Top 9 Best Cat Litter For Male Cats Reviews of 2021

best cat litter for male cats

Cats can be great pets for both adults and children because they’re low-maintenance pets that can be easily trained on how to use kitty litter box. They can easily adapt to such measures so it is very important to buy a cat litter for your new pet to ensure your house is always clean.

Well, it can be tedious especially when choosing the right cat litter because the market is full of such products, especially when there are different sorts of cat litter designed for male cats and female cats.

Therefore, to be able to make an appropriate here is a review that will be of great help when it comes to choosing the best cat litter for male cats. Read on and find out.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For Male Cats on the Market?

Different Types of Cat Litters Suitable For Male Cats

There are many types of cat litter that are available today the following are some of the common types.

Silica cat litter

This is one of the quality cat litters that absorb large quantities of urine to prevent odor. Fecal matter can also be removed once in a while. Additionally, it is also healthier and less dusty which is ideal for both cats and humans. You might find it quite expensive but it is worth it because of its features.

Non-tracking cat litter

This is also an incredible cat litter which is soft granules to ensure that the litter is not scattered all over the house. It is scent-free which makes it ideal for asthmatic cats.

Scented/unscented cat litter

Scented cat litter is important when it comes to masking odors from solid waste and urine. However, some people say that synthetic smells are not comfortable especially for cats who are sensitive to smell. Others like the free scent cat litter. Therefore, you can choose one depending on your preference.

best cat litter for male cats

Picking the Best Cat Litter For Male Cats

Top 9 Best Cat Litter For Male Cats Reviews of 2021

1. Best For Male Cats – Petsafescoopfree Premium Crystal Non-clumping Cat Litter

non clumping cat litters

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

This is a great cat litter that comes with a lavender scent which is Soothing to the get and I bet you will also enjoy. It also offers compatible litter boxes that worked well for any conventional litter box.

Additionally, it has pre-partitioned bags with lavender scent and each bag weighs approximately 4.5 lbs. You will also get to enjoy its odor control because it ensures the waste that includes urine and solid waste is effectively absorbed. This makes it better than clumping clay litters.

You will also get to experience its efficiency because it is 99% dust-free. The manufacturer also guarantees a quality product that will effectively meet your needs.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


2. Best For Multiple Cats – Dr.elsey Premium Clumping Cat Litter

cat litter for multiple male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

It comes with some nice herbal scent which is Soothing for both you and the cat. Its texture is also fine and the particles will be attracted to the litter box because of its size.

If you are looking for a product that can help you to train your kittens then this is what you need because it comes with multi-cat formula. It is equipped with odor control and it is entirely dust-free.

It is important to ensure that you effectively wash your hands with clean water after handling the litter box because you might get your hands dirty when disposing of the feces and urine.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


3. Best Absorbing – Purina Tidy Cats Multi-Cats Use Litter System 

mutliple cats litter

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

This is a litter bag that is fully equipped with 8 count bags and accessories that make it versatile. It offers customer satisfaction which will be worth your money.

They are designed to last for approximately one week for a single cat. It is easy to clean because it comes with disposable cat pads that eliminate the need to scoop urine clumps.

The litter box remains dry because of its fast-absorbing moisture. This prevents the growth of molds which can contribute to odors and infections. This litter box offers the easiest cleaning routine.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


4. Best Clumping – Purina Tidy Cats Performance Cat Litter

cat litter for male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

This is a high-performance cat litter which is ideal for multiple cat households because of high performance. The packaging includes four 12 lb which makes it convenient. The recyclables bags are eco-friendly. The strong clumps make it easy for scooping.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


5. Best Unscented – Purina Yesterday News Non-clumping Texture Cat Litter For Male Cats  

picking cat litter for male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

This is a 13.2 lb bag with an unscented softer texture cat litter. This is a reliable litter that absorbs up to three times the moisture than any conventional clay-based litter.

It is also effective when it comes to odor control. This ensures you have a fresh environment that is from urine and fecal matter smell. If you are sensitive with smell this is ideal for you because it has no fragrance. It is designed for low tracking without the small particles. Generally, this is an environment-friendly litter box that requires less maintenance.

