10 Curly-Haired Cat Breeds And The Facts About Them

curly-haired cat-image from pixabay by meowfotos
Cats with curly hair or coats are referred to as curly-haired cat breeds. Some curly-haired cats only have curly fur on their heads and tails. Others have it all over (and some may even shed their wavy locks for straight hair during the winter).
Do you adore curly-haired cats? Do you also enjoy them? In reality, many of our feline families come with wavy or curly hair. Continue reading to learn more about these lovely felines, including their origins and characteristics.

What Causes Curly-haired Cats to Have Curls?

Curly-haired cats get their curly coats from a certain gene expression which results in curly fur. Curly fur is the result of a dominant gene expression, which can sometimes produce curly whiskers and ears as well. This curly fur often makes it difficult for these curly-haired cats to shed. It’s essential to groom them frequently throughout their lives.
It’s worth noting that there is almost always an underlying genetic cause for any curly or wavy coat and whether it will be passed down through generations.

10 Curly-Haired Cat Breeds

1. The Rex Cat

The Persian is one of the best-known curly-haired cat breeds, thanks to its stunning curly hair in a variety of colors and patterns. This breed, which has both energetic and loving personalities, is definitely worth looking out for if you don’t have or want a purebred cat. However, many mixed-breed cats are referred to as Persians these days. You’ll need to double-check that the curl is in the pedigree before making an offer.

2. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has an unmistakable curly coat that can be found in any color or pattern, but it is the only curly-haired breed that has no guard hairs. This means that even though their curly coat makes them look super fluffy, they have less fur than many other cats breeds.

3. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a curly-haired cat breed that comes from America, one of three curly-haired cat breeds in the United States. The dominant gene causes tight curls rather than waves or loose curls, as it does in some other curly cat breeds. This makes the breed ideal for those who want a snappy kitty with personality.
curly-haired cat black-image from pixabay
curly-haired cat black-image from pixabay

4. LaPerm

LaPerm’s hair, like American Wirehair’s, is completely devoid of connective tissue, giving it looser curls than American Wirehair. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from solid to tortoiseshell. If you’re searching for a curly-haired friend who can give lots of love, check out this curly-haired cat breed.

5. Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex, like the Cornish Rex and American Wirehair, has tight curls due to a dominant gene expression rather than waves or loose spirals. Selkirk Rexes, on the other hand, have curly coats that differ somewhat from those of the Cornish Rex and American Wirehair. In truth, it varies considerably depending on circumstances such as climate and maintenance.

6. Cymric

Cymric has a curly fur coat that can be long or short, depending on what you’re looking for in a feline companion. Also known as the Highland Fold cat, this curly-haired breed can also come in any color or pattern imaginable. The animal has unique personality traits to match its curly hair.

7. Japanese Bobtail

Although not directly connected to cats with curly hair, Japanese Bobtails are another breed that has short but curly fur as a result of dominant gene expression. These characteristics give them a distinct appearance. In fact, this curly-haired cat variety gets its name from the unusual bobbed tail it possesses. It is generally half the length of a regular cat’s tail.

8. Khao Manee

Khao Manee has a short, curly coat that is white, light gray, or even bluish in hue, with blue eyes and always a distinct dark U on its forehead. These curly-haired cats are known for their gorgeous coats as well as their vivacious personalities.

9. American Curl

The curly hair found on the American Curl comes from a dominant gene expression which results in wavy or curly whiskers as well as curly ears above their large round eyes. In addition to being known for their unique curly whiskers and ears, American Curls also come in a variety of patterns including solids, calicos, and tortoiseshells.

10. Kurilian Bobtail

As one of several curly-haired cat breeds from Russia and Japan, the curly hair found on this breed comes from a dominant gene expression. It results in curly fur that is usually about 3 inches long. If you’re looking for an extremely playful curly-haired companion, look no further than the curly-haired Kurilian Bobtail.
curly-haired cat,-image from pixabay
curly-haired cat,-image from pixabay

Interesting facts about curly-haired cat breeds:

Although rarer than their straight-coated counterparts, curly-haired cats are just as beautiful if not more so due to the different patterns, colors, and combinations that curly hair can have. From American Curl to the Khao Manee , these curly-haired cat breeds are as distinctive as they are energetic and make excellent companions for anyone who wants a curly-coated feline friend.
It’s something to keep in mind: there is almost always a genetic reason behind any curly or wavy coat. It determines whether this trait will be passed down generation after generation or not. If you’re looking for a curly-coated kitty, be sure to check out your local shelters first. Many curly-coated cats end up there due to health problems from interbreeding.

Best practices while keeping curly-haired cat breeds as

  • Make sure curly-haired cats are always groomed well due to their tendency to mat easily. Curly-haired cats are also at a higher risk of getting ingrown hair, so it’s important to give them plenty of attention throughout their lives.
  • A good environment for curly-haired cat breeds: homes with lots of love and attention to give.
  • There are cats of all breeds that require special attention, but curly-haired cat breeds are certainly not at the top of that list. As long as curly-haired cats are well-groomed and cared for, they can live happy lives with their curly coats for many years to come.