What Is a Cat Perch? Does Your Pet Need It?

Cat Perch

Do you have a cat? Does your pet need a new cat perch? Cats are known to be restless creatures, so they must always find something that will keep them occupied. 

A cat perch is a tool used to put cats in an elevated, safe location with their litter box. This helps prevent your cat from scratching the ground and tracking litter around the house. 

For example, if you want your cat to stay off the dining room table, you can buy a scratching pad for it. If you want your cat to spend more time on the couch, you might invest in an interactive toy. 

There are also many different types of chairs that can be used to help give cats some peace and quiet when they need it the most. One of these is the Cat Perch. This is a type of chair specially made for cats and comes in many different shapes and sizes. It’s designed for cats to get their claws into so that they can stretch out their legs and sprawl out comfortably without getting into trouble. Even though this product is not a necessity for every home, there are still many helpful benefits that come with having one of these handy items. What kind of benefits could you have?

What is a Cat Perch

A Cat Perch is a chair that is designed specifically for cats. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else that you want to place it. This product helps your cat to stretch out their legs and sprawl out comfortably without getting into trouble. When your cat is resting on this chair, they are also able to scratch and groom themselves as needed. This product comes in many different shapes and sizes so that you can find one that will fit just right in your home.

Cat Perch

5 Types Of Cat Perches

There are different types of cat perches and they all serve different purposes.

The five types of cat perches are as follows:

  1. The cardboard box
  2. The hammock
  3. A pet bed
  4. A scratching post
  5. The furniture-style cat perch

How To Choose The Best Type Of Cat Perch For Your Kitty

The first step to buying a cat perch for your kitty is figuring out which type of cat perch best suits your cat.

Some cats like being able to see the entire room, while others prefer to sit in dark corners.

Some cats like a really big cushion, while other cats need something that’s small and easy to pick up and carry around. Ultimately, you should consider what kind of space your cat likes to spend their time in when deciding on the type of cat perch you should buy.

Once you know what kind of space your kitty would like, then you can proceed with choosing the right type of perch for them. There are many different types of cat furniture out there and each one has its pros and cons.

The factors you should consider when buying a cat perch for your cat include price, comfort level, and ease of cleaning.

Cat Perch

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Cat Perch

  • Having a cat-proofed room that has lots of places your cat can go, including a perch, helps them stay out of trouble and focus on you rather than other activities (such as chewing).
  • It helps you have fewer problems with damage from scratches and scratches from your cat not having any other options but to scratch your furniture because he’s bored!
  •  It can help decrease anxiety. Cats are naturally anxious animals and sometimes just sitting in one spot is enough for them to calm down and relax. For those times when your cat needs some time alone, having a sturdy perch or posts around the house should be sufficient enough for their needs.
  • Having a cat perch can keep your furniture clean as well! If your cat spends time climbing on furniture or playing with toys, it helps prevent objects from getting stuck in their fur which can result in hairballs that sometimes require surgery (not fun).
  • Cat perches are very popular with cats and they can also give your furniture a new look. They will feel safer, more secure, and more comfortable when they’re up high, which makes them much easier to care for and maintain.
  • Another fantastic benefit of having one of these chairs is that it can be adjusted to the size of your pet. For example, if you have a small cat, this chair would be ideal for them because they could fit in the chair without strangling themselves or getting stuck.
  • It’s also easy to clean which means there are no worries because even though this type of furniture is designed specifically for cats, it doesn’t need to be replaced often because it will last as long as needed! 


Your pet deserves a comfortable place to relax. Cats like to climb and perch. 

Cat perches are great for your house because they help reduce scratching.

They also provide your cat with comfortable resting area and an opportunity to exercise his natural habits

Cats are cute, fun, and entertaining to have around. Getting a cat perch will give your cat a place to sit. Here are the 10 reasons why having a cat perch is great.

1. You will have less litter issues

2. Your cat will be able to see better

3. Your cat will get exercise quickly

4. Your cat will sleep better

5. Your cat will have more fun

6. Your pet will live longer

7. Your pet will be able to be groomed better

8. Your pet will be more relaxed

9. You can get more stuff done with your hands

10. You can spend more time with your cat

All of these options are good and they all have their pros and cons, so it is important to think about what you want in your cat perch before you decide which one to purchase. 

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