Top 4 Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control Reviews to Remove Bad Smell

The smell of odor can be a troubling matter for most cat owners, then you will need the best cat litter box for odor control, it helps get rid of the bad smell and makes the home more clean and tidy.

Here we offer several best odorless cat litter boxes for cats to use review, and also buying guides to keep the home smell good.

Now, let’s get started!


The Importance of Getting Cat Litter Box for Odor Control

A litter box is also known as the sandbox or cat tray; it is an indoor box used to collect feces and urine from pets such as cats, small dogs, or even rabbits.

They are always preferable for pets that have the freedom to roam everywhere in a house or a room but not outside. The following are the reasons why you need a cat litter box for odor control for any of your pets mentioned earlier:

• Effective odor control

Cats’ and other small pets’ urine and feces always have a terrible foul smell, which is too sensitive to cats and human beings. A cat litter box can quickly control the odor by cleaning it up after every cat use.

Cat litter boxes for odor control are mostly self-cleaning, and one does not always have to wait and go to clean them on their own; instead, they seal the cat’s waste separately and ensure that no odor is retained in the litter box.

However, you will also be required to scoop off the waste from the waste receptacle to ensure maximum odor control from the typical litter boxes.


• Satisfies the cats’ sensitive instincts to bury their wastes’ smell

Cats are known to be among the pets who are very sensitive to the odor of their feces. That is why the cats are allowed to roam outside always to bury their wastes in the sand.

Therefore, for those not allowed to wander more than out of the house, they need to have a safer place where they can comfortably excrete and manage the waste’s odor.

Cat litter boxes are designed to trap odor from ammonia or urea easily; some are equipped with baking soda sprinkles, which quickly absorb the foul smell from their wastes.


• Cat litter boxes ensure a cleaner surrounding.

There is nothing more desirable than having pets around and maintaining a cleaner environment for them and your children if there are any. Cat litter boxes ensure that your surrounding is clean and free from pets’ wastes odor.

Your pets will freely excrete in the litter boxes, absorbing the wastes’ odor effectively until you scoop the feces and effectively dispose of them.

In situations where there are no cat litter boxes, there is a possibility of finding the environment undesirable as cats and pets might not have safer places to excrete and stay away from the smell freely.


• Ensures safety for your cats

With a cat litter box, you can have full assurance of your cats’ safety. Naturally, cats don’t like the smell of the feces they produce; therefore, it might be challenging for them to excrete where they can’t bury or stay away from the feces. In cases where the owner does not produce a litter box for them, they will probably think of going out to bury the smell of their wastes.

Going out mostly endangers their life as they can get injured or they might be stolen. With litter boxes, you have to worry less because your pets remain safe, and the odor is well controlled with proper waste management.


How to Choose the Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control?

Cats are the most selective creatures in almost everything that involves them; litter boxes are among the things cats will adequately select. With the many models available in the market, one needs to understand how to choose the best cat litter box for effective odor control.

The following are some of the things you should look for in any cat litter box:

• The size

When getting a litter box for your cat, you should always prioritize comfort when using them.

Cats need sufficient space when stepping inside, turning around, and even squatting; generally, they need room to excrete without any difficulties freely.

If you are looking for litter boxes for kittens and smaller cats, you should consider buying those with lower sides of at least 2-3 inches; for full-grown cats, consider choosing a litter box of 4 inches wall size and 24 inches long or width.


• The material of the cat litter box

Cat litter boxes are made with different materials depending on their availability, and each is meant to fit in a different environment or a different purpose.

However, the most significant percentage of litter boxes are made from plastics and do not absorb cat wastes’ foul smell. Others are created with fully recycled papers, which quickly absorb the smell of ammonia and provides sufficient airflow; they are known as disposable boxes.

And if you are searching for a cat litter box that will match your interior décor, you should consider wooden boxes, they are also the best, but it depends on how they are equipped.


• Price

Price is one of the most important things one should always consider; you should invest more in them if you want the best products or services.

Therefore, cat litter boxes are not an exception; however, you can still find the best cat litter box within your budget. You do not need to suffocate your pocket extremely; find a quality litter box within the amount of money you have.


