How Much Does Cat Litter Cost? How to Save the Cost?

A cat litter is an absorbent clay pulverized to lining a box in which a cat uses to eliminate its waste material. Also, a cat litter can be characterized as a urine collection box and indoor feces for a cat that uses this respiratory through training. Before keeping a cute cat, you must be wondering how much cat litter costs.

As you keep scrolling through this article, you will learn about the following:

  • What is the average monthly consumption of cat litter?
  • What are the factors contributing to the rising cost of cat litter?
  • How to calculate the cost of your cat litter cost?
  • Ten ways to save the cost of cat litter

how much does cat litter cost


Average Cost of a Cat Litter Per Month

Either, you might be a cat owner, or you are having thoughts of owning a cat. With these, there are high probabilities that one of the things crisscrossing through your mind is buying and owning a cat litter.

In the market, you will find various types of litters at various prices and which are cost-friendly. It is clear and concise that we want to purchase an affordable cat litter, not expensive because it is meant for disposal. The cost of a cat litter ranges from $10.00 to $40.00 monthly.

The factors affecting your cat litter’s average monthly price are the number of cats you have, brand type, cat litter efficiency, and preference type. The cost of cat litter per month would largely be dependent on your options as to what you are looking for in a cat litter. If you’re looking for the most simple, cheapest cat litter and have just one cat, you might be able to get around $10-$12 a month. The more features you incorporate, such as fragrant, clumping, or organic, the higher your price rises. You should also plan to spend more on litter per month if you have several cats.


Different Types of Cat Litter with Average Cost

how much does cat litter cost

Cat litters are categorized into different types, with varying ranges of price. In this article, we shall discuss four major types of cat litters and their average cost. Though these cat litters come in different types and perform differently, they all serve the same purpose. Also, customer preference means that you will find a certain brand that pleases you while the other is boring to use.

1. Clay Litter

This type of litter the most cost-friendly type. They are preferred by many because of their moisture absorption ability and dry waste out. If you purchase this litter type by the pound, you will have to bag the litter personally. But if you want to buy for a nominal fee, it would be best to buy pounds of bag ranging between 20 to 40.

The cost of a clay litter depends on the quantity you will have to purchase. Therefore, the average price of a clay litter is 5o cents for every pond. You also need to be aware of maintenance done by collecting feces every morning, disposing of the waster frequently, and refilling the litter with litter that is fresh.

2. Clumping Litter

What is clumping litter? This is a fine clay granule coagulating liquid waste for quick elimination into a ball that is solid. It costs a little more for this litter, but it is long-lasting compared to the litter made of clay alone.

The average cost of clumping litter is 75 cents to $1.30 for every pound. To maintain this type of litter, scoop daily the soiled litter, and then add new waste.

The clumping litter was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1950s by the use of calcium bentonite clay. This type of litter is natural and features diatomaceous earth.

3. Crystal Cat Litter

Crystal litter is another type of cat litter featuring tiny crystals. The crystals are integral to absorb moisture and trap bad smells. Also, the litter can hold urine for a month before the box is changed. On rare occasions will you find the tiny crystals clumping.

The average cost of the crystal cat litter ranges from $1.87 to 3.75 pounds. To maintain this litter, ensure feces are collected daily, dispose of the box after 30 days, and replace the disposed box with new crystals.

4. Natural Cat Litter

Natural cat litter is environmentally friendly, and it is often used to minimize the effects of clay mining. The biodegradable products created by this type of litter have no or fewer impacts on landfills.

The average cost of natural cat litter ranges from $1.10 to $3.75 for every pound. Unlike other types of litter, maintenance for this litter depends on the product type. Ensure waste is collected daily, dispose of the collected waste, clean the litter box, and replace it with fresh litter.


How Much Cat Litter Should I Use?

how much does cat litter cost

The quantity of cat litter you need depends on you. However, the best and amount recommended should range from 2.4 inches. You can start with 2 inches before moving to 4 inches.

As you do this, you will notice your cat’s preference. Cats prefer average litter. Ensure it’s not too high; neither should it below. But, ensure your pan has enough litter to conceal the cat’s waste without seeing the pan’s bottom. If the box has less litter, the cats will start looking for an alternative place to dispose of their waste.


How Long Can a 25lb Cat Litter Cost?

how much does cat litter cost

Ideally, about 25 lb. Cat litter bags can last anywhere from six to eight weeks. This is a rough guess, though, since, once again, how long a 25 lb. The cat litter bag will last for the circumstance’s hinges. If you have two cats, you’ll only be able to last half as long. If you have a single cat, instead of 4 inches, fill the pan with 2 inches of litter, and have a good filter scoop and scoop every day, it can last you longer.

It depends on how willing you are, as far as possible, to make it go. A decent, balanced recommendation, however, is around six weeks. To keep your cat and other members in your home healthy, you want to make sure that the litter box stays clean and that the litter is changed regularly.


