The 6 Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

self cleaning litter box for catsAre you troubled by cleaning up the cat litter every day? How about owning a self-cleaning cat litter box? As we know, traditional litter boxes are inconvenient to clean up every day because of the heavy body and non-automated system. Fortunately, there are several best self-cleaning litter boxes on the market that allow you to say goodbye to daily cleaning and bad smells. The automatic litter box is really necessary, especially for kitty owners who go out all day and lack time.

Based on a large number of data investigations and comparisons, we find that consumers pay more attention to different aspects, such as types, size, cleaning cycle, odor control, and so on. Integrating the above factors, we have compiled the top 6 self-cleaning cat litter boxes. There are also buying guides and tips for you to make good options.


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What Are the Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes?


Why Do You Need A Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box?

No Daily Scooping

Whether you are a busy worker away from home all day or hate cleaning cat litter every day, a self-cleaning litter box allows you have more extra time for yourself rather than daily scooping.

Provide Fresh Air

An automatic cat litter box keeps you and your cats away from the dirty environment on account of the automatic cleaning system and air purification device.

Save Litter

After your cat uses a toilet that cleans itself, a rake will clean the litter and filter the waste which maximizes the utilization of the litter.


Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Reviews

A useful litter-robot benefits cats and owners. Here are the best 6 self-cleaning cat litter box we recommended:

1. Best Value- Petsafe Affordable Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box With Little Noise

If you are finding an electric litter box that is both affordable and practical, Petsafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the best choice for you. There is no daily scooping because the automatic cleaning model will work automatically after the sensor detects when your cat leaves the litter box. You also don’t have to replace the litter tray often, just change it after you smell a lot.

Besides, covered by a lid, the litter box blocks odors and reduces the noise when the machine is working. Crystal litter can effectively remove odor by absorbing urine and dehydrating solid waste.


  • Quiet
  • Odor control
  • Affordable


  • Do use crystal litter

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2. Best for Multi-Cat- Nature’s Miracle Odor Control Electric Litter Box with Night-Light

For cat owners with multiple cats, preparing several litter boxes take up a lot of space. Self-cleaning Litter boxes with large capacity and the effective deodorizing device help solve the problem. Nature’s Miracle is the top pick for multi-cat families. A large-capacity replaceable waste container holds the waste of multiple cats, and a carbon adsorption device purifies the air and removes foul odors.

Apart from that, it features a visual night light function to help cats to go to the toilet safely at night. Especially, the high walls on both sides prevent the kitty litter from falling out and keep the ground clean.


  • No daily scooping
  • Waste receptacle keeps mess and odor contained
  • Night light
  • Large capacity


  • No lid

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3. Best Smart- GatGenie Automatic Kitty Litter Box with App Control

CatGenie Self Washing-Flushing Cat Box is completely automatic because you will never touch, change, and buy the litter with this product. The cat litter box uses a scoop to collect the waste automatically and flush it away through the sewer and toilet. Then, the cleaning system cleans and dries the litter for the next use, so you never change and buy litter anymore.

Despite its smart system, GatGenie has a removable round lid which provides a quiet environment for you and your cat. Thanks to a totally automatic system, GatGenie can support daily use well for two or more cats. The cleaning machine cleans the litter before the next cat uses it.


  • No heavy bags or containers
  • Decompose waste
  • Effective odor control


  • Expensive
  • Use it in your bathroom

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4. Best Budget- Omega Paw Cheap Self-Cleaning Litter Box with Easy Operation

If you are on a budget, Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Self Cleaning Litter Box is what I suggest you go with. The price is affordable for most cat owners.

In addition, a durable plastic frame makes it difficult to break while a build-in pull-out sifting grate and roll-and-Clean design make cleaning work more convenient. Covered litter boxes give cats privacy and effectively control bad smell. When you are cleaning, turn the litter box 180 degrees to separate clean cat litter and cat’s waste and discard it away.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to operate


  • Requires manual handling

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5. Best Large- Petsafe Scoop-Free Automatic Hooded Litter Box with 99% Dust-Free

The large-sized design of PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box provides a spacious interior for large-sized cats or those fond of ample space, which, to some extent, minimizes the chances of cats getting depressed. It is 20.38 x 11.69 x 28 inches which is the relatively large litter-robot on the market and suitable for cats with more than fifteen pounds.