Types of Cat Litter Boxes that Work For Odor Control

• Automatic cat litter box

Automatic cat litter box functions by detecting when your cat has released its wastes and then ranks the wastes into a waste receptacle. It means you will not spend more time to scoop off the waste on your own; the feature of self-cleaning makes the automatic cat litter boxes more wanted because they reduce the manual work of cleaning and controlling pet odors.

You will have more time doing other important things while there is full assurance for your cat’s comfort. If you are a busy parent, consider this type of litter box for your pet.


• Enclosed cat litter box

Cats are among the most possessive creatures; they might always want to have their things for their personal uses. However, where it is challenging to afford each litter box for each cat when you have many pets, you should consider them sharing by using enclosed litter boxes.

Litter bins do not take up much space, and therefore using the enclosed one will make sure that each cat can easily see when the litter box isn’t in use and go about their business, ensuring comfort for all the cats sharing the litter box.


• Covered litter boxes

These are the best solution to controlling the unpleasant smell of cat wastes; however, they will give you more work while cleaning thoroughly because the covers mostly concentrate on managing the foul odor.

To avoid this, you should consider finding a litter box with in-built ventilation. Moreover, covered litter boxes offer complete privacy for your cats. However, you will first need to conduct testing to see if your cats are comfortable getting into and out of the
litter boxes.

The seclusion provided by a covered litter box makes the cats feel more enjoyable and relaxing as their privacy is considered.


• Litter boxes with odor absorbing components

There is another unique cat litter box that is more advanced than the others; it is equipped with odor-absorbing components. This means that immediately after the cat does its waste, the unpleasant smell is absorbed, and the wastes get wrapped up until the caregiver comes to scoop it off.

It is the best option, especially for busy people who spend less time on their pets. Additionally, these litter boxes can hold the odor for a long time as the cats continue using them.


Best Cat Litter Box For Odor Control Reviews

#1. Van Ness Odor Control Extra Large Enclosed Litter Box


cat litter box odor

This enclosed litter box from Van Ness is a great option to contain the litter smell, and it won’t cost a lot of money to do so. It has a large base with a top that is easy to place on and secure in place, while the ventilation on top comes with zeolite filters that work to reduce the amount of smell that is coming from it and has a convenient carry handle for moving this box around without disassembling it or grabbing from the bottom.

Additionally, this will eliminate the amount of litter that is pushed from the box by your cat and is large enough to accommodate more than one cat. This is easy to clean and stain-resistant, lessening the amount of residual odor that is present in litter boxes, and the cat door on the front is easy for your cat to enter and exit the box through.

  • Easy to set up and clean, with enough room for more than one cat or large cats
  • Zeolite filters add to the lessening amount of smell that is coming from this litter box and are replaceable
  • Easy to move around the house as needed
  • As with other enclosed litter boxes, there is not a lot of airflows, and when it comes time to scoop or replace the litter this can be an issue for some
  • Can be a chore to take apart and wash when needed, and the locking mechanisms are prone to breaking and damage


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#2. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan  

best cat litter box deodorizer

This large enclosed cat litter box allows your cat to have privacy while at the same time keeping the odor contained, and keeps them from kicking litter outside of the box. This is easy to clean and use, and the large top is easily removable when you need to replace the litter or wash the pan.

It is easy to lift open the door to scoop litter out, and this can be done without taking the top off of the cat litter box, and this is large enough for a household with more than one cat living in it. There is a carbon filter location on top near the handle, which limits the amount of litter smell that is coming from the litter box, and the filters are easy to replace.

This is easy to assemble thanks to the locking tabs and it is easy to carry around the home to move or clean as needed.

  • Excellent size for the price and this durable enclosed cat litter is easy to clean with little effort required
  • The cat door works well at keeping the litter smell inside and gives your cat some extra privacy
  • Carbon filters add another level of odor-fighting power, and the carry handle is a nice feature when it comes time to clean the litter box
  • No other colors available, and while this may seem small, this is a large item to have in your home without any other color schemes
  • The door flap is a permanent feature, and can’t be removed


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#3. AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

room deodorizer for cat litter box


A quality product from Amazon, this enclosed cat litter box comes is available with five different features and options: large, no door, standard, top entry, and triangle. Each style available is made from high-quality materials and will be a great aid in keeping the area that your cat litter box is stored from smelling.

