The 10 Best Air Freshener For Cats Reviews & Guides 【2021 Newly Updated】

Cats are adorable animals and are pretty clean compared with other animals, yet they still make your house smell bad in certain situations. Under such conditions, you will need the best air freshener for cats. But is it harmful to cats in use? Well, here come to the solution and top-rated types on the market that is worth buying.

Now, let’s find out together.

best cat air freshener

2021’s Best Air Freshener For Cats Reviews

Photo Title Price Buy
Rocco & Roxie...image Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator $19.31 ($0.60 / Fl Oz) Check Latest Price
Renuzit Snuggle Fabric...image Renuzit Snuggle Fabric Refresher with Odor Eliminating Technology $84.89 ($1.18 / Fl Oz) Check Latest Price
Hamilton Beach TrueAir...image Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug-Mount Air Freshener Odor Eliminator for Common Household-Tobacco, Pet, Bathroom & Trash, On/Off Fan, with Carbon Filter + Green Meadow Cartridge, White (04530GM) $22.71 Check Latest Price
Laundry Odor Eliminator...image Zero Odor Laundry Odor Eliminator $32.99 ($0.69 / Fl Oz) Check Latest Price
ODORx Un-Duz-It Unleashed...image ODORx Un-Duz-It Unleashed Pet Urine Odor and Stain Eliminator $44.81 ($0.35 / Fl Oz) Check Latest Price
Air Wick Plug...image Air Wick Plug in Scented Oil Starter Kit $16.99 Check Latest Price
Bright Air Solid...image Bright Air Solid Pet Odor Eliminator $48.60 ($0.58 / Ounce) Check Latest Price
GermGuardian GG1000 Small...image Germ Guardian GG1000 Pluggable Air Purifier & Sanitizer $39.99 Check Latest Price

Is Air Freshener Toxic to Cats?

We have a lot of research going on whether air fresheners are toxic or safe for cats. When our cat gets sick, we usually try to look around month possible cause of its sickness right from food, water, plants, pesticides, cleaning products, and air fresheners. These are some causes of harmful toxicity for cats that are normally overlooked.

Best Home Air Freshener System

best air freshener for bathroom


  • Eliminate the stains, odor, and residue
  • Natural enzymatic bacteria to totally eliminate stains and odors
  • Chlorine-free and color-safe, no hard for pest and kids use
  • Wide range of applications

Toxic air fresheners

In most cases, we use air fresheners to make our houses to smell nice. Air fresheners are usually applied in large quantities around litter boxes. According to some recent researches, air fresheners contain toxic substances that can cause severe health problems to your cat. Air fresheners contain chemicals that irritate the breathing system and mucous membrane of your cat. Especially for those containing compounds like carbon-based compounds and volatile compounds, the cats’ health is under great threaten. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to check on the health of your cat. Using a lot it air fresheners should be discouraged or avoided at all costs.

Best Air Freshener Spray – Renuzit Snuggle Fabric Refresher

best plugin air freshener


  • Long-lasting scent leaves
  • Safe for carpet and fabric to use
  • Features snuggle scent of fresh laundry
  • Reasonable price

Volatile organic compounds

Long term exposure to volatile organic compounds leads to health problems of the nervous system, cancer, and kidney damage. The short term effect of air fresheners includes dizziness, nose irritation, breathing issues, eye irritation. Some households use other forms of volatile organic compounds like pine, citrus or lemon vented cleaners and another type of wooden furniture.

Best Plug in Air Freshener – Hamilton Beach True Air Plug-Mount Odor Control

safe air fresheners


  • Eliminate odors effectively
  • Perfect for kitchen, bathroom and pet areas to use
  • Simple operate on/off switch
  • Optional scent carriage
  • Filter replacement indicator

Potpourri oils

The other kind of air fresheners that can be dangerous to your pet is potpourri oils. Your cat can rub on a leaky bottle which can lead to skin irritation and other internal issues if you cat licks in the process of grooming itself. If your cat has some abnormality, it is always advisable to contact a vet immediately.

Best Solid Air Freshener Bag – KoolerThings Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

natural air freshener spray


  • Multiple applications
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable for safety use
  • Serves also as a moisture absorber
  • Long lifespan
  • Perfect for cars, closets, bathrooms and pet areas to use

Will Cats Make your House Smell?

Cats are creatures of habit. They love to be clean, as they will even bath themselves. However, they can also be devious. This includes pooing in the corner of the room if they don’t think you’re cleaning the litter box enough. Sometimes some cats will even pee in corners if they’re feeling they’re not getting enough attention.

With well-behaved cats, you will find they smell a lot less. They’ll use their litterbox like they should and give themselves baths. They’ll even eat the food you put out with any medications they need that are hidden inside of the food.