What is more, there is a flexible lid that is designed to control odor and prevent dust from floating around. However, if your cat doesn’t like a confined environment, you can remove the lid. There is also a sensor that can track how many times your cat visits the litter box and monitor your cat’s health.


  • Large size
  • High capacity
  • Modern look
  • Not prone to jamming



  • Heavy weight makes it difficult to move

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6. Best Odor Control- LitterMaid Thickness Kitty Litter Box with Carbon Filters

LitterMaid is well known for its special odor control system. The carbon filter in the waste container can exchange peculiar smells while a large waste container facilitates cleaning time.

The high walls on both sides make it possible to contain more cat litter which allows your cat to dig and play. You don’t need to buy waste containers and carbon filters separately because it comes with four boxes, four carbon filters, and a spoon when you buy this product.


  • The waste receptacles with carbon filters
  • High walls prevent litter fall to the floor
  • Use all kinds of litter
  • Spacious


  • No covered lid

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How To Choose A Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box?

When you are choosing a self-cleaning litter box, you need to consider many aspects, including safety, size, noise, number of cats, and so on. Checking these things help you choose the best automatic kitty litter box for you and your cat:


There are two types of litter boxes supported by external power supplies or batteries. If you have a naughty kitty, an automatic litter box supported by external power supplies is unsafe for your cat as it may bite the wire. Then, you’d better use a self-cleaning litter box with batteries. On the other hand, although every automatic litter box has a smart sensor and a device of leak protection, you should check if the new machine is leakage electricity before your cat uses it.

Number of Cats

For one cat, a normal cleaning model is enough. Here is the best self-cleaning cat litter box for a single cat that we recommended:

Best self-cleaning cat litter box for single cat- LitterMaid single cat litter box

consider number of cats when you are choosing a litter cat

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For two cats or more, you should consider whether the litter box is big enough to hold multiple cats’ waste for days before you buy a cat litter box for multiple cats, and you need to adjust the cleaning cycle to make it more frequent.


  • Large Size

Some automatic litter boxes fit cats which are more than 15 pounds. If your cat is more than 15 pounds, you need to prepare them with a Large sized box, and they won’t want to go to the toilet if there has too little space. Below is a large self-cleaning litter box we find on the market, and it is 20.38 x 11.69 x 28 inches.

  • Small Size

Some cats are too shame to go to the toilet in a large litter box, therefore, owners need to prepare a small litter box. At the same time, a small litter box is suitable for young cats less than 6 months.

Best self-cleaning cat litter box for small cat- Petsafe simply automatic litter box with clumping litter

Petsafe small size self clenaing cat litter box

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Odor Control

A self-cleaning litter box has a special odor control system that provides fresh air for you and your cats. Cat litter boxes for odor control remove bad smells in various ways.  One kind of litter box uses crystal litter which is able to remove odor by absorbing urine and dehydrates solid waste, the other is to install carbon filters in the trash can. Besides, a cattty litter box with a lid is also effective in blocking odors.


If you would like to put the litter box in your bedroom, noise is one of the most important points you should consider. Enclosed and covered cat litter boxes have less noise than other types. You will not be disturbed by your cat during going to the toilet at night.

Types of Litter

It is important to check that the litter box you plan to buy fits which kind of litter. This is because some litter boxes require special litter such as crystal litter. At the same time, you should check if the cat litter box fits the litter that your cat prefers. In brief, choosing the best cat litter for your cat is one of the most important things.


It is better to make sure what is the warranty for the litter box you plan to buy. Most self-cleaning litter boxes have 1 to 2 years warranty.


What Kinds of Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes Should I Choose?

APP-CONNECTED Automatic Cat Litter Box

For owners who go out all day, an app-connected litter box is your best choice. This kind of litter box links to your smartphone app so that you can set a cleaning model for your cat and receive information from the app about times your cat uses the toilet and time you should change the litter.

Best litter-robot with app control- CatGenie self-washing flushing cat litter box
Litter box cleans and dries the litter by itself

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Enclosed Automatic Cat Litter Box

The enclosed litter box not only blocks the outside noise for the cat but also prevents the owner from being disturbed by the sound of the litter box, especially at night. Besides, it features total odor control for closed design and an internal purification system.

Open Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Cats prefer having clear views of surroundings when they are in the toilet, therefore, open self-cleaning cat litter boxes make it easy for cats to feel safe. Without a lid, the place is large and open which makes your cat relax and allows you to get a better view of your cat in the toilet.

