Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water? – 5 Possibilities

why do cats put toys in water

Why do cats put toys in water? Cats have their own way of playing and enjoying their time. They are known for being playful, loving and cuddly, but this behaviour has an interesting underlying purpose. Cats like to put things in water as a form of play. It’s not always about the toy or the food that’s in the water bowl, but it is about the cat’s natural instinct to find new things to explore. Here are five possible reasons why cats put toys in water.

Cats can seem like the most finicky creatures, but they are surprisingly quite easy to please. It just takes the right toy to make them purr away. Here are 5 possible explanations for why cats put their toys in their water bowls.

why do cats put toys in water

Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water: Five Possible Reasons

Cats love to play with toys. They put them in their water bowls, chew on them, hide them, and carry them around the house. It is no secret that cats like to play in the water bowl too. While some cats love carrying their toys with them as they drink from the water bowl, others like hiding tiny toys inside the water bowl so they can catch it when drinking. As an owner of a cat, you may be wondering why your cat does this or what his intentions are when he does this. Keep reading to find out five possible reasons for why cats put toys in the water bowl!

  • Cats Put Toys In Water To Clean Them

Cats groom themselves by licking, which helps remove dirt and hair from the fur and skin. They also try to reach as much of their body as possible in the water bowl so they can clean their ears and paws. This is why cats prefer water bowls that are higher than most food bowls, but only if they have a place to sit or jump around while they’re playing.

  • Cats Put Toys In Water To Hide Them

Cats can hide their toys inside their water bowl so no one can see where their treats are hidden, just like mice who hide food inside their nests to keep predators away from them. There is also a high probability that when cats aren’t using a toy anymore, they may decide that it would be best if no one else could use it either! They’ll hide it in the bowl of filtered or drinking water, but sometimes they won’t even bother hiding it at all – they’ll just leave it sitting there after finishing playing with it!

  • Cats put toys In Water To Cool Off

Cats like to play on chilly days when it’s too hot outside for them to be out during the day, so they will often go into the bathtub or sink and splash around with their toys. They also like the tinkling sound of running water because it’s soothing for them, just like humans do with white noise machines..

  • Cats Enjoy The Sound And Movement Of The Toy In The water

Cats like the sound of toys moving in water and they also enjoy watching the toy move. When your cat is playing in the water, he’s not just playing with toys; the cat could also be getting it’s paws wet and exploring what it feels like to have liquid running over them.

  • Cats Like To See What’s Happening Below The Surface Of The Water.

One reason that cats like to put things in water is because they are curious. They enjoy looking at the different things that may be below the surface of the water. This behaviour is not just limited to toys, but it can also include food that’s been dropped into a dish of water.

why do cats put toys in water

Why Do Cats Put Toys In Water: Other Possible Reason That Is Often Overlooked

  1. Cats are saving them for later.
  2. Cats like to feel safe in their bowls and toys provide a reassuring sense of safety.
  3. It could be that the cat is protecting the water bowl from being eaten by other cats or birds that might decide to eat it if they see the cat playing with their toy in the water bowl.
  4. It’s a way for cats to keep themselves entertained while they drink.
  5. After all, cats are drawn to water bowls like humans are drawn to coffee or tea cups of any variety. This “outside” strategy could be why some cats love playing with toys in their water dish because it mimics what happens outside.
  6. Cats like to hide their toys in the water so they can find them later on when they’re hungry/hunting for food.

What’s The Progression Of A Cat’s Curiosity?

It’s not just cats that are curious about water. Cats may also be curious about how this might feel or taste. This could motivate them to play with their water-filled toys more often and experiment with what it feels like to drink from a bowl of water. This curiosity can sometimes lead them to investigate their own urine or faeces as if they were exploring new things in the world. In some cases, cats find themselves playing with objects that have been left by humans that then leads them into using their own paw pads to clean themselves off.

There are several possible explanations for why cats put toys in water, but no single explanation is likely the answer because there are many levels of curiosity in cats and we’ll never know all the answers behind these behaviours.


Cats put their toys in their water bowls for specific reasons. It could be that the cat is thirsty, may be bored, they may be trying to tell you something, or they might just be playing with them. There are many different reasons as to why cats put their toys into their water bowls, so it’s important to keep your cat’s behaviour in mind when looking for answers.

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