If you get your cats’ shots, dewormed, and the appropriate psychiatric drugs, then your cats will not really make the house smell. That is provided that you change the litterbox after each and every time they use it.

Best Household Air Freshener – Zero Odor Laundry Odor Eliminator

whole home air freshener


  • Perfect for athletic clothes and pet beddings
  • Clean the washing machine at the same time in eliminating the odor of clothes
  • Safe to use with any detergents
  • Non-toxic design
  • Wide range of applications

All these ideal world scenarios don’t always play out in reality. There will be times where you don’t have enough litter to change the litterbox. Also, your cats might refuse food that hides their anxiety meds and terrorize the house. They might pee in a corner if they’re feeling upset.

Most of these cat behaviors are basically harmless. However, they do create noxious odors in the home. To combat these peculiar occurrences, you will need to have a game plan. You don’t want to get blasted by the neighborhood gossip for your house smelling like cats.

Make sure you find a way to filter your air as well as freshen it. There’s nothing worse than sitting through the Sunday sermon and finding that your pastor found a way to mention that people whose house smells like pets are not welcoming.

There are a lot of products on the market, and it should make it easy when it comes time to combat the odors of your feline friend.

How Do I Make My House Smell Good With Cats?

When it comes to the question of “how do I make my house smell good with cats?” there are a lot of misnomers out there. Your home won’t just magically smell good on its own when you have these pets. That’s the unfortunate part about cats.

Change litter box regularly

You need to make sure that your litter box is changed regularly. Also, your cats, just like dogs, will need baths. This is they’re constantly in and out of the litter box. They get the litter box dust on them.

Using air fresheners

Additionally, you will want to take other steps. Thankfully, there are air fresheners out there that will help. One of the best air fresheners for people with cats is Scentsy. These air fresheners are wax melts. They are much more potent than what’s on the conventional market. If you really need a scent to overpower your cats, this is the one. Also, you will have to buy wax melter from the company. Thankfully, most of them just plug into the wall.

Another option for people with these problems is the Febreeze air freshener. These are a little more innocuous. They can make everything smell like it was cleanly laundered. This is exactly what you want your home to be like. If you don’t like synthetic smells, then this is a good one to purchase.

Best Effective Air Freshener – Odorx Un-Duz-It Unleashed Pet Urine Odor And Stain Eliminator

non toxic air freshener


  • Effectively eliminate the odor
  • Easy to use it on virtually any surface
  • Deep extract using cold or warm tap water
  • Work great for the price

Essential oil

Finally, there are essential oils that will work as well. All you have to do is put these in a diffuser, like the ones you can get at Sage. This store is in many commercial malls. You can even get diffusers that can be set to wake you up and put you to sleep with scent. These are great for households that want to use fragrance in a therapeutic manner.

Air Wick Plug in Scented Oil Starter Kit

best air freshener for home


  • Better fragrance experience
  • Long-lasting fragrance per refill
  • 5x fragrance settings that are easy to adjust
  • Widely used in any rooms
  • The familiar smell of laundry, sunshine and white flowers combination

How Do You Get Rid of Cat Smell in the Air?

When it comes to cats, they can be lovable. However, cats can also be smelly. You might wonder, “how do you get rid of cat smell in the air?” It’s not necessarily an easy task. The following are some tips though for improving your quality of life through fresher air all while keeping your furry friends indoors.

Get a litter box

Cats love to roam. However, in many cities, it is illegal to just let your cat out for some fresh air. They have to be kept in your home at all times. You can, however, open a window. Just make sure that that window has a screen on it that won’t budge. You should always let in the fresh air, especially in the room that you keep the litter box.

Spay the cat

Additionally, you should make sure that you spay or neuter your cat. They can let off a scent during their puberty that is noxious. You will want to make sure that you get that taken care of at the vet right away.

The freshener does a lot of help

Also, you can get products that filter the air as well. For example, Rubbermaid Microburst 3000 lets off air freshener on a timed schedule. If you don’t have the time to be spraying chemicals, or you want to arrive home from work to a clean-smelling home, then this is the product for you.

Best Cheap Fabric Refresher – Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator Air Freshener

air freshener for office


  • Neutralize pet odors in fabrics and air effectively
  • Lightly scented
  • Do no harm to cats’ safety
  • Reasonable price
  • Long-lasting

Although this product is meant for commercial use, you can also put it in your home. It works well to help to eliminate the need for you to constantly be on the ball. After all, life is busy and you can’t always be worrying about running to the store to get products. You can program this device and only have to worry about ordering refills.

What Smell Do Cats Hate the Most?

Cats are very sensitive when it comes to smell. They are fourteen times stronger compared to human beings, as you will notice the size of the nasal organ to be bigger than ours. Another unique thing is the distribution of the olfactory system. It is well distributed in their entire head.

