10 Cheapest Cat Breeds – Price And Basic Info


If you’re searching for a cat to add to your house, one of the first things that come to mind is what the cheapest cat breeds are. However, with over 70 different cat breeds available and new ones being created every day, it might be difficult to sort them based on price. We’ve chosen ten of the most inexpensive breeds for you to narrow down your choice. We will show you what each one looks like and tell you a little about it so you can decide if it’s appropriate for your house. We will also provide an average price, but some rates may vary depending on breeder location and quality.

1. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is one of the most inexpensive cat breeds across the world. They are simple to locate and are the most prevalent housecat on every continent. The typical cost of an American Shorthair is about $600 -$1200.

A cat’s price varies greatly depending on its age and whether it has a distinctive coat color or pattern. An American Shorthair costs around $75 – $100 to adopt and is readily available.

2. Himalayan

The Himalayan is a mix of two different cat breeds: the Siamese and Persian. They are, however, less expensive than either of those species. They cost just over $300. Because of their low price, they’re quite popular. It’s as simple as getting a cat! They’re not overly energetic and would rather snuggle than do everything. This is an excellent choice if you want a fluffier cat to sit in your lap. To prevent matting, they need to be brushed on a regular basis. However, because they are quite passive, this isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds.

3. Ragdoll

The ragdoll is another cat breed with a unique color pattern. These cats have a ColorPoint pattern, which is an albinism type that results in white fur on the body’s warmer regions and color on the cooler areas. The cat’s face, legs, and tail will generally be pinkish- or cream-colored, with the extremities turning darker. It is a calm, docile animal that gets along well with other animals and children. You may anticipate paying around $400 for one of these kittens.

4. Manx

Manx cats cost between $400 and $625. They are one of the most budget-friendly cat breeds, and they’re readily available to pet lovers. The costs of a Manx cat with no tail will average around $500 to $800. Those are considered higher-end choices.

Manx cat kittens cost less than $300 on average, but some have been sold for only $100. Manx cats are considerably cheaper to adopt since the majority of male kittens cost roughly $100.

Given that this breed has a lifespan of 9-13 years, it’s not the greatest investment. The average lifetime of a cat is 10-15 years, therefore you’ll need to really look after it in order for it to survive 9 years or more.

5. Turkish Van

A lesser-known breed, they’re delicate, fluffy, and adorable. They are one of the less expensive cat breeds on the market, costing only around $200. They are a lot more active than other cats because of their size; therefore they’re ideal for families with kids who enjoy playing. They don’t just get tired out from playing outside, which will help them be better behaved indoors. They also enjoy playing in the water, which sets them apart.

6. Siamese

The cats in this group, also known as the Colorpoint Domestic Shorthair or Siamese, have a distinctive ColorPoint pattern on their fur, which can be any color on their face. It has an amiable and loyal disposition and will frequently end up sitting at your feet or in your lap. The Siamese is a small, fluffy dog breed that usually lives between 8 and 12 years old. This breed has very few health issues and is rather popular. Because this kind is so common, it’s not hard to find them for cheap, typically costing less than $200.

7. Havana Brown

Havana Brown cats are well-known for their lovely coat and are a rare breed. You’d expect these cats to be rather pricey because of their exquisite coat and uncommon breed. Havana Brown cats, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive when compared to other breeds.

A Havana Brown can range in price from $600 to $1350. The majority of the cost is determined by the cat’s age, coat condition, and overall quality. However, a Havana kitten may cost between $200 and $1300 depending on its pedigree.

When it comes to maintenance, they’re simple to keep up with and are generally sociable cats. There is no benefit from this cat’s training, but they are also quite bright.

8. Munchkin

Munchkin cats are without a doubt the most adorable cat breeds available. They are well-liked in many homes as a result of their charming appearance, from their little tiny legs to their cute face. How much do Munchkin cats cost, then?

Munchkins generally range in price from $900 to $2400. This cat’s adoption charges may reach over $100. Much of the variation in cost is due to the breeder and the cat’s quality.

The coat color is also a significant consideration. The fact that white signifies higher prices for your Munchkin cat is just one example. However, if you’re OK with the less popular color coats, they are considered to be rather costly cats. Munchkins can live up to 12-15 years old, making them a fantastic investment.

9. Birman

The average cost of a Burmese cat is between $500 and $600. The most common price for a Burmese cat is about $1000, which is lower than the average cost of other cat breeds. The higher the quality and rarity of a Birman, the more expensive it is. A Birman cat may cost up to $3,000 if it is of exceptional quality and rarity.

The kittens of this cat breed cost as little as $400 in most cases, similar to other low-cost feline species on our list. However, if it’s a high-pedigree kitten, you can expect to pay more than $1500.

Most Burmese cats live for about 16 years. The average life span of a Burmese cat is 11 to 15 years.

10. Tonkinese

The cost of a Tonkinese cat ranges from $600 to $1200, similar to the American Bobtail. In some situations, you may still purchase excellent Tonkinese cats for less than $350 each; however, they are more difficult to come by.

A Tonkinese kitten will set you back about $1000. Kittens in the $250-$350 range can sometimes be found with some research.

Tonkinese cats are generally inexpensive, yet they do not live as long as other breeds. The Tonkinese cat’s lifespan is 10 to 15 years, which is considered on the low end for this price range.

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