The large hood on top snaps into place easily, and the plastic door for entry easily provides access for your cat, while retaining the odor inside. For cleanup, the top easily snaps off and contains a ventilation area that you can install replaceable filters, for even more odor fighting potential.

The sleek oval shape of this cat litter box makes it easy to fit into corners and other spaces to keep it out of the way and provides extra privacy for your feline friend. It is large enough to accommodate more than one cat or allows your cat to easily turn around in.

  • Large cat litter box, and comes in 5 different styles/types to fit in with your situation and living space
  • Easy to snap on the top of the litter box, or to remove for when you need to clean or replace the litter inside
  • The carbon filters that are compatible with this unit are replaceable and lessen the amount of odor that is coming from the litter box
  • It may be hard the first few times for your cat to realize that the door is the entryway or exit to their litter box
  • Cleaning out the back corner without lifting the lid may be a challenge for some pet owners


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#4. PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

best odorless cat litter box

This large cat litter box is great at disposing of pet waste without you needing to do much except throw away the container after your cat is finished.

There is no need to scoop or clean your cat’s litter box, as this self-cleaning box will take care of most of the work for you, and there is a great level of odor control with this; especially considering that sometimes you are gone while your cat has used the bathroom, and unable to clean up right after, this smell can permeate throughout your whole house.

This utilizes crystal litter, meaning that urine clumps won’t clog the mechanical parts, and crystal litter is a great way to lower the amount of cat odor in your home; additionally, crystal litter won’t stick to your cant’s paws and get tracked around your living space.

The disposable trays have a plastic lining that eliminates leaking, and they are easy to dispose of. This comes in either purple or taupe and is not very large, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your home or apartment.

  • Automatically removes the waste from your cat, and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your home, and it works when you are not around
  • The trays are durable enough to withstand a lot of waste, and are leakproof; making cleanup easy, as you will just need to throw them away
  • Dust and allergen-free because it utilizes crystal litter, and does not need to be cleaned weekly like other litter boxes
  • Because crystal litter doesn’t clump, there may be some urine left behind which can cause odor
  • Sometimes if you have a skittish cat, the sound can scare them and although they will still use the litter box, it may train them not to scoop after they use the bathroom


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How do you Keep a Litter Box From Smelling?

We love how adorable and cuddly cats can be, and having them around is a joy that adds value to your quality of life. However, the major downside to owning a cat is that you have to keep their litter box inside.

These boxes are prone to bad smells, and there is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work only to be slammed in the face with the foul odor of a used litter box.

best cat litter box for odor control

Although cleaning out the litter box daily and replacing the litter once or twice a week is the best way to ensure that no foul smell or odor is coming from it, some other tips and tricks can help you to almost forget that you have a litter box in your house; such as:

Sprinkling Baking Soda on the Top of the Litter

Baking soda has been used over the years for its odor-eliminating properties, and a lot of people will keep an open container in the fridge just for this reason. By sprinkling some on top of the litter in the box, you can help to reduce the amount of odor that is coming from it.

Use a Litter Box With a Lid

Having an enclosed litter box will help to reduce the amount of odor coming from it, as it is in an enclosed area. A lot of these will also have an area on top where there is a vent to allow airflow, but will also have a spot for a scented filter.

Place the Box in a Well-Ventilated Area

Although it may seem counter-intuitive as opposed to the previous tip, having the litter box in a ventilated area will help the odor to disperse, and not be as concentrated. A good area for this would be somewhere like an enclosed deck.

Using a good quality litter will also help keep the bad smell from being as apparent, and there are a lot of good products on the market to choose from. Many kat litters now come with deodorizers that are safe for your pets built-in, and they do help to reduce the amount of smell that you notice. Other good options are self-cleaning litter boxes, but for a good quality model you will need to spend a decent amount of money, and they are known to be prone to breaking and damage, without a long lifespan.


