Top 10 Best Covered Cat Litter Box Reviews For Large Cats

Cats, though great, are not without their own share of possible downsides. They are playful, have the tendency to inflict allergic reactions and often relieve themselves anyhow in a room. To enjoy the benefits they potentially bring along about without suffering the adverse consequences, you have to find a way out. The best covered cat litter box is a sure way of going about this issue.

These are specially designed shelters whose roles are to contain the cats and maintain them in a state of utmost comfort. At the same time, they also expedite the handling and disposal of the wastes. Go on reading and you can find the ideal covered cat litter box for your cats!

What Is the Best Covered Cat Litter Box on the Market?

Comparing the Best Covered Cat Litter Box

Photo Title Price Buy
Catit Airsift Jumbo...image Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan $39.99 Check Latest Price
Amazon Basics No-Mess...image AmazonBasics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box $33.41 Check Latest Price
IRIS USA Large...image IRIS USA Large Split-Hood Litter Box with Scoop and Grate $19.99 Check Latest Price
Catit Large Hooded...image Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Check Latest Price
Petmate Basic Hooded...image Petmate Basic Hooded Litter Pan $22.52 Check Latest Price
Catit Jumbo Hooded...image Catit White Tiger Jumbo Cat Pan $69.99 Check Latest Price
Cat Love Space...image Cat Love Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat Pan $63.88 Check Latest Price
So Phresh Jumbo...image So Phresh Jumbo Enclosed Litter Box in Navy Check Latest Price

Top 6 Best Covered Cat Litter Box Reviews

#1: Best Covered Cat Litter Box – Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray

best covered litter box for large cats



Do you have many cats in your household? Well, this is the litter box for you. It is sufficiently large, spacious and compartmentalized to be able to deliver on this very end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Locking Tabs】

Some locking tans exist as the premier features of this box. As you may have already guessed, the tabs play the distinct role of keeping the entire structure intact and sturdy. This way, they also prevent fidgeting.

【Large Hood】

A large hood comes in next. It is the one that covers the interior parts and components to shield the same from direct exposure to the weather elements. This hood lifts to allow for easier interior access and cleanliness.

【Carbon Filter】

Making it easier for you to eliminate unwanted odors is the carbon filter. This one neutralizes the foul stench that the wastes of the cats do exude and let go of at any given time. They hence make your ambiance more habitable.

  • Gives your cats a fairly high degree of privacy
  • Imbues a truly spacious interior for your cat’s own habitability
  • Unlikely to suffocate your cats
  • Manufactured materials that are devoid of the harmful BPA
  • Simpler and convenient to keep clean
  • Takes up plenty of space to mount


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#2: Covered Cat Litter Box – AmazonBasics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box (Various Sizes)

covered cat litter box for large cats



Wanting to enjoy a cat litter that is effective at caring for your wastes? Well, you have no worthier companion or tool for the job than this litter box. It is designed and appropriately meant to cater to that need.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Secure-Fitting Hood】

A secure-fitting hood is by far the premier aspect of this litter box. Its role is to safeguard the cats and the interior contents. This one also prevents unauthorized intrusion of unsuspecting third parties. That keeps your cats in robust health also.

【Swinging Door】

Its door is the one that swings to open and close. As such, it is convenient to operationalize and will hardly impose unnecessary strains and dues to you. In doing that, the door also expedites operations.

【Durable Design】

All factors considered the box comes about in a strong and durable stature. The use of rugged polypropylene plastic is the one that is chiefly responsible for this longevity of operations.

  • Hood lifts easily to expedite your cleaning and maintenance
  • Wipes clean by use of a damp cloth only
  • Resists the stains and foul odor
  • Its filters replace to allow for expedited operations
  • A top handle allows for easier carrying and transportation
  • Does require many extras to operationalize


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#3: Large Covered Cat Litter Box – IRIS USA Large Split-Hood Litter Box with Scoop and Grate, Blue CLH-15S

jumbo covered cat litter box



Have many cats that you want to maintain in a state of utmost comfort? We invite to your attention this large split and hooded litter box. It does contain compartments that act to contain a cat at a time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【High-polished Interior Surfaces】

The surfaces of its interiors are highly polished to reflect light and to make your own appearances realty enamored. Thanks to the polish, the subsequent tasks of cleanliness and maintenance are greatly expedited.

【Added Strength】

All the constituent parts and components are strengthened for added vitality and reliable operations. Specifically, the bottoms are recessed while the feet are made sturdier than the normal.

【Hooded Pans】

Some hooded pans also form a vital part and parcel of the structure. They act to confer some privacy to the interior occupants. In doing that, they allow your cat the leeway to act as they wish or deem fit.