The soft paper pellets make it comfortable. This cat litter is also safe because it has no chemicals which could possibly endanger your cats.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


6. Best 4-in-1 – Purina Tidy Easy Cleanup Clumping Cat Litter

tidy cat litters for male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

This is a one 38 lb Purina Tidy Cats clumping litter box. It also has tidy max ammonia blockers that prevent odors and liquid. They neutralize the ammonia in fecal odor and urine.

It is a way to clean up because if the powerful clumping. Additionally, the absorbent formula makes it easy to scoop the waste.

It is also very dry because of moisture-activated power pieces which help in maintaining a dry environment which makes it very comfortable for your cat. This cat litter can be used for a multi-house household which ensures your home is clean and fresh.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


7. Best Unscented – Naturally Fresh Silica Dust-free Cat Litter 

clumping cat litter for male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

This is made from one of the best materials. It neutralizes odors better than other conventional cat litters. Its efficiency is three times better than clay litter.

Additionally, the absorbent formula ensures there are tight climbs that make it easy to clean. You will also enjoy the efficiency of naturally Fresh silica dust-free and odor control litter that can allow your kids to breathe comfortably to the levels of freshness that it provides.

It is eco-friendly because it is biodegradable which makes it easy to dispose of. The Walnut shells have made it be a safe product for the environment. It doesn’t require additional fragrance and perfumes.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


8. Best Odor Control – Purina Tidy Cats Free and Clean Clumping Cat Litter

cat litter for male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

It comes with three 14 lb with efficient clumping that ensures there is free and unscented multi-cat litter. It is user-friendly especially for those people who are sensitive to smells because it is equipped with the unscented formula that is effective in eliminating odors.

Additionally, there are activated features which help in absorbing odors. This cat litter is a realtime solution that is effective in odor control and strong clumping action.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


9. Best Crystal – Freshmagiglarge Chunk Style Cat Litter  

cat litter for male cats

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

It has superior odor control because of its microscopic pores which extract moisture from cat urine.

It contains no crystalline silica.

It is a trusted brand that you can count on for effective cleaning.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


Necessary Points to Consider on Choosing a Cat Litter For Male Cats Use

Automatic litter box

Having an automatic litter box will save you time that will require cleaning the cat litter because most of them have self-cleaning properties. This box is effective in clumping hence waste can be clean effectively without necessarily having to scoop it.

Additionally, there is none display which makes it healthier for both humans and pets.


it is important to consider odor, especially when choosing the right cat litter. This is because some brands have natural odor control like the walnut while others are scented depending on the preference. Some people prefer natural odor control which will not compromise with comfort. Therefore depending on your preference, you can choose either scented or unscented ones so long as you’re comfortable with it.


It is also important to consider if the cat litter is made using allergic materials. This is because some people are very allergic to dust and litters made from materials such as clay that can induce an allergic reaction. Unscented absorbent cat litters are healthy because you will not develop respiratory problems. Therefore, depending on your condition doesn’t go for a scented cat litter if you are reactive to smell.


Weight is also an important consideration. Lighter litters imply that you can easily move the cat litter which is not recommended because you can overturn it leading to a mess. Therefore, go for a cat litter which is stable enough.


The age of your cat is important in determining the type of cat litter that you can choose. Clumping litter is not recommended for going cats because they can’t distinguish between items to be eaten and those that should not because it can lead to serious health effects. Clumping filters which are made using non-toxic materials are ideal for kittens. For adults, you can opt for palleted or clumping because they are choosy, intelligent, and mature. So consider their preference before you buy a cat litter.


The cat should be familiar with the cat litter to be functional. Therefore, you might have to train your cat before you buy one.


The importance of cat litter is evident because it will help to keep your home free from urine, odors, and fecal waste. Therefore you need to choose the best cat litter for your pets so that it can help in maintaining a clean environment. In this review, I have highlighted the top picks that you can buy because they’re efficient and are made using high-quality materials. Consider your preference and your budget before you buy one so that eventually you are comfortable with the product that you will buy.