How To Put A Diaper On Your Cat?

cat diapers

Cat diapers are devices that cover your cat’s private parts and keep them dry. It looks like a plastic bag with a tube coming out of the bottom. It can be used for urine or faeces, but we’re just focusing on urine today. 

Did you know that you can use a diaper on your cat? Well, of course, you do. If you have a cat, chances are they’re going to need a diaper at some point in their life. It might seem like this is one of those things that comes with the territory of owning a cat, but there’s more to it than just putting on an old shirt or pair of pants and calling it good. 

Many people are confused about which type of diaper they should use.  

This article will teach you how to put a diaper on your cat, whether you have an adult or a baby cat. Pads, liners and soaker pads are all good options for diapering your feline friend.

cat diapers

The Primary Steps On Choosing Cat Diapers

  • Firstly, you should decide which type of diaper is best on your cat.
  • Then, you should decide what type of cloth or disposable diapers will work best for your cat
  • Finally, you should use the appropriate size diapers and compare them side by side so that you can see how they stack up against each other.

What Are The Types Of Cat Diapers

The first step is deciding which type of diaper you should use. Pads, liners and soaker pads are all good options for diapering your feline friend.

  • Pads are usually the cheapest option, but they can also leak quite easily. These diapers are used when you want the maximum amount of absorbency but don’t want to cover your cat’s whole body with a liner. They’re also great for cats who tend to leak.
  •  Liners, on the other hand, are made from a non-woven fabric. They’re designed to be more absorbent than pads, without leaking as much.
  • Soaker pads are made from absorbent materials that create larger amounts of liquid waste in order to keep the cat’s bottom dry and comfortable.

How To Put A Diaper On Your Cat

  • The first step to putting a diaper on your cat is picking one out. You can use disposable or reusable diapers for your cat so find the best option for you and your home.
  • Next, open up the packaging of the diaper and take out the inner pad. Put this pad inside of the diaper so it doesn’t get dirty or wet during use.
  • Now, place your cat on its back and hold onto one of its legs while wrapping a small amount of the outer pad around their waist. 
  • Then, wrap one more layer of the outer pad around their bottom half, holding it in place with your other hand. It should look like this when you’re done.
  • If you want to leave them without any underwear for a little bit, just make sure that you cover their genitals with a thin layer of cat socks or something similar.

How To Change A Diaper On Your Cat

  • The first step is to find a spot on the cat’s back that is not covered by fur. Make sure this spot is in direct contact with the cat’s skin.
  • Next, you need to stop any urine and/or stool from escaping. You can do this by pinching or folding the diaper under your cat’s tail. This will prevent both of these things from running away before you are able to properly secure it around your pet’s waistline. 
  • Lastly, pull up the diaper and fasten it securely around your cat’s waist with the help of a safety pin.

Additional Tips For Using Cat Diapers

  • Use a diaper that is similar in design to what your cat is wearing. If you’re using a diaper with a liner, use the same kind of liner that your cat uses. It will be much easier for the two of you to work together if you have some experience putting diapers on.
  • If you use an absorbent material, make sure it is not too thick or small to allow enough movement of your cat’s legs and hind-quarters when they walk. It should also be large enough so your cat can pee and poop freely without having to shake their body around too much.
  • You should also consider using a diaper with soaker pads if your feline friend is having trouble going potty outdoors. Soaker pads are more absorbent than traditional liners and can help keep moisture away from your kitty’s sensitive areas while they’re out playing in the grass.
  • Additionally, if your feline friend has special needs when it comes to diapering, talk with a vet before you get started. Many cats have medical problems that might require specific care during this process.


The first step of putting a diaper on your cat is to identify if the cat needs a pad, liner or soaker. There are three types of diapers that are available below. Each one is an option for your cat depending on what type of coverage and absorption you need.

  • Pads: These diapers absorb liquid. They are great for quick changes and for young babies who will be able to pee more frequently.
  • Liners: These diapers offer a lot of coverage, but they do not absorb. This is good for older cats who have bladder control.
  • Soaker Pads: These diapers are popular because they offer both coverage and absorption. However, soakers are also bulky so you may want to consider this if your cat is easily distracted by new objects in the home or if he likes to scratch on the bed.

Now you know how to put a diaper on your cat, why not try it.

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