The 5 Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews

best cat litter matThe interesting thing about being a mother is that everyone wants pets but no one but me clears kitty litter” – Meryl Streep.

Cats are always amazing to move with. But people will always raise their eyebrows when I say them I have a cat. They ask me how I am managing with cats; their hair, their behavior, and litter tracked everywhere.


Why Do You Need A Cat Litter Mat?

Cat litter is something every cat parent is plagued of. Oh yes, it is freaky when you don’t train the cats with their litter mats. I believe cats are naughtier than any other animals. Some are good while some may make you go crazy by kicking their litter trays, dragging them and so on.

If your cat is throwing litter everywhere and you want a solution for that then you need to buy a Cat Litter Mat. In natural, Cats have a habit of bury their waste so that the predators don’t track them by the smell of their waste.

Cats love to excrete on soft mud and sand. So providing them natural bathroom environment we need to mimic the closest. The cat litter box gives them the same feeling indoor.

And how do you select “The Best Cat Litter Mat!? Before selecting the right mat for our home we end up answering a whole lot of questions.

Will it be effective in capturing cat litter?

What material the mat is made of?

What is the life of the mat? Is the mat cat-friendly?

And above all, does size matters?

Yes! Of course!

The Size of the mat matters.

Best Cat Litter Mat With Different Sizes

Best cat litter mat should be one that is of enough size to cover the entire litter box. And also be large enough to catch the cat litter when the cat scrapes its paws on the litter box.

Features And Usages Of Small Cat Litter Mat

A smaller mat is always suitable for houses with limited space. To start with we can make them practice to sit in a small litter mat and it easy for us to clean too. But remember our cat’s messiness cannot be confined in a small place. The larger is your size of the cat litter mat, smaller is the mess around your house.

Best Small Cat Litter Mat – ANDALUS Cat Litter Mat

small cat litter mat

  • Reduce litter scatter and keep paws clean
  • Pretty soft to sensitive paws, making cats comfortable all the using time
  • Anti-slip backing

When Do You Need A Best XL Cat Litter Mat

In case you have more than one cat, it is always better to have an extra-large cat litter mat. It works best when you have a litter box for every cat in a single area.

A large cat litter mat covers a size of 30*23” before the litter box and fits for any type of cat. Instead of spending too much on vacuuming, it is much easier in saving your time.

Best XL Cat Litter Mat – Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat

xl cat litter mat

  • Features deep grooves and superior mesh to capture litter
  • Tough design, durability, and long-lasting effectiveness
  • Phthalate free mat

Usages Of Extra Large Cat Litter Mat

Our technology has grown and developed in such a way that the latest in cat litter mats are the 3m litter mats. Keeping in mind the litter-grabbing loops, this type of 3m mats have proven to be with soft and perfect litter locking technologies.

And this type of mat is well-known for its easy vacuuming and rinsing for quick cleaning.

Select a suitably sized mat so that there can be smiling and loving paws instead of messy and naughty ones.

Best Extra Large Cat Litter Mat – Premium Large Cat Litter Mat

extra large cat litter mat

  • Premium and durable material that lasts
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Looks fantastic and works like a charm

Features Of Large Cat Litter Mat

Jumbo mat will be big and it reduces 5 times of cleaning your pet’s mess. These types have good vacuuming and easy rinsing for quicker cleaning. The mat can absorbs more and keeps the surface clean. Such large cat litter mats are good for people having more cats.

Pros And Cons Of 3m Cat Litter Mat

3m has a greater advantage of holding litters up to 4 times than other sizes. It also helps to keep the surface clean and holds up the litter longer hours. Easy to clean and cats love it. 3m cat litter mat is Ideal for using in-car surface. The mat is good for cat owners having two or more cats.

One of the major issues with such 3m cat litter mat is the size. When the room size is small the mat will be big and the cats don’t prefer it. When you hold up to fit the size, the life cycle of the mat might decrease. More importantly, it is large enough that the litter will not flip on the other side. The mat doesn’t work for a single cat.

