What Is the Best Cat Litter Mat?

large cat litter matWhen choosing a cat litter mat, it is wise to consider some factors for a good choice. A mat that will provide your cat with the best resting place and a new playing ground is considered the best. But with choices available in the market, picking a good mat for your cat requires a few guidelines online on what makes the best cat litter mat. From the design of the mat to the size and material used in the brand, a good choice should always provide the best and good playgrounds for your pet. The guide is designed to provide you with some basics on cat mats and all you need to know about the cat lifestyle and how to pick the best mat.

What Is A Cat Litter Mat?

The key to a proper choice when it comes to a good cat mat is first understanding what is the litter mat. A litter is a small or sizable textured blanket made of cotton though its design might change depending on the material used to provide your cat with a resting place. If you own a litter box, then a mat can be like bedding to your cat’s litter box.

A litter mat or textured mats serves as an easy and quick way to clean your cat’s litter box and help to trap shedding fur. They come in different designs equipped with different materials such as dust-free litter mats and double-sided mats for dual application of the same.

These litter mats help you as a cat owner to have an easy cleaning process because cats have a tendency to play around. And in the process shedding their fur in your room, which can be dangerous if you have an allergic person.

Top Rated Cat Litter Mat For All Sorts Of Cat Litter Box

  • THE ORIGINAL LITTER TRAPPER: the cat mat is constructed from durable long lasting materials; topside features thick mesh coils that effectively grab litter; deep grooves on the topside also collect litter, keeping it contained to the mat and off of your floors
  • TEXTURED BACKING HELPS IT STAY IN PLACE: while other mats may shift around as your cat exits their litter box, resulting in litter all over your floors, our mat is designed with a textured backing that helps it to stay in place, even with active cats
  • WATERPROOF: constructed from durable waterproof materials, the cat mat is designed to not allow liquids to pass through, helping to keep liquid messes off your floors; mat also protect floors from scratching
  • RECYCLE MORE LITTER AND EASY CLEAN: waste less litter; tip and pour collected litter back into the box to save money; excess litter can also be vacuumed or shaken out of mat; for a deep clean use mild soap and water, always air dry
  • INCREDIBLY GENTLE AND SOFT ON PAWS: a durable mat that is super soft on sensitive paws, because your furry friend deserves the best; even makes a great spot for an afternoon cat nap; mat measures 23” x 35”

What Does Cat Litter Mat Do?

Cat litter mats are designed to provide a sticking function to granules inside the cat’s litter box. If you own a cat, you understand the cat’s nature of playing around, and even the best and calm cat will still find its way out of the litter box. This movement in and out leads to fur shedding and granules on the floor because of most of the poop stick in the cat’s paws.

best cat litter mat

A good mat will help to trap most of the fur and poop before they spread all over the house. This provides you with an easy cleaning process of cleaning your cat’s litter mat. Basically, a mat server as a cleaning and prevention option to keep track of your cat’s far and granules from spreading on your floor. One thing about these mats they are designed to remedy the situation and not to prevent it from occurring. With a mat, you will have less fur in your home but not a zero presence. So don’t be discouraged if you happen to see some scatters around.

A good choice should help you contain a mess from happening and definitely a half problem solver than having your cat’s litter box on a bare floor. In research on the mat’s contribution to home hygiene and indoor air quality, pet owners who have litter mats experienced less fur and other pollutants caused by pets than the other owners who had non. When buying your mat, consider other factors like comfort, aesthetics, and cleanability, as they play a huge role in achieving the mat’s design applications.

Recommended Cat Litter Mat For Absorbing Cat’s Litter Effectively

How to Clean Cat Litter Mat

Cleaning a filthy litter mat is the last thing each pet owner wishes to do after providing their cat’s litter box a good resting and playing grounds. But the truth is you have to do the cleaning to avoid bacterial infection in the house and to your cat. Here is some cleaning technique.

Vacuum Cleaning – Cleaning should basically be simple and easy, before you dust the gunky crud, it is wise to vacuum the mat to suck all loose and scatters.
Warm water and cleaning detergent – Here, you will have to soak the mat for some minutes depending on your washing detergent directions. Then rinse your mat, you can dry it in the sun or in a dry-cleaner.

Though this is not the standard cleaning process, some mats have their cleaning direction. All you need is to ensure before you start cleaning, you apply the vacuum cleaning part for the elimination of loose fur.

What to Use for an Alternative Cat Litter Mat?

You can also create amazing resting grounds for your cat and save some cash by finding alternatives. Many options can act as cat mat substitutes from household design or homemade mat to simple wood shavings, and newspapers make the best option for a cat’s litter box. But these choices or alternative requires an extra commitment, but, you can save a lot and reduce the indoor environmental footprint by toilet training your pet. Here are some of kitty litter mat alternatives you can opt for instead of a real cat.

easyology cat litter mat

Newspaper As Cat Litter Mat Substitute

It doesn’t have to be a newspaper. It can be any paper or even tissue papers, arrange, then in your cat’s litter box, they will reduce and trap some shedding fur. This advantageous as it reduces a lot of used papers in the house and puts them into practice. To make a proper and good kitty litter mat using old papers and newspapers, you need to cut them into smaller pieces or shred them so that they can increase their surface area in contact with the cat for fur trapping.


