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Having a pet gives us an immense pleasure. But, that involves some work too. A pet can mess up the entire house and cleaning behind it might be a hectic task for the pet lovers. Cats are generally considered to be a low maintenance pets compared to the dogs.

A litter box is generally used for collecting the feces and urine for the cats. It is just a box and cat litters are filled in it.The cats have the tendency to excrete on the soft sand.

best cat litter scoops

These cat litters would give such a texture to the cats. It is advisable to place the litter box in the noise-free place of the house too. This would enable the cats to always use the litter box while excreting.

But, it is essential to maintain the cat litter box properly as well. If the cat litter box is dirty, the cats might find the smell unappealing and will choose to make the house dirty instead. The litter box should be cleaned at least twice a day and a fresh set of litters should be filled again in the box. Scoop will come handy to clean the litter box efficiently.

Cat litter scoop is nothing but the thing through which the litters of the litter box could be easily lifted and thrown away. One can use the scoop at ease to clean thoroughly the cat litter box. We will see about the cat litter scoop in detail and this would enable the user to buy the best cat litter scoop.

Features of Cat Litter Scoop

The cat litter scoop should be durable and very comfortable to use. Since the cat litter scoops have to be used several times in a day, it is also necessary for the scoop to be lightweight. The grip on the handle decides the convenience of the usage to a greater extent. Cleaning the litter box by itself is an unpleasant work to do. I hate doing this work personally.

Best Cat Litter Scoop – DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

cat litter scoop with small holes

  • All alumium scoop design
  • Solid metal handle with comfortable rubber coating
  • light weight
  • Ergonomically design with center of gravity

Above this, having an uncomfortable scoop to clean the litter box would definitely make the job still tedious. So, it is highly crucial for the user to clearly understand the requirements first before making the purchase decision.

It is also important for the scoops to get into all the corners of the litter box to clean it efficiently. This is another struggling part. The litter scoops can have a large handle or small handle. The larger handles can be preferred when the user doesn’t even want to go near to the cat litter box.

Also, if the user is unable to bend for some reason, they could go for long handle cat litter scoops. Cleaning could not be done proficiently using the long handles.

Vivaglory Cat Litter Scoop

extendable cat litter scoop

  • Made of solid alumimum alloy body and ergonomic handle
  • Wide enough
  • High efficient in scooping clumps
  • Easy to clean
  • 13.8 * 5.9 * 1.97 inches

The scoops come in various different sizes and each size could be used for a specific requirement. The user has to choose the right kind of scoop based on the size of the litter box. The holes present in the scoops vary too. Some scoops have numerous small holes, a few has the holes present irregularly and a few has the same size long holes.

There are various materials used to manufacture cat litter scoops. Plastic, metal, steel and aluminum are few of the widely used materials. When we have numerous options like this, it will be indeed difficult for anyone to decide buying anything. I personally felt the pain when I was trying to buy the cat litter scoop.

The research process would go on and on. It is one of the most time-consuming works one can do. But, the good news is that I would let you know about all the details I have ever researched. I hope that helps the buyer to make a valid purchase.

IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel

fine cat litter scoop

  • Deep shovel and highest rated sifted method
  • Ergonomically designed sifted comes with holder
  • Durability and strength better than plastic scooper
  • The coating makes cleaning that much faster and easier

Various Cat Litter Scoop Brands

There are various cat litter scoop brands available in the market. Each of these brands offers a unique set of features which makes it distinct from the other brands in the market. Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages too. The user has to analyze all the brands and buy the appropriate brand, which suits his or requirements. Let’s see about the few of the best brands available in detail in the upcoming section.

Neater Scooper Cat Litter Scoop

neater scooper cat litter scoop

The cat litter scoops from this brand definitely do the job much neater. Usually, a scoop is used to lift the litter from the tray and to throw into a cover for disposing of wastage. This process wouldn’t really be a piece of cake. It requires patience to get the litters carefully shifted into the cover.

The litters might be spilled out during this process and cleaning it up will be tedious. If left untidy, the cats will move the litter all across the house and that’s the last thing one wants. Neeter Scooper cat litter scoop comes into the rescue. The scoop is attached to the bin in which the litter could be moved and easily disposed. It would ensure no spillage whatsoever.

It is made up of plastic and it is quite easy to handle. On the downside, the durability is something to be considered. Since it is made of plastic, it has to be handled carefully to maintain it for a long time. Failing to do so will affect the scoop and might have to be replaced.