Best Two Piece Cat Litter Mat – UPSKY Double Large Cat Litter Mat

3m cat litter mat

  • Serves as both cat litter mat and resting pad
  • Soft and comfortable design
  • Multiple color available
  • Easy clean PVC materials

Features Of A Best Sticky Cat Litter Mat

A good litter mat catches most of them before they spread over the rest of the house. Some cats will also just make a mess out of doing their business missing the litter box entirely or just sprinting out of the litter box.

A litter mat serves as an easily cleaned surface to help catch these disasters rather than them happening on the floor. It helps to keep cat litter under control with the Cat Litter Mat.

It is created with the preferred aesthetics of cats and their adoring humans in mind, the mat provides a soft step-able surface and sleek contemporary style with innovative design traps litter and effectively reducing the amount scattered on the floor and tracked throughout the home. Simply place the litter mat in front of the box. The mat goes well with any sandy types of litters.

BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

sticky cat litter mat

  • Keep litter from being tracked
  • Easy to clean and empty
  • Universal Cat Litter Catcher

Best features are:

• Trapping litter: It makes sure that how well each mat will be trapped both large and small particles and it provides a soft surface for kitty to step on and have to help remove litter from paws. It removes and traps unwanted dirt, dust, and debris.
• Easy to clean: It is very easy to maintain and reusable many times.
• Comfort: It determines that mat will be more comfortable to walk on than others. While humans and cats have very different feet, it can still get a feeling for those that are hard and rough.
• Durability: The cat-litter mat offers an appealing combination of strength, softness and perfect for sensitive toes. The mat holds up well over time and the quality of the mat’s construction, seam integrity, and accessories to determine. It resists tearing and gives material that lasts a longer period.
• It acts as a barricade for sterile environments
• Helps to improve indoor air quality.
• Good manufacturing quality.
• Excellent look and works like a charm.
• 100% satisfaction for cats

Different Types Of Cat Litter Materials And Which Is The Best One

Having a pet cat at home is both a joy and a responsibility. Cats, being the finicky and exacting creatures that they are, are difficult to pander to. It is increasingly difficult for cat owners to find the right food, litter boxes, toys and accessories that can help their beloved pets feel comfortable as well as be convenient for the owners themselves.

Best Jumbo Large Size Cat Litter Mat – MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mats

best cat litter mat reviews

  • Deep grooves design and superior litter catching mesh to keep your pet’s paw mess free in using
  • Soft design for even sensitive paws
  • Durability, tough design, and premium quality
  • Pretty easy to clean

One of the most important aspects of cat pet care is the litter box and the market is full of options as far cat litter mats go. These mats are usually placed under the litter box so that they can catch all the granules that fall from the litter box.

These mats claim to trap the granules on them and thus cat owners are quite happy to try anything that ensures that the litter stays off their furniture, clothing, etc.

Now let us look at a few of options when it comes to cat litter mats:

Features Of Rubber Cat Litter Mat

A rubber cat litter mat is usually double layered with the top layer containing a sizeable number of large holes that help trap the cat litter granules below. These granules then fall on the lower layer and remain trapped there until the cat owner cleans the mat by simply tipping it over into the box itself. Cleaning this type of mat is thus a total breeze.

If there is a chance that a cat may urinate on the mat, then due to the double layer the owner can place a puppy pad in between to catch the mess. As it is, such mats are highly effective in trapping odors as well which is a big plus point especially in case of litter box accidents.

The only downside is that they come in dark colors and thus they may not be suitable for all types of home décors.

