What are the 10 Best Affordable Cat Litter You Should Get for Your Money?

Buying cat litters can be tiring, especially if you are not aware of the best cat litter to buy. However, this article aims at making your work easier by listing various cat litter products, which will be useful for you. You need to read through the different products before choosing the product to buy.

10 Best Affordable Cat Litter Reviews on the Market 2021

1. Purina Tidy Cats Strength Clumping Cat Litter

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When keeping cats, you wish that your compound remains safe and with the right odor. Therefore, there is a need to purchase this product. The main reason why people prefer this cat litter is the fact that it has a tidy max ammonia blocker, which is capable of blocking ammonia odor for a very long time up to two weeks. Therefore, you will be having the assurance that your home will always be in the right odor.

Additionally, tidy max moisture has activated power pieces, which are absorbing liquids and odor. As a result, you will be comfortable while in your home, and you will also feel comfortable to invite visitors.

More also, the product is capable of clumping the cat waste, thus ensuring that it is released in the form of balls. The main advantage of this is the fact that cleaning will end up becoming much easier.

2. Fresh Step Crystals Cat Litter

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The main reason why people are buying this kind of litter box is its capability in absorbing moisture. Moisture is what leads to bad odor. Therefore if you succeed in absorbing moisture, you will be safe from odor.

Besides, it is capable of remaining active for long as it has thirty days guarantee. Therefore, you need to consider buying this product. When you are keeping a cat as a pet, it implies you love it greatly and can do it for its comfort purposes.

It is this reason which should make you consider purchasing this cat litter as the cat will be fresh always. While fresh, it will even enjoy playing around with you than when it is dull.

3. World’s Best Cat Litter

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Are you looking for outstanding odor control? Search no more as you have finally found the best solution. You should always make sure that sure cats are lively, and this can only be achieved by keeping them in a clean environment.

Ensure you are keeping your cats away from the strong odor. Besides, this product will ensure that waste is clumped together, thus making the scooping process easier. In case you are not using this litter, you will realize you will be requiring doing some cleaning once in a while. However, this will be a different case when using this litter as it has the capability of absorbing waste.

The secret behind less litter by this product is the naturally free and lightweight silica dust. As a result, the absence or less mess will leave you breathing with a lot of ease.

4. Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

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Can you imagine living in a home with an odor? That would be the worst experience you would have gone through. You need to keep cats since they will ensure rats are away from your house. Besides, it will also serve as a great pet.

However, if control is not taken, the cat’s smell may become a nuisance in the home. Therefor buy this product has your problems will come to an end. The multi-cat formula has a superior order control, which is capable of controlling and keeping one’s home smelling fresh and clean day in day out. However, you should note that the product is not used for internal purposes.

You should take note of this to avoid bringing controllable problems to your cat. The product normally uses non-tracking granules, which are heavy to ensure that only less messed is experienced.

5. ARM and HAMMER Clump and Seal Platinum Cat Litter

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Currently, this is the cat litter, which is selling a lot in the market. Most of its users have been reporting that they prefer using it as a result of its unique scent, which is very useful in eliminating odor.

Besides, it is also capable of clumping waste together by ensuring that moisture is not getting its way to the waste. When using this product, you will have a guarantee of maximum protection from odor for the next seven days. What’s more, the manufacturing of this product has been done with a lot of caution to ensure that people will not start coughing as a result of dirt. This, in other terms, implies that when you use the product, you will be staying in a dirt-free compound.

6. Arm and Hammer Platinum Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Cat Litter

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It is a product which is illustrating that indeed that there an improvement in technology. The main reason is that the cat litter normally slides out of the pan without scrubbing or scraping. Besides, the pan is left just clean.

Additionally, the litter is ensuring that bad odor becomes a story as it has great odor eliminators, which are also combined with soda to ensure they end up destroying sealed-in odors.

Plus, the technology used has the seal and clump nature, thus making sure that the odor which results is sealed around feces and urine.

7. Feline Pine Cat Litter

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When buying any product, the first thing you should take measure in is ensuring it does not have any strong chemicals. Therefore, you need to consider purchasing this cat litter since it is manufactured by the use of natural pine beside the baking soda, which is given this product an added advantage.

Additionally, the greatly absorbing pine pellets are used to keep the cat’s litter box always dry and fresh. With the assurance of the presence of dryness nature, you will be sure that your home compound will always be free from bad odor.

8. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

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When buying products, it’s always your hope that they will ease your daily chores. Similarly, this product ensures it is making work easier by putting waste into clumps and making the process of cleaning easier. Additionally, the product does not have any smell this making it hard for people to determine the product you are using to control odor.

You now have the best affordable cat litter reviews with you. From the different products discussed, to need to pick one and buy it. Whichever product you choose, it will end up serving you well. Therefore, you need to make a choice today.

4 Components You Need to Consider When Looking For an Affordable Cat Litter

When you are on a budget and need to purchase an affordable cat litter, there are several components that you need to consider before buying. This article will help you understand the four most important components you need to look for in an affordable cat litter.

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1. Odor control

You have to agree with me that, odor control should be the first consideration when looking for a cheaper cat litter. Most of the time, even the cheaper cat litter models will handle odor in just the same manner as the expensive models. For additional odor protection, consider purchasing a litter with activated carbon or baking soda.

2. Good clumping

Clumping litter is the most preferred by cat owners because it can combine with urine to form hard clumps that are easy to scoop out. You should also note that clumping litter makes it easier to control odor when compared to non-clumping litter.

3. Dust-free

Non-clumping litter is considered to be dust-free when compared to clumping litter. Dust is an irritant to both you and your cat, plus it usually creates a huge mess because cats pick it up using their paws. Your cats then go around spreading it all over the house.

4. Granule size

When it comes to granule size it can be a little tricky since both fine and coarse litters have their advantages. Although cats prefer fine-textured litter, coarse litter is better because it is less likely going to be tracked in your home.

When it comes to buying affordable cat litter, you will need to consider the four components stated above. Ensure you carry out enough research before making any purchases. There are a lot of options available and you need to carefully examine every one of them.

5 Benefits of Affordable Litter Boxes

A cat litter box is used by cats and other pets to relieve them. It is a must for everyone who owns some pets to have one. The litter boxes vary in their costs, with some being expensive and others cheap. The price does not determine the effectiveness of a litter box. This article describes the benefits of buying and affordable cat litter box. The benefits are as follows:

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They are cost-effective

Buying an affordable cat litter will help you to save a lot of money that you can use for other more essential purposes. You can spend as little as five dollars to purchase a cat litter that will serve you effectively. There are good cat litter bags whose costs are lower, and they operate effectively. If you wish to spend more, maybe you can go for that which costs 25 dollars only and get maximum satisfaction.

They are convenient to purchase.

Affordable cat litters are always available for purchase, and you do not have to visit online websites for you to order for one. Those cat litters that are sold expensively are mostly not available within your locality, especially when you live in a remote place. With the affordable cat litter bags, you can get them anywhere and anytime that you will need them. Here you will save transport costs and other expenditures that are unnecessary.

They Control Odour Of the Excretes

Many people think that when they buy the cheaper cat litter bags, it will be a waste of money because the still door of the ammonia present in the urine will still be felt. But is it true? The truth is that any cat litter is made up of a filler that is designed to control the door of the cat excretes regardless of its price. So why should you spend a lot of money buying expensive cat litter bags while the affordable ones can serve the same purpose?

Price Does Not Determine Effectiveness

You should rub this negative notion in your mind that the higher the cost of an item, the more efficient it is. No. Sometimes you can buy a costly thing and still works ineffectively. Do not be deceived by the highly-priced cat litter boxes because its efficiency lies in how you are going to maintain it. If you practice poor maintenance, the smell will be spread all over your place. Buy the affordable ones and maintain a high level of cleanliness to improve its efficiency.

They Are Easy To Maintain

An affordable cat litter box always has a more straightforward design as compared to a highly expensive cat litter box. This means that maintaining an affordable cat litter bag is more comfortable. Cleaning it is simpler and does not require thorough maintenance for it to be more efficient. On the other hand, a complicated litter box will need you to buy some additional accessories and tools that will help you in ensuring proper maintenance of it. Failure to do so will compromise its effectiveness.

How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Litter?

If every cat has their box, week after week or even every other month might be adequate, especially if you do daily cleaning. A 20-pound pack of litter can last from around six weeks to two months. That’s with two cats utilizing their box whereby three litter pounds are cleaned frequently.