  • Truly spacious and better placed to accommodate your cats well
  • Makes for easier and expedited comfort
  • Contains the odors and smells all the while
  • Helps to eliminate excess litter from the paws
  • Comes along with a matching litter to allow for easier cleaning
  • Demands hefty cleanliness and maintenance


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#4: Largest Covered Cat Litter Box – Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Gray

covered cat litter box furniture



Could it be that you are most wary of the comfort and privacy of the cats? You have this particular litter box if you answered back in the affirmative. It is on the whole intended for matters of privacy.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Hooded Cat Litter Pan】

It is entirely hooded. This hooding is the one that gives off the privacy you might be yearning for at any given time. At the same time, it also maintains your cats in the most secure shape and form.

【Carbon-impregnated Filter】

A carbon-impregnated filter also exists as a vital component of the litter box. It works to effectively trap and get rid of the unwanted odors from inside the litter box. On the strength of this, it keeps you safer and better.

【Durable Plastic Construction】

All the various parts and components are manufactured using durable plastic materials. Thanks to this durability, you will be able to enjoy unparalleled periods of intense use and reliability.

  • Keeps your cats stable and secure
  • The plastic door is convenient to swing around
  • Suppresses the emergence and spread of odors
  • Relatively simpler to keep clean and operationalize
  • Allows for free scooping of contents and wastes
  • Slightly delicate and in need of constant repairs and maintenance


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#5: Large Covered Litter Box for Cats – Petmate Basic Hooded Cat Litter Pan

best covered cat litter box



Never attempted to use these litter boxes before? Well, we have some surprises here for you. This particular box will go a long way to usher you in the world of such boxes owing to its simplicity.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Reinforced Bottom】

Its bottom is reinforced to add some strength and vitality to the gadget altogether. Thanks to this reinforcement, the item is well able to last longer and take you further than you would go ordinarily.

【Carbon Filter】

Coming in also is a Carbon filter whose role is to eliminate odor from the interior of the litter box. It does this principally by absorbing and or neutralizing the foul smell that arises from the wastes of the cats.

【Hooded Litter Pan】

A pan also comes along with the litter box. This is the one on which you place your wastes. It does greatly expedite the processes of disposing of the wastes accordingly by cutting down the time and effort.

  • Equipped with a removable privacy door
  • Bears the durable plastic construction
  • Reinforced at the bottom for some added strength
  • Greatly absorbs odor to keep your ambiance fresh
  • Latches hold the constituent pieces and parts together
  • Too simple for complex operations


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#6: Covered Cat litter Box Furniture – Catit White Tiger Jumbo Cat Pan, White-Black

covered cat litter box



Could it be that you have numerous breeds of cats that are constantly at loggerheads with one another? Well, you have no better bet than this one. As you are about to note, it is greatly compartmentalized for that very role.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Jumbo Cat Pan】

A larger-than-life cat pan does come about here. This one is larger enough to handle and accommodate all of the dirt and trash that are naturally bound to arise with repeated use.

【Two-way Plastic Door】

To open and close it, you will make use of a door that is made of plastic. This door is two-way in the sense that it may be engaged in whichever direction you may so desire.

【Odor-trap Cartridge】

A cartridge that has the ability to trap odor is also found in the litter box. As its name implies, this one mainly suppresses the emergence or the possible spread of the foul odor that the cats give off from time to time.

  • Eliminates all odor from inside the litter pan
  • Gives off a sense of security to your cats
  • The doors open and close at will
  • Stable enough to minimize fidgeting and fall-offs
  • Good enough for handling many cats
  • Too strenuous to handle and operationalize


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#7: Extra Large Covered Litter Box for Large Cats – CAT LOVE Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat Pan

covered cat litter box



Have some limited space at your disposal? Fret not! It is still possible for you to enjoy the benefits that litter boxes of such kinds do bring along. That can only happen if you select a space saver of this kind.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Built-in Bag Anchor】

Inside this litter box is a bag anchor that basically works pretty hard to maintain the bags in a state that is easier to access and dispose of when needed. As such, cleanliness and handling are greatly cheapened.

【Love Space Saver】

As we have already stated, this litter takes up limited space indeed. This is largely made possible by the fact that it is smaller and more compact in size and stature.

【Carbon-impregnated Filter】

To maintain your items in a perpetual state of cleanliness and freshness, the box is packed with a Carbon-impregnated filter. It is the filter that absorbs and waters down the foul stench.