Best Rubber Cat Litter Mat – Petlinks Purr-FECT Paws Cat Litter Mat

rubber cat litter mat

  • Large holes design to keep litter removing from mats
  • Flexible design to make clean easier
  • Medium size measures 23.25” x 14.96″ x .27″

Features Of SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

A soft and smooth surface that ensures a cat relaxes its paws and thus traps each granule of litter is what a SmartGrip cat litter mat promises and delivers. It goes well with a large variety of home décor usually due to the availability of design options in terms of colors and patterns.

The only drawback with using a SmartGrip cat litter mat, unlike a rubber mat, is that it requires the cat owner to either use a vacuum or a sponge to clean the mat. It is not known whether it is effective in trapping odors. This creates a need to ensure the mat is effectively cleaned on time daily.

Best SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat – PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

smartgrip cat litter mat

  • Small grooves to keep litter held all the time
  • Pretty easy to clean
  • PVC material without phthalates and vinyl chloride.
  • Soft to encourage your cat to relax its paws and release trapped litter

Features Of Microfibre Cat Litter Mat

Typically a microfibre cat litter mat is made of two materials and layers. The top layer has microfibre which is soft and comes in different colors and patterns. Because it is soft it helps the cats to relax when being used and hence traps granules.

A cat is also less likely to jump over it given its soft material. It has a bottom layer made of non-slip rubber that ensures the mat won’t go flying off when a cat rushes from the litter box. It is fairly easy to clean and goes with many décors.

Best thing is it can be machine washed with warm water thus making a cat owner’s life easy. It may not be effective in trapping odors.

Best Large Cat Litter Mat – iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat Exclusive Urine/Waterproof Layer

microfiber cat litter mat

  • Litter falls through extra large holes
  • Super light and easy to clean, avoid urine around nylon mesh
  • Super smooth surface to protect your cat’s paw
  • Sizes: 30″ x 23″

Features Of Plastic Cat Litter Mat

A plastic cat litter mat is made usually of PVC and contains a coiled layer of plastic material that traps litter off cats’ paws. It is thick and effective at getting rid of litter though it has a hard surface.

It may happen that a cat will jump straight off from the litter box without using the mat owing to this hard texture of the mat but when a cat does step on it, the litter is usually trapped in the coils of the mat and thus the cat cannot trail the litter anywhere in the home.

Cleaning such a mat can be troublesome because the litter can remain trapped in the coils of the mat and thus give rise to bad odors. This mat will require an owner to use high-pressure water hose thus making it very time to consume and cumbersome for a cat owner.

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Anti-Tracking Litter Mat

plastic cat litter mat

  • Double-layer design gathering more litter
  • Waterproof bottom layer to resist slip
  • Made of durable and washable EVA
  • Comfortable on tender paws

After going through the features of the different types of cat litter mats, it is important to draw a conclusion as to which is the best cat litter mat of the choice. The parameters that need to achieve are mainly cat preference, litter trapping potential, ease of cleaning, durability, and looks. Cost may also play a big role in being a deciding factor for cat owners though if the litter mat does its job well, a cat owner may not mind splurging.

Given the above parameters, a rubber mat which has a dual layer and a lush weaving on top that ensures a soft surface for a cat to walk on after using a litter box sounds like the best bet.

This weaving ensures that the smallest of granules are trapped inside without leaving any trail. Granules deposited on the lower layer can be easily tipped over into the litter box by the owner as per his convenience. Thus, it traps odors too. Being BPA and phthalate free is an added advantage. Rubber is known to be very durable and water resistant.

KAG Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapper

best cat litter mat

  • Traps litter from cats paws and litter from box
  • Waterproof base layer keeps urine off the floor
  • Made of light weight, durable and Eco-friendly EVA foam rubber.
  • Super smooth surface – doesn’t bother cat paws like other mats.

Thus, even if a cat urinates outside the box by accident, it is not likely that the mat will soak it up and stink until washed. A puppy pad can be inserted in between the layers to absorb the urine thus ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

As far as cost is concerned, it is cost effective. Owing to the material, the cat owner may be able to cut the mat and use it the way he/she wants. It also comes in different sizes and colors so as to address the needs of cat owners everywhere to a fairly large extent.

