Top 7 Best Cat Litter Box For Multiple Cats Reviews with Large Space

Do you have multiple cats in your home or ambiance? If you nodded precisely to this question in the affirmative, you have to purchase and make use of the best cat litter box for multiple cats.self cleaning litter box for multiple cats

As the designation implies, these are boxes that are designed to house numerous cats at a time.

With the markets flooded with these litterboxes, choosing or finding the most suitable one for you might be a tricky thing. That is why you badly want to be guided appropriately in going about the issue. Our aim in the conversations that follow endeavors to do just that.

What Is the Best Cat Litter Box For Multiple Cats?

Comparing the Best Cat Litter Boxes on the Market

Photo Title Price Buy
Catit Airsift Jumbo...image Catit Airsift Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan, Warm Gray/White - Privacy and Easy Access for Cleaning - Ideal for Larger Cat Breeds or Multiple Cat Households $39.99 Check Latest Price
Nature's Miracle High-Sided...image Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches Check Latest Price
Petphabet Jumbo Hooded...image Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box, Extra Large, Teal $55.99 Check Latest Price
Omega Paw Elite...image Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box $60.49 Check Latest Price
IRIS USA Jumbo...image IRIS USA Jumbo Enclosed Hooded Cat Litter Box with Front Door Flap and Scoop, Navy $29.49 Check Latest Price
LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning...image LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box Check Latest Price

How the Right Litter Box Can Help?

The following are some of the benefits or roles of a litter box

Aids with Odor Controls

These boxes are designed in such a way as to allow for the smooth and easy disposal of the wastes. In this way, they contribute to the fight against poor odor that characterizes their use and applications.

Spend Less Time Scooping

Given that they allow the wastes to be scooped with ease, they indirectly contribute to the reduced time taken to do the job. Also coming along is the need to use limited effort to do the job.

Encourages Litter Box Use

These litter boxes also come in handy when attempting to train the cat to use them for their subsequent waste disposal and management. They do chiefly by instilling the discipline and good behavior needed for the job.

When a Multiple Cat Litter Box Can Work?

The multiple cat litter boxes mainly apply or come in handy when handling many cats or performing a variety of cat-related tasks at a time. They work to make the tasks stated simpler and more convenient to undertake.

Top-rated Best Cat Litter Box For Multiple Cats Reviews

#1. Extra Large Cat Litter Box – Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

Do you have numerous cats to care for? This Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan is the one to place your bet on. It is ideally structured and intended for multi-cat households. This is evidenced by its spacious and highly compartmentalized interior.

automatic kitty litter box for multiple cats

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Utmost Privacy】

Overall, the box provides maximum privacy to the interior occupants. It does so principally by blocking sunlight and other direct forms of exposure into the interior segment of the litter. That keeps your cats safer for longer.

【Large Hood】

A large hood does exist on the litter. Its role is principally to cover and seal the interior contents from direct external exposures. This hood opens easily to allow for easier cleanliness and access to the interiors of the litter.

【Carbon-impregnated Filter】

Its filtration mechanism is in the form of the carbon-impregnated materials. These filters do trap and eliminate excess dirt, dust, debris, and of course foul odors. It leaves your interiors safer and breathable.

  • Has a large door opening
  • Provides maximum privacy
  • Retains all litter inside the pan without undue exposure
  • Its hood opens easily to allow for smoother cleaning
  • The Carbon filter works to remove odors
  • Replacement carbon filters are sold separately
  • Takes up plenty of storage space
  • Inconvenient to handle and take further away


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#2. Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box – PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box

Tired of the need to put in too much of your effort? Select this automatic litter box and make good use of it. It, unlike the manual counterparts, does not demand too much attention and care on your part.

extra large litter box multiple cats

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Truly Energy-efficient】

All factors considered, this litter box is truly energy-efficient. This is evidenced by the fact that it does manage low power consumption and also plugs into the standard wall outlet by use of a 6-foot cord.

【Self-cleaning Bowl】

Its interior is adorned with a self-cleaning bowl. The purpose of the arrangement is to see to it that the bowl is always clean. In this way, it prevents any contaminations from arising each day.

【Quieter Operations】

Due to its possession of a quieter motor, this appliance similarly manages to give off quieter operations. It is hence highly unlikely to scare away your cats or predispose them to the risks of getting frightened and timid.

