How to Scoop Cat Litter?

best ways to clean cat litter box

Scooping cat litter is a chore that all cat owners must endure. They might not like this activity, but it must be done at least once every other day.

However, if a pet parent has 2 or more cats, this chore might have to become a daily habit. Frequently scooping cat litter helps your cat to live a clean and comfortable life. It also helps your feline from developing any potential health issues.

The following information will explain how you should scoop cat litter. This material will also give you a thorough understanding of the importance of cleaning your cat’s litter box.

Why Scoop Cat Litter, Why Not Just Change It?

If you constantly had to dump out your kitty litter, you would be spending a lot of money on this stuff.

Cat scoops make your litter go farther because they only take the absorbed waste material out of the box. They leave behind most of the litter pebbles.

Again, the average person would spend at least 2 to 4 times as much on litter if they constantly had to dump the box all the time. This would make owning a cat more expensive.

Also, most cat owners just don’t want to spend more money and waste more of their time on this chore.


Then How Often Should I Scoop Cat Litter?

We just mentioned that kitty litter should be cleaned at least once every other day. That is a rule of thumb or a general cleaning standard for any person that owns one cat.

This standard can also be used for cat owners that has at least 2 in their home. Any pet parent that has 3 or cats should definitely clean out their litter boxes at least once a day.

Cat’s generally use the bathroom at least twice a day. Once during the morning and night. That is another standard rule for most animals.

However, if your cat is eating and drinking things throughout the day; they might have to frequently use their litter boxes.

When you have 3 or more cats, that is a lot of waste material collecting inside of a litter box within a given day. You will have to clean it out at least once a day.

Pet owners that don’t make the effort to do this will have a huge mess to clean up when they decide to get the job done.

Also, you might not realize the following point. When a cat’s litter box is filled up with waste material; they will start to use the bathroom in other areas around their litter box. Cat’s are clean creatures by nature and they will not play around in their feces and urine that much. So, it’s to your best interest to keep your cat’s boxes clean or you might be cleaning up poop from different parts of your home.

You should also get at least 2 to 3 litter boxes if you have 3 or more cats. The reason being is that cats need the extra boxes to spread out their waste material.

Again, if they don’t have the ability to use the bathroom in a clean way, they are going to use it wherever else they can. Make sure you have enough litter boxes and make sure your litter boxes are big enough to accommodate the amounts of cats you have. Ultimately, make it a point to clean a cat’s litter box at least once every other day, despite the number of cats you might own.


How to Safely Scoop Cat Litter?

best ways to clean cat litter

You should wear gloves when you clean your cat’s litter. Then you should take your time to gather the waste material and put it into the waste bin or toilet.

The area where the litter box is contained should be well ventilated and you should make sure your litter trash container has some type of lid to control odors and germs.

#Paper Cat Litter Scooping, It Can Be In A Mess

Paper kitty litter can be used for cats. This substance is shredded up into fine shards that are placed into a cat’s litter box. The paper can be made from everything from cardboard to newspaper-like materials.

Paper cat litter is very absorbent. As a matter of fact, it is 3x’s more absorbent than regular cat litter. However, it can be more of a hassle to scoop out of a litter box. Also, it is not as sanitary as clay-based litters.

Pet owners you should carefully consider using paper-based kitty litters. Think of paper kitty litters like really sturdy toilet paper in your cat’s litter box.

Yes, it can be used to contain their waste material, but it will leave behind more of a mess for you to clean up.

You can scoop it up out of your litter box, but your scoop will probably have feces on it and urine as well. You will have to clean off your scoop after every use with paper litter. You will also have to frequently wash your scoop to keep the waste material to a minimum.


Can You Scoop Cat Litter when Pregnant?

No, pregnant felines are very sensitive, thus experts do not recommend pregnant ladies to get any in touch with cat litters.

But if there is no other people at home can do the job, then you need to take several actions when scooping. For more detailed information, you might check our guidance on: how to scoop litter safely while pregnant.


Where to Scoop Cat Litter in Toilet?

cleaning cat litters

Most people don’t put kitty litter into the toilet. They usually purchase a sturdy waste basket (with a cover) to contain waste material. Keep in mind that kitty litter has a pebbly form. If the pebbles are frequently flushed down the toilet, they will cause a toilet to backup. This might not happen right away, but it will eventually take place.

If you have to use the toilet (or if that is your preference); make sure you have a snake you can send down your pipes to help loosen up any clogs. Also, if you plan on using the toilet for your cat’s waste material; it should be a secondary bathroom that is not commonly used by everyone else in the house. The reason being is that cat’s sometimes gets worms or have other nasty things living in their feces. You don’t want those little critters getting inside of your kids, your other pets or even inside of you.

