How To Make A Beautiful DIY Cat Wand

cat wand

What Is A Cat Wand?

A cat wand is a toy that you can make for your cat. It’s basically a long stick with a ribbon attached to it that your cat can chase and catch in their mouth. This allows them to play with something new and exciting, which keeps them happy and healthy.

cat wand

Different Kinds Of Wands

  • String Wands

String wands are great for the cat owner who has a lot of patience and wants to spend a lot of time on their kitty’s toy. These wands can be made with different materials, like yarn and ribbon, or with string and yarn.

  • Ribbon Wands

With this type of wand, you need to be creative. You can use glue or tape to create your handle, and then stick ribbons across it. If you don’t have ribbons on hand, straws work just as well!

  • Yarn Wands

This is one of the easiest types of wands to make and is also fairly inexpensive. You can either wrap yarn around the handle or use a skein of yarn. The only difference between this type of wand and the others is that this one doesn’t have a ribbon attached to it.

  • Wooden Wand

If you decide to go with a wooden wand for your pet, we recommend going with soft wood like pine or cedar as they are less likely to splinter than hardwoods like oak and maple. One downside is that these wands are not meant for cats that chew on things too often because they may swallow pieces along with their food.

What Do You Need To Know Before Making Your DIY Cat Wand?

Before you make your DIY cat wand, there are a few things you need to know. 

  • First, the materials that you need for this project are: ribbon, thread, needle, cardboard (or a similar material), and scissors. 
  • Second, the size of your wand will depend on what type of ribbon you choose for it. The more fancy ribbons tend to be smaller than simpler ones will be able to accommodate.
  • Thirdly, the length of your wand is determined by how long you want it to be. You can also add other features to your wand like a bell or decorations if you want! 
  • And lastly, as with anything else that you make yourself instead of buying in the store, please be sure that it’s safe for your kitty before using it on them!

How To Make A DIY cat wand

  1. Find a ribbon
  2. Cut the ribbon in two
  3. Tie the pieces together with thread
  4. Glue the sequins on to make it sparkle
  5. Use a needle and thread
  6. If you’re using this DIY cat wand as an interactive toy for your cat, you’ll need to attach some bells or jingle beads on it.

cat wand

Where Can You Find Materials For Your DIY Cat Wand?

You can find materials for your DIY cat wand at a craft store. You’ll need a few things to start, but you can easily create your own wand with the right supplies.

  • Pick out some ribbon that you like the colour of. Make sure it’s strong and will hold together well. It should also be thin enough to wrap around your wand without any problems.
  • Next, pick out some wood dowels or chopsticks that are about 1 inch in diameter and roughly 10-12 inches long. They should be sturdy and not splintery. They should also have an even diameter so they don’t snag on your ribbon when you wrap them around the wand.
  • Finally, you’ll want a small piece of felt or fabric for the base of your wand. This will help prevent it from slipping off the table when you try to play with it!

Putting It All Together

  • First, you’ll need to get a piece of ribbon. For this project, we used two pieces of black and white ribbon. 
  • Cut the ribbon with scissors into three equal pieces. You should now have three pieces of ribbon that are about 4 inches long. Gather these pieces of ribbon together in one hand and tie a knot at the top of them to keep them from unravelling.
  • Next, take your cat wand and use it to wrap the knot around one of the ribbons so that it doesn’t unravel too quickly. The ribbon should be tied tightly around the wand so that it will last for a long time!
  • Finally, you can choose which colour ribbons you want on your cat wand! How cool is that? Now go make your own DIY cat wand today!

Why the Cat Wand?

The Cat Wand is a unique toy for cats that you can use to bring out the kitten in them. It’s also a great way to get your cat active and exercise. In addition, these wands are easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about bacteria or mites if you have an at-home cat. Plus, there are many different sizes of wands which makes it easy for even the small kitties in your life!

  • All-Natural

Not only is this wand plastic-free, but it’s also all-natural. The material used is made from 100% natural rubber and has no chemical additives in it. This means your feline friend will be healthier and happier because of their new toy!

  • Cleans Easily

What’s great about the Cat Wand is that it easily cleans up any messes since it’s made with non-toxic materials! You’ll never have to worry about cleaning up another toy again!

  • Different Sizes

You don’t need to worry about sticking a small wand into your cat’s mouth because there are different sizes available for your furry friends. These range from 2 inches wide by 2 inches long all the way up to 10 inches wide by 8 inches long. There’s even one option for smaller kitties that runs around 3 inches wide by 1 inch long.

  • No Messy Playtime


Cat wand gives you a great time to bond with your cat

Playtime is a great way to connect with your cat and it actually stimulates the brain. The Cat Wand helps build new memories, which can help your cat remember you better when they’re older.

In addition to stimulating their brain, playing with your cat can also make them healthier because it keeps them active.

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