  • Reduces the smells that generally arise at such times
  • Sweeps waste away into an enclosed bin
  • Fits most cats that weigh no more than 15 pounds
  • Relatively simpler to make good use of
  • Cleans itself automatically without your effort
  • May scare away your cats
  • Disparages those who have no technical expertise
  • Manages a shorter lifespan


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#3. Big Litter Box for Multiple Cats – Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Short on space? We invite you to attempt this specific litter box. Its size is high enough to demand limited horizontal space. Thus, it also fits snugly on the available storage space. That demands less input on your part.

electric litter box for multiple cats

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【High Sides】

At the top of its features are the high sides. These ones prevent the possibility of scattering the litter. It also contributes to the reduced space and mounting requirements that are characteristic of such applications most of the time.

【Simplified Care and Cleaning】

On the whole, the structure is simpler to clean and care for. All you have to do is to spot or wipe it clean, and that is it! Thus, your choice of this gadget is a sure way of reducing your effort and hassles for better outcomes.

【Non-stick Surface】

Its surfaces, both interior, and exterior do not stick. This simply means that it does not catch as much dirt as is generally the case. Again, this arrangement translates to easier cleanliness and maintenance on your part.

  • Antimicrobial product protection exists for your own safety
  • High sides prevent litter scatter
  • The easy-clean spout makes for easier cleanliness
  • Non-stick surface also manages easy cleaning
  • Safe enough for your cats and messes
  • Too small carrying capacity
  • Yields limited returns on investments
  • Not really convenient for your use


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#4. Petphabet Covered Litter Box

Do you have both smaller and larger cats on your premises? Well, fewer if any litter boxes will come to your rescue better than this one. Its comprehensive and compartmentalized interior facilitates the attainment of this scared end.

what's the best litter box for multiple cats

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Spacious and Compartmentalized】

As we have already alluded to, the litter box is both spacious and highly compartmentalized. This makes it better placed to handle many cats at a time without any undue confusions. It also aids with evacuations if need be.

【Removable & Clear Top Cover】

At its top is a removable and clear cover. This is the one you use to minimize any spillover that may usually arise with use. At the same time, they negate the likelihood of scaring your cat unnecessarily while in use.

【Unparalleled safety】

Compared to the many litter boxes we have around, this one does provide unparalleled safety to your cats. With this safety comes the peace of mind your cats need to stay afloat and thrive unhindered.

  • Removable lid allows for easy cleaning
  • Constructed using strong and durable materials
  • Withstands continuous and repeated use
  • Gives your pet the privacy its needs
  • Comes in different attractive color options
  • Lacks a gate for the convenient access for cats
  • Difficult to clean its compartmentalized interiors
  • Fully manually operated


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#5. Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Clean Litter Box

Want to enjoy the latest trappings and resources? Choose to work with this litter box. It does come about in a new and improved clip design. This one sees it incorporate the latest parts, features, and technology trends.

big litter boxes for multiple cats

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Chrome Accents】

Some chrome accents adorn the exterior of the structure. As you may already have guessed, the accents basically serve to make the entire unit breathtaking to the eyes. They are truly breathtaking to set your eyes on.

【Built-in “litter step”】

Also forming its interior is the “litter step” that is basically a security feature. It serves to catch the litter as the cat exits structure. Thus, it aids with smooth and safe evacuations that are important in times of an emergency.

【Durable Sifting Grill】

Rounding up the list is a durable sifting grill. This one is strong enough to withstand repeated use and operations. Its core role though is to allow sufficient air to enter and exit the structure at will.

  • Pretty friendly to the pets
  • Assembles and disassembles without using tools
  • Comes in a new improved clip design
  • Enables self-cleaning outcomes and undertakings
  • Adds some beauty to your interiors
  • Delicate due to plastic makeup
  • Cannot take you long enough
  • Not so worthy a purchase really


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#6. IRIS Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box With Scoop

Other than merely containing your litter, a good box should go beyond that to aid with waste disposal. This is the one we would ask that you pick and use for the job. It contains all the trappings you need to soldier on.

multiple cats and litter boxes

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Flap Entry Door】

Its entry comes in the form of a flap entry door. This one acts to maintain your litter and the sprays that are contained in the entire structure intact. To add to that, it also comes in handy in moments of evacuations.

【Handle and Secure Buckles】

Some handle and secure buckles also exist as a vital part and parcel of this whole structure. They attach to the lid for the sake of easier portability and subsequent handling with time. Being strong, they take you longer for further.