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoop

World’s Best Cat Litter

heavy duty cat litter scoop

The world’s best cat litters are in the market for years and it is known for its eco-friendly nature. The cat litter scoop manufactured by this company is quite good and it is extremely durable in nature.

It is specialized in manufacturing the lightweight cat litter scoops and it is highly efficient in handling the job well. These scoops could handle the job at ease without much difficulty. But, this scoop might cost quite more compared to the other brands.

Its durability is one of the major advantages and it is definitely worth buying this cat litter scoop. But, a few people might find the handle bit uncomfortable. So, this should be considered while making a purchase as well.

The most famous of World’s Best brand is for its cat litter, which ranks the hot selling products for many times. Therefore, if you attempt to get best cat litter, we would high recommend this brand. And for other types of cat litters on the market, you may check reviews

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Durascoop Cat Litter Scoop

durascoop cat litter scoop

This scoop is made of aluminum and it is corrosion-resistant as well. The sides of the scoop are curved to ensure that there is no spillage of the litters while cleaning. It is quite affordable and it is extremely durable.

Since it is made up of aluminum, the cost of the cat litter scoop comes in much lesser price compared to other steel cat litter scoops. It is compact and handy. It is actually an extra large litter scoop and the grip on the handle is good too.

But, one might find the angle of the scoop bit annoying. It does the job bit slowly compared to the other cat litter scoops. But it does the job perfectly.

How to Choose the Best Cat Litter Scoop?

Having a cat would give an immense pleasure to the pet owners. But, that comes with a package too. Cleaning the mess after the cat is indeed the most difficult task. So, it is necessary to find the right tools to do the cleaning process easily and effectively.

This would not only let us do the job easily, but also would keep the task less tiring. Since the cat litter scoops are one the most important tools a pet lover should have, excessive research is required before making the purchase.

Let’s see a few guidelines which have to be especially followed while buying the cat litter scoop.


The weight of the cat litter scoop plays an important role while choosing the best litter scoop. The cat litter box should be cleaned at least twice a day to ensure the cleanliness and to avoid the unpleasant smell circulating in the house.

If the scoop is heavy, then using it on a daily basis would be very difficult. So, it is advisable to buy a lightweight cat litter scoop. This would be highly convenient for the user.

Sifter Deep Shovel Litter Scoop

metal cat litter scoop

  • Highest rated sifter with deep shovel
  • Perfect size for digging into corners and large scoops
  • Classic color design
  • Reinforced front edge


The durability of the cat litter scoop should be considered while making the purchase decision of the cat litter box as well. Since we would be using it regularly, it is also essential to buy a litter scoop which could withstand the daily usage without any issues.

The cat litter scoop should be from a reliable brand, so that it could be used for several years. Sufficient research should be done by the user to buy the right product. The durability factors of the product directly affect the price of the product.

Usually, the most durable product tends to be more costly compared to the less durable product. But, it would definitely be worth the purchase.

Best Plastic Cat Litter Scoop – Petmate Litter Scoop w/ Microban

duranimals durascoop original cat litter scoop

  • Slotted design
  • Easy clean up
  • Easy to clean

Size of the litter scoop:

The size of the cat litter scoop plays an essential factor while buying the cat litter scoop. The cat litter scoops are available in the numerous sizes. The user should buy the litter scoop based on the size of the litter box. The size of the litter scoop also depends on the number of cats available in the house. The place where the litter box is placed in the house plays an important role too.

If there are not enough places near to the litter box, then it would be difficult to clean the litter box with the large litter scoop. So, in that case, a smaller cat litter scoop should be used. These things should be considered before buying the cat litter scoop. The cat litter scoop can be either narrow or wide as well.

A narrower litter scoop could clean the corners efficiently, but it would take more time to clean the litter box. On the other hand, the litter box would be cleaned much faster, but it cannot clean the corners easily.

CO-Z Solid Aluminum Alloy Cat Litter Scoop Sifter

aluminum cat litter scoop

  • High quality aluminum alloy body
  • The hardened ergonomic grip
  • The 5.5’’ wide front edge makes it convenient to clean kitty messes at the hard to reach corners
  • The 5mm mesh is perfect for cleaning various kinds of cat litter

Size of the Handle:

The handle of the cat litter scoop comes in various sizes too. The user will be able to change the angle appropriately and clean the corners well using the small handle. It might be difficult to clean the corners and attain the appropriate angle when the handle of the cat litter scoop is long.