Can Cats Smell Their Litter Box a Mile Away?

It is a common misconception that cats can smell their litter box from a mile away. Although cats indeed have an excellent sense of smell, they will only be able to detect their litter box in this way by up to a few hundred feet.

This will also depend on weather conditions and the time of year; however, if you decide to move the litter box around in your home, you can rest easy knowing that your cat will be able to find it with ease. This is especially true if you were to place them in the box after moving.

They may get annoyed by this act, but it makes it easier for them to realize that it has been moved the next time they need to use the bathroom. If you run into the unfortunate circumstance of your cat running away, you can try to leave some of their litter outside in the hopes that they will find the smell and come home, but as stated above it has not been proven that cats can smell their litter from a mile away, and it is more along the range of a couple of hundred feet.

They can sense where it is in the home, and their sense of smell is among the best on the planet, however.


How to Deal With a Smelly Litter Box

cat litter box odor eliminator

The best way to deal with a smelly litter box is to make sure that it is scooped daily, the litter is replaced once or twice a week, and that the box is replaced at least once a year. Liners will make it easier to clean the box when it comes to washing, and they will aid in keeping the litter box from retaining the smell of urine once it has been washed.

You can also sprinkle deodorizers on top (make sure they are pet-safe first), and use a litter that smells more pleasant. When washing the litter box once or twice a week, you can also use soap that is safe for pets, as this will cut down on the residual odor.

Additionally, sprinkling the bottom of the pan with a deodorizer before filling with litter and then sprinkling the top of the litter can help with cutting down the amount of odor. Clumping litter is designed to clum the urine, which will make it easier to scoop as well.


What Helps in the Cat Litter Box for Odor Control?

Sometimes it is difficult for the cat litter box to control the odor on its own; that is why there are supplements that help the litter box with odor-controlling efficiently, and they include:

The odor control spray

It is a form of a spray designed to keep away the odor in the litter box; it is always advisable to perfectly clean the litter box first, dry it or make sure it is dry before using the odor control spray. It is designed to manage the odor by refreshing the whole litter box with a few sprays.


Air freshener

It is another effective way of managing litter box odor. There are many options for this; you can choose to buy or improvise any of your choices. Improvising involves using a charcoal bag that will be responsible for purifying the air inside the litter box. You can easily use air fresheners with natural enzymes; they work best to eliminate the foul smell, but feces purifying bags are known to do best there.


Cat litter deodorizer

They are capable of keeping your cat litter box free from odor and fresh all day. There are various litter deodorizers, each with different models, features, functionality, and prices.

They are considered the safest products for cats as they are made with baking sodas and naturally added scents. All the ingredients are natural; hence do not put your cats’ lives in danger; they will leave not only the cat litter box fresh but also your whole house.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to control a cat litter box odor?

The only thing that will entirely control your cat litter box is always keeping it clean. Ensure you scoop the box at least two times a day; if you use clumping litters, it is vital to remove all solids and liquid clumps. Ensure you scoop off the areas where urine has soaked in using a desirable size metal spoon.


How to deal with the smelly litter boxes?

The following few simple steps will ensure your litter box remains fresh all day:

Step 1. Scoop wastes daily; getting off the smelly feces from your litter box is the first step to a zero smelling litter box.

Step 2. Thorough washing, if you always scoop wastes each day, then it is advisable to clean them thoroughly after a certain period. You should empty everything and scrub off everything to perfection.

Step 3. Replace the litter boxes; over time, the cat litter boxes might become scratched and unpleasant due to the clawing as the cat tries to bury the wastes. In this case, you should replace them regularly.

Step 4. Ventilate the boxes; many people prefer to place the cat litter boxes away from the living rooms, this can concentrate odor in one spot, so it will be better if you choose to ventilate the boxes and place them in plenty airflow locations

Step 5. Baking soda, if even after thorough cleaning you will still experience the foul odors, you should prefer sprinkling baking soda on the boxes. It will freshen the litter box and keep it fresh all through.


Final Pick: Top 3 Best Cat Litter Boxes for Odor Control

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