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Cat owners can spend a lot of money on cat litter every year. There is a wide range of cat litter products available to buy from pet shops and supermarkets. Not only do the types of cat litter vary greatly so can the price and the quality. There are different materials used in cat litter and the performance and quality of these are variable. As with most things, price is not the only factor in selecting the cat litter to buy. This is a guide to getting hold of cat litter at the best price.

Buying cat litter is about getting the right balance between price, quality, and value for money. It is worth trying different types of cat litter in order to find the most effective one at the best price. It also pays to shop around to find the best deals.

What Is the Best Cat Litter For the Price Around $15?

  • CLUMPING LITTER: Fight litter box odors with the power of Febreze in our easy to scoop, clumping clay cat litter that eliminates odors continuously and leaves a Febreze freshness scent; Packaging May Vary
  • ODOR CONTROL CAT LITTER: Specially formulated for the strongest litter box odors, this litter has a 10-day odor control guarantee with Ammonia Block Technology that controls the growth of bacterial odors
  • 99.9% DUST-FREE LITTER: Fight odors with this 99.9% dust free formula that keeps surfaces cleaner and the air clearer, and has a paw activated formula that releases a fragrance every time your cat steps in the box
  • SCOOPABLE KITTY LITTER: Make cleaning easy with the ClumpLock technology that quickly absorbs liquids and forms tight clumps to minimize any stinky crumbles left behind
  • FRESH STEP CAT LITTER: Fight litter box odors with your cat’s health and happiness in mind; Certain trademarks used under license from The Procter & Gamble Company or its affiliates

Benefits of Using Cheaper Kitty Litter

* Save money compared to using more expensive brands

* Keep the litter tray cleaner for less

* Odor control still effective

* Cheap cat litter still has similar clumping ability to more expensive clumping brands

* Get dust free cat litter for less – cheaper brands maybe 99 % dust-free instead of 100 % dust-free

* Consider lightweight litter as it does the same as regular litter at a lower cost

Cheap Price Around $20Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter

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Comparing Different Cat Litter Within Different Price Range

How to Save Money on Cat Litter?

There are different ways to save money on cat litter and there are plenty of opportunities to save money while making sure that the litter tray is clean and odor-free.

To save money consider buying cheaper brands of cat litter that are just as good as the more expensive brands. Whatever brands you decide to buy make sure to get the best price. For example, take advantage of coupons and discounts on higher-quality brands.

Further savings can be made by buying online with some sites offering free shipping. In particular, take advantage of Black Friday and save as much as 50 % off the litter.

Buy litter in bulk or shop for litter at discount stores or wholesalers. Also, consider using crystal cat litter as it may only need changing once a month, or perhaps use alternative materials to litter such as wood pellets and sand.

Best Around $20Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight 17 lbs Cat Litter For Multiple Cats

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What Am I Sacrificing by Purchasing Cheap Litter?

While using cheap litter may save there are certain things that are being sacrificed by purchasing it.

While there are advantages to using cheaper cat litter there are some disadvantages from using it, such as cheaper cat litter may not be suitable for use with mechanical litter boxes. Some long hair cats may not be able to use cheap litter as it will get stuck to them, and sometimes the cheaper cat litter is not dust free.

Other disadvantages are that the odor control or deodorizing bits of cheap litter may not last as long, or that some cheap litters are not good for the environment, as the cheaper litter may contain cheaper, stronger or less effective chemicals.


Best Cheap Price Around $28Arm & Hammer 40 lbs Platinum Cat Litters

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Can I Use Other Materials in Place of Cat Litter?

It is possible to use other materials instead of cat litter, though such materials may or may not be better than using the litter. Some natural materials make good alternatives to cat litter though this may only be cost-effective if people can source the alternatives locally. If it takes less effort and less money than buying cat litter then it is worth trying other materials. Some materials that can be used:

* Sawdust
* Crushed walnut shells
* Wood chips
* Sand

However, for the vast majority of cat owners, there is no point in using other materials instead of cat litter. These materials will take too much effort to obtain, probably prove less effective, and possibly would not save any money compared to buying litter.

All in all using alternative materials is just too much effort for insignificant savings when it is so much easier to buy litter at a local store or online.

Some cat shelters prefer to use natural materials whereas for cat owners buying litter from stores or online is a simpler option.

Best Cheap Under $20Purina Tidy Clumping Cat Litter 40 lbs

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How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Litter?

The frequency that cat litter needs to be changed can depend on various factors.

How many cats are using the litter tray, more cats equals more changes? Also when non-clumping litter is used it will have to be changed sooner than clumping litter unless the odor protection is better. Owners should think about whether or not it is possible to reuse litter, especially clumping litter, and that can depend on the type of cat litter used, pellets usually need changing before clumping litter would.

Other factors to consider include if it is possible to remove the used litter and replace it with small amounts of fresh litter. Using crystal gel reduces the need to change the litter, maybe just once a month if solid waste is removed on a daily basis. You may decide to change the litter when the odor control is no longer working even after removing waste and clumps, or when the cat(s) are no longer willing to use the litter tray/box (a little like you having to use a dirty toilet).

 Useful tip: removing solid waste daily or a few times a week reduces the number of times the litter needs changing no matter what type of litter is used. 

Best Cheap Cat Litter Around $10Fresh Step Odor Control Clumping 14lbs Cat Litter

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There is a wide range of cat litter available to buy and the best price does not always equate to the best quality. It is certainly possible to buy reasonable quality cat litter at a good price. These days it is easier to obtain affordable yet quality cat litter than it used to be. Online sites and discount outlets have lowered the price of cat litter without lowering it’s standard. Cat owners should look around for the best deals on cat litter, and try different brands to find out if they can have a similar level of effectiveness at a lower price. Sometimes if other materials can be obtained at a lower cost it pays to use these instead of buying cat litter, yet that is seldom the case.

Cat litter is widely available and more affordable than it used to be, especially from online retailers and discount stores. If solid waste and clumps are removed regularly then less litter is needed overall.


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