But, the user can comfortably clean the litter box at ease without having any physical pain. But the cleaning process might take more time compared to that of cleaning with the small handle.

Best Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop – Petmate Ultimate Litter Plastic Scoop

metal cat litter scoop stainless steel

  • Ergonomically designed litter scoop
  • Extra-large scoop sifts faster than average scoops
  • Serrated edge gets under the toughest mess
  • Easy-grip over-molded ergonomic handle


The cost of the cat litter scoop is the deciding factor too. Maintaining a cat could cost more too. We need to buy the food, a few toys for the cats to play with, etc. Cats should be vaccinated on time as well.

All these things would obviously cost more. So, most of the pet lovers might aim to buy the best tools at an affordable price. So, it is necessary to strike a balance between the durability, size, material and cost of the cat litter scoop and make the most successful purchase.

Best Cheap Cat Litter Scoop – Pureness Regular Litter Scoop

best cat litter scoop

  • Ideal litter scoop for owners of small to large sized cat pans
  • Made from high impact plastic for extra durability
  • High polished finish that is odor and stain resistant and easy to clean

Type of Material:

The cat litter scoop could be made of plastic, metal, steel, etc. The user has to figure out which material he would prefer to buy. The plastic litter scoops are a very lightweight, but the durability wouldn’t be great.

It would cost quite less too. On the other hand, the durability of the metal litter scoops would be great, but it might be a bit heavier compared to that of the plastic litter scoops.

Due to its durability factor, the cost might be a bit more than that of the plastic ones. Stainless steel litter scoops are easy to clean and highly durable compared to that of the others.

Best Stainless Steel Cat Litter Scoop – SunGrow Non-Stick Cat Litter Sifter Scoop

stainless steel cat litter scoop

  • No strain on your wrist with the lightweight metal scooper
  • Keeps cat healthy while keeping house & litter box neat, clean and odor free
  • Highly recommended for multi-cat families
  • Designed for both corn-based & clay-based diet, with anti-scatter slats, round edges

Grip on the Handle:

The handle of the litter scoop should be comfortable for the user which would enable the user to do the work faster and in a simpler way. The grip plays a vital role in removing the litter efficiently.

By using the litter scoop in the proper angle, the litter box could be cleaned at ease. Having the right grip will definitely help the user to clean the litter scoop in the convenient manner.

In a few litter scoops, we will able to find plastic grips on the handle. This will provide additional support to the user.

Chibuy The Latest Update Metal Cat Litter Scoop

aluminum cat litter scoop

  • Metal tabs and round teeth to make cleaning easier
  • Longer metal joint
  • No shaking work
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum


Since we are going to use the cat litter scoop on a daily basis, it is important to buy the most convenient one which would help the users to do the work at ease. The user needs to buy the most comfortable one which would provide the required performance.

Having understood all this, the user has to first understand all the requirements he would probably need from the cat litter scoop. This would be the first step for making the purchase.

Then, the user need to shortlist the list of brands he could consider buying. Then, based on the cost factor, durability factor and the use of easy factor, the best brand to buy has to be decided. All the steps in this process should be clearly followed to arrive at the more plausible solution.

Booda Scoop’N Hide Litter Scoop

long handle cat litter scoop

  • Cat scoop holder provides a designated place to store the kitty litter scoop out of sight
  • Easy-to-clean plastic cat scooper
  • Litter box scoop sifts large quantities of litter for less frequent scooping when cleaning
  • Adaptable scoop holes and built-in litter box rake sift through litter and dig into tough spots in the box with more ease

Different Materials of Cat Litter Scoops

Different kinds of materials are used to make the cat litter scoops. This could be made of metals like aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Plastic litter scoops are the latest trend. But, it is not durable and it is quite cheap. But, there are many users who would prefer plastic, since they would cost low.

cat litter scoop with small holes

There are numerous major brands that have incorporated great design functionalities in the plastic litter scoops. Many customers are hugely attracted by these features and this has led to the increase in customer base for these scoops. The bacteria build up are generally high on the plastic ones.

So, using plastic litter scoops might not be a healthier option. Needless to say, the home might smell bad too. That would be the slightest thing you would expect in your home. It is highly recommended using the metal cat litter scoops. Let’s focus on the metal cat litter scoops and understand it’s key features.

Metal Cat Litter Scoop

These cat litter scoops are made of metals. Since it is made of metal, these are generally durable in nature. But, it tends to be heavier compared to that of the plastic cat litter scoops. I personally prefer using metal cat litter scoops because of its durability compared to that of plastic ones. Cleaning these litter scoops is comparatively simpler too.

