Top 9 Best Cat Litter for Odor Control Reviews to Eliminate Bad Smell

best cat litter for odor and clumping

Living without a cat could be such vile a sin to many people. However, do you ever take a moment and reflect upon the distinctive smell that comes from the litter box. It is usually one thing that you will never want to experience.

Remember, this smell will make a significant difference in the comfort that you enjoy in the house at the end of the day. To that end, it will always be vital for you to understand which litter will help in killing the odor. It is through this that you will attain enhanced comfort for your cat and yourself. Here are some of the insights you will always need to keep in mind in selecting the best cat litter for odor control.

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What’s the Best Cat Litter For Odor Control on the Market?

Top 9 Best Cat Litter For Odor Control Reviews

Who Should Buy a Cat Litter for Odor?

Various reasons go into the purchase of a cat litter. Usually, the goals will differ from one cat owner to the other. However, here are a few insights into who should but these cat litters.

• Those that appreciate cat privacy

Are you looking forward to giving your cat the privacy they deserve? A cat litter will often be essential in providing your cat with the privacy they need whenever they are passing urine or feces.

• Those that have smelly rooms

Undoubtedly, if your cat defecates almost anywhere in the house, it is likely to end up smelly. If you are in such a situation, ensure that you get a reliable cat litter.

How Does Odor-control Cat Litter Work?

Various types of cat litters are at your disposal, and each of them works differently. Some of the most common examples will always include clay, silica, and clumping sodium bentonite litter.

• Clumping sodium

It reacts by swelling and binding any urine-soaked litter together, which forms mass once it is wet. However, they are so expensive that you cannot afford to flush them down the toilet.

• Silica

This type of litter relies on silica gel pearls, which are filled with matrices of hollow tunnels. Whenever your cat urinates, this silica acts as a sponge that absorbs both moisture and odors.

• Clay

Clay absorbent litters are not only common but also most effective. This litter ensures that urine runs through the clay to the bottom, which helps in suppressing scents.

Why Does My Cat Litter Smell So Bad?

Various reasons go into highlighting why your cat litter could be smelling so bad. As you intend to address this menace, you will always need to keep the variables in mind. That should be followed by taking the necessary corrective steps. Here are some of the reasons why your cat litter has a pungent smell.

• You do not clean properly

As long as you do not scoop the litter from time to time, there is no way this smell will go away. Take the time not only to remove but also to clean the litter accordingly. Preferably, it would be best if you aimed at using eco-friendly cleaning agents. This way, you will not expose your pet to any health issue at the end of the day.

• You are using the wrong type of litter

Did you know that some litters could easily feature perfumes that will only make things worse? On the other hand, you might get some that have additives that help in alleviating the situation in the long run. It will, therefore, be upon you to make sure that you get the right one.

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• The box you have

If the box you are using is way too small for your cat, you will always end up with a nasty smell in your house. The rule of the thumb is that you should always use a box that is twice the size of your pet. With this, cleaning becomes a lot easier, and there will be limited instances of smelly litters too.

Best Cat Litter For Odor Control – Fresh Step Scented Clumping Litter

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How Do You Keep a Litter from Smelling?

The ultimate goal of any individual is to make sure that their cat litter is not smelly. In this light, you will need a few tips to keep your goal alive. Here are five vital things you will need to consider as long as you do not want your litter to smell.

• Scoop the litter daily

Undoubtedly, urine will always have a pungent smell. Imagine having such old urine and feces in the litter for days. If only you can take the time to scoop it from time to time, there will be limited chances for the smell to prevail.

• Be thorough

There is no room for you to be less thorough. Experts recommend that you empty the litter and scrub it thoroughly, at least once a month. This move comes in handy in making sure that you do not end up piling pathogens in your litter box too.

• Replace the boxes

How can you not get rid of the smell if you replace boxes from time to time? Doing this replacement weekly will always be one of the best moves for you to consider. Ensure that your boxes are of the right size too. While at it, this box must have one lower side, as this will ensure that the cat can walk out comfortably.

• How about using deodorizers?

While this could be a good move too, it will be vital to limit how much deodorizer you use. You will also find the use of baking powder to be handy in keeping the litter much fresher in the long run.

• Ventilation matters a lot

Find the right place to place your cat litter. Usually, a place with adequate ventilation will be vital in keeping your room as fresh as possible.

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How Do You Deodorize Cat Litter?

As mentioned, using deodorizers is one of the best ways to keep your litter box less smelly. As long as you do it once in a while, you will have no reason to worry. While it is a straightforward process, it will always be vital to be cautious of a few aspects. This way, you will be sure of the most fruitful process in the long run. Always observe the following.

• Ensure that the deodorizer is hardly scented

Did you know that most cats will be uncomfortable in heavily-scented litters? If you are to deodorize, always ensure that you use the non-scented options. It will assure you of not only a less smelly litter but also a comfortable pet.

• Go natural

One of the best things used in deodorizing cat litters is baking powder. It will play a significant role in ensuring that the litter maintains a sense of freshness at all times. You will also be sure of minimal effect on your cat in the long run.

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Guide of Making the Most Out of Odor Control Litters

The ultimate goal will always be to know how to use your odor control litters accordingly. Most often, there will be a need for you to embrace a few things. They include the following.

• Place them correctly

Unless you understand how to and where to place your cat litters, you will never get the best out of them. In most cases, it will be ideal for you to focus on putting them in properly aerated areas. With enough ventilation, you will be confident of the limited smell in the room. Ensure that it is neither too close to vents nor where there is too much foot traffic too.

