The 10 Best Cat Deshedding Tools Reviews For Large & Small Cats with Long & Short Hair

The best cat deShedding tools will help cats get rid of extra hair and also bring great benefits to pet owners. Bad quality deShedding tools not only waste money but bring potential harm to your cats. Facing so many brands and specifications of deShedding tools, we picked out top-rated cat deShedding tools and make reviews for you.

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What Is the Best Cat DeShedding Tool on the Market?

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Pet Grooming Dog...image Chirpy Pets Dog & Cat Brush for Shedding $7.95 Check Latest Price
MIU COLOR Pet...image MIU COLOR Pet Grooming Brush $9.99 ($2.50 / Ounce) Check Latest Price
DakPets Pet Deshedding...image DakPets Pet Grooming Brush $13.97 Check Latest Price
STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming...image STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming Glove Hair Remover $8.99 Check Latest Price
DELOMO Upgrade Pet...image [Upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove $13.99 Check Latest Price

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Shedding So Bad?

Several factors are responsible for a cat’s shedding. They include medical conditions, the cat’s diet, changing weather, etc. Although it’s impossible to prevent your cat from shedding, you can control excess shedding through grooming and nutrition. If you adopt a practice of brushing your cat frequently, you will reduce the hairballs and fur-matting besides strengthening the bond between you and the pet.

furminator long hair large cat deshedding tool

Additionally, changes in the cat’s diet can help to improve the cat’s coat and skin significantly. A cat requires a balanced diet that is rich in omega-3& 6 fatty acids to prevent excessive shedding and help in the growth of a healthy coat. It’s also essential to bathe your cat at least once a month. This will assist in removing undercoat and excess hair alongside keeping your furniture clean.

You should also ensure your cat is adequately hydrated to prevent your cat from having dry skin hence molting of its hair. Therefore ensure your cat always has access to a bowl of clean, fresh water. And finally, set a specific place in your house where the cat will often be relaxing; this should not be on the sofa or your bed. But ensure it’s a comfortable place. This will ensure excess hair is contained.

Best Pick – PetNeat Pet Grooming Shedding Brush- Shedding 95% Hair

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How Often Should A Cat Be DeShed?

furblaster deshedding tool

Although we may not have a direct answer to this question, just like humans, each cat has its specific needs. The frequency of deShedding your cat will depend on the thickness and length of the cat’s coat. For example, some breeds, especially the long-haired ones, need to be brushed more often, probably each day. On the other hand, you can brush the short-haired breeds once each week.

The best way to deShed your cat is to ensure you give them a regular brushing depending on their coat. This practice enables you to collect the fur before its falls. If you develop a habit of brushing your cat often, you’ll have solved the problem of excess shedding. Besides, frequent brushing will help to maintain a healthy coat.

Furminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool for Small Cats – Undercoat DeShedding Tool

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Can I Use Baby Wipes to Clean My Cat?

the best deshedding tool for dogs

Yes, you can use baby wipes to groom your cat. In instances where you don’t want to wash your cat, you can use baby wipes to clean your cat. But it’s recommended to use the unscented or the hypo-allergic ones. The perfumed baby wipes can be a health hazard to your cat. For example, if your cat licks scented fur, it may develop stomach upsets. It’s better to use the baby wipes to clean the cat’s skin than to use cotton wool balls that have been dipped in warm water; the wipes will do a better job.

Pet DeShedding Tool – Hartz Groomer’s Grooming Tools

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How Do I DeShedding My Cat?

Cats are one of the cleanest animals, and most of them love to be groomed and brushed. To start with, you must ensure your cat is comfortable and receptive to the act. Additionally, ensure they are in the mood of being groomed.

Start brushing the cat via gentle strokes; you need to start with the areas where the cat likes been petted, such as in the back, under the chin, and between the ears.

Furminator Long Hair DeShedding Tool for Large Dogs – Undercoat DeShedding Tool

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When the cat gets comfortable with brushing, you can proceed to the sensitive areas such as the belly. If the cat becomes uncomfortable when brushed in these sensitive parts, you can stop and move to where they are most receptive. As the cat adopts the routine and builds trust, it will allow you to brush these sensitive areas.

Finally, you should reward the cat after each brushing session with either a treat or play. This will help the cat to associate the brushing with some good things. If you’re having challenges brushing your cat, you can contact a professional groomer or a vet to help you get the right brush for your cat or identify what could be the problem. When brushing your cat, you can use the following best cat deShedding tools.

  • Metals combs to remove dirt, mat, tangles and loose hair
  • Pin of brushes as a finishing brush
  • Bristle brush mainly for the short-haired cats
  • FURminator DeShedding tool to remove the undercoat gently

Cheap DeShedding Tool – Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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How Do You Clean Dirty Cat Paws?

best pet deshedding tool

Step 1

When cleaning cat paws, you should start by collecting the materials that you’ll need for the process. They include a towel, a damp washcloth, a pair of tweezers, and pet-friendly antiseptic, especially if the cat has injuries or scratches on the paws.