  • Takes up limited space on your part
  • Fits even the most squeezed corners of your rooms
  • Allows for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Anchors firmly on the ground for reliable support
  • Gives off some aesthetics
  • Replacement carbon filters are sold separately
  • Has a somewhat limited capacity


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#8: So Phresh Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box in Navy

extra large covered litter box for large cats



Looking for a litter box to use to secure your cats firmly from the external agents of weather and climate? Why not try your luck on this one that is appropriately shielded from such by an enclosed lid?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

【Door Flap】

Unlike the other boxes of its kind, this one bears the distinct door flap. The flaps serve to imbue some protection and security chiefly by preventing the door from flapping unnecessarily when engaged.

【Charcoal Filter】

A charcoal filter exists to care for your odors and other damages that potentially arise. Thus, it works to safeguard your gears and homes from the abhorrent smells that are more likely to arise.

【Removable Hood】

To keep your cats and the interiors safe and secure, the gadget does have a hood. This one covers the interior contents while at the same time allowing for easier cleaning thanks to the removable nature.

  • Properly enclosed for maximum security
  • Ideal for the multi-cat homes
  • Charcoal filter helps trap odors
  • The removable hood makes for easy cleaning
  • Provides privacy for your felines
  • A prolonged stay may suffocate your cats
  • Too dark for proper growth and development


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Are Top Entry Litter Boxes Better?

YES, of course! They are better placed to ward off the spread of smell. That stems from the fact that they are easier and more convenient to shut overall. As such, they stuff in the smells that would otherwise escape to the open and affect the other occupants that are found in the room.

large covered cat litter box

Do Cats Prefer A Covered Litter Box?

NOT really! Cats prefer open spaces and structures that can allow them to easily see and anticipate any potential threats and dangers. That arrangement also keeps them safer and more confident as they move along.

To add to that, the covered litter boxes also tend to suppress the odors. That makes the interior of the boxes stuffy and prone to the risks of suffocation. If and when the entrances are opened later, they may usually spread the smell to the interiors of the rooms to make the same uninhabitable.

5 Components to Look For In A Covered Cat Litter Box

A typical covered cat litter box has to exhibit or possess some five flagship components. These are outlined and explained here below:

largest covered cat litter box


If possible, they should be self-cleaning in the sense that they should be able to cleanse themselves or at least expedite the cleansing acts. Litter boxes that can clean themselves also tend to save more time and energy. You don’t have to expend too much of your effort to have your way.

Privacy Door Flap

It is important to maintain the privacy of the cats especially when they are asleep or at night. The existence of the privacy door flap is definitely a must-have by any cat litter box. In the absence of this privacy door flap, there at least should be an option to fix it if and when the need to do so arises.

Odor Control Filter

When cats help themselves, the remains will usually invoke some stench on the home or interiors of the rooms wherein the boxes are inserted or mounted. To stay away from these, you need a box that is fitter with some odor controls. The purpose of this is to suppress and even absorb the stench altogether.

Awesome Shape

A good box has to come in nice and manageable shape. You do not want to confront too many challenges to mount and fix yours properly in place. Instead, you want one that is simple and convenient to handle and even carry around to a desired area of use.


Other than the shape, the sheer size of the litter box also comes in handy. A good box ought to be as small and as compact as possible. The purpose of this is to allow for easier and expedited handling. It is also necessary to allow for easier handling overall.

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5 Benefits of Using A Covered Cat Litter Box

Though they are not your cat’s favorites, the use of the covered cat litter box nonetheless brings about a host of benefits. We dedicate the proceeding segment of our discussions to just that. Below are five of the great benefits of using a covered cat litter box:

covered cat box

Keeps Kids at Bay

These boxes play a vital role in keeping your children at bay. They are generally stronger and better placed to withstand any harsh impacts and stickiness. On the same note, they also prevent any direct contacts and exposure between the cats and the kids. Thus, they are safer for your children and you.

Prevents Intrusion by Dogs

Other than your children, these boxes also prevent dogs from intruding. To accord this role, they basically shield the interior contents from undue exposure to the dogs outside. Some strong meshes, materials and other supporting parts and components exist to play this role. Yet again, they add to the safety and wellbeing of your dogs.

Conceals your Dogs

They are generally structured in such a way as to conceal your cats. Thus, it serves to keep your cats from the view of any potential predators and passers-by. By that arrangement, the boxes contribute to the privacy of the cats not to mention safeguarding them from unwanted harms.

Smell Controls

Though not really great at suppressing foul smell, they are also packed with tons of features that serve to control the emergence and possible flow of foul stench. Many of them have carbon or charcoal filters that absorb these smells and prevent the same from spreading inside a room.


We can never over-emphasize the significance of finding the best-covered cat litter box for the job. Indeed, finding the most suitable one is the first and by far the most significant step. It has a role to play insofar as the benefits and supports you are bound to receive are concerned. Handle it with utmost care!

Top 3 Best Covered Cat Litter Box


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