Top 9 Best Cat Litter For Dust Control Reviews For Cat’s Health

Cat litter is a very critical item for all households with cats because they use it to cover their feces, thus ensuring that our environment within the house or compound is kept clean. In this review, I will help you to find the best cat litter for dust control that will effectively control dust. This is very important as we are all aware that we need to maintain a clean environment to avoid ailments arising from dust.

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What Is the Best Cat Litter For Dust Control on the Market?

Picking the Best Dust-free Cat Litters

Photo Title Price Buy
ARM & HAMMER...image ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 40 lbs (Pack of 1) $58.80 ($1.47 / Pound) Check Latest Price
Fresh Step Clumping...image Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter with Activated Charcoal & Natural Odor Control $32.39 ($16.20 / Count) Check Latest Price
ARM & HAMMER...image ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Lightweight Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 11Lbs. Check Latest Price
Purina Tidy Cats...image Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter, Instant Action Multi Cat Litter - 40 lb. Box $46.00 ($1.15 / Pound) Check Latest Price
Dr. Elsey’s Premium...image Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Ultra - 99.9% Dust-Free, Low Tracking, Hard Clumping, Superior Odor Control, Unscented & Natural Ingredients $20.99 ($0.03 / Fl Oz) Check Latest Price
Fresh Step Lightweight...image Fresh Step Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter, Unscented, 15.4 lbs (Package May Vary) $18.69 ($0.08 / Ounce) Check Latest Price
Purina Tidy Cats...image Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust $25.63 ($1.51 / Pound) Check Latest Price
Fresh Step Crystals,...image Fresh Step Crystals, Premium Cat Litter, Scented, 8 Pounds (Package May Vary) $41.46 ($0.16 / Ounce) Check Latest Price
Purina Tidy Cats...image Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight, Low Dust, Clumping Cat Litter $25.48 ($1.50 / Pound) Check Latest Price

The 9 Best Cat Litter For Dust Control Reviews

1. Arm & Hammer Clump And Seal Platinum Cat Litter

best dustless cat litter

This cat litter works pretty well when it comes to eliminating odors which leaves a fresh. Additionally, it is also dust-free who makes it ideal for those people who are asthmatic and allergic to dust. It also facilitates clumping which makes it easy to scoop cats waste.

  • Dust-free
  • Allows for easy collection of waste through clumping
  • No odor
  • It’s chunkier and has large granules


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2. Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter

eliminate cat litter dust

This is a more advanced cat litter that has natural odor control and activated charcoal to ensure it functions optimally. The charcoal ensures odor and dust are trapped effectively leaving cleaner surfaces which are 99% dust-free. The clumping formula also prevents stinky litter boxes. It also comes with 10 days of odor control which ensures your household always smells fresh.

  • Unscented which makes it ideal for people who are sensitive to smell
  • Dust-free
  • It effectively eliminated odors
  • It’s expensive


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3. Arm And Hammer Clump And Seal Platinum Cat Litter

kitty litter dust

It is equipped with clump and seal to ensure the odors are fully eliminated. It is also dust-free and it is lightweight when compared to other cat litters. It comes with a one-week odor control which makes it an amazing product.

  • Lightweight
  • Unscented
  • It comes with 7-day odor control
  • Poor clumping which makes it a bit messy.


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4. Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

low dust clumping cat litter reviews

It is a forty-pound cat litter that is defective on clumping. Additionally, it absorbs ammonia in feces and urine which makes it effective when it comes to odor control. It provides easy scooping because of effective clumping. It is also 99% dust free cat litter.

  • It offers strong clumping action
  • It is 99% dust-free
  • It comes with 10-day odor control
  • It is heavier


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5. Dr.elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

dustless clumping cat litter

This is a hypoallergenic cat litter that is unscented and it is dust-free. It also effectively control odor to ensure your home smells fresh all the time. It also forms hard clumps that make it easy to scoop.

  • It is durable
  • It is defective in controlling odors
  • It has impressive clumping action.
  • It has no paw prints
  • It is expensive


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6. Fresh Step Simply Unscented Lightweight Cat Litter

dust free cat litter

This is a cat litter with activated charcoal which makes it very effective in dust and odor control. It comes with 10-day odor control. Additionally, it is also easy to scoop because of its strong clumping action. It is also dust-free litter which enhances air quality in the household. It is unscented and lightweight to make it movable.

  • It has strong odor control
  • Dust-free.
  • There is less tracking
  • It is not completely unscented hence it is not ideal for people who are sensitive to smell


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7. Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Glade Clumping Cat Litter

low dust litter

This is also effective for odor control. It makes it easy to scoop waste because of its effective clumping. They are also lightweight and easy to clean. It is equipped with ammonia blocker which ensures all odors from ammonia are absorbed leaving odorless waste. It is scented to keep your home smelling fresh all day long.

  • It has ammonia blocker
  • It has offers powerful clumping action which makes it easy to collect waste.
  • It is ideal for multi-cat households
  • It uses Glade fragrance to deal with strong odors
  • It is difficult to open the container


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8. Fresh Step Crystals Premium Cat Litter

dustless cat litter reviews

This is an 8 pounds scented cat litter with crystals that absorb moisture and it makes it easy to clean. It offers 30 days odor control which is one of the longest odor control solutions which is ideal for your household. It is lightweight which makes it movable. It is also designed with low dust formula for cleaner air and surfaces. It is also scented with the step crystals to ensure your household is fresh throughout the day.

  • It has an ammonia blocker which makes it have powerful odor control.
  • It is dust-free
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is difficult when scooping


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9. Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Clumping Cat Litter

low dust litter

It is a multi-cat litter which is dust-free for easy cleaning It absorbs ammonia from feces and urine to control odor. It is also lightweight and recyclable which makes it reusable. It also offers powerful clumping which makes it easy to scoop the waste for disposal.

  • It is effective in odor control
  • It is dust-free
  • It is not suitable for every cat


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How Can I Reduce The Dust In My Litter Box?

There are several ways in which we can control dust from the cat litter box.

1. After purchasing the litter, you need to handle it with a lot of care while transporting it from the shop to your house.

Most litters are made of clay, sand, and other crystal particles, so while transporting, it might rub each other, thus creating more dust particles; thus, to avoid this, you need to carry it as gently as much as possible. If carried well, then when unpacking, you will avoid getting the dust from it.

2. The use of recycled newspaper litter is 99.9% way of reducing the dust in your cat litters.

Instead of using litters made of clay and other crystal particles, most households are now turning to use of recycled newspapers that don’t emanate any dust at all. However, in most instances, this is more expensive. Still, it has other advantages apart from being dust-free such as being lighter in weight as well as using recycled items also goes a long way in making our environment clean.

3. Proper handling of the cat litter while placing it on the litter box is also essential in the reduction of dust.

It is advisable that when pouring the cat litter into the box, the distance between the two should be as minimum as possible. Always ensure they are very close to avoid the wind blowing it and creating more dust. This also applies when cleaning it.

4. While refilling or cleaning the litter box, it is advisable to be done outside your house.

This is because doing it in an open-air will allow the wind or breeze to carry the dust away, thus not getting into your respiratory system.

Is Litter Dust Bad For Cats?

Litter dust is very important for cats because, just as humans, cats get ailments from dust, so always to ensure your cat is healthy all the time having well-maintained litter dust is essential.

Things To Consider In Buying Best Cat Litter For Dust Control

There are critical things to take into consideration while looking for the best cat litter for dust control. This is essential to buy a very effective cat litter as well as get value for the money spends.

no dust cat litter reviews

1. The first item to consider is the availability of the cat litter within the shops or stores nearby.

Always consider getting a litter that is available within your residence; this is to avoid it getting dust due to rubbing while transporting it home. For example, litter made of coconut husks is always rare to find compared to other cat litters.

2. Biodegradability is another thing to consider before buying a cat litter.

Because the less biodegradable the litter is, the more it generates dust. For example, it will be prudent going for corn than clay litter.

3. You can also consider the ability of the offspring to absorb dust.

A more absorbent litter like silica is appropriate; however, this is more pricy, but it is worth it. With a more absorbent type of litter, you will minimize dust effectively.

4. It is also prudent to take into consideration the ability of the litter to clump easily

The clumping cat litter will help facilitate easy clean up, thus reducing dust effectively.

Who Should Buy Dust Free Cat Litter

Every pet owner should have a dust-free cat litter because this will ensure that both the cat and the owner are free from respiratory diseases occasioned by dust.

What Is Dust-free Cat Litter And How Does It Work?

Dust-free cat litter is the type of litter that can be used by cat owners without emanating any dust to the environment or to the cat itself. This assists the cats to cover their feces. After buying litter of your choice, you place it in a box at an appropriate place within the house. This will enable the cats to use it when they defecate, thus keeping your home and environment very clean. After some time, it is recommended that you empty it by disposing of it appropriately to avoid getting dust, which is harmful to your health then replace the litter with new ones.

Is Breathing Cat Litter Dust Harmful?

Inhaling dust from cat litter is very detrimental because dust causes respiratory ailments. Just like humans, It also affects the cat’s health-wise. It is ultimately important to manage the dust at all costs.

Is Crystal Cat Litter Dust Free?

Crystal cat litter is made out of sodium silicate sand, a very absorbent component; thus, this type of litter is 99% dust-free.

Types Of Dust Free Cat Litter

Manufacturers are working tirelessly to ensure they produce dust-free cat litter to ensure it is safe for both humans and cats.

low dust cat litter reviews

Pellet litter

Pellet is one of the most viable dust free cat litter that you should choose. It is not more prone to tracking, and it ensures there are no trails. First, consider the preference of your cat because they might reject it since others prefer fine litters.

Clay litter

Most clay litters are known to be dusty, but some improved low dust formulas brands are dust-free. They are made using heavy granules that produce less dust. This works towards the common goals of a dust-free environment.

Silica Gel Crystal litter

They are not completely dust-free but they are less dusty that some clay cat litter brands. It requires less maintenance which makes it some of the common brands that you will find in the market. You need to be careful when choosing them because some contain coarse crystal which can be uncomfortable to the cat.

Dangers of dust.

Dust is one of the common problems that you will find in most households. When dust gets out of hand it becomes dangerous and here are some of the dangers.

Health problems

Dust is associated with respiratory problems which can develop into chronic. It causes some irritation on the airways which leads to respiratory discomfort leading to sneezing. Most people have also developed an allergic reaction to dust and other allergens, mold spores, and pollen grains. The hypersensitive reactions can become chronic leading to a severe allergic reaction. The most common dust allergies include dermatitis, bronchial infections, asthma attacks and wheezing.

Attracts growth of mold

Dust also creates a conducive environment for the growth of molds. They will accumulate in dump areas creating a good platform for molds to grow on surfaces.

It lowers indoor air quality

Everyone would like to have fresh households with the best air quality to avoid discomfort and other respiratory infections. However, dust can lower the air quality which makes it uncomfortable for the inhabitants.

The best way on how to handle dust problems is using microfiber cloths before dusting to ensure most dust is trapped, remove the carpets, and reduce home humidity.


The best cat litter for dust control that I have listed in these reviews is the best you can get. They ensure your household is free from dust which causes discomfort and other respiratory complications. Therefore, choose the one that will suit your needs and purchase it from a trusted retailer.

Top 3 Best Cat Litters For Dust Control