• Keep them clean

Did you know that keeping your litter clean will have a significant impact on their longevity? Take the time to scoop them daily or weekly, as well as scrub them at least once monthly.

• Cover them accordingly

If your litter needs covering, let this be your priority.

• Put the right litter

Each cat has a preference on which litter to use. Whether it is clay, pine, or lightweight clay, ensure that it is appealing to your cat. With the right texture, your cat will be comfortable using the litter from time to time.

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Tips for Eliminating Litter Odor

Are you looking forward to doing away with litter odor? Here are a few things that will most likely help you in this pursuit.

• Ventilate

Unfortunately, many people try to keep their pets away from livable space within their houses. That implies that both you and the cat will avoid the area in the long run. It is for this reason that you will need to focus on proper aeration.

• Add properly sized boxes

Always ensure that you have at least one extra litter box for your cat. This box should be big enough to accommodate the cat, as doing so limits the extent of the odor.

• Use green cleaning solutions

While you need to be relatively thorough when cleaning your litter box, it will always be vital that you use natural cleaning solutions. That is because they are not only effective but also friendly to the cat.

• Clean daily

Invest time to clean your litter from time to time. If you can clean it once a day, you will be sure of a happier cat. You could also focus on getting low-dust litter.

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Is Scented Cat Litter Better Than Unscented Ones?

There is no definite answer to this. That is because different cats tend to like scents differently. If your cat does not like scented environments, a scented litter box will be almost worthless. Ideally, your choice between the two should be based on the comfort of the pet. However, scented options will be essential in eliminating the smell and keeping the room fresh.

What Makes A Good Odor Control Litter?

A good odor control litter will always boast of multiple matchless features. Some of the things that make such litters better will include the following.

• Spaciousness

You will always appreciate a litter that is big enough to accommodate your cat. With such space, it will be easier for you to clean too.

• Ease of access

Cats will need a place that they can reach without too much hassle. One side should be a little slant, as this will ensure that they walk out comfortably too.

• Safety

The litter must provide the cat with the safety level it so needs. Protection against any compromises will come in handy at all times.

Nothing could be as imperative as the comfort of your cat. As you look forward to having the best experience with your pet, ensure that you consider the insights provided above. Do not hesitate to get the right odor control litter today.

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Who Should Buy Cat Litter Boxes?

Indeed, everyone will always want to look out for their cat, and you are no exception. But to what extent should you go? Usually, it will be right for you to understand whether you need these litter boxes or not. Here are the signs that you need them.

• Do you need privacy for the cat?

Sometimes all you can ever wish for is that your pet remains private at all times. It is in this light that you should aim at getting it some comfortable space at all times. Such is the point that these litter boxes step in, as they offer not only privacy but also a quiet space.

Cat Litter Box For Privacy

• Too much smell in the house

You can hardly be comfortable in a home where there is too much litter smell. If that is the case with you, this litter box will come in handy. Usually, these cat litters will play a significant role in hiding the smell, leaving you with a comfortable living room at all times.

Cat Litter Box For Less Smell

• Those that need a little décor

Did you know that you could rely on cat litters to highlight your interior décor? Most often, the beauty that these litter boxes will make them outstanding. Besides, you will get them in different funky designs that not only appeal to your eyes but also add a sense of glam to the living room.

Cat Litter Box For Unique Design

What to Look for in an Odor Control Litter Box

Various aspects go into the proper selection of an odor control litter. Ensure that you observe the following at all times.

• Right height

Unless you get the right height of your litter, there is no way the cat will be comfortable. Ensure that cat does not face mobility issues within this box, and neither should it feel entrapped. If your cat has a bad aim, pick a litter with higher sides.

Cat Litter Box with Suitable Height

• Choose between covered and uncovered litters

It will be vital first to understand whether your cat likes getting covered or not. However, if your cat has conditions like asthma and arthritis, uncovered litters will be best.

Uncovered Cat Litter Box for Odor Control

• Confirm the material

Like always, the material used determines how long the product will last. Plastic will be the ideal choice for you, as it is not only durable and able to hold up over time but also easy to clean.

Heavy Duty Cat Litter Box

How to Get the Most out of Odor-control Litters

Usually, you will always want to get the utmost value from your odor-control litters. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider in this pursuit.

  • Ensure that you scoop the litter regularly, preferably daily
  • Take the time to replace this litter every three days
  • Do not shy away from using a litter deodorizer
  • Aim at odor-control litters that smell good not only for you but also for your cat
  • Ensure that you keep this litter in a properly ventilated area or room
  • It will be ideal for you to replace the odor-control litter yearly

What Makes an Excellent Odor-control Litter

Nothing matters more than getting a cat litter that offers you the ultimate services. Usually, you will need an option that features the following.

• Check the materials

Odor-control litters are products of different materials, including clay, corn, silica-based gel crystals, and wood. Choose whichever offers you the convenience you so desire.

• Decide between scented and unscented

Indeed, this aspect will be dependent on how your cat is comfortable with scents. As long as it is hardly pleased with scents, do not get scented litters.

• Do you need clumping or non-clumping

Clumping litters do form not only scoopable and easy-to-remove waste but also provide better odor control. In contrast, non-clumping tend to be more affordable. Clumping litters will always be better for you.

As you look forward to getting the most out of your cat litter, the insights above will be a pillar you might want to lean on. These cat litters are vital for you as long as you want to be in a comfortable room.