They won’t leave much strain on the scoop as well. These could be made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel. But, the cost of the metal cat litter scoops is generally higher than that of the plastic cat litter scoop. This is one of the important factors to be considered while buying the metal ones over plastic ones.

Best Metal Cat Litter Scoop – DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

metal cat litter scoop

Aluminum Cat Litter Scoop

Aluminum is sturdy compared to that of plastic cat litter scoops. Its durable construction is something to be considered while choosing this material too. Though its durability wouldn’t be high compared to that of the steel and stainless steel scoops, it is a lot more durable than plastic litter scoop.

It is fairly cheaper compared to the scoops made from the metals like steel and stainless steel. These are way lighter than the steel litter scoops. If you can’t afford steel cat litter scoops, it is better to consider buying the aluminum ones.

Otherwise, it is better to go for either steel cat litter scoop or stainless steel litter scoops. It is reasonably decent compared to the plastic ones.

Best Aluminum Cat Litter Scoop – iPrimio Sifter Deep Shovel

aluminum cat litter scoop

Steel Cat Litter Scoop

The steel litter scoops are generally highly durable and quite strong enough. It will definitely save a lot of money and worth buying it. These scoops last long longer compared to the aluminum litter scoops. These steel litter scoops are sturdy and quite easy to clean as well. It is definitely a lot easier to do the work using this scoop.

Most of the brands manufacture lightweight steal litter scoops and getting such lightweight ones would immensely help while cleaning the litter box. It is also necessary to choose the litter scoop with good ergonomic grip.

If the grip is bad, then it wouldn’t be comfortable to use and all the money invested would go in vain.

Best Steel Cat Litter Scoop – Brask Pet Cat Litter Scoop

steel cat litter scoop

  • Tidy away cat litter
  • Extra long for convenience
  • 2 in 1 cat accessory
  • Ergonomic handle

Stainless Steel Cat Litter Scoop

Sanitary reasons play a vital role while you consider buying the stainless steel cat litter scoop. It wouldn’t leave any strain on the litter scoop and even if it does, it is extremely easier to clean the scoop. The bacteria build up problem would be completely eliminated by using the stainless steel material. Additionally, the stainless steel scoop has a very high durability.

It could be treated as a onetime investment, as it would definitely be the last purchase you would make with respect to the scoop. This is another major advantage of the stainless steel cat litter scoop. The stainless steel scoops are not that much prone to scratches. But, the litter scoops are generally way costly compared to other types of scoops.

The ease to clean the scoop itself and its durability enormously attracts so many customers. It is definitely a reliable product and worth buying.

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Kitty Litter Scoop

stainless steel cat litter scoop

  • Features a 6-1/2-inch long handle and a 5-inch wide scoop and a 11-1/4-inch overall length
  • Made of long lasting durable stainless steel
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle

Different Sizes of the Cat Litter Scoops

The cat litter scoops come in various different sizes. Each thing will have its own functionalities and one has to choose the right size based on his or her requirements. The choice might vary based on the circumstances as well.

The large cat litter scoops, the heavy-duty cat litter scoops and the extra large handle cat litter scoops are the few sizes from which a user can choose from. Let’s see about these in detail below.

Large Cat Litter Scoop

When we have so many cats in a household, it would be difficult to clean the litter box. This should be done several times in a week too. This is definitely a time-consuming job. It could be quite tiring too.

The large cat litter scoop will be especially useful when someone has many cats. It will be able to clean the large amount of litter in less time. It would be quite comfortable and it is time efficient as well. But these litter scoops might be slightly heavy compared to many other lightweight litter scoops available in the market.

Large Pet Kitty Litter Box Cleaner Shovel

large cat litter scoop

Heavy Duty Cat Litter Scoop

These cat litter scoops is highly recommended buying when there are many cats in the household. The heavy-duty cat litter scoops are highly durable. These scoops are designed in such a way to handle more amount of work on a regular basis.

Pet maintenance could be a costly affair too. It is essential for the pet owners to choose the right tools which could be used in the long run without any issues. This would indirectly save the cost as well.

Buying durable cat litter scoops alone wouldn’t help. We need to ensure that the litter scoops are efficient and very convenient to use.