Best open automatic litter box- Petsafe original self-cleaning cat litter boxopen self cleaning cat litter box

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Covered Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

With a lid, covered cat litter boxes are dominant in odor control because the lid effectively limits odor emission. At the same time, the covered lid is designed to create a quiet environment for introverted cats. Cats want a place to escape when they feel unsafe like a kid trying to grab them when they are doing their business. Choosing a covered cat litter box should consider the size of cats in case cats can’t get in.

Top Entry Electric Cat Litter Box

With the sunken lid for capturing loose litter, the top entry cat litter box provides a cleaner ground after your cat visits it. However, it is not suitable for young and old cats who are not very good at jumping. Cats require athletic ability to enter and jump out.

Best top entry self-cleaning litter box- Petsafe scoop-free automatic hooded litter box

Top in automatic cleaning litter box

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What Are The Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Brands?


Petsafe self-cleaning cat litter boxes have modern looks which can be better integrated into the decoration style of modern homes. Pestsafe is one of the smartest automatic litter boxes which is connected to your phone by an app. This app allows you to monitor your cat’s litter box usage. Most of Petsafe self-cleaning cat litter boxes use crystal litter and disposable tray, so you need to purchase extra crystal cat litter and replacement litter trays. The price of Petsafe litter boxes is between 70$-200$.

Petsafe scoop-free smart cleaning litter box with app control
Remoting control cat litter box

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Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle has two well-selled self-cleaning cat litter boxes which are for a single cat and multiple cats. Replaceable waste containers with the carbon filter are the highlight of this brand which makes it have advantages in odor control. Besides, with thicker plastic materials than other brands, the cat litter boxes of Nature’s Miracle are stronger and durable. The price is between 130$-190$.

Omega Paw

The products of Omega Paw feature large size and dark color, and the price is low between 30$ t0 50$. What is unique is its shape, the litter box is round and can be flipped 360 degrees. The round shape makes it easy for cat owners to clean the waste. However, litter boxes of Omega Paw are not totally automatic, which means that you still need to clean the litter by hand.


Tips for Using A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

1. Do not operate the new electric litter box automatically for the first two days until your cat has adapted to the new litter box.

2. Add some used cat litter to the new cat litter box to let cats know that it is its toilet.

3. Check the automatic rake firstly, lest it hurt your cat.

4. Clean the automatic rake regularly to prevent jams.

5. Measure the length and weight of your cat before you plan to buy a litter box.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does self-cleaning cat litter box work?

There are different types of self-cleaning cat litter boxes that work in different ways. Generally, it has a litter tray with an automatic rake that cleans the waste into the waste box by swinging it forward. In particular, some automatic litter boxes work by flipping the cat litter bucket to filter out the waste.

2. How do I help my cat get used to the new toilet?

You should put the new litter box in the original place firstly and put some used litter into the new litter box. For the first couple of days, you may need to turn off the power of the electric litter box until your cat is using it on her own. During this time, observing the cat’s reaction in the new litter box allows you to adjust the location of the litter box, the cleaning model as well as the amount of litter. If your cat still doesn’t do its business for two days, you will need to switch to the original litter box.

3. How often do you change the cat litter in a self-cleaning litter box?

Once a week is a general guideline for replacing litter, but it depends on your circumstances. If you have more than one cat, you need to adjust to it twice a week. You can also decide whether to replace the cat litter according to the smell.

4. Where should I put my cat’s litter box?

Placing it in an adult’s room may be the best choice. Preferably, you can put the box in a quiet location like a closet or bathroom. The basement is also a good choice as long as there’s plenty of space between it and loud appliances, like a washing machine.

5. Is it safe to keep a self-cleaning cat litter box in your bedroom?

No, it is not safe to keep it in your bedroom. When the owner is away all day, the litter box needs electricity all the time which may bring safety hazards. If a large amount of electricity is consumed for a long time, the plug may become hot and burn, causing a fire. This will cause immeasurable losses.

6. Can you use clumping litter in an automatic litter box?

Yes, using clumping litter is the best choice because it is easy for an automatic scooping mechanism to catch all the waste after the cat litter clumps, and wet litter can cause a mess in the machine’s inner workings. Besides, the clumping litter traps more of the odor and requires less change.



Owning the best self-cleaning litter box makes your life more comfortable and colorful. After reading the above, you must have picked the self-cleaning cat litter box you want to buy the most. Buy it!

The 6 Best Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes