Natural Remedies for Cats & 20 Tips You Should Know On Cats Caring

Nowadays, natural remedies are preferred by people and for their pets to control common cat diseases. Your cat could be having itching as a result of dandruff, fleas, and more. Here you can use homemade remedies to control it. You can use peppermint or rosemary. Several cat cases will require you to adapt to natural remedies, for example, hairball central, cat bladder attack.

In this article, we are going to look at daily nutrition for a cat’s health, some harmless herbs suitable for your cat, tips to keep your cat’s health, and how you can make your cat comfortable.

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Daily Nutrition for Cat Health.

  • Stomach;

Always ensure your cat’s daily nutrition has no irritating ingredients as is highly digestible. This prevents digestive disorders as well as intestinal health improvement.

  • Skin;

Daily nutrition for your cat‘s skin development is proteins, essential fatty acids, and energy.

  • Joints;

To prevent joints issues like arthritis in cats always mix cat food with omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Organs;

To maintain and support your cat’s organs you are supposed to feed it with protein products.

  • General health;

To meet the cat’s nutritional needs ensure its diet is low in carbohydrates, higher in animal-based proteins, and moderate level fats. It’s crucial to include water for drinking.


Harmless Herbs May Be Helpful


They are useful especially once your cat is new at home. Sprinkle it on the scratching post.


It’s beneficial for your cat in case of stress, cancer, anxiety, and more.


this kind of plant promotes cats’ relaxation, reduced aggressive behavior, and improves cat sleep.


How to Take Care of Uncomfortable Cats?

Your cat can become uncomfortable depending on the kind of environment you provide. Like your pet, you are supposed to take care of them. The following ways will help your cat to feel comfortable;

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– Outdoors connection;

it is necessary to ensure your cat is having a place where he or she can interact with the surroundings. It could be through a door, screen porch, window, and more. Seeing people, and birds outsides make them comfy.

– Scratch posts.

Providing your cat with a post for helping in its scratching nature, makes them happy as they usually enjoy doing on trees.

– Litter box.

In most cases, cats prefer their places to be hidden and quiet. Although when it pees or poop, you will easily notice. Little privacy makes them comfortable. Ensure your cat’s litter box is always clean, to prevent foul odors that can make your cat avoid that place.

– Provide your cat with hideouts;

cats enjoy having territories to hide, where they can see the surrounding clearly without being seen. They can use under the bed or you can create one for him or her using readily available items.

– While feeding your cat, make sure you give it the right diet.

Providing the correct nutritional diets prevents it from health issues such as digestive disorders. Also, ensure you place its feeding bowl in an open area for clear views.


20 Tips to Keep Cat Health

If you are a cat lover, you need to make sure it’s health is checked. You are supposed to take care of its nails, fur, teeth, keep paws shaped, and more. To give your cat the deserved love and care, the following ways will be of great help;

1. Animal-based protein:

Make sure you provide your cat with animal-based protein because it’s hard for them to absorb plant-derived proteins. Always ensure the label of packed cat food nutrition contains meat. Where possible you can add some cooked chicken to your cat’s diet. It’s important to slightly warm your cat’s food before serving. Occasionally provide your cat with a small amount of fish.

2. Freshwater:

Although cats do not like water, it’s important to always provide your cat with water that is clean and fresh. To ensure it eats and drinks water, it’s advisable to place a water bowl next to its food bowl. Drinking enough water will assist in digestion, make sure you change the water daily.

3. Taurine content:

Always make sure you check the cat’s food for taurine. This is an important content in ensuring your cat’s eyes are healthy failure to which can lead to blindness or death. In case your cat’s food lacks taurine consider purchasing supplemental taurine.

4. Dry food.

To prevent your cat from diabetes and obesity, always avoid feeding it more dry foods. Dry cat foods are higher in carbohydrates. It is recommendable to feed your cat more wet food that contains high lean protein content which ensures your cat is in good health. Also, avoid feeding your cat with any dog food.

5. Feeding your kitten more than adult cats:

Always ensure younger cats get more food than older ones. You can start reducing your cat’s amount of food when it’s 1 year old. Avoid drastic food change consult your veterinary. For your adult cats, you can feed them once a day.

6. Litter box.

Always ensure you provide your cat with plenty of litter boxes. To decide on the required number of litter boxes, just add one to the total number of your cats. Then place them at different right places. The location should be clean, well-lit, and open for the cat to see around.

7. Empty your cat’s litter box.

To prevent your cat’s pee and poop from smelling ensure you scoop the waste daily. Always empty your litter box weekly to avoid strong odors from forming. Then using a dish detergent and water spot clean your cat’s litter box.

8. Clean your cat’s feet.

Your cat can have moving problems or other messes in case it steps on unhygienic stuff. Always ensure your cat’s feet are clean, you can use a damp cloth. To a higher extent, you can wash your cat’s feet with lukewarm water.

9. Regular cat’s nail clipping.

You are supposed to trim your cat’s nails more often when it’s sleeping or relaxed. You need to massage your cat’s toe pad for its nails to come out. Only the sharp white nail end should be trimmed using a specialized pet clipper. Avoid cutting the cat’s pink part as it contains blood vessels and nerves which are very sensitives.

10. Regular checking of gums and teeth.

To ensure your cat’s gums are healthy check if they are pink in color, while the teeth should be white. Brown or yellow teeth indicate the formation of plaques or tartar. To prevent this used cat’s designed dental treats. Extreme condition of bad breaths; gum and teeth discoloration requires veterinary attention.

11. Brush your cat’s fur.

You are supposed to brush your cat’s hair once a day. This prevents hairballs formation in its stomach. Also reduces the fur shed on your carpets and furniture. Older cats require frequent brushing in this case consider your cat’s coat direction. For a long-haired cat, you are recommended to brush it at least 3 times a day.

12. Regularly check your cat for flea dirt which is reddish-brown when rubbed with damp cotton balls.

Then disinfect it and the entire house to prevent fleas’ infestation.

13. You are supposed to make sure your cat’s eyes are always healthy.

In case of crust, build-up uses a damp cotton ball and wipes it away. You can contact your vet when the condition is extreme.

14. Regularly check your cat’s ears to remove or prevent excessive waxy build-up.

Extreme waxy build-up causes a bad smell and your cat may be having mites.

15. Provide your cat with scratching posts.

You are supposed to provide and train your cat on how to use scratching posts. This will prevent clawing on your valuable furniture. Avoid placing it in a hidden place.

16. Neuter your cat.

The longest term beneficial to your cat is being sprayed. Neutering and spraying your cats help in making them comfortable and safe. This ensures your cat population is maintained as you can prevent them from mating and giving birth to multiple kittens at a younger age.

17. Always travel safely with your cat.

While traveling ensure you restrain your cat to avoid accidents. Do not carry your cat and leave it in a parked car alone.

18. It is recommendable to provide your cat with a friendly veterinarian.

Your vet should be having separate waiting places for dogs and cats.

19. You are not supposed to make assumptions that you know why your cat is peeing or pooping outside the litter box.

You need to take it to your veterinarian for a checkup.

20. It is important to let your cats show off.

When you make them comfy and happy they will demonstrate their love through hunting.



Using natural remedies for your cat is recommendable and easier to do at home. In this case, you need to consider the use of herbs that are harmless to your pet. Your cat’s general health depends on its daily diet nutrition. Ensure your cat gets a diet low in fat, moderate in proteins, low in carbohydrates, and enough drinking water.