There are a lot of Cat Litter Mat Brands available and we have listed some of the top Cat Litter Mat Brands with good characteristics like Durability, Odor, Effectiveness, Easy Cleaning, Water Resistance, Safety Concerns, Cat Friendliness, Color, Size, Design and more.

Best Silicone Cat Litter Mat – PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Litter Mat

washable cat litter mat

  • Anti-microbial and non toxic material
  • Elevated inner ridges
  • Simple to fold and clean

Best Cat Litter Mat Brands On Market

Some of the top Cat Litter Mat Brands Includes Easyology Cat Litter Mat, Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Mat, Drymate Cat Litter Mat, Petlinks Cat Litter Mat, Blackhole Cat Litter Mat, and Pet Fusion Cat Litter Mat.

Easyology Cat Litter Mat:

easyology premium cat litter mat

Easyology is the most preferred brand by most of the cat owners and some of the top key elements of the Cat Litter Mat includes

• Capable of capturing more litters.
• Features quality mesh and deep grooves to capture more litters than other brand cat litters on the market.
• High Durability.
• Developed with soft materials and free from Phthalate.
• The patented design is unique in this cat litter mat and capable of trapping up to 37% more litter when compared to other mats.
• The Cat Litter Mat is slip resistant and therefore keeps the litter in the mat itself.
• The cat litter mat is developed to clean and maintain easily.
• They are developed to ultra-lightweight so that carrying them from one place to another is made easier.
• The cat litter mat is water resistant and made of plastic materials.

Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat

drymate cat litter mat

Gorilla Grip are the growing cat litter brands in the market and good demand in the industry. Some of the critical features of the Gorilla Grip Cat Litter Mat includes

• Gorilla Grip cat litter mat is developed with a unique and innovative web pattern that does not allow the litter to get scattered. It stays within the mat and therefore keeps your floors and home clean.
• Developed with super soft materials and comes for an extended period.
• The webbing surface pattern is developed to be more flexible, and it cleans the litter from cat paws when it leaves the litter mat.
• Easy to maintain and clean. You can shake the litter mat to scatter the loose litter from the mat and then wash with the soapy water or mild detergent and then air dry for experiencing your cat litter mat as a new one.
• Ultra-lightweight litter mat.
• Developed to be durable.

Drymate Cat Litter Mat:

drymate cat litter mat

Choosing the Drymate Cat Litter Mat is best if you need to keep your home litter free and to make your cat happier and healthy. Here are some of the benefits of selecting the Drymate Cat Litter Mat for your cat.

• The cat litter mat from Drymate is developed to fit into any place and helps your floor clean from litters.
• The ridged materials are developed to be soft, and their brushing actions cleans the liters easily from your cat paws.
• The waterproof backing helps the urine to stay within the litter mat, and there is no chance for the urine from soaking into the floors. You can just clean your Drymate cat litter mat to use it again for your pet.
• Made of 100% recycled Polyester materials are used and developed to be supple and durable.
• The Drymate cat litter mat is designed to be machine washable.
• Nonslip and Waterproof resistant.

Petlinks Cat Litter Mat

petlinks cat litter mat

Petlink Cat Litter Mat is the user-friendly litter mat in the industry. It is developed with a patented design to keep the cat paws safe and collect the litter from the litter mat. The litter mat is designed to be flexible and easy to wash. The patented design also prevents tracking. The deep hollows in the litter mat collect the litter and therefore no chance for the liter to spread away.

The litter mat can also be used underwater bowls and food as a placemat. The mat is durable and made to be extra-large. It will be very spacious for your cats. Customers who brought these Petlinks cat litter mat have provided good ratings, reviews and comments on the product so that you can get them without any hesitation.