Step 2

Hold your cat comfortable in the towel and expose the front paws to clean them. If your cat is agitated, calm them using a treat before you start cleaning the paws.

Step 3

With the damp washcloth, wipe the cat’s front paws gently. Work on one paw at a time and ensure you remove any dirt lodged between the paws; cat litter and food can get trapped in the cat paws. When the cat still securely held in the towel, move to the cat’s hind paws and clean them.

Step 4

If you note a splinter or any other substances in the cat paws, use a tweeze rot remove them and apply antiseptic in the region to prevent infection and assist in fats healing of the wound.

Step 5

Scout for any injuries or scrapes on the paws and treat them as required. You can then apply a cat-friendly antiseptic on the scrapes and cuts.

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Which Cat Breeds Shed the Most?

furminator deshedding tool short hair

Although all cats shed fur, some shed the hair excessively. Based on information from the Breed Center, the following felines shed fur excessively: Ragamuffin Cats, American Curl Cats, Siberian Cats, Chartreux Cats, American Bobtail Cats, Ragdoll Cats, Nebelung Cats, Russian Blue Cats, and Cymric Cats.

Short & Long Hair Dogs Cat DeShedding Tools – MIU COLOR Professional Grooming Tool

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Why Is My Cat Shedding Excessively?

Your cat may be shedding excessively due to the following reasons:

Poor diet

If your cat fails to get a balanced diet, they will revert to shedding their coat than before. Choosing high-quality, balanced foods for your cat will go a long way to ensure they develop healthy skin and coat. If you need details about how to feed your cat healthily, consult your veterinarian.

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Health Issues

Some health conditions that affect cats can result in excess shedding. Allergies and parasites infestation are some of the causes of excess shedding in cats. You should also note that some cat medications may lead to itchiness and scaling; thus, your cat will keep on scratching and shedding excess fur. If you consider your cat is shedding because of any health condition, visit your vet and get medication to solve the problem.

Season of the year

Although cats shed their fur throughout the year, excessive shedding of the cat’s thick winter coats usually occurs in spring when the days are longer. During this season, you should increase the frequency of brushing the cat to prevent excessive shedding.


Most cats will shed excessively if they are under any form of stress. For example, if your cat is scared, nervous, or under any pressure, they will shed excess fur. When you note this condition, look out for the root cause of the stress like loud noises, the introduction of a new pet, etc. and change the environment to help the cat cope with the stress. Ensure your cat has a private place where they can hide and feel safe.


As a cat grows older, they may be unable to groom as they used to; this means they will shed excessively and have matted fur. In such cases, the senior cat will require your help to get groomed. If possible, brush your cat each day to assist them in maintaining a soft and sleek coat. Your elderly cat will be grateful for your attention and extra care.

DakPets Deshedding Brush for Dog Hair and Cat Hair

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When your cat is pregnant, they develop hormonal changes that make them shed excessively. A mother cat will shed fur on her belly to ensure her kitten has no issues while suckling. Once lactation is over, your cat will resume normal shedding. It’s thus essential to consult your vet for advice on how to take care of your mother cat and her kittens.

Since some breeds shed more fur than others, you should be ready to be brushing your pregnant cat more often, especially for the long-haired breeds. You may also find short-haired cat breeds that shed excessively, especially if they have an ancestry with thick coats.

If you note your cat shed excessively, you should not ignore the problem; you should invest in an excellent cat brush and comb. It’s also essential to rule out that it doesn’t have any health issues.

Is There A Cat That Doesn’t Shed?

what is the best deshedding tool for dogs

Although there’re no cats that absolutely don’t shed any fur, some cat breeds are termed as non-shedding; this only means they shed little or no dander. These cats shed significantly less hair than other breeds, typically these are the hypoallergenic breeds, and they are ideal for pet lovers who suffer dander allergies but still want to keep some feline. The non-shedding cats have a short coat or are hairless. Some examples of hypoallergenic cat breeds include Sphynx, Peterbald, Levkoy, and Bambino.

Does Giving A Cat A Bath Help With Shedding?

Although some pet owners freak about bathing cats, this is one of the best ways to prevent excess shedding in cats. It’s thus essential to bath your cat several times each year. Cats love to play; they roll in the dirt, and although they clean off the dirt, they remain somewhat dirty, thus the need to bath them. If you note your cat is shedding excessively, a decent bath will help in solving this problem. Bathing your cat does not only help in removing loose hair but also helps to eradicate cats’ fur that is starting to loosen much faster. The bath will help in grooming your cat besides removing the unwanted hair at once.

