How & When to Switch Cat Litter?

From time to time, you will see the need to alter the brands of the cat litter that you use. The reasons and the timings for such alterations may vary considerably. We have seen it necessary to help you to make your changes less of a hassle by prepping this article.

Our discussion of this subject matter of how to switch cat litter endeavors to answer the following questions:

  • Steps on switching cat litter brands
  • Tips on switching your cat litter
  • Benefits of switching cat litter


5 Steps on Switching Cat Litter Brands

In our peek into this matter of how to switch cat litter, we start it out with the five steps to take to switch the litter brands:

Step I: Ascertain your cat’s unique needs

Of course, your cat must find the present litter inappropriate for it for whatever reason. You must find out whether indeed it is uncomfortable and if so, in what ways.

That way, you will now be able to determine the character of the new box that you may fix in its stead.

Step II: Identify a suitable new litter

After knowing exactly what is wrong with the current litter, you may now embark on the task of finding the new one. That is something you do by examining the unique needs of your cat.

At the same time, you also mirror the characteristics and the traits of the brand you have in mind.

Step III: Find out the right timing

Finding the right cat litter for yourself is in and of itself not enough. You have to also determine the right time to make the change.

To accrue the best outcomes and minimal shocks, we recommend that you make the change at the time when it is least convenient such as when moving a house.

Step IV: Introduce the cat to the new litter progressively

The time has now come for you to introduce the cat to the new litter. Yet again, we ask you to adopt a progressive approach. This is to give your cat and the space to adapt to the new environment seamlessly. You may also use the two litters side by side for a start.

Step V: Monitor the progress of the cat patiently

Take the time to monitor the state and the progress of your cat patiently. Be on the lookout for any signs of stress, anxiety, or fear.

Do not hesitate to remedy these issues if and when they arise to enable your cat to rest and settle in the new environment well.


When to Switch Your Cat Litter?

The following times or circumstances may signify a need to switch your cat litter:

  • If your current litter brand is no longer available in stock
  • Your cat tends to relieve itself outside the present litter box rather than inside
  • In your wisdom, you want to make a switch from one kind of litter box to another one


What to Avoid in Switching?

While making a switch from one brand to another one, you may want to avoid the following issues or problems:

  • Exhibiting some sense of nervousness as the cat may feel scared
  • Moving the new box to a different location in the transition period
  • Failing to scoop the poop when the new box is in place
  • Neglecting the cleanliness of the new litter box in the introductory stages
  • Overwhelming the cat with changes especially at a time when it is stressed


Advantages of Switching Cat Litter

Below are some of the advantages of making this switch from one brand to the other:

  • Upgrade to better features

Making this switch is certainly a sure way of upgrading to better features. Newer brands tend to incorporate the latest features that their older counterparts lack. They are hence able to serve you better.

Moreover, many of them are also eco-friendly and incorporate greener features.

  • Accommodate the growing cats

With time, of course, your cat grows. The litter you have at the moment might not be suitable for it due to the limited carrying capacity. It is only by making a change that you may be capable of keeping pace with the capacity issues.

Moreover, a newer brand may also have the ability to minister to many cats at a time.

  • Better waste disposal

Thanks to their possessions of the latest and indeed more sophisticated features, these newer brands are better placed at facilitating the disposal of wastes. They particularly spare you from having to contend with the hassles you may usually go through while disposing of the wastes.



EXCELLENT! We have done well to belabor the matter of how to switch cat litter. It is now our firm conviction that you are supercharged enough to put into good use what we have inculcated to you. Dragging your feet or taking too long is never advisable at all. This is the time to set out…