Sawdust provides a good playing ground for your cat and actually the best because sawdust is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture and poop faster. Its trapping ability is also high, leaving your cat clean and free from loose fur to spread around your house.

How to Stop Cat Pissing on Litter Mat

Stopping your cat from pissing on the litter mat can be hard, but with some dutiful toilet training, pissing can help. Take your time and try to find ways in which you can train your cat to start using a specific place for urination and other bathroom needs. It is all about training and keeping it a habit. Pets are clever and understand things when you insist on persistent toilet application.

How Do I Keep My Cat from Raking Up the Litter Mat?

One of the most challenging things to cat owners is to find a way to ensure that their cats stop ranking up the litter or moving it around or away from the litter box. This helps to keep the liter clean and the cat sleeping place clean. If you are looking for a way to prevent this from happening, try and put your litter mat underneath or around the box to help you trap some fur and make it hard to stick in the cat’s craws. This will help you have a simple cleaning that will only involve a simple collection and wrapping process.

You can also add some pegs and stick it to the litter box wall to prevent taking. In addition to indoor cleanliness and indoor air quality, it is recommended that you keep your litter mat away from other homes or from carpets areas to prevent litter spreading.

Cat Litter Mat For Preventing Litter Spreading

How to Use a Two-layer Cat Litter Sifting Mat?

A two-layer design provides two layers that incorporate a crisscross pattern equipped with holes that collect loose litter and store them in the bottom layer. This helps you have an easy disposable because the mart can wait for two or more days for disposal. Using these design posse, a challenge to may cat owners as it appears to be complex.

Ensure you lay the upper part with a rough and soft brush for your cat playing and scrubbing areas. This will allow your cat to enjoy the mat better while trapping some loose hair and collecting some granules on its lower layer. Disposing of it also should be done with care because a small mess in wrapping it up will mess the whole room.

Hold it carefully and wrap it on the floor before lifting it up to dispose of. Some brands have a freeway release zip that you can open and close while other release valves. Be sure you understand the operational principle of each before applying them to your home garbage collection points.

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How to Clean the Drymate Cat Litter Mat

One of the advantages of Drymate litter matters is their easiness in cleaning; they are designed to provide you an easy cleaning process. Compatible with machine washing options due to their strong and flexible material.

So, washing the Drymate litter mat should not worry you if you own a washing machine. But if you don’t wish to mix or have some residues in your laundry unit, then a basic washing will do better. The washing should first include a vacuum cleaning to remove loose and other particles. And then warm water soaks with a washing detergent for some allowable time.

This depends on the user’s specification on the washing of each mat. Then rinse the mat with cold and clean water; you can dry in the sun or cool and dry air. Other options like waterproof backing help protect your floor from messy pets, older felines or sick cats make the best choices as cat litter mats.

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What Kind of Mat to Use for a Cat Litter Box?

When choosing the right mat for your cat, it is wise to consider some factors because they play a role in keeping your home clean and giving your cat the best resting place.

cat litter catching mat

A double layer matter will be the best choice as it allows you to have time or even days before changing and disposing of waste. This bland also allows your cat to continue having a good and clean sleeping litter box because all its litter is kept and collected in the lower layer. Other choices like Drymate which provide you with an easy cleaning process should also be part of your cat litter.

Any choices that are machine washable make the best choice when it comes to cleaning and replacement. Waterproof material that works in ensuring your floor is safe from urine, and other litter makes the right kind of cat litter mat to buy.

Easy to Clean Cat Litter Mat For Cat Litter Box Recommend

What Works Best for Cat Litter Mat

As a cat owner, it is wise to understand your cat’s favorite mat before buying one. A double layer choice provides the best choice as it has the ability to have a full filtration and storage of the litter.

Waterproof brands also provide your cat with a dry sleeping environment. Size should also come into your mind when looking for a new mat. You need a mat that provides your cat with a full turning field, not a small option that restricts your cat playing ground. Ensure you have a clear dimension on your cat’s litter box before buying any litter mat for your cat.

It is also advised to consider larger mats or covers for an extra playing and resting place. Finally, on what makes the best litter mat for cats is the material you need a rough like a brush for your cat brushing and scrubbing points and soft brand for night rest. Always ensure you pick something that will provide your cat with the best you can involve other people’s ideas on the best cat litter mat.

Waterproof Cat Litter Mat For Long Lasting Use

How Big Should Your Cat Litter Mat Be?

The size you should buy matters a lot, and also impacts on your cat’s response to the mat, making it favorite or just a choice. Many studies suggest that an ideal choice should have 36 x 24 inches with an extra mesh on top of the litter mat. This depends on your budget and your cat’s playing nature; you can buy a larger option if you feel your cat needs extra playing ground and achieve the main aim of litter mat you need a larger trapping zone for maximum fur and litter absorption.

Extra Large Cat Litter Mat Recommend


Cat litter mat plays a key role in keeping your home clean, and if you can find a good litter, then cleaning your house or keeping it safe from fur and other impurities is made simple. Your buying process also should ensure you consider the choice that gives your cat the best.

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