What Are Brown Cat Breeds And Their Characteristics?

brown cats breeds-image from pixabay by luxstorm
As a brown cat owner, you may have wondered about the brown cat breeds. While no brown-furred feline breeds were mentioned in the original “breeds” list released by The International Cat Association (TICA), there are brown cats that can belong to certain breeds. In this article, we’ll take a look at some brown cat breeds and their characteristics.
Please note that not all brown cats belong to certain breeds. There’s a high chance your brown kitty does not fall under one of these categories. But if possible, try to get a brown-furred cat from one of the brown cat breeds mentioned in this article.

1. The Scottish Fold

Brown cats have ears that fold downwards and have an “owl-like” appearance. This brown cat breed originated in Scotland as a result of a genetic mutation, and it is similar to Maine Coons. Scottish Folds have broader faces, shorter tails, and legs than Maine Coons. They also contain thicker coats, which necessitate more attention than other brown cats. Your Scottish Fold may be quiet, but she can also be playful at the same time, making her an excellent lap cat.

2. The Chausie

Chausies are a kind of brown cat with bobcat or lynx-like features. They have huge, yellow eyes and ears that extend far down their elongated spines. Chausies also have muscular bodies. They are always ready for cuddling sessions.

3. The Bombay

Brown kittens are the absolute cutest. They’ll steal your heart when you see their adorable dwarf faces, tiny black noses, and big brown eyes. Bombay isn’t one of TICA’s most recognized brown cat breeds, but it’s definitely a brown cat. This brown feline is a cross between a Siamese and a Burmese.

4. The Desert Lynx

The Desert Lynx brown cat breed is just as magnificent as its name implies, with brown fur spotted or stripped all over its body! This cat will be one of your dearest friends for life (if you can properly care for it). Their coat protects them from the harsh weather they encounter in their desert region, so they tend to be harder.
brown cat breeds-image from pixaby by Amandad
brown cat breeds-image from pixabay by Amandad

5. Colorpoint Shorthair

The dark brown tabby coat of this breed is not completely brown, but rather features lemon or orange eyes. They, too, have points (the darker brown fur covering their ears, legs, tails, and faces). These dark brown cats are prized for their color point coats because they stand out from the rest of the dark cats.

6. Hawthorn

The Bobtail is a breed of cat that has a short, black-tipped tail. The Australian bobtails are closely patterned after Maine Coons after they have tufted feet and a plumed tail like that of a raccoon. Hawthorns are incredibly clever and have either brown or black coats with white chests.

7. Havana Brown

The Havana Brown cat is a beautiful cat breed with a rich, dark brown coat and golden eyes. They have similar eye coloration to tuxedo cats, with grayish-green eyes to complement the gorgeous appearance of this brown kitty. This brown cat breed is also very intelligent, so they’re excellent housemates as a result of their even temper.

8. The Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats are not brown-furred cats, but they can come in brown coats with blue eyes. This makes them look like your typical Scandinavian biking cat! These brown breeds originate from Scandinavia where they were kept as working pets. It has a brown coat that acts as protection from the harsh Scandinavian weather.

9. Ragamuffin

Like Scottish Folds but with brown coats, Ragamuffins are brown cats with adorable white bibs on their chest! They have very soft brown fur and love to play with all sorts of cat toys. Like brown cat breeds, Ragamuffins also tend to be more reserved around strangers compared to other brown kitties.

10. Russian Blue

You may have already seen this brown breed in various movies. It’s one of the most common pets featured there due to its blue-gray eyes and striking greenish-blue fur or a pale silver coat with pointed hair. These brown cat breeds are very quiet, making them perfect for an apartment setting. They don’t have much of a tendency to be noisy.

11. The Seychellois

Everyone’s a brown breed with the most! On the brown feline spectrum, this kitty is brown-orange in color, plus it has green eyes when it matures. They always look like they’re smiling, but these brown cats are more reserved around strangers. They may not suit your needs if you want a brown companion that can greet you with their chirpy meows anytime soon.
brown cat breeds-image from pixabay by kietrungphoto
brown cat breeds-image from pixabay by kietrungphoto

12. Shetland

These brown kitties originated in Scotland and closely resemble Maine Coons with their brown coats, white bibs, and cat breeds. Shetlands are very intelligent cats that thrive in colder places. They’re brown-haired kitties with bright green eyes. They also come in brown tabby coat varieties (tires) like brown tabbies.

13. The Siberian Forest Cat

These brown feline friends originate from Russia but unlike their compatriots, these brown breeds aren’t as shy around strangers. They tend to be more open emotionally towards new people. They do, however, make great companions if you want some company at home because of their even temperaments – perfect for brown cat breeds too. Siberians also have beautiful blue or green eyes, which can be prevalent in their adult age.

14. Somali

Somalis are brown cats with striking black markings on their brown coats, which makes them look like a brown tabby but with a beautiful coat! Like the brown cat breeds above, this kitty is also known for being very intelligent and affectionate. Their brown coats have a silver sheen that glistens in the sun as well.

15. The Tonkinese

Cousins of Siamese cats, these brown breeds have their tails tipped in darker fur, which can range from gray to dark brown. They’re known as the brown cat breeds great at climbing, plus these felines love to be social. They can do well with other pets or even children as long as you take care of their basic needs too.

16. Turkish Angora

These brown cat breeds are known for their very long brown coats that can sometimes be silver or blonde. Has green-blue eyes to complete the brown tabbies look on these felines. Turkish Angoras love water, so they can swim in your bathtub (or any large vats of water). They’re also very intelligent, plus they make good companions too, especially if you want a brown breed that’s perfect for kids.

17. York Chocolate

Originating from the United Kingdom, the brown tabby is one of the most common brown cat breeds out there (and on this list!). They’re brown tabby cats but with chocolate brown fur and on some occasions, these brown cats have white spots.
Brown cat breeds can be brown tabbies or brown tabby cats, but most brown cats with light brown coats are often brown-haired felines. These brown feline friends can be more reserved around strangers compared to other brown kitties.