To address the issues of the most separating cat, ensure you remove their feces from the litter box day by day. How regularly you change the litter relies upon the cats’ number you have, kind of bedding you utilize, and the number of litter boxes.

Two times every week is a general rule for supplanting dirt litter. But according to your conditions, you might be required to replace it daily or just once per week. For those who clean the box every day, you may just need to change amassing litter each half a month. If the litter is wet or has some smell, it’s the ideal opportunity for a change.

Scrub the litter box each time you replace the bedding. Utilize gentle dish cleanser to clean it, as products with citrus oils or ammonia can turn your cats off. More so, some cleaning detergents are harmful to cats.

Changing Frequency

Whenever your two felines are utilizing a similar litter box, there’s a need to replace the litter two times every week. In case each feline has its case, week by week or twice per month is sufficient. You can extend the time before you change through topping the litter once per week. That way, you replace the clusters you evacuate during day by day cleaning.

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Watch the Cats

Your most exact pointers that it’s an ideal time for the litter change are the scent originating from the crate and the conduct of your cats. Some felines are fussy and won’t utilize a litter box for more than a couple of days at a time. But others aren’t that bothered. Few cats will comfortably use smelly or dirty litter boxes.

Filthy or rancid litter boxes can harbor dangerous microbes that are hazardous for animals and even humans. Watch out for your felines, and you’ll get to know the best time to make the litter changes.

What number of?

The general principle of the paw is each feline for one litter box in the home, in addition to one more. None of the cats is prevented from using the litter box from being occupied. It’s impractical, however, to assign an individual litter box for each feline in your living unit, as felines may utilize any available litter box.

That implies a feline may every so often decline to utilize a litter box after a different feline has used it. For this situation, you’ll have to retain thorough cleanliness in all litter boxes, and you may even need to include extra boxes. However, don’t put the entire boxes in one location since the felines will consider them one primary box and prevents cats from ambushing each other. High level of cleanliness also means good hygiene.

Other Materials Used As Cat Litter Substitutes

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Retail cat litter can be rather expensive especially when you are on a budget. Many people opt for cat litter substitutes than you might think. There are also cat owners who find other cat litter alternatives due to allergies they get from the retail cat litter. There is also a fraction of cat owners who prefer other cat litter substitutes due to environmental concerns. Whatever your reason might be, you are in the right place. Below are a few substitutes that can be used as cat litter.

1. Shredded junk mail and newspaper

One of the simplest and easiest materials that you could use in your cat’s litter box is old plain newspaper and junk mail. Most cats will be willing to use the shredded mail junk and newspapers, but some might not. However, this is the cheapest and easiest to find an alternative for retail cat litter.

2. Sawdust and wood shavings

Sawdust and wood shavings are rather inexpensive when you have a woodworking shop. They are a good material that you could use as cat litter and the best part is that it is great for covering odors. This is because the wood has its natural scent that covers the foul-smelling ammonia caused by cat urine.

3. Sand

Have you noticed that cats seem to be attracted to sandboxes? You could always use sand in your litter box and your cat is guaranteed to enjoy it. When sand is wet it clumps well and it is quite good when it comes to handling cat urine odors.

4. Artificial tuft

Though artificial tuft can be hard to obtain, it is a great alternative for cat litter. It is easy to maintain and let’s face it, it looks good.

It is possible to use other materials in place of cat litter and there are several options to choose from. Ensure you pick the best one that suits your needs.

Tips to Help You Save Money on Cat Litter

Did you know that about 30% of American households keep at least a cat? Interesting enough, the total cost of taking care of a single cat is somewhere around $500 to $1000 when you add up the cat litter, food, toys, and shots. Cat litter is one of the expenses that cat owners incur and sometimes it costs a lot and you may be on a budget. As a cat lover, it is worth every penny, but did you know some ways could help you save. Below are a few tips that will help you save money on cat litter.

1. Never waste unused litter

The best way to ensure you don’t waste unused litter is by using a sifting box. This system includes a sifting pan and two pans that you stack up together. The sifting pan goes between the two pans. When cleaning, dump the pan on top into the sifting pan and then you can go ahead to wipe the top pan. You can then proceed to sift the litter while dumping chunks directly into your trash.

2. Shop at farm supply stores

According to my experience, farm supply stores usually have the best kind of cat litter that you require. The best part about shopping for cat litter at local farm supply stores is that you get them at a cheaper price.

