What to Look For in Litter For Long-haired Cats?

how to clean long-haired cats

When looking for litter for your long-haired cat, it is wise to consider options that provide you with large or pellets granules. Also, soft litters made from corn, silica gel, and cotton provide the best for your cat as they are an ideal choice with fewer chances of fur sticking on the litter.

And if you happen to own a long-haired cat, the struggle in keeping it safe and free from debris and litter is just on another level. And even tougher when it comes to litter box issues, some factors play a significant role in your options.

So, it is wise to understand that some designs are better than the others, and each litter fit differently when it comes to long-haired kitties.

This page will share some basic understanding of litters and the best choices for your case.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For Long Haired Cats?

  • CRYSTAL CAT LITTER: Litter box maintenance made easier with odor locking litter crystals that absorb moisture. Packaging may vary
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What to Look for in Litter for Long-haired Cats

Material Used

Before choosing any litter type for your cat, it is wise to consider the material used to make the amt. Some research suggests that for long-haired pets, wider and pellet choices provide the best material setting. This is because of their design that enables your cat to move around with less fur shedding. Softer material made of cotton also makes the best mat as they don’t stick to your cat’s fur.


Size plays a key role in the litter type to buy it should always come first in your buying considerations; this is the resting and playing ground for many cats. Making it larger will depend on your home space and other cleaning factors. Take your time and try to find an appropriate size that fits your cat.

Cleaning Process and Price

You will be required to clean the whole mat and even vacuum the whole place, a good choice to buy should provide you with the easiest machine wash, no handwashing. On the other hand, price plays a crucial role in quality and litter type to buy. From quality to design and affordability, all rest in price to play the cards for you. But the best options are the ones you can afford or the economical type.

How to Clean a Long-haired Cats Bum

long-haired cats

Cleaning your cat bum is one of the hardest and confusing tasks, especially if you are a first-time owner. Not only to first time owners of a long-haired cat but also the normal and ordinarily owners cleaning your cats bum requires more than basic cleaning and online guides. We are specialized in pets and long-haired animals, and when it comes to ideas and guides on how to clean, we provide the best. All you need is to follow the guide below step by step:

    • Set your kitchen or washbasin sink at low pressure, avoid the noisy type, but ensure you have warm water.
    • Hold your cat and wrap him gently using a towel; at this stage, avoid his bum.
    • Lift him and put your cat in the basin, hold the tail and use a soft tissue or a towel to wipe using running water.
    • Ensure you dry him before getting him out to play again

This process might vary from one cat to another, but are you own a long-haired pet, warm water with towel wipe provides the best. You can use a dry to blow off the water or a towel to wipe your cat to dry.

How Long Do Long-haired Cats Live?

Depending on your cat’s health and lifestyle, the life expectant of a long-haired cat varies from one cat to another. This is due to health complications and a way of life. But a survey conducted by pets’ specialists recording and collecting data from different sites an average domestic cat can live up to 15.1 years. But the number is inconsistent, but ranging from 11 to 19 years. That’s why the study rested at the average age of 15 years. But this should not worry you; it depends on the cat’s diet, and other factors that matter most is how you take care of your cat that determines its longevity.

How to Keep Poop off Long-haired Cats?

One of the most challenging tasks as a long-haired cat is to keep the poop off your cat’s fur. Some sources will suggest a trim or shaving the cat’s feet, but if you love a fluffy cat, this means restrictions. Do we have a better way? It depends on your approach and how fast you notice a sticking poop on your cat’s fur. Long-haired pets often have long hair. Suppose you can clean the poop before it sticks or dries the better. Trimming also means less material for poop and litter to stick to. It is also wise to keep an eye on the poop type, firmness, and consistency. If the poop is watery or soft, try and find seek vet directions on your cat’s health.

Recommend Cats Trims

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How to Remove Mats from Long-haired Cats?

If the mat is not too tight or too big, the easiest way to remove it is to work it or remove it from your fingers or the cleaning brush. You can apply a cleaning or oil-based cleaning spray to help you loosen the fur. Apply or use a cleaning brush to detach all the smaller tangles one by one. Starting by holding all hair below the mat, under the belly skin to the mat smaller pieces. Removing or brushing it is good if you apply less force and avoid faster stokes as they pull a lot of furs, thus injuring your cat.

