3 Ways to Dispose Used Clumping Cat Litter & Make Litter Last Longer

Clumping cat litter enables you to sift the clumped waste matter from the litter box while making less likeliness for the litters to be thrown around the house and end up on the floor around your home.

However, as much as it conserves the litter in the box, it requires to be changed in intervals between two to four weeks. Although this is the least favorite chore around, in any home with a happy cat it is a necessary evil.

Therefore, what will you do when you change the clumping cat litter? The article discusses how to dispose of the cat litter and the care and maintenance of the cat litter box.

recycled cat litter

What to Do with Used Clumping Cat Litter?

Knowing how to dispose of the clumping cat litter makes you a responsible cat owner. Despite getting the litter your cat likes, it does not end there until you know how you are to dispose of it. Below are ways in which you should dispose of your clumping cat litter.

what to do with used clumping cat litter

1. Put it in the trash.

This is a common, tried, and tested method to dispose of your cat litter. Using a cat litter scoop, sift out the urine and feces clumps from the cat litter every day and place it in a small trash bag. The best trash bag to use for this purpose is a thick and heavy-duty paper that cannot tear or stretch. However, if you only have the normal bags consider double laying for more support in carrying the particles and clumps of the litter.

When scooping the clumped cat litter ensure that the trash bag is in the trash and then tie the garbage into a knot. This is done to prevent odor which would make your house smelly after some time. Also, there would be bacterial breakage where the package would be exposed to air thus the possibility of toxin consequently leading to airborne. Do not throw the litter outside the house and when putting it in trash separate the trash bins making the garbage collector identify from organic waste and cat litter.

what to do with used clumping cat litter

2. Use in compost.

You can dump the clumping cat litters in a compost pit rather than disposing of them in the trash, which turns them into fertilizer. While using the biodegradable and compostable clumping cat litters, it’s beneficial to the environment in many ways. For example, you will be reducing the number of wastes that get dumped in landfills, also it paves the way to have natural fertilizer and refraining from using the chemical-based.

The clumping compostable cat litters are mostly made from natural and organic materials like woods and wheat but clay-based clumping is not degradable and cannot be used in composts. Also, the compostable cat litters can be used in flower gardens only and not in vegetables due to bacteria like E Coli which are parasites shed in cat’s feces.

3. Flushing away the litter.

Different types of cat litters have their ideal ways in which they are to be disposed of. Even the clumping cat litters which may seem to be moisture activated are likely not supposed to be flushed down the toilet. The recycled newspaper which seems to be an eco-friendly option for cat litter but during disposal causes plumbing problems and may clog your pipes and sewerage system. Therefore, when flushing down a newspaper litter be extra cautious or look for an alternative method.

what to do with used clumping cat litter

To clay and silica-based clumping cat litter, they should never be flushed down the toilet. They may cause havoc in the plumbing system just like the newspaper does. Before flushing clumping cat litter, which seems a convenient way of disposal to the litter which is easy to flush, consult with your local waste management company if their waste treatment methods can kill pathogens and bacteria. This is because the cat waste has Toxoplasma gondii pathogens that are harmful to other living things when consumed. However, if flushing will not contribute to water contamination in the area then go ahead.

The natural cat litter like corn and wheat-based which has clumping capabilities can be flushed down the toilet. However, you should flush these litters only a few clumps at a time since flushing a whole batch will highly increase the chances of clogging the plumbing systems.


How to Make Your Cat Litter Last Longer?

The cost of keeping a cat may be around $1000 per year while among the factors that leads to hiking in cost, is the usage of the cat litter. However, to a budget-minded person, you will try to reduce the cost of cat litter while not forgoing the comfort of the cat. Below are the ideas on how to make cat litter last longer to save you the extra dollar.

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– Use a slotted scoop.

By using this instrument, you have a better chance to scoop the clumped waste from the rest of the litter leaving you with the rest in the box ready to be used. Simply shake the scooper when you catch them to let loose the litter not clumped. This will help you save some cost as there is no wastage of litters.

– Cleaning the box frequently.

It is crucial to clean the litter box frequently if possible daily if you want to preserve the cat litter for longer. By cleaning daily, you will be able to scoop the clumps for disposal and save litter that is incomparable to cleaning the clumps once a week while it is messier.

what to do with used clumping cat litter– Watch out for moisture and humidity.

The biggest enemy of clumping cat litter is being exposed to moisture and humidity. When the winter season comes, keep the litter box accessible to the cat where it will not disturb the cat’s daily activities and behavior but also where the litter won’t be exposed to moisture or humidity. If humidity will access the litter box, place a dehumidifier near the litter box and keep the location dry.

– Fill to the top of the box.

Filling the litter box to almost filling it makes a reasonable level that when a cat disposes of the urine or feces the top of the litter clumps together which is easily scoopable thus leaving the bottom free from gunk thus preserving the litter for a little longer.



You can use commercially produced clumping cat litter or homemade clumping cat litter to ensure your cat is healthy and comfortable. However, without figuring out how to dispose of your clumped cat litters you might be doing your work halfway. Before adopting that cute cat, do your research on what is the best clumping cat litter, what to do with used cat litter, and how to make the litter last longer.