3 Reasons To Buy Your Pet A Cat Teaser

cat teaser

What is a cat teaser

A cat teaser is a special device that stimulates your pet’s interest in playing with something. There are a lot of different styles and types of cat teasers, but one thing remains true for all of them; they stimulate your pet’s interest in playing with it. They are usually made out of metal or plastic and have two parts. One part has a bar with a bunch of bristles on it to rub against your pet’s teeth and the other is meant to be rubbed against your pet’s gums.

Sometimes, cats will also eat or destroy the toy too if they’re feeling especially playful. If you want your pet to have some fun, then buying them a cat teaser is one way to do so! Check out these three reasons why you should buy your pet a cat teaser today!

cat teaser

3 Reasons To Buy A Cat Teaser

  • First, cats love to play with toys. So why not give your cat a toy that they’ll appreciate!
  • Second, cat teasers are small and lightweight, which makes them easy for you to take around. You won’t have to worry about carrying it around the house or taking it on your next camping trip.
  • Third, cat teasers are a relatively cheap toy. They’re usually sold for less than $10 at most stores.

Now that you know why you should buy your pet a cat teaser, take some time to check out some of the different types of cat teasers available so that you can find the perfect one for your kitties!

Types of Cat Teasers

There are two types of cat teasers that you can buy. The first is a plush toy, the second is a string.

  • Plush

Plush toys can be simple or complex. They usually come in one colour and have a fabric covering. Some are made with feathers while others might have Velcro and squeakers to help engage your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Many cats enjoy chasing the toy as it moves around on the floor and some will even try to jump on top of it. This type of toy is perfect if your cat likes to play with their toys over and over again.

  • String

String teasers are made out of natural materials like cotton or hemp rope so they’re safe for your cat to chew on and don’t cause any injury. They come in many colours, textures, lengths, and widths and can range from simple to complex because they have many different objects attached to them like bells or rattles. 

How To Buy A Cat Teaser

If you want to buy your pet a cat teaser, then you’ll need to make sure it has the features that your pet will be interested in. Cats like small, lightweight toys that don’t have a lot of weight with them. If you have an older pet, then they may prefer something that’s more durable and bigger than a typical cat teaser. You should also consider what type of fur your pet has because some cats may not play with certain types of fuzziness.

cat teaser

What To Look For In A Cat Teaser

If you’re looking for a new cat toy, it’s important to find one that your pet will love. Here are three things to consider when buying a cat teaser.

  • First, you’ll want to make sure the toy has high quality materials. This will ensure your kitty is safe when playing with the toy and that they have a long lifespan. 
  • Second, you’ll want to look for toys that provide adequate exercise for your pet. If they’re not physically active while playing with their new toy, they may become bored and stop playing altogether which would lead to potential health issues like obesity and diabetes. 
  • Lastly, you’ll want to look for toys that don’t have a lot of small parts that can choke your pet or cause injury if ingested.

Tips For Using A Cat Teaser

  1. Locate a tuft of long, thick yarn.
  2. Slit some small holes in the yarn to make it easier for your kitty to grab onto it.
  3. Attach the yarn onto a collar or harness with a quick release buckle. This will keep your kitty from getting caught on other things while he’s wearing it and allow him to remove it when he needs to.
  4. Make sure your cat is well-exercised before using the toy so they’re excited and ready to play!
  5. Keep the game short by playing for only one session per day, or your feline friend will become bored and uninterested in coming back.
  6. Avoid playing with your cat while they are sleeping or eating because this can be stressful on them during their resting time and give them indigestion.
  7. If you have a kitty who doesn’t like getting caught, put the toy (or treat) inside of a cheap plastic baggie before hiding it around the house or apartment – that way, even if your cat does find it, they won’t be able to jump into it much easier than if it were open.
  8. The best thing to do is always consult with your doctor about any medical concern you have before starting a new playtime activity like this!

What Are The Benefits Of A Cat Teaser?

Some of the benefits of using a cat teaser include:

  1. It is interactive.
  2. It is a great tool to help train your cat and give it more exercise.
  3. When used properly, they can be used in a positive manner to entertain your cat without causing harm or stress on it.
  4. Your kitty will love this toy!
  5. Both indoor cats and outdoor cats can benefit from using a cat teaser since it provides them with an extra source of physical activity that helps improve their health. 
  6. Cat teasers aren’t too expensive and can be bought easily


Cat Teasers are a great way to get your cat to play and interact with you. They can also be used as a training tool for new behaviors. Cat Teasers are also great to play with when you’re bored and looking for a new feline friend!

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