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat:

blackhole cat litter mat

The Blackhole cat litter mat has two layers with a unique design for the litter to stay within the litter mat. The mat is easier to clean and maintain. Some of the key features of this Blackhole Cat litter mat include:

• Excellent proprietary unique designs with two layers to trap the cat litter within the litter mat.
• Developed to be large in size and spacious for your cat.
• Non-Slip and Water Resistant.
• Efficient and smarter cleaning support. The mat is developed in the Honeycomb design that helps in holding any small litter prices to fall within the litter box.
• The size of the cat litter mat supports all type of cat litter namely crystal, clay, clumping, pellets, wheat and corn.
• Can be used for single or multiple cats.

Pet Fusion Cat Litter Mat:

pet fusion cat litter mat

PetF Fusion Cat Litter Mat is one of the SmartGrip Litter Mat, and you can easily keep the litter off from your home floor and surrounding with this litter mat. Here are some of the key benefits included.

• Stain/Water Resistant, Anti-Microbial.
• Comfortable cat litter mat for your cat to release litter or to walk around the box.
• Thoughtfully and well developed with outer lip and inner ridges to hold the cat litter.
• Includes Anti-slip traction and side spout.
• Developed with soft materials.
• Free from Phthalate or VMCs.
• Hassle free and easier cleaning.
• Easy to maintain.
• Machine washable.

Advantages Of Getting A Best Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

Waterproof Cat Litter mat mainly made up of small particles and you can get it in all over the home, these mats are ideal for Kitty’s sensitive paws as its soft and made up of non-toxic EVA.

Besides, It helps to keep the home clean, for vinyl shelf liner protects the floor from stains and rubbery perforated shelf liner helps to keep your cat’s paws clean. it traps granules before they get tracked all over your house, the bottom later of this mat is water resistant and won’t mess your floors, It saves your lot of cleaning time and you will get time to enjoy your Pet’s company.

Cleaning Cat Litter mat is also a very easy task, it can be done without any hassle just shake all the dust and then give it a machine wash. Vacuum cleaner or a wet sponge and soap hand wash under the sink can also be used for cleaning Cat litter Mat, regular cleaning maintains hygiene. Thus it will actually reduce your sweeping time by five times.

Cat feces contain Bacteria like E.Coli, which can cause diseases by using this Cat Litter Mat you can reduce the chance of spreading the illness to the members of your beloved family.

Best Waterproof Cat Litter Mat – PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Litter Mat

washable cat litter mat

Kitty’s mats are easily available in the market and it comes in various sizes. It comes in many colors and the major advantage of that is it will easily fit in with any floor color.

• It’s completely safe and affordable.
• It works very effectively and you will fell satisfaction guaranteed.
• This is lightweight and durable, Easy to carry.
• Besides being effective, it has a very innovative design and it’s also quite good-looking, with a unique pattern and neutral colors. Its best quality is its sheer size, as most kitties will find it hard to miss it even when they leap out of the litter box.
• Its dust-sticking design and stylish appearance are perfectly suited for the front and back doors, so add a few extra to your cart.
• Very good manufacturing quality material and its tear and scratch proof.
• Its Flexibility is added on a feature of it, you will be amazed to see how this mat will fix in a tight place.
• It can fold in half so it’s very easy for store and travel purpose.
• If you are looking for a great Cat litter mat, Waterproof Cat Litter Mat is a good choice.
• Our feline friend fills our life with happiness so is our responsibility to protect them and keep them clean and hygiene. Because it has a waterproof layer, it gives 100% urine protection.
• It has good and controlling scatters.

For other best waterproof cat litter mats, you may check:

>> iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat
>> KAG Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapper
>> iPrimio Jumbo Size Cat Litter Trapper

Why Should You Buy A Best Washable Cat Litter Mat

We should only go for the best washable Cat Litter Mats because we need to keep our pets’ hygienic and clean at all times. They live in our homes and extremely prone to infections easily.

