest Price
PetSafe Automatic Dog...image PetSafe Automatic Dog Feeder, 5 Meals, 40 oz Capacity, Plastic, for Dry Food, Multiple Pets $46.95 Check Latest Price

Why Do You Need A Cat Automatic Feeder?

These are the reasons why these nutrients are so useful and why you must buy one.

 automatic pet feeders for cats reviews

Perfect for travel

If you have a busy schedule, it may be complicated to keep track of all the tasks you need to do at home. This may include forgetting to feed your cat, which can have serious consequences, but fortunately, there is a much easier solution. The automatic feeder is specially designed to distribute only the correct amount of food for your cat.

Set the time in case you forget

The best models can also be programmed, which means that you can set the time accurately when you want to distribute food. This is comfortable if you are at work all day, so you don’t have to worry about your cat is hungry. You must think of spending a little more on a high-quality feeder because the ability to program the timer is essential.

Control the amount of food supply

Another advantage of buying your cat feeder is the fact that you can precisely control how much you eat. What happens to animals is that they will tend to eat even if they are not hungry, so it can easily lead to a fat animal that can have health consequences. Also, if you don’t have a cat, these nutrients are still a perfect gift for friends or family.

Best Pick – PetSafe Healthy Feed Automatic Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl

automatic cat dog feeder


  • Programmable feeding that scheduled up to 12 meals
  • Flexible meal portions
  • Schedule smaller meal to protect the cat from stomach upset
  • Dispenser to keep food fresh
  • Super easy to clean
  • Battery operated with 4D-cell batteries


Save your money

Saving money may be very useful for buying other essential items, so be sure to shop at our online retail stores for auction sites. This will allow you to read reviews and find the lowest price in a high-quality feeder to meet your needs. Also, don’t forget to visit your local pet store, as there may be great deals just in time for the holidays.

How Do You Set up An Automatic Pet Feeder?

Depending on the sort of automatic cat feeder you have, the arrangement will be somewhat different. As a rule, however, you’ll set up a mechanized cat feeder by first filling the repository with food. At that point, you’ll select how much food you need to be abstained from every dinner, along with the time you need a meal to be administered. From that point onward, the machine wraps up of the work for you, and you’ll only need to step in to clean and top off the unit now and again.

ELectric Automatic Cat Feeder – Dr. Feeder 4.5L Smart Camera Feeder

best automatic cat feeder with timer


  • Smartphone controlled with free app
  • HD camera with built-in microphone provides live video on pets
  • Lock lid design to seal the food
  • Suitable for dry food only
  • High quality with 30 days warranty

Is There An Automatic Cat Feeder For Wet Food?

automatic cat feeder and water

Indeed they are available. The ideal approach to keep wet food new is to utilize an automatic cat feeder for wet food stored in a refrigerator that accompanies the ice cube. Those ice cubes are placed under the bowl, and they keep the wet food cool as long as 48 hours in advance. In case you aren’t sure to do cats need wet food consistently or is wet food terrible for cats, you can unwind because the wet food is useful for cats, and they can eat it always. T

What Is An Automatic Feeder?

Automatic feeders are devices that let you feed your pet at specific times and frequencies when not at home. These are excellent solutions for people who are away from home most of the day and cannot feed their pets manually. They are unique solutions if you have to travel on weekends and leave your pet at home.

Are Automatic Feeders Suitable For Cats?

It’s pleasant to go through supper time with your cat. What’s more, feedings are an essential time to strengthen preparing. There’s no substitution for the consideration and contact you show your cat by encouraging them yourself. Yet, if your cat has restorative or social issues that require progressively visit sustaining. If your calendar fends you off during feast time, an automatic feeder might be only the thing to comfort your psyche and keep your cat glad and well-bolstered.

For Dry Food – PETKIT Smart Feeder with Double Fresh Lock System

petmate automatic cat feeder

  • Unique shape and mechanism for feeding cats, dogs, and other animals
  • Can work with Amazon ALEXA
  • Easy to program the meals up to 10 times per day
  • Keep the food dry and fresh with a double fresh lock system
  •  The sociable design allows you to chat with other apps users


How Does An Automatic Dog Feeder Work?

double automatic cat feeder

Automatic dog feeders come in Programmable automatic feeders with digital or analog timer, which allow you to set quantities, times and feed frequencies. These automatic nutrients push food through the nozzle to distribute the amount of food that has already been established. Automatic timers with digital timers allow you to set custom hours and days, while analog timers set interval feeding times.

Nutrients work with gravity; The food is made in the bowl through the mouthpiece while your pet eats. These feeders do not have timers and cannot program food quantities or feeding tables.

Plate Feeders

These have a rotating lid system or rotating compartments where food is stored. Although these dishwashers are ideal for feeding your favorite wet food, most of them work with analog timers, which means you cannot assign feeding schedules or a range of days during the week. They work at intervals. They usually have ice packs under the trays to keep food fresh. There is currently a dish feeder that works with a digital timer, but it is not suitable if you feed wet cat food because it does not contain ice packs to keep food fresh.

