Top 5 Best Cat Litters for Urine Absorption Reviews

best cat litter for strong urine smell

Cats are fastidiously clean animals and thus are often low maintenance when it comes to hygiene and grooming. They henceforth spend some time grooming themselves and even doing their business in a litter box. This gives the owner an easy job of occasionally emptying and cleaning the litter box. For an even fresher home, litter box, and a happy cat, incorporating the use of the best cat litter for urine absorption is usually recommended, and this usually depends on your cat’s preference.

Thus, cat litters fulfill a variety of functions and benefits both to the cat and the owner, with some specifically designed for cat urination management. Nevertheless, the numerous brands and types of cat litters in the market often make it challenging to purchase the right choice for your cat.

Henceforth, we have provided you with a review on some of the best cat litter for urine absorption and some additional information to assist you in choosing correctly while shopping for these products.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For Urine Absorption?

Does Cat Litter Absorb Urine?

Yes. Cat litters often absorb the maximum amount of urine possible, depending on the specific type and manufacture materials. Therefore, the different types of cat litter often present with a varying affinity for urine absorption, and since one of the major functions of cat litters is to keep the litter box tidy, they have to absorb urine sufficiently.

Picking the Best Cat Litters Or Pad For Urine Absorption

What Types Of Cat Litters Work Best For Urine Absorption?

There are various cat litter types in the market; however, only a select few types often work the best for urine absorption. These usually include;

Clumping clay cat litter

This is probably the most popular cat litter in the market. It is usually made up primarily of sodium bentonite, which is characterized by clumping together whenever it is exposed to any form of moisture. Thus, these cat litters usually work best, absorbing urine by clumping up the wet particles and leaving the dry clean litter in the litter box. Hence, very easy to scoop the urine infested particles out. Despite their popularity, some cats still prefer other types of cat litters.

Non-clumping clay cat litter

These are some of the first commercially available cat litters made primarily of calcium bentonite. This material is also an excellent absorbent for moisture capable of imbibing relatively large volumes of urine at a time. However, this absorption rate is usually up to a certain level beyond which the cat litter becomes saturated with the urine and may begin to pool in the bottom of the cat litter box. This usually creates a muddy like litter box warranting for quick changing of the cat litter and cleaning the entire litter box.

Crystal cat litter

These constitute the most expensive of all the types because of their potential functionalities. They usually come in various types, with the most common being made primarily of silica gel/crystals. They are usually the most absorbent capable of absorbing up to forty times their weight, thus capable of maintaining the litter box’s hygiene for the longest time possible by absorbing huge volumes of urine. They may also be designed to further reflect health problems, among other benefits.

Natural cat litters

These are usually for environmentally conscious individuals and are usually made from biodegradable natural products. These litters are usually made from pine, wheat, corn, walnut, paper, among other materials. They are also good absorbers of fluids such as urine, thus recommended for use as cat litters for heavy urinating cats.

Things to Consider In Picking Best Cat Litter for Urine Absorption

Purchasing the most suitable cat litter to your homestead pet situation is always paramount, as this will always determine the satisfactory nature of the products. Thus, you should try and adhere to some if not all of the following considerable factors as guidelines towards the acquisition of a perfect cat litter;

cat litter for urine absorption


This is usually a vast subject for consideration as several features coincide here to formulate varieties of cat litters. Thus, you should conduct thorough research on the different types of cat litters in the market to determine the best and most suitable for your cat and general environment.

Nonetheless, the clumping cat litters are usually highly recommended for their dustless nature and effective urine absorption without leaving behind any wet messes. However, for a cheaper yet effective cat litter, you may always resort to the non-clumping variety. It is, however, usually demanding when it comes to cleaning of the absorbed urine.

Environmental conservationists and nature lovers can also opt for the natural variety of cat litters solely manufactured from natural biodegradable materials, unlike the rest of the varieties. They subsequently decay and never remain in the landfill forever, keeping the environment clean.

Odor control

Pet urines often smell quite nasty and can even make your living space foul and uncomfortable to relax in. Therefore, as much as these cat litters are supposed to guarantee maximum urine absorption, they should also be capable of negating and completely canceling out the urine smell. Therefore, while shopping, you should look for products with added scents like lavender, which usually overwhelms the foul smell of urine, leaving our leaving space fresh.

However, you should be careful to ensure that your cat is comfortable with the specific scent and not in any way allergic to the scent variety.