The most important aspect of not buying the best Cat Litter Mat results in compromising on hygiene and cleanliness of your loved ones including your cute little cat. Lower quality mats allow cat’s dirty litter and feces to spread all over the house and exposes your loved ones to harmful diseases.

Little Tiger Cat Litter Mat

sisal cat litter mat

  • Large 47″ x 36″ litter mat
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slip and waterproof
  • Phthalate free

The cat feces contain certain bacteria’s, including E. coli, which causes illnesses to the members of your family, especially to young children who are aged 5 and below. Using the best quality litter mats will definitely help reduce the spread of cat litter and feces around thus lowering the risk of diseases.

The best mats trap both coarse and fine-grained litter scatter well, vacuums up easily, and is more comfortable for cat paws than most others. Its washable, skid-resistant underside also means cats are less likely to send the mat (and any messes on it) flying if they jump onto it. The best ones have PVC construction which is virtually indestructible by sharp little claws.

GRIP MASTER Durable Premium Cat Litter Mat

sticky cat litter mat

  • Toughest litter mat on the block
  • Extra large with litter trapping border
  • Gentle on paws
  • Easy to clean

The best Cat Litter Mats also ensures the protection of your expensive household items including sofas, bed, carpets, etc. to remain absolutely clean at all times.

Go for the best mat washable with vacuum or water, has a soft rubber foam material and also has a dual layer for better litter trapping. Quality of mats lets you be free of cleaning worries and gives you and your family including your Cat, perfect hygiene, a cleaner home.

Comparison Between Sisal Cat Litter Mat And Carpet

Urine proof:

The laminated bottom prevents urine from soaking through to your floors and will keep the mat in a stable place.

It makes sure that mat will be trapped both large and small particles and it provides a soft surface for kitty to step on and have to help remove litter from paws. It removes and traps unwanted dirt, dust, and debris. It is excellent at preventing litter tracking. It helps kittens to repair their claws without any harm. Carpet fails in this.

LITTER SHIELD Extra Large Premium Modern Cat Litter

best cat litter mat

  • Really helps to shield floors
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Gentle and safe
  • Slip-resistant

Very Easy to clean and maintain

It is very easy to remove quickly, keep and reusable many times. With this litter catcher mat, you don’t need to worry about damaging because it made up of high-quality material with an attractive look. Carpets are hard to clean.


Cats don’t get many opportunities to experience their natural environment, but now it can play or lounge on the artificial grass mat and gets a taste of the great outdoors while being safely inside your home. It determines that mat will be most comfortable than others. Ideally, Sisal Cat litter mat is comfortable.

Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat

best cat litter mat reviews

  • Easy to clean
  • Laminated bottom prevents urine from falling onto the floors
  • Made from BPA and Phthalate


The mat is made of sisal cat scratcher material, which helps to hold up to cats claws and also no other scratchers can be replaced with any other products on the market. This mat is having a combination of strength, softness and perfect for sensitive toes.


Carpet often requires a high level of support, such as occasional deep carpet cleaning and regular vacuuming.

Jumbo Litter Mat 47″ x 36″ Cat Litter Mat

xl cat litter mat

  • Big enough for 2 litter boxes
  • Non-toxic design to protect cat’s safe
  • Ultra lightweight water resistance material
  • Easy to clean and use


Carpet is a very sensitive floor covering material and easily attracts dirt and stains.


Carpet is highly susceptible to allergens such as mold, dust particles and pet dander.


Most carpets are manufactured synthetically, which gives us a shorter lifespan.

Best Washable Cat Litter Mat – Vivaglory 3D Design Cat Litter Mat

washable cat litter mat

  • Features thousands of premium deep microfiber strands to catch all kinds of litter
  • Made of 100% eco-friendly soft material
  • 100% waterproof and could protect your floor from “accident”

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews 2021

#1. Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat
#2. Premium Large Cat Litter Mat
#3. UPSKY Double Large Cat Litter Mat
#4. BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat
#5. MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mats

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