Top 6 Best Cat Litter For the Money Reviews

cat litter for money

The current market is flooded with special cat litters, each produced to respond to cat’s waste differently. However, it might become a challenge to pick the best one. With our guide, you will realize that the best cat litter doesn’t have to be expensive. These cheaper cat litters are often easier to maintain and are often designed to control the odors, easy to get rid of, and dust-free. You don’t need to worry since we have researched and reviewed the top cat litters in the market that will comfortably accommodate your budget.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For the Money?

Top-Rated Cheap Cat Litter For the Money Comparison Chart

How to Choose the Best Cat Litter For the Money?

It will help if you equip yourself with considerations before deciding on which cat litter will be best for you. You will notice that these cat litters often differ in terms of the design and other features. These considerations will guide you;

cat litter for money

1 The size of the cat litter

The dimensions of cat litters vary depending on the breed even though the manufacturers often run their production based on a normal-sized cat. However, regardless of how small your cat is, it would be best to consider a spacious cat litter so that you won’t need to replace it after some time. Similarly, if you prefer the best-suited cat litter that matches your cat’s size, you should be able to identify the weight of your cat.

2 Primary ingredients

Cat litters are made from different ingredients that handle the odor differently. The common types are made from clay, wood, corn, walnut shells, and wheat. However, clay is often is preferred since it is composed of carbon ingredients that absorb the odor; hence it could be your best choice. Additionally, corn made cat litter possess scented formulas, therefore getting rid of odors. Generally, you should be able to point out the benefits of different types of cat litters.

3 Clumping or non-clumping litter

Cat litters are categorized base on clamping and non-clamping. Clumping litter will facilitate easy absorption of moisture, making it dry and conducive. Similarly, they are also designed with a scent that neutralizes the odor. With clumping litter, replacement often takes about two weeks. Comparatively, the non-clamping litter will slowly absorb the moisture and should be replaced every two days.

4 Odor control

There are scented and unscented cat litters. The scented litter will neutralize unpleasant smell making your home conducive. Some cats are allergic to certain scents; therefore, you are supposed to identify the scent that your cat is comfortable with. Comparatively, the unscented cat litter will require regular replacement since the unpleasant smell will make your home unfriendly. Generally, we advise you to go to the scented ones.

5 Replacement period

When it comes to replacement, how often should you replace it? This is normally decided based on the type of cat litter you used. It would also be best to consider going for the dust-free and the one that doesn’t soak easily. Generally, you won’t be calling your Feline specialists with good maintenance since your cat will not be exposed to the diseases.

The Best Cat Litter for the Money

Having equipped you with the necessary cat litter information, we have researched and came up with the best product that will save your money;

1. Best Lightweight – Fresh Step Clumping Cat Litter

lightweight clumping cat litter

The Fresh Step Lightweight Cat litter is unscented and can control the odor. It simplifies your cleaning action since it is a low dust cat litter and easy to scoop. With this cat litter, it absorbs the moisture easily and hence does not get wet. It cannot stick to your cat’s fur; thus, it will not cause any dirt around your home. Uniquely, this cat litter is lightweight; hence you can easily lift and move it around the house.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


2. Best For Multiple Cats – Dr. Elsey’s Premium Cat Litter

clumping cat litters

This type of cat litter is ultra-scented that will easily neutralize odors. With this cat litter, they cannot accommodate any dust, creating a conducive environment for your cat. We normally consider your cat’s health response, but Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter absorbs the liquid hence won’t cause any allergies. This type will save on your expenditure since it will take a longer time before you replace; thus, it could be the best option.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


3. Best Dust Free – Purina Tidy Clumping Cat Litter

cheap cat litter for money

Purina Tidy is a dust-free formula and offers triple odor protection; hence you won’t experience an irritating smell. They are tight and strong clumps that offer easy scooping. With this type, you don’t need to worry about your cat’s health since this litter cannot get wet easily. It takes a longer time to be replaced hence will save on your cost.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


4. Best Odor Control – Purina Tidy Instant Action Cat Litter

cat litter for money

Purina Tidy Instant Action offers great protection against the effects of urine and feces odors. They are friendly to your cat’s health as they are dust-free hence zero diseases. Purina Tidy stays together, which makes it easy to scoop and cannot get wet easily. It can serve many cats without regular replacement; thus can be your best option if you have many cats.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


5. Best Crystal – PetSafe Scoop Free Premium Crystal Cat Litter

cheap cat litter for money

PetSafe Scoop Free Premium Crystal absorbs any liquid and offers five times odor control. It does not harm your cat’s health as they are dust-free and do not wet easily. Similarly, this type is compatible with all kinds of litter boxes, be it the traditional or the modern one. Additionally, they come in portions, including pre-portioned bags and original scent.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


6. Best Easy to Scoop – Clump and Seal AbsorbX Clumping Litter

cheap cat litter for kittens

Clump and Seal AbsorbX offers faster absorption of urine and odor elimination. The arm and hammer soda ingredients play a role in getting rid of litter box odors. They are made with a desert mineral that is thirsty to absorb any liquid. Similarly, they are light hence can be moved around your home. Clump and Seal AbsorbX are dust-free therefore making the litter box conducive for your cat.


automatic cat litter box for multiple cats


Benefits of Using Cheaper Kitty Litter

With cheaper kitty litter, their low price will not be mistaken since their benefits will amaze you.