Best Cat Litter Mats Recommend

  • Best Mat for Gathering Litter: This cat litter trapper helps you to trap the scatter cat litter, no more getting litter stuck to your feet and cleaning your floor on daily basis! Our product is large enough to cover your cat’s litter box’s entrance area, and the honeycomb shape holes are extra large to cat and trap every cat litter.
  • Waterproof & Urine Proof: With the honeycomb double layer design, the bottom layer is waterproof and urine proof, no need to worry about your hardwood floor and carpets from pesticides and nasty urine stains.
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  • Washable & Easy Cleaning: Easy and deep cleaning the bottom layer under a vacuum. Also, with the washable material, you could clean it under sink head or shower head. The bottom layer is anti-slip, it will stay in one place once you have placed it.
  • BPA Free & Warranty: Our premium comfort mat is phthalate free (it is a must for pets!) and our super soft EVA material is gentle on sensitive paws. Every Conlun product comes with one year manufacturer warranty and 24 hours customer service.
  • THE ORIGINAL LITTER TRAPPER: the cat mat is constructed from durable long lasting materials; topside features thick mesh coils that effectively grab litter; deep grooves on the topside also collect litter, keeping it contained to the mat and off of your floors
  • TEXTURED BACKING HELPS IT STAY IN PLACE: while other mats may shift around as your cat exits their litter box, resulting in litter all over your floors, our mat is designed with a textured backing that helps it to stay in place, even with active cats
  • WATER RESISTANT: constructed from durable water resistant materials, the cat mat is designed to not allow liquids to pass through, helping to keep liquid messes off your floors; mat also protect floors from scratching
  • RECYCLE MORE LITTER AND EASY CLEAN: waste less litter; tip and pour collected litter back into the box to save money; excess litter can also be vacuumed or shaken out of mat; for a deep clean use mild soap and water, always air dry
  • INCREDIBLY GENTLE AND SOFT ON PAWS: a durable mat that is super soft on sensitive paws, because your furry friend deserves the best; even makes a great spot for an afternoon cat nap; mat measures 23” x 35”
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  • Waterproof/Urine Proof Mat: Bottom layer is waterproof and also slip-resistant which will not allow any liquid to go through and easy to move. If you have a cat vomit on the mat, you can hose it off, easy to clean and be dry. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains.Prevent the cat's urine from getting everywhere.
  • Washable Litter Mat: Pieviev litter box mat is an upgrade mat ,it made of soft and washable EVA material. Dirt can be removed super easily. Compared with mesh mats, you may not remove litter thoroughly even with vacuum. Pieviev matscould help you solve this problem perfectly. Save time and strength!!
  • Soft On Paws & Easy To Release Litter: Great litter trapping mat, comfortable on tender paws. Our soft EVA material is gentle for sensitive cat paws. Cats even like to step on or have an afternoon snooze on it. Double layers allow litter to be sifted and gather on the bottom. Shaking gently could release litter easily.
  • Premium Quality: Considering cats like to scratch, our mat is made of hard material, extremely strong. We are proud that we provide you with a tough and long-lasting cat litter mat product.

Why Do Long-haired Cats Get Matted?

Fur/hair can become matted due to various reasons. Some tend to occur in your pet’s body where there are some movement and rubbing, for instance, between the legs, the chest area, above the collar, and the cat’s tail. Mat is also formed due to rubbing and shedding. When old and loose fur fall, the fur gets caught in the pet’s coat, leaving knots. And the more you leave them unattended, the more they settle closer and grow tighter on the skin.

What is the Difference Between Short-haired Cats or Long-haired Cats for the Furminator?

You will wish to select either the short or long blade, and this depends on the cat’s fur length. If you own a short-haired dog or cat, it is wise you consider shallow teeth, and for long-haired cats, a Furminator with longer and soft teeth will do the cleaning better. The longer the teeth, the deeper you clean, and the higher the cleaning process you achieve. So when buying a Furminator, your pet fur should dictate what fits your cat well. And each Furminator brush has its size and cleaning ability, and the cat’s fur length directly impacts its application.

Best Furminator Brush Recommend For Long Haired Cats

  • Grooms and finishes your pet's coat
  • Metal bristles on one side remove loose topcoat hair, tangles and debris while messaging your pet's skin
  • Nylon bristles on the other side smooth and shine the coat
  • Convenient daily solution for topcoat care on pets
  • The ergonomic non-slip handle gives you maximum control
  • Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches through topcoat to safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat
  • FURejector button releases hair with ease
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and easy use
  • Remove loose hair without damaging the coat or cutting the skin when used as directed
  • deShedding tool for large (over 10 lbs) cats with long hair


It is all about taking care of your cat that matters most, and above all the having the right ideas on how to handle your cat play the cards better. As a cat owner, you all need the right litter and a good cleaning process for your cat and watch it grow old and beautiful each day. Each day ensures you give it the best and work towards ensuring your pet is healthy and strong. You can find more content online, but what matters the most is understanding what it takes to have a healthy pet in the house.