Best Heavy Duty Cat Litter Scoop – Gorilla Grip Original Cat Litter Scooper

stainless steel cat litter scoop

Extra Long Handle Cat litter Scoop

The user has to bend down and use the scoop to clean the litter box. This might not be convenient for everyone to do this on a regular basis. If someone has health issue which prevents them from bending down, it is impossible for them to clean the litter box properly. Extra large handle cat litter scoop is especially designed for such a circumstance.

The extra large handle would allow them to clean the litter box in the standing position itself. It is extremely convenient and would be very easy to use. But, reaching to every corner of the litter box might be a bit uncomfortable using such litter scoops.

Best Extended Long Cat Litter Scoop – In-N-Vations by Dee LLC PURRR-FECT SCOOP

extra long handle cat litter scoop

Cat Litter Scoops with Different Features

There are many kinds of cat litter scoops readily available in the market. The requirements of each and every user will vastly vary and it is necessary for the user to clearly understand all the features before making a purchase decision.

The scoops can have a small handle, a long handle and even the holes in the scoops will vary from one type to another. Let’s see the various important features the user could find in the cat litter scoops in detail below.

Features of Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop

The long handle in these cat litter scoops gives the user liberty to comfortably stand and get the job done in a much easier way. The litters would be far away from the hand too. So, the users need not even accidentally touch the disgusting litter by the hand and this is one of the main reliefs by using these litters. There are so many old people who raise the pets too.

It might be very difficult for them to bend over all the way to clean the litter box. For most of them, it wouldn’t be impossible to even bend to a certain level, let’s not talk about the ground level. To avoid this inconvenience, long handle cat litter scoop could be used.

They will be able to take off the litters easily just by standing straight. But, it is absolutely necessary for the user to note that cleaning to perfection is relatively difficult.

Best Cat Litter Scoop Holder – CatGuru New Premium Cat Litter Scoop Holder

cat litter scoop with bag

Features of Cat Litter Scoop with Small Holes

The litter scoops usually have holes which would let the user to filter out the litter mixed with the excretion separately. This would make the disposal of waste quite easier. If the holes are big, the small wastes might not be filtered well. It might make the process quite difficult. But if the holes are small, then even the smallest of wastes could be filtered well and the cleanliness is ensured.

But the downside is it would take some more time to filter out all the liters since there are small holes. That should be okay considering the fact that perfect cleanliness would be obtained by these cat litter scoops.

I would personally recommend buying the cat litter scoop with this feature, since cleanliness is the prime requirement for us.

Best Cat Litter Scoop With Small Holes – CO-Z Solid Aluminum Alloy Cat Litter Scoop

cat litter scoop with small holes

Features of Cat Litter Scoop with the Bag

In this, the cat litter scoop will come with an attached bag. This would help the users to comfortably clean the litter box at ease. This would avoid the scattering of the litter to a greater extent. Also, the disgusting nature when the litter touches our hand could be avoided too. The litter collected by the scoop gets directly transferred to the bag with a little shake. (You can also get a cat litter box liner or disposal system to help you:

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This could be later thrown to the garbage easily. The litter wouldn’t get scattered in the house as well and the cleanliness of house would be maintained as well. If even a bit of litter is scattered on the floor, a cat might drag the dirt all around the house.

So, this cat litter scoop will come handy to keep the house clean. It makes the cleaning process quite easier. The cleaning could be done faster as well.

Best Cat Litter Scoop With Holder – Nature’s Miracle Non-Stick Antimicrobial Scoop

cat litter scoop with bag

Features of Extendable Cat Litter Scoop

Instead of the handle being used in the fixed size, the extendable cat litter scoop allows the user to vary the size of the handle as per user’s convenience. By having the adjustable handle, the user can alter the height of the litter scoop and this would be extremely convenient. This also helps the user to clean the cat litter box efficiently at ease.

These litter scoops could be used similar to that of the litter scoop with the small handle as well. So, it is quite versatile and flexible. These are the two basic key factors which would make such cat litter scoops worthy ones.


Top 5 Best Cat Litter Scoop Review

#1. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop
#2. Vivaglory Cat Litter Scoop
#3. IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with Deep Shovel
#4. Sifter Deep Shovel Litter Scoop
#5. Petmate Litter Scoop w/ Microban

I would personally recommend buying a stainless steel cat litter scoop as it is highly durable. It is definitely worth the money invested. The litter with the bag attached would make the task less sickening.

Anyway, the requirements might vary from one user to another. Please make sure to read the user reviews of the product to arrive at the appropriate decision. I hope this article will let the user make a well-versed decision and end up buying the best cat litter scoop.