As a rule of thumb, you can use the toilet to get rid of kitty litter waste, but only put waste material into the toilet (and not loose litter). You should also make sure you are not allowing dangerous organisms from your cat’s poop to get loose in your bathroom area. Pet owners might also want to keep extra money on hand to cover plumber visits that will result from putting kitty litter waste material down the toilet.


How to Clean Cat Litter Scoop?

best ways to clean cat litter box

When you clean your cat’s litter box, you’re going to need to use a scoop. Your cat’s litter scoop is a shovel that has slits, holes, or open spaces. The scoop is designed this way so that the litter can be sifted as the waste material is being removed from the box. When you’re done cleaning your cat’s litter, you should consider cleaning the scoop.

Keep in mind that you do not have to clean your cat’s litter scoop after every use. However, you should clean it off at least once a week. The reason being is that fecal and urine matter can build up on the scoop. This could cause sickness to you or your pet. The germs and bacteria from feces and urine can also cause the scoop to smell. You can simply clean your cat’s litter scoop by wearing plastic gloves and using hot water and soap. You can also use bleach or some other disinfectant to help remove the deadly germs.


Getting Easy-scooping Cat Litter Will Help A Lot

effectively scoop cat litter

#What Company Makes Scoop Away Cat Litter?

Scoop Away is produced by A&M Products Manufacturing. This business is a small operation that works under the Clorox Company. A&M Products Manufacturing tells their customers that dumping cat litter is not necessary since it can easily be scooped away out of a litter box.


#What Cat Litter Do You Not Have to Scoop Urine?

All cat litter is designed to collect urine. If not, then it should not be used for kitty litter. However, there are some non-clumping cat litters that do not have this function. If this is the case, then you will have literally dump and then clean the whole entire litter box. Scooping would be pointless if you can’t scoop away absorbed urine.


#Which is Better Naturally Fresh Vs sWeat Scoop Cat Litter?

Naturally Fresh scoop cat litter is good for keeping your cat’s litter box smelling good. sWeat Scoop cat litter is designed for cats that frequently use the litter box. Both types of litter are best suited for controlling litter box odors. The sWeat Scoop litters are better designed for clumping and absorbing cat mess.



Why My Cat Hates when I Scoop His Litter Box?

A litter box is simply a cat’s toilet that you have to flush. If you mess with this animal’s toilet they’re going to get made. The fact is that a litter box is a personal part of their identity. This something that they own. While they don’t like messing around in their feces, they do understand the importance of the litter box.

In the wild, cats would simply use the bathroom on the ground. Their waste material is a part of the process they use for marking their territory.

So, when a pet owner cleans out the litter box, they are messing around with something that the cat owns. Cats will get made about it. Their behavior is no different than people who get made about someone messing around in their bathroom. A person’s bathroom is their private space. They own this space and use it to clean themselves. This is how cats feel about their litter boxes.


How to Prevent Cat Litter from Sticking to the Scoop?

Most cat litter will not stick to a scoop. That is because most cat litter is designed to be sifted through a scoop. However, if there is enough stick fecal material in a litter box; the pebbles can stick to the scoop.

If this happens, you simply have to tap the scoop on the side of a trash can for cat litter. You can also scrape it off or wash it off outside with a water hose.


What if Dog Eats Scoop Cat Litter?

Generally, most dogs don’t mess around in a cat’s poop. However, there are some oddball dogs that will engage in this behavior. Dog’s generally known when a substance is not good to eat.

If they are eating kitty litter (the Sweet Scoop brand) then there is something going on with the pooch. The canine will need to be taken to the vet to make sure they are not getting poisoned or have digestive problems from eating kitty litter.


Why Does My Cat Scoop out His Litter After I’ve Cleaned It?

Cat’s generally clean up after themselves after they poop. They do this to bury or cover their feces. Many animals do this in the wild. Dog’s do this a lot after they take a number 2 on the ground. They will kick their hind legs back to cover their feces. This is what cats do.

Remember, they are extremely clean animals. Their sense of smell and sight are better than ours. We can think that we have thoroughly cleaned out their litter box.

However, they can detect if we missed some leftover crap in the litter. Cat’s simply like to keep their areas as clean as possible.


Why Does My Cat Scoop Litter out of the Box?

Cats are not purposely throwing litter everywhere. They are simply engaging in an old behavior that is a part of their genetic instinct. Once again, cats like to keep their toilet areas clean and tidy.



Your cat will always have to use the bathroom. You will always need to change their litter. Just make sure you are doing your best to ensure that your cats have a clean place to use the bathroom. Your cats will enjoy this, you will enjoy this, and your home will be cleaner and healthier.