1 They are friendly to your cat’s health

Most of the kitty litters don’t possess any chemical agents, and they are generally dust free. This will not trigger any dust-related diseases or any respiratory complications. Similarly, some of the litters use chemicals to curb the odor, but most of the cheaper kitty litter scented. Always consult the feline specialist before going for these kitty litters that are scented.

2 Your house won’t smell

Using cheaper kitty litter will neutralize the odor produced in your home; hence will help you won’t hesitate to welcome your guests. Similarly, the health condition of your cat’s health will not be affected. They are equipped with friendly chemicals such as sodium bentonite clay, which plays an important role in eliminating odors. There are a variety of cheap kitty litters offers difference response to the odors hence giving choices.

3 Cleanliness of your house

Most cheaper kitty litters do not stick on your cat’s fur or toes; hence the cat won’t carry it out. Having a sticky cat litter will eventually make your home look messy. So, if you have a long-haired cat, you don’t need to worry since you won’t even realize when the cat has used the litter box. With cheaper kitty litter, you are guaranteed a clean and odorless home.

4 Compostable

The kitty litters, such as natural litters, are compostable and biodegradable. Because of this, they won’t clog up; hence won’t harm the environment. When you use the wood litter, they are probably lighter; therefore, you can easily reduce the carbon pawprint throughout your cat’s lifetime. Declawing is often encountered when you use harder types that are often expensive, but you will probably land in a soft cat litter with cheap formulas.

5 Easy transitioning

Since most of the cheaper kitty litter doesn’t possess many chemical ingredients, transitioning your litter won’t be a problem for your cat to be comfortable with. When your pet is used to a certain cat litter with a certain chemical fragrance, it might not be easy to adapt to the new methods. You won’t spend much time trying to lure her.

How to Save Money on Cat Litter?

If you want to cut expenditure on cat litter, you should employ easy ways to save on your budget. We have come up with easy ways that will protect your wallet;

cheap cat litter for money

1 Use less litter

Using less litter should match with how man cats do you have. However, this also entails that you will be required to scoop regularly. The advantage of using less cat litter will allow you to access the waste easily. However, changing the quantity of cat litter shouldn’t be employed instantly; you should reduce it slowly until it reaches a good size. Be cautious not to reduce more since your cat will automatically get spooked by the changes.

2 Toilet training

Currently, some systems have been developed to train your cats to use the toilet. However, this method will reduce your expenditure to zero. You might encounter a challenge when preparing, but once your cat picks your ways, the litter box won’t even come to your mind. You can watch training videos on Youtube.

3 Sample out the cheaper stores

Before making your order, you must compare the price of cat litters from different stores. You can navigate through the online stores, or you can shop around. Finally, you will realize that the price differs. Similarly, since the market is full of cat litters, some dealers offer coupons to the customer to entice cat owners, saving on your money.

4 Low-cost cat litter alternatives

The most common options are chicken starters and wood pellets. These alternative cat litters are often found in the feed stores. The wood pellets and the chicken starters are more preferred since they are environmentally friendly and will not cause any diseases once your cats adapt. However, you should know that there are pellets with additional accelerants, so make sure you go through the ingredients used.

5 Homemade cat litter

You can make your cat litter only if you know the ingredients used to make it. However, choose the cat litter that is composed of easily accessible components. There are DIY guidelines on how you should go by. These homemade cat litters might require regular replacement, but you will save your money in the end.

What Am I Sacrificing by Purchasing Cheap Litter?

Most cheap cat litter doesn’t last long; hence it will require regular replacement compared to the high-priced cat litter. Similarly, the affordable litter design might not be attractive, especially when compared to the expensive ones designed to look like cabinets, planters, and other amazing styles. Cheap litter will demand regular cleaning, but you will probably conclude that you sacrificed a lot when you realize a self-cleaning litter box.

Can I Use Other Materials in Place of Cat Litter?

There are alternatives, such as chicken starters. Most of these materials are often found in the feed stores, but you should be careful not to pick the one with harmful chemical ingredients. With these materials, you will be required to replace them more often compared to cat litters.

cheap cat litter for money

How Often Should I Change Cat’s Litter?

Changing your cat’s litter often depends on a variety of factors that we are going to discuss. However, it is normally recommended that you change it weekly while some cat litters should be changed twice a week. What is the number of cats you have? If you have more cats using one litter box, you will be required to change more often.

Similarly, the litter box number is also a determinant such that if you have more litter boxes, you might even change the cat litter after two or more weeks. Finally, the type of cat litter you use also plays a role. This is because some cat litter normally soaks easily hence requires to be changed regularly.



Before going out to buy cat litter for your cat, it is wise to consider your economic status and pick the best and quality for your cat. It is also wise to consider equipping yourself with more choices and guidelines on buying affordable brands. You should even know how to maintain and replace the cat litter for a healthy cat living.