Best Sand for Cat Litter

If you wish to reduce the cost of purchasing cat litter, It is ideal to utilize sand. There are several kinds of sand that you can find in the market. However, which is perfect? The answer is desert’s Sand cat litter.

The Advantages of Using Desert’s Sand Cat Litter

The reasons why you should consider using the desert’s Sand cat litter are:

• The desert’s sand intently imitates the conditions they use to go to the bathroom in nature. That can be useful if you depend more regularly on a wild cat to utilize soil as a toilet because the desert’s sand will more firmly emulate what clients think about cat litter.

• It appears that cats like desert sand. If you’ve at any point found a desert’s sandbox in your lawn, you may have encountered the horror of finding a cat crap or two!

• Desert’s sand is much less expensive than cat litter made for this reason.

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Detriments of Using Desert’s Sand Cat Litter

Unfortunately, the desert’s sand has several noteworthy defects, which implies that It isn’t a long way from the perfect cat litter:

• Desert Sand is all over the place and, when wet, it will stick around the cat’s paws, leaving a desert’s sandy trail all through its home. In this manner, except if you have Roomba or are happy to walk each day, It can be more complicated than you merit.

• The desert’s sand does not agglomerate, yet It absorbs all the pee and, along these lines, will immediately turn into a disaster and will require a customary change.

• The veil does not shroud the smell at all.

There are factors you may consider to improve the desert’s sand and make it somewhat more than functional cat litter. One thing beneficial is mixing a cup loaded with preparing soda in the desert’s sand; this will help reduce terrible scents.

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What Type Of Sand Should You Use For Your Cat’s Litter Box

You need to have a premium cat litter box that will help your cats relive themselves comfortably and at the same time, maintain good hygiene for your family. What is the best sand for cat litter use? The best sand that you can use for your cat litter box is that type, which has a granular course material, and it is loose. This type of sand can absorb moisture and, therefore, suitable to be used as a filler of your cat’s litter box. Such types of sand include the coral sand, the volcanic sand, and the silica sand.

Not any type of sand can be used as a filler of the cat’s litter box because most of the sand types get wet by the urine of the cat. After getting wet, the particles of the sand clump together and they fail to protect the odor of the cat’s urine. Clay soil can also be used as filler because it is an excellent absorbent of moisture. For the type of sand that absorbs moisture well but does not protect the odor of the cat’s urine, you can mix it with baking soda to enhance its efficiency.

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Benefits of Using the Best Sand for Your Cat’s Litter box

As stated earlier, no other type of sand can be used as a filler of your cat’s litter box. This is because when you use different types of sands, you might end up affecting the health and wellbeing of your pet and the entire hygiene of your beloved ones. Your environment will also be affected in terms of cleanliness. The following are the benefits of using the required sand for your pet’s litter box:

• It absorbs moisture, therefore, making the surface to be dry
• It protects your pet from being affected by parasites
• There is control of odor since the sand absorbs the ammonia from the cat’s urine
• It maintains a clean environment in your house and protects your babies from infections

Comparison Between Clay Soil And Sand Soil

Both of the two types of soil can be used as fillers of your pet’s litter box though they have different properties. Clay soil has smaller particles compared to sand soil that has coarse particles. When sand soil becomes wet, the particles clump together hence a sound-absorbent of water. Clay soil has a high affinity for water hence an excellent absorbent of moisture. Sandy soil does not retain the odor of the urine, while clay soil maintains some odor because of its fine particles. You can mix the clay soil with baking soda to improve its efficiency.


There are two important factors that you should put into consideration while selecting the type of sand to use as a filler of your cat’s litter box. The first one is the absorbance of the sand and its ability to protect the odor of the urine.