【Quick Access Lift Top】

A quick-access lift top also exists as a core component of the entire structure of this litterbox. Its role basically is to make for the quicker and easier cleaning of the entire structure as a whole. In this way, it maintains you in a state of convenience.

  • Provides maximum space for your kitties
  • Keep the scoop hidden and tucked away
  • Its curved bottom makes scooping cleaner
  • Available in multiple styles and colors
  • A comfortable grip handle expedites the moving
  • Quite bulky and strenuous to handle
  • Demands excessive storage spaces
  • May take a toll on you to operationalize


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#7.  LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cleaning these items is never really a walk in the park. They do sustain dirt from the droppings and wastes of the animals that call them home. Their highly compartmentalized nature also adds insult to injury. Why not pick a self-cleaning variant of this kind?

cat litter box for multiple cats

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Automatic Scooping】

It does have some automatic scooping traits. These are the ones that get rid of the watts without any further or strenuous inputs on your part at all. They also cut down the time you would need for the job.

【Limited Maintenance】

With this structure, you will generally require lower maintenance as the structure itself is stronger and more stable to handle. Also coming along is the benefit of reduced incidences of breakdowns and the inconveniences that come along.

【Effective Odor Controls】

All factors considered, the structure does play a good role in warding off any possible intrusions of foul odor. For this reason, it maintains you in a perpetual state of cleanliness and hygiene that is unparalleled by any other litterbox.

  • Keeps your areas spotlessly clean
  • Attaches to many accessories
  • Comprises a load receptacle and charcoal filter
  • Works automatically for up to 7 days
  • Seals tight for easy, no-smell disposal
  • Does not keep you in firm control of the operations
  • Consumes a higher level of utility bills
  • Costly to stay and maintain afloat


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Our Verdict

We have done all we possibly can to belabor the best cat litter box for multiple cats. Having done our part, we now leave you to carry on from where we have left it out. This definitely cannot take any shape or form but to rush with haste and purchase a brand new one from the list above.

In your search for the right one, we also ask that you pay some keen attention to the pricing and the circumstances of use. They too have a bearing on the specific kind of equipment that may be good for you. Go for the best one from the list above!

Will Multiple Cats Use the Same Litter Box?

best cat litter box for multiple cats

YES, they will! Many litterboxes are designed to accommodate multiple occupants. Thus, it is actually possible for a single box to accommodate numerous occupants at a time. Be sure though that the size is large enough to prevent suffocation.

How Many Litter Boxes Do You Need For Two Cats?

THREE, it is! Generally speaking, there should be a box per cat and a spare box. That means to be able to accommodate two cats, there have to be three boxes in total.

Where Should A Litter Box Be Placed For Two Cats?

There is no fixed or standard place to do so. You hence have the leeway to pick and choose whichever spot you deem appropriate or relevant for the job. The only condition should be that the place has to be appropriately ventilated.

best self cleaning litter box for multiple cats

Things We Look for When Searching for the Best Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

Avoid Self-cleaning Litter Boxes

While self-cleaning litter boxes cheapen the tasks of emptying the drops and wastes, they are not recommended as they are likely to scare off your cats owing to their intriguing natures and structural compositions.

Covered vs. Uncovered Boxes

Boxes come in two main shades and forms. These are the covered and the uncovered boxes respectively. It is important to find out the one that your cat might be comfortable with and match the same accordingly.

The Size and Physical Dimensions

You have to factor also the size and the physical dimensions of the box altogether. This consideration determines the amount of space that the box might need to fit or mount for the sake of easy use later.

automatic cat litter box for multiple cats

The Height of the Box

Other than the physical dimensions, you should also consider the heights of the boxes from the floor or the mean level. A good box ought not necessarily to be too tall as this might interfere with the other structures in the room.


To enter or exit the litter box, the cats will often make use of the provided passageways. It is imperative that the entries and exits be large and spacious enough to allow for unconstrained use at all times.

Cleaning/Filtering Mechanisms

Acquiring these boxes is one thing. Dedicating them for your use is yet another thing altogether. It is important yet again that you pick one that is similarly easier and simpler to maintain in a perfect state of cleanliness.

Base Depth

As a last consideration, you should also pay attention to the depth of the base. A deeper base is more likely to yield the stability you need to maintain your cats in the absolute state of safety and utmost comfort.

Other Cat Necessities You Will Need:

Top 3 Best Cat Litter Box For Multiple Cats