Bright Air Solid Pet Odor Eliminator

strong air freshener


  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy to replace
  • Ideal for eliminating pet odors, smoke odors, trash odors, and food odors
  • Nature-inspired fragrances
  • Made in USA

Their equipment is well developed for smelling. Cats behave like human beings in many ways; although every cat is different, there is a smell that is universally detested. In some cases, you can find out that what repulses one is not a problem to another one.

Dogs are always recognized as the champions when it comes to smell. Nevertheless, cats have a strong sense of smell. Every cat owner needs to be careful about this so that they don’t cause discomfort to their cats.

Cats are unique; some smells put of your cat from your backyard. Cats hate most the smell of citrus and banana fruit. Citrus is known as a strong repellant for cats. For anyone who doesn’t want a cat around a flower garden, then this is the best choice for you.

Citrus will get a cat off your back. If you have been having problems keeping your cat away from your lovely games garden, here is a solution for you. Just spray lime, lemon, or orange juice on those flowed, and the problem will be gone. Not only do cats dislike the smell of the citrus, but they also do not like its taste either. If you do not want cat disturbances in the morning, then eat an orange, it will keep your cat away.

Best Automatic Air Freshener – Germ Guardian GG1000 Pluggable Air Purifier & Sanitizer

best air freshener for pets


  • Help reduce the airborne germs and reduce household odors
  • Compact design to save space
  • UV C light kills airborne viruses
  • 1-year warranty
  • Wide range of application

The smell of a banana is what keeps on disturbing cats. If you try to eat a banana on a sofa when your cat is around, you will find out that it retreats immediately.

What Smells Are Bad For Cats?

Cats are very sensitive to smell. It’s therefore essential for every cat owner to be aware of the smells that detest cats so as to create a conducive environment for them. If you are a cat lover and you are not aware of such smells; then you are in the right place. This article presents a list of smells that cats dislike.


Cats are not a fan of the smell of pine and even a pinewood bit. This one thing that you have to consider if you want to move to wood can cabin together with your cat.


Cats don’t like the smell of bananas. As is may seem delicious to us, but it is a different story when it comes to the cat.


Cats hate the smell of citrus. Citrus is a natural repellant for cats. In most instances, it has been used to chase away cats or keep them away from places we don’t want them to reach like flower gardens.

Dirty litter box

Your cat’s litter box should be clean always. Cats don’t like the smell of a dusty litter box; they will not even get near it when it has a bad odor. Try your level best to keep your litter box clean to avoid your expensive rug from being relieved on by your cats, or even on your best shoes.

Bad fish

Cats do like the smell of a bad fish. This is another thing hay will keep your cat away from your house cats also don’t like the taste of a fresh fish; bad fish should not be given to cats as it can poison your cat.

Essential oils

Essential oils are often used to keep cats off the table or garden. Cats hate the smell of essential oils; it completely keeps them at bay.


Cats take the smell of eucalyptus to be toxic to them. And it is as bad if they ingest it.

These are the types of smells that cats dislike most. Every cat owner should be aware of it.

What To Do About Pet Odors

The sad truth is that your furry friend can stink up your house. Pet odors are worse than your sweaty gym socks. Fortunately, there are many things pet owners can do to get rid of pet odors. Here are some tips for eliminating the most offensive odors.

Identifying Where the Stench Is Coming From

Before anything, individuals should find out which areas smell. Often, odors come from carpeted floors and are mostly urine stenches. You can even use a black light in case you are having trouble pinpointing the source of odors. A black-light helps you see urine spots as well as potential problem areas that need cleaning.

Vacuum Hair and Dander

Pets shed a lot of hair. And when their fur and dander get into carpets, furniture, or fabric window coverings, this can be problematic. For many people, they only vacuum the floor. But that is just the beginning. One needs to vacuum all hair and dander whenever it may be hiding. That also includes your couch and in all cracks and crevices. After vacuuming the first time, sprinkle some baking powder on those surfaces. Let it sit then vacuum again.

Wash with Water and Dry

It’s wise that individuals regularly wash all items their pet use on a daily basis. That includes all their bedroom linen such as covers, sheets, blankets, etc. Items that can’t be washed, such as upholstered furniture, should be exposed to sunlight and fresh air too.

Also, pet owners should regularly clean their pet’s toys, collars, bowls as well as leashes. These items can hold odors, so it’s wise that you clean them regularly.

Bathe Your Pets

Pets don’t like bathing. However, this is necessary if you want to get rid of bad smells. Schedule an appointment with a pet groomer. But if you’re going to bathe him yourself, set a reminder on your phone or calendar.

Getting rid of pet odors is not difficult as long as you’ve identified where the stench is coming from. But, one should make a habit of keeping their pets clean and all their belongings as well.