3. Buy in bulk

Like many things, cat litter is much more affordable when you buy in bulk. Clear out your garage or storage closet to get enough room to store an entire year’s supply of cat litter.

4. Let your cat go outside

You could allow your cat to go outside especially when you have a backyard. Your cats will quickly start using the outdoors and this will save you a lot of money because you won’t need to change your cat litter often.

Consider training your cat to use the toilet to save more on cat litter. Remember that your cat is very important and you should never compromise on its comfort.

What Am I Sacrificing By Purchasing Cheap Litter?

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Yes, cat litter can be rather expensive when you are on a budget, but should you compromise and buy the cheap litter? Most cat owners find themselves going for the cheap and more affordable cat litter option in the market even when the budget is not an issue. This is usually because most cat owners have never asked themselves this simple question, what am I sacrificing by purchasing cheap litter?

1. Health

Most cheap cat litters pose a serious health risk to your cat when they inhale or swallow the particles. The cheap clumping clay litter, for example, contains sodium bentonite which possesses as a serious health hazard to your cat because it expands a lot when it comes in contact with moisture.

2. Cleanliness

Cheap cat litter is rather messy because it is usually sticky and your cat will end up dragging dirt throughout your entire home. This is because the litter will stick to your cat’s paws. Buying cheap cat litter will, therefore, compromise the cleanliness of your home greatly.

3. Comfort

Cheap cat litter is usually dusty especially when you carry out cleaning. The dust is both uncomfortable and unhealthy for both you and your cat. The dust can be rather irritating especially when you host visitors in your home often.

4. Ease of disposal

Most of the cheap cat litter is not easy to dispose of because it is not flushable. When you decide to flush the cheap litter, most of the time it will cause a plumbing issue in your home. This is because cheap cat litter usually forms clogs when you attempt to flush them down the toilet.

You must find the best cat litter that suits you and is within your budget. There are several options to choose from and you need to take your time before making a purchase.

What Should You Know Before Buying a Cat Litter?

Where can I buy cheap cat litter, this is the question that runs in many cat owner’s minds. Yes, the reason is that there are many cat litters outside there, yet they don’t serve the functions despite them being expensive. For you to get the best service, therefore, read on to understand the five factors you should consider before deciding on which cat litter you should buy.


You need to know the best content that suits your cat. Then you ask yourself which material is best for my cat. Relax, here is the solution. You need to know which materials make the best cat litter. Some of the articles include:

Clay  the most commonly used equipment. This is due to its high rate of absorbing moisture from your pet’s remains. Don’t forget that clay has versions depending on your pocket. Then this can be the best for you and your cat.

Clay Hybrid – this litter has a combination of clay as the foundation then mixed with other ingredients. You will discover that this kind of cat litter solves the problem that clay alone could not.

Natural cat litter – a product of biodegradable materials, recyclable and eco- friendly. You might find cat litter made from newspapers, corns kernels, plants, and even wheat remains. It, too, performs excellent work like curbing odor, absorption of fluids. The disadvantage is that the rote after some time; hence, you will keep on changing from time to time.

Crystals – play an essential role in controlling odor though most cannot control moisture absorption.


Imagine living in a house full of odor, and it is very messy right. Therefore, get the best material that absorbs moisture and the bad smell.
Don’t mind looking for scented cat litter. Look, don’t just buy it for the sake of it. Some of these materials are too artificial, and the smell might cause you and your pet stress. You can also decide to go natural if you are hygienic.


You will agree with me that nobody loves to deal with the litter box. Right? Then can you buy the litter blindly? A big no. Then as you ask yourself

Where can I buy cheap cat litter? Look at its characteristics. Is it dusty? Does it crack easily, does it cake and on the cat and even the sides of the box? Is it smell absorbent? You these and many other questions to settle on the best but cheap cat litter.

Clumping level

Another question to ask, does this cat litter clump? Yes, then to what extent? Make sure that you are buying a litter that will easily clump with both urine and feces. It should quickly show the area where clumping has occurred and hence, removable.


Where can I buy cheap cat litter? The answer is, look at the above qualities first. Satisfied? Then go online and look for the product and compare the process. You can also get the cat litter from a local animal store provided you are satisfied with the price.