Are There Any Other Options to Replace Cat Litter?

how much does cat litter cost

Of course, Yes, there are numerous cat litter options.

  • Install restroom

The first option you can try is installing your cat does and allowing your cats to leave the room anytime they feel like using the restroom. The same is also applied to dogs.

  • Toilet training

Toilet training is another option. It is important and advisable to train your cat on the appropriate ways to use the toilet. You can go online and get toilet training kits at various costs, vital in training your cat to use the toilet as required. On most occasions, we have the 2-3 step system kits which cats start using. A ring filled with litter is the next step. We then head to a smaller ring, and the last step is to let the cat start going to the toilet by itself.

  • Alternative cat litter

It is important and recommendable to think of an alternative to your cat litter. Many individuals often consider Clay-based litters because of their efficiency. This is why clay litters are frequently bought and common among many cat owners. Cat litters came in different types and made of different fabrics, including:

  • Tofu
  • Wood
  • Wheat
  • Corn and cassava
  • Grass
  • Wood
  • Sand
  • Paper
  • Coconut

With all these materials, it is a clear indication that you various alternatives to your cat litter. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which suits you best.


What Might Add to the Cost of Cat Litter?

how much does cat litter cost

There are many factors that may make you spend a lot on your cat litter. Some of these factors include the size of your litter box, number of cats, brands, and number of the litter box.

1. Size of Your Litter Box

A large-sized cat litter box is affordable compared to a small-sized litter box. A large-sized cat litter box is spacious and can accommodate several cats, reducing the cost of purchasing more litter boxes. Also, it takes time for these large litter boxes to get full, resulting in fewer cases of replacement.

2. Number of Cats

Obviously, with an increased number of cats, you should expect to use more litter, which is more expensive.

3. Brands

Various brands are made of different materials; for instance, the brand made of clay is the least expensive. There are other brands made of cassava, and bamboo, to name a few which are costly.

The crystal litter brand is also costly because it is made of silica gel suitable for absorbing moisture and odors. It is also friendly and conducive to victims with respiratory, asthmatic, and allergies.

Another brand is clumping litter which is more expensive than non-clumping litter. The clumping litter makes scooping easier. As for the clumping litter, it is further categorized into scented and non-scented types. Their costs are affected by market trends. Most people prefer the unscented type because of allergies and sensitivities. A litter box that works hand in hand with brands known for pleasant smells is considered more expensive than the odorless one.

4. Number of Litter Box

Having a greater number of litter boxes even though expensive is useful because you will find cats sharing the same litter box on rare occasions.


How to Calculate My Cat Litter Cost?

how much does cat litter cost

Calculation of a cat litter cost is another critical area that you need to be conversant with as a cat owner. Before calculating your cat’s expenses, it is recommended you be aware of how much they consume monthly. Monthly, your cat may consume between 15 to 20 pounds which is a reasonable value. What your cat consumes in a month is dependent on many variables.

The first factor that affects your cats’ consumption is the number of cats you own. Let’s assume you have one cat; 15 to 20 pounds would serve best for it. However, if you have more cats, you will have to spend a lot, because the quantity of litter you will be using is more compared to a single cat.

How you fill your litter box also impacts how much you spend monthly. Other factors include the type of litter you use, how many times your cats use the litter box, your preference regarding the replacement of the litter, and how well you scoop the litter box.


Ten Ways to Save Money on Cat Litter Cost

You might be having endless questions and anxious to know how to save money on cat litter. Worry not, because we have here the most appropriate answers for you. Anytime you buy a cat litter, you always believe that this is something you will dispose of once used by your cat.

Therefore, this is reason enough to save on it. How to save should no longer be a problem to you because we have compiled ten effective and proven ways to minimize the cat litter expenses monthly.

1. Purchase your cat little art supply stores wholesale and in bulk. Farm supply stores are based on a population that raises a large number of animals. This makes the price per unit lower by a big margin, giving you a better deal.

2. Coupons. Cat litter coupons in newspapers are frequent flyers and are found on a coupon book next to the cat litter found. In case you have friends that come across any cat litter coupons, it would be best if you ask them to let you know.

3. The clumping litter you make use of should either be merged with litter boxes or straining scoops.

4. Makes use of the portion control.

5. Use a straining scoop while scooping the litter.

6. Go for the litter that gives rewarding points and offers you the opportunity to redeem them for either litter bags or free boxes.

7. Train your cat to go and ease itself outside or either toilet it. This helps the cat not to dispose of waste in an inappropriate place.

8. It would be best if you made your purchase online.

9. Purchase a cat litter that is cost-friendly since it will be disposed of after used by the cat.

10. The recommended subscription service you choose should grant minimal price in exchange for a subscription.



A cat litter is beneficial to your cat because its material enables cats to conceal; they scent by burying their waste material. Cat litters come in various types, including clay, clumping, crystal, and natural, to name a few. As a cat owner, several aspects are highlighted in the article that you need to understand about your cat litter box.