Perfect for Dogs & Cats – CrazyFire 6L Automatic Cat Feeder with HD Camera

best automatic pet feeder for cats

  • Allows remote feeding and time feeding
  • Built-in programmable timer to offer 8 feeding times a day
  • 1080P HD camera with night version and 95 degrees viewing angle
  • Advanced IR technology to give you clear pictures
  • Supporting 5 users to view simultaneously via the app

Cover Feeders

These operate with a slot that opens at a predetermined feeding time. These automatic feeders also work with analog timers, so the feeding schedule depends on periods of hours. It also comes with ice packs to keep food fresh.

Are Gravity Feeders Suitable For Cats?

A gravity cat feeder works by utilizing the power of gravity to lower and administer food into the dish beneath. This low-tech sustaining option consists of a food repository joined to a bowl. As your pet eats food from the pan, gravity destroys more food down to top off the dish. Since you can’t program portion sizes or encouraging occasions, gravity feeders should only be utilized by cats that don’t have an issue with free access to food.

best automatic cat feeder reviews

What to Look for in an Automatic Cat Feeder

An automatic cat feeder ought to be anything but challenging to program and precise in apportioning food, in addition to keeping food new. This is what else to consider while choosing an automatic cat feeder:

Perfect for Multiple Cats – PetSafe 6 Meal Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

small automatic cat feeder

  • Equipped with 6 meal bowls that hold up to 1 cup of kibble
  • Set the digital timer to schedule 6 pre-portioned meals a day
  • Schedule smaller meals to prevent cat stomach
  • Easy to clean
  • Battery-operated


Food stockpiling limit

Continuously verify how a lot of food a gadget can hold. One of the significant advantages of automatic cat feeders is that they remove the problem from nourishing your pet. Yet, if you have to top it off each day, it essentially makes having an automatic cat feeder trivial. Additionally, if you live in a multi-cat family, you’ll need to choose a feeder with a bigger food stockpiling limit as your pets will experience it all the more rapidly.

Digital Automatic Cat Feeder – BELOPEZZ Smart 6L Dog and Cat Feeder

automatic canned cat food feeder

  • Automatic food dispenser to avoid overeating and starvation
  • 6L large capacity
  • Suitable for small, medium and large size pets
  • 10 seconds of voice recording when feeding
  • Dual power supply
  • High-quality ABS housing

Portion control settings

Depending on your catlike’s needs, you may need to get extremely specific about how much food you need to be administered and when. If your pet is on a weight reduction diet, at that point, exactness will be significant here.

Kibble size options

Not all kibble is a similar size, and cats once in a while prefer to switch up their food. Guaranteeing an automatic cat feeder will work with both little, and enormous kibble sizes imply you’ll receive more use in return as time goes on. A few models include components that can deal with little and vast estimated kibble, or accompany a different-sized encouraging connection.


It’s essential to consider how pet-verification an automatic cat feeder is when settling on your acquiring decision. You don’t need some animals breaking into the feeder and eating up all the food. You also don’t need them thumping it over and causing a wreck you to need to tidy up.

Perfect for Wet & Dry Food – SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

cheap automatic cat feeder

  • Perfect for multiple cats to use
  • Suitable for pets on prescription diets
  • Airtight storage to keep food microchip compatibility
  • 15 digital microchip numbers
  • Large 400ml capacity bowl
  • Simple one-button programming


Simplicity of cleaning

Pet food and bolstering dishes may be a prime spot for microscopic organisms to develop; thus, the simplicity of cleaning is a significant consideration. Consider that it is so natural to dismantle the feeder and set up it back together for cleanings. Numerous automatic cat feeders have dishwasher-safe parts for included convenience.

Who Should Buy an Automatic Cat Feeder?

petsafe automatic cat feeder

Anybody who owns a pet can buy an automatic pet cat feeder. The most significant advantage of an automatic Cat feeder is convenience. You only need to top off it like clockwork. This spares you both time and vitality. Since they deal with clocks, automatic pet feeders can nourish your cat on your favored calendar and causes make it simpler to keep up a standard encouraging timetable. This is particularly convenient if your cat is a morning person and likes to have breakfast while despite everything you’re resting. Furthermore, in contrast to a person, an automatic feeder will always remember to bolster your pet.

Stainless Steel Automatic Cat Feeder – HoneyGuaridan A36 Food Dispenser

cat mate automatic pet feeder

  • Customizable meal size and time for different cats to use
  • Food storage capacity is 13 cups for dry food
  • Program 6 meals a day
  • Features a stainless steel food bowl for easily washing
  • Built-in low-food alarm
  • LED indication light


Essential Features to Consider in Buying Best Automatic Cat Feeder

The market is flooded with automatic cat feeders, so if you plan to buy one, keep these five things in mind. You will avoid wasting your time and money if you notice these five points.

Best Automatic Feeder with Timer – Roffie Small Pets Food Dispenser with Distribution Alarms

automatic cat feeder with camera

  • Fixed feeding schedule with 6.5L food grade storage containers
  • Schedule up to 4 meals per day
  • Easy to record a custom message
  • Built-in programmable timer and two food dispensers
  • 3D size buttery operated

A high price does not always represent high quality.

Generally, we believe that an expensive product is a high-quality product, but this is not always the case. When it comes to automatic cat feeders, there are many options available, which are very cheap, but offer the best solution for you and your cat. The price of the product should not be included as a purchase criterion.

The operation of automatic pet feeders varies according to the size of the granule.

Automatic cat feeders will not be able to determine the size of a pill and how you want your cat to eat. Many feeders come with small pots, where they are manufactured with a drum and barrier system. This allows the device to eject less food. Some automatic feeders operate a spiral system to drive food. Its process is better because food is released in a small and specific amount due to the large size of the granules.

Cheap Automatic Cat Feeder – PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats

cat mate c3000 automatic dry food cat feeder

  • Perfect for small and medium-sized pets
  • 4D-cell battery operated
  • Able to schedule smaller meals to keep pets healthy
  • BPA free plastic food try
  • Reliable customer service

Give your pet time with this product.

It is not correct to buy an automatic cat feeder a few days before going for a walk. You must allow your pet to get used to the device. If you buy the machine in a hurry, your cat is more likely not to eat food from the feeder. Your cat needs at least three weeks to understand that the food will be provided by the feeder, not by you.

Some brands of automatic cat feeders offer a lower than typical warranty.

When buying a Cat feeder, check the warranty provided by the company. It should be at least a year or so, otherwise, do not buy the product. What happens if the product fails after four months of use, and the company provided the warranty for only three months? You must send the product for repair and pay the full cost of the repair or get a new one.

Cats are very versatile.

When you feed your cat alone, you can control how much your cat will eat, but this is not the case with automatic feeders. Cats are smart, and you’ll find a way to get additional nutrients from food. Your cat can also enter the feeder to get food. Therefore, you must find a way to ensure that your cat does not receive any additional food and that the nutrient does not break.

Automatic Cat Dog Feeder – Tarvos Dry or Wet Food Dispenser with Voice Reminder

automatic cat feeder with collar

  • Digital smart programmable timer
  • The timer can be set from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Flexible meal portions
  • High-quality food storage dispenser
  • 540ml pet food capacity
  • FDA certified and made of BPA-free plastic


What Can An Automatic Cat Feeder Do?

Not all animals can be fed with automatic pet feeders, but if you have one, you can leave whenever you want. If you stayed away for a few more days, it would be a little harder. Find out if you can find someone to control your pets to make sure that the automatic feeder works as it should and that, otherwise, everything is fine with your best pet. These nutrients range from very economical to complex and expensive, but get what works for your pet. You want them to be safe while you are away from home for a while, and this is one of the best ways to ensure that you take care of yourself in your absence.

Automatic Feeder with Ice Pack – Cat Mate C500 Automatic Feeder with Digital Timer

petmate automatic cat feeder

  • 5 food compartments that hold 11.5 ounces wet food
  • Easy to clean with removable dishwasher-proof lid
  • Twin ice packs to help keep food fresh
  • Battery operated digital timer
  • 3-year warranty


Tips on Buying and Using the Best Automatic Cat Feeder

Either to use it only for one day or for several days

This is important because if you need to leave your pet at home for several days, you will need a more reliable automatic feeding unit with improved performance.

WESTLINE 6L Automatic Food Dispenser with Voice Recorder and Timer

5 day automatic cat feeder

  • 6L large capacity
  • Built-in voice recorder and speaker
  • Prevent food locking and spills with built-in infrared detection
  • Fit any food size
  • Ultra-low power consumption to save battery life

The size of a ball of your pet’s food

Some automatic feeders do not work correctly with some granule sizes. Therefore, you need a lot of scrutinies because this point is essential when dealing with your pet.

If your cat is fat or in good shape

If your cat is overweight and needs to go on a diet, the feeder must be able to distribute precise amounts of food at scheduled feeding times.

Automatic Water and Food Dispenser – Fairy Tale Travel Supply Feeder

automatic cat feeder for 2 cats

  • Natural gravity supply system with no electricity required
  • Last 7 days for small pets and 3 days for big pets
  • Side cut-out handles for convenient lifting and cleaning
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA free and non-toxic material


How disciplined are you with food?

If your cat is a type of pet that is completely unhappy and always tries to get more food, then you must think of getting an automatic feeder with a well-protected nozzle system. You may also need a feeder that may be connected to a wall to keep the cat out of the feeder.

If you have one or more cats

If you need to feed two cats at the same time, you should consider a feeding unit that can distribute food several times a day to satisfy two cats that share food each time cats eat together.

Top 3 Best Automatic Cat Food Feeders


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