STARROAD-TIM Grooming Glove Hair Removal Brush

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Top Pick Best Cat DeShedding Tools


5 Benefits of Using a Cat Shedding Brush

Cat shedding brushes assist to complement that cat’s natural shedding process. Besides, they offer additional benefits that make them a worthy investment. Let us look at 5 benefits of cat de-shedding brushes.

1. Minimizes messing the environment

Instead of this fur ending up on your sofa, bed, clothes, floor, etc. It’s collected by the shedding brush, thus keeping your home clean and tidy. A regular brushing routine will ensure your cat doesn’t shed excess fur.

2. Less cleaning

It’s wiser to spend a few minutes each week brushing your cat than to spend hours cleaning your clothes, sofa, bed, and your entire home to get rid of your cat’s hair. This is to say, brushing your cat is a more efficient option.

3. Boosts blood circulation

Brushing your cat regularly helps to increase blood circulation in your cat. This will promote healthy skin and coat in your cat.

4. Prevents the development of matted fur

Brushing your cat frequently, especially for the long-haired breeds, helps to prevent their fur from getting tangled and matted. A routine for brushing your cat’s coat will keep the cat’s hair soft and healthy. Additionally, this will make bathing the cat easier and easier.

5. Prevents allergies

Brushing your cat regularly can help to eliminate allergens and dander by preventing excessive shedding. Thus if you have any family member who is allergic to cat fur, grooming your cat will help to keep allergies at bay.

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The Importance of Brushing Your Cat’s Hair

deshedding tool for short hair dogs

Grooming your cat

Cats shed all year round, and at any time, they will have to lose hair embedded in their coats. This dead fur requires to be removed regularly via brushing; it’s also essential to remove the dirt, fleas, and dust. If you develop a habit of brushing your cat, it‘ll ensure they are clean besides shedding less hair. A metal comb is ideal for the short-haired cat breeds.

Avoids your cat ingesting the hair and dirt

Since cats are excellent groomers, they keep on licking themselves. If you don’t brush your cat often to remove the dust, dear hair, and dirt, they will lick and ingest these substances. This will result in furballs that may affect the health of your cat, besides you’ll have the task of cleaning them regularly to keep your floors clean.

Healthy skin and coat

Brushing your cat often ensures the cat’s natural oils are evenly spread throughout the cat’s furs beside this practice helps to improve blood circulation on the cat’s skin. This means your cat’s coat will remain shiny and healthy/

Preventing mats and tangles

Brushing your cat regularly will help to prevent mats and tangles in the feline’s fur. Matting can increase the risk of infections and pain. When cleaning your cat, it’s essential to watch out for tangles, bumps, and fleas. Bumps on your cat may require the attention of a vet, but you can treat fleas immediately you notice them. On the other hand, large mats on your cat’s fur need to be handled by a professional groomer.

Helps cats to relax

Once your cat gets used to regular brushing, they find the experience relaxing; for them, it’s like a massage. This is an act you can employ to stimulate your cat when they are stressed.

Bonding with your cat

Brushing your cat regularly can help to create a stronger bond with the feline. This practice establishes a physical connection between you and the cat. Since older cats have challenges grooming themselves, brushing them is an excellent way of showing your love and affection to the cat.

5 Components of the Best Cat DeShedding Tools & Brush

When choosing an ideal cat shedding brush, it’s essential to consider the following:

Hair length

The length of the cat’s fur will influence the choice of the shedding brush. If your feline has a short coat, you can use a shedding comb, slicker brush and grooming gloves to groom them each week. Cats with medium fur can be groomed daily using a slicker brush. On the other hand, long-haired cats need to be groomed each day using a shedding comb and a slicker brush.


Since cats should enjoy their brushing time, you must ensure you chose a shedding brush that feels like a massage to the cat. You can experiment on various shedding brushes to find the most comfortable brush for your feline.


If you have better control of the shedding brush, it’s imperative the cat will enjoy the brushing experience. If possible, go for a shedding brush with a handheld strap; these types offer better control and comfort. Additionally, they help you to follow the motions correctly.


Some cats have sensitive skin, and for such cases, you should look for shedding brushes with rubber-coated nylon pins. This will help to reduce discomfort and irritation. Such brushes with shorter heads are ideal for short and medium-haired cats, but there are also versions for long-haired cats.


You should choose a shedding brush that can reach all parts of the feline’s body. Additionally, the brush should be large enough to hold as much hair as possible and prevent a messy clean-up.

How to Use Deshedding Tool?

Why Brush Your Cat When They Already Groom Themselves?

Besides removing dead hair, dirt, and grease from your cat’s coat, brushing also assists in eliminating skin flakes and improving blood circulation; this ensures your cat maintains healthy skin. As your cat ages, they are unable to groom appropriately, thus the need for brushing. Several brushing each week will ensure your feline remains clean and healthy. It’s also essential to know the cat’s natural grooming practices may not be as effective as brushing; thus, you’ll achieve much more by brushing your cat.

Top 3 Best Cat DeShedding Tools