Furthermore, some of these products are also incorporated with formulas capable of blocking ammonia formation, thus preventing urine from smelling. Therefore, you should always check on the manufacturer’s comments on the product to ensure that it can cancel out urine’s odor while being safe and comfortable for your cat and you.

cat litter for urine absorption

Absorbing speed and capacity

This is another vital factor for consideration. Thus, before committing to a single cat litter, you should check on the absorption speed. The manufacturer occasionally notes this, and in essence, choosing the fast-absorbing cat litter is usually recommended. This will prevent stagnating the litter box with urine, which could lead to dragging on the floors and furniture dirtying your living space.

Similarly, these cat litters should also be capable of holding a huge volume of urine at a time. This is vital to minimize the rate of cleaning your cat’s litter box while also giving you time to work on other projects without worrying about the cat litter getting saturated fast or overflowing after one or two urinations.


Cat litters usually require constant replenishment or changing; thus, stocking up a fair amount of quality cat litter is usually recommended. Therefore, you should always try to shop within your pocket range. Therefore, for the average citizen you should always refrain from purchasing expensive products like crystal cat litter because, without proper funds, this could strain you financially in the long run.

You should also avoid too cheap and brandless cat litters since these may prove ineffective at managing your cat’s urine. They may even be hazardous health-wise and to the environment; thus, you should stay away. Purchasing as per your financial capabilities will guarantee financial stability and a constant supply of cat litter for the entirety of your pet’s life.

Best Cat Litters for Urine Absorption Reviews

#1. Fresh Step Multi-Cat with Febreze Freshness

cat litter for multiple cats

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This is a new product design from Fresh Step suppliers with advanced features over the old products, maximizing their performance. This cat litter is usually formulated for homesteads with not only one cat but several cats. This reflects on its ability to tackle the increased urine volumes and odor in your home. Therefore, the cat litter is usually of the clumping variety formulated from clumping clay using the Fresh Step Clumplock Technology, eliminating odor while trapping any urine in the litter box by creating tight and hard clumps for easy scooping. This also further ensures that no wet or stinking crumbles are left behind in the litter box.

Further incorporated in the design is an odor eliminating formula that produces a Febreze fragrance upon contact with cat paws. This guarantees the freshness of the surrounding environment and the litter box, thus providing odor protection for up to 10 days straight. This cat litter design is also 99.9 % dust-free, thus ensures that your home remains clean with reduced tracking and clean air. Cleaning and maintaining the litter box while using the Fresh Step Advanced Multi-Cat is also quite simple and fast through scooping and topping up every cleaning stage.


  • Easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Versatile functionality
  • Great odor control
  • Recommended for multiple cats
  • Fairly priced


  • Some often find the scent a little overpowering
  • Often a little dusty with moderate tracking

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#2. Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads

cat training pads

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This is another brand of cat litter highly ranked among the best for utilization in heavy urine absorption situations. These are usually high-quality products used for a variety of purposes within an individual’s home. Some of the design features include the five layers of leakproof protection. These henceforth include the activated carbon layer, which utilizes carbon technology to neutralize odors and absorb yellow spots, a quilted cushion layer technology that prevents urine/liquid from spreading, and a polymer layer that absorbs the pet pee in under 30 seconds and locks it, turning it into a gel.

Furthermore, these puppy pads can also hold up to six cups of absorbed liquids/urines, thus long-lasting and capable of servicing many cats/dogs. These pads can also be used as perfect potty training products for your pets. This is usually attributed to the pheromonal attractant incorporated in the designs which show your pets where they need to go. This type is also jumbo-sized, thus sufficiently large for multiple pets, and even large pet breeds like large dogs.


  • High-quality products
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Neutralizes urine odors and yellow spots
  • Versatile applications
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Fast absorption rate


  • Occasional pee leaks at the bottom
  • Longer absorption time thus urine stays on top for a while

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#3. Fresh News Paper Cat Litter

urine absorption cat litter

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This is also ranked among the best cat litter for urine absorption globally. It is usually multifunctional, and thus, the manufacture design and materials are usually not only great for your cat but also your home and the surrounding environment. First, these cat litters are usually made from 100 % post-consumer biodegradable paper, which is not only safe for pet utilization but also reduces landfill wastes while saving trees. These cat litters are usually incorporated with baking soda to facilitate the elimination and neutralization of urine odors.

Furthermore, the product’s soft natural pellets usually retain their form even after a cat’s occasional utilization. This ensures that tracking is reduced to the minimum around your house as the cat litter stays inside the litter box. This, coupled with its dust-free nature, ensures that your home and the surrounding living space stays neat and clean. The cat litter is also completely non-allergenic, thus safe for universal utilization by any pet/cat regardless of their allergenic health complications. Finally, these products are also usually packaged in resealable bags guaranteeing extra freshness despite opening the package.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fairly priced and affordable
  • Dust-free
  • Completely non-allergenic


  • Moderate odor control
  • Urine often seeps and collects at the bottom of the litter box

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#4. Peritas Cat Pads-Generic Refill for Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System

original cat litter for urine

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Peritas cat pads are popular among many cat owners because of their numerous design features. For instance, these pads are usually designed to fit and function perfectly on Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Boxes and systems. The pad sizes of 16.9 and 11.4 inches are usually a great fit for these litter boxes despite not being manufactured by the Tidy Cats and Breeze Company. They are thus the best generic replacements to expensive litter box liner options at much-discounted prices.

Further incorporated features in the design include the ultra-absorbency of the pads. This is because they can absorb and hold over seven cups, reflecting at least 1.6 liters of fluid/urine. They are also leakproof with a strong thick plastic bottom layer. This makes them quite easy to clean and dispose of without having to deal with cat pee on the floor. Their capacity to hold this much urine makes them highly recommended for multiple pet use and thus can also last for quite some time before being fully saturated.

These cat pads are also usually non-scented and thus comforting and non-irritating to most cats. These products can also control the urine odor for up to a single week, maintaining the fresh home fragrance. Nonetheless, they do not sufficiently control odor on their own and thus require daily spraying with odor eliminator for a fresher environment.


  • Very absorbent
  • Long-lasting
  • Fairly priced
  • Leakproof
  • Flexible package sizes


  • Limited to poor odor control
  • Demanding cleaning options

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#5. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Cat Pad Refills

cat litter pad

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These are also some of the best and widely used cat litter systems globally. They are great at managing urine from the pets while ensuring your living space is constantly fresh. Among the prominent features in these cat litter designs is their capability to control urine odors. They are usually infused with ammonia blockers, which prevents the foul ammonia from seeping and filling the surrounding air. Thus, this feature ensures that your home is fresh and pleasantly smelling for at least one week for a single cat and up to three days for multiple cats using the same litter box.

They also have a breeze advanced pellet system that lets moisture and any form of liquid to pass through to the highly absorbent moisture locking pads. This subsequently separates the solid wastes from liquid waste for easy odor control and scooping of solid wastes. The cleaning process is also much simple as you only need to toss the disposable pad after every week or three days and replace it with a new one.


  • Great odor control
  • Easy and straightforward utilization
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly absorbent pads
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee


  • Very expensive
  • Occasional irritating scent


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#6. Lucy Pet Cats Incredible Clumping Cat Litter

natural clay clumping cat litter

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Lucy Pet products are among the popular products in the market and often utilized by many individuals. This is usually because of its high-quality features and the company’s support to pet foundations from the profits acquired from the sales. Thus, this is usually a dream come true transaction for most pet owners and lovers. Some of the prominent features include the fact that these cat litters are usually natural and safe for most cats. This is because they are usually derived from naturally occurring super premium grade sodium bentonite clumping clay from the USA producing extra-absorbent firm and easy to scoop clumps limiting litter box wetness and messes.

The cat litters are also dustless, ensuring reduced tracking and clean home surfaces and the surrounding air. They also come in varieties of unscented and lavender-scented for your cat’s preference. They are subsequently generally safe and non-toxic to your pets.

Also infused in the products are odor-blocking formulas that prevent ammonia formation on the cat litter clumps after urine absorption. This patent-pending smell squashing technology ensures that the odor-producing ammonia is controlled, guaranteeing a fresh-smelling litter box and home without additional scents. The packages also often come with two ergonomic handles and a side spout for comfortable use and easy pouring of the cat litter. The bags are also always recyclable for environmental conservation efforts.


  • Easy and efficient use
  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • Great odor control
  • Easy and quick clean up
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extra-absorbent
  • Fairly priced


  • Moderate dust and tracking

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Cat/pet owners often know the vitality of cat litters to their homes. Thus, it is always essential that you find the most appropriate cat litter for your cat’s utilization as this will guarantee your cat’s comfort while also maintaining their hygiene and that of the general surroundings.

Carefully purchasing these cat litters will guarantee full-service delivery. Subsequently provided above are some of the best cat litters specific for urine management and many guidelines towards perfect purchasing. Thus, you should carefully peruse this article to assist you in making informed buying options for the betterment of your home and your cat’s comfort.

Top Rated 3 Best Cat Litters For Urine Absorption