Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

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Next to dogs, cats are the most popular pets worldwide due to the numerous advantages people get from them, such as keeping your house rodent-free, being low maintenance, and even teaching children social skills.

However, you will find that your cat likes to follow you everywhere you go, be it the kitchen or even the bathroom sometimes. If so, this article will walk you through:

  • Possible reasons for your cat following you everywhere;
  • How you can reciprocate your cat following you and other affectionate signs cats display;
  • Possible ways your cat says, “I love you.”


Why Cat Follows Everywhere?

Cats can follow you because of several reasons, some of which are:

how do cat express love

a) Curiosity

If you have ever come across the proverb, Curiosity killed the cat, you have a good idea of how cats can be curious. As such, your cat will follow you everywhere to see what you are doing.


b) The cat enjoying your company

The same way you keep a cat for companionship is the same way the cat might look towards you for the same, especially if you only have one. The desire for companionship is what may cause the cat to follow you around.


c) Protection of their territories

The same way cats sometimes tend to be territorial about a particular room, litter box, bowl, or even seat is the same way they might be territorial when it comes to you, resulting in them following you everywhere. However, this sometimes couples with aggressiveness towards foreign people approaching you. Therefore, you will notice it.


d) Hunger

Cats rely on you most of the time for their food. As such, if you do notice your cat following you everywhere, particularly while you are heading for the kitchen, it could be its way of telling you it’s hungry. You will quickly notice this when it is around their mealtimes.


e) Boredom

If you play with your cat at times, it will not be a surprise that they will follow you around wanting to play. They might also resolve to nibble at your feet to try to urge you to play.

However, different cats will encourage you in varied ways apart from following you everywhere and nibble. Experimentation is the only way you will know whether boredom is its reason for following you, nibble at you, or any other behavior.


f) Room access

Often you might not want your cat to go into particular rooms in your houses, such as nurseries and study rooms. Consequently, if the cat suspects you will eventually go into one of these prohibited rooms, it will follow you.


g) Fear

Like kids tend to follow their parents when they are afraid, cats can also do so, especially if you have another aggressive cat in the house. Following you may be a way to deter the other cat from attacking it. However, take your time to check on the issue if you do not have an aggressive animal since cats are not easily scared to such the extent of following people around.


How Should You Reciprocate Your Cat Following You and Other Signs of Cat Affection?

Though cats fail to convey affection as much as dogs, they do so in their way. They appreciate reciprocation of these feelings in the below manners:

a) Be available

Unlike dogs that will overwhelm their owners with affection, cats tend to dictate their affection’s times and terms. Therefore:

treat cat affection

  • Sit in the same room with your cat, and over time you will notice when it is displaying affection and wants its reciprocation.
  • As you spend time with your cat, talk to it as you would a person. It might not get what you are saying. However, a sound here or there from it will ensure you know you are communicating.
  • If you are unavailable for the cat for long periods due to a trip, try playing with them for a while before you leave. Moreover, give them an environment they entertain themselves in.


b) Appreciate the cat choosing you

The cat can display affection by bringing you a present sleeping on or beside you.

If it does so, let it lay for as long as it wants or till you necessarily have to leave.

Moreover, if the cat decides to mark you by rubbing off on you to leave a pheromone scent, be gracious and accept the doing of so.


c) Play with the cat

If you realize your cat wants to play, spare some time for it.

However, ensure you know which types of games it might enjoy, such as chasing and climbing games. Moreover, keep the sessions short and spread them over the day.


d) Properly nourish the cat.

Ensure you get the cat the highest quality foods you can afford. Moreover, consult a veterinarian on the best diet to give the cat.

Give the cat treats responsibly to avoid their becoming overweight. Moreover, avoid giving cats’ cows’ milk as it’s difficult for them to digest. Instead, give them fresh water.


e) Personal space

Give your cat some personal space where it can relax. Ensure the spot you select is semi-isolated. Place its litter box in an accessible yet quiet area.


f) Groom the cat

Ensure you bath the cat in warm water and brush it. However, while bathing the cat, keep a keen eye on them to ensure you detect any health issues. If you do so, contact a veterinarian.


Possible ways your cat says “I love you”

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a) Gifting you

From time to time, your cat might bring you a gift such as pieces of toys or even dead animals to display their love for you.


b) Kneading against you

While you pat your cat, you may realize it starts to press in and out against your laps. Such is the cat’s way of returning your affection, though it may be uncomfortable sometimes.


c) Displaying their belly

Cats do not show their stomachs to everyone. If they show you their stomachs, it means they are comfortable around you. It might also be an invitation to play. All in all, it is another way they show their love for you.


d) Curving their tails tip

When cats are happy, they tend to hold their tails up and slightly curve the tip. If you see such a demonstration, the cat is displaying affection towards you.


e) Rubbing against you

As earlier stated, cats rub against you to mark you with their pheromones. The more frequent the behavior, the more the animal loves you and wants other cats to know you belong to them.



Cats are adorable creatures to have around due to their calmness and curiosity. However, if you find your cat following you around, most of the time, it will be due to curiosity or a desire for affection.

Therefore, keep the above in mind while dealing with your cat’s following of you. However, if something seems out of place in its following of you, do not hesitate to request professional help.