All You Need To Know About Raas Cat

The name Raas cats came from the Indonesian island of Raas. To locate a Raas cat, you must go to their homeland. The island is home to almost all of the world’s Raas cats. A few of them do not live on the island and were obtained from Indonesia and other countries where they are kept as pets.

You may now keep Raas cats as pets, having been domesticated for thousands of years. They are especially appealing to cat aficionados due to their beauty. Unfortunately, they have strong personalities, which means they don’t always get along with their owners. Treat it with respect if you have one!


The leopard-type cat evolved in Indonesia’s Raas Island, which is known as Madura. Nobody knows how these cats originated. They are, nevertheless, genuine genetically pure animals with no crossbreeding with other cats. Despite this, they exhibit genetic variation. It’s likely that the Raas cat developed naturally.

The Korat race is considered to be the ancestor of the Raas cat, particularly those with a blue hue. The tail form of the Raas suggests that they may have originated from the Asian ethnicity as well.

Raas Cat’s Physical Traits

orange Persian cat sleeping

Raas cats developed in isolation, without mating with other cat breeds. It’s difficult for animals to meet new partners living on an island. Also, you know how much cats despise water! Even the prospect of meeting a brand-new kitty will not persuade them to go swimming.

Raas cats were formed in isolation on an island, which gave them several distinctive characteristics. Raas cats have green, ovular eyes and a big physique, as evidenced by their bent end tails.

Most are bobcat-like. They have square heads and triangular chins, for example. They also feature triangular ears.

The Raas cat’s coat varies in color and can have several hues. Many, like ordinary house cats, have a variety of colors. Some of the most beautiful Raas cats are charcoal black with a blue sheen. You will immediately fall in love if you find one that looks like that.


Raas cats are lively and playful. They have a tough time getting along with people, even when you find the method to train one. Even though they may be tamed, they will always be the type that loves to please their owners.  To summarize, they are moody cats with a savage side, so it’s difficult to know what training methods would work on them. If you want to train this cat, be prepared to put in a lot of hard effort because they are frequently stubborn and irritable.

Raas Cat Temperament

Raas cats are lively and energetic, but they aren’t the most loving felines. As a result, you’ll have to train your cat and put in a lot of time and effort to make them feel at home.

Raas Cat Size

A Raas cat is significantly larger than a typical domestic cat. A Raas cat measures two feet tall on average and weighs 15 pounds on average.

Indonesian Raas Cat Training Tips

A breed of domesticated cats, the Raas cat is named for its birthplace on Indonesia’s Raas Island. The Raas cat is distinguished by its elegant stature and bulkiness in comparison to other cats. It has a long body with short legs and a spherical skull. This cat is a large, fluffy breed of cat. Their tails are long and bent at the ends, and they have green oval eyes. When they look into your eyes with those bewitching, heart-melting eyes, you’ll fall in love with them all over again.

The Raas cats were bred as hunting cats and are now considered domestic cats with a bad disposition. Your cat should be trained, but you should not utilize dog training techniques on your cat. It won’t happen. Raas cats are unpredictable, so training your cat will need creativity and time. Raas cats are moody, therefore you can’t be sure that a strategy that worked previously will continue to work now.

Clicker Training

Cats are naturally drawn to sounds, and employing them to educate them is a fantastic idea. The clicker is an item that produces a clicking sound, and the Raas cat will adapt to it faster than you anticipate.

Fetching And Retrieving

This is not a training exercise for your Raas cat, but rather a game. Your cat will enjoy running around for his favorite thing. It’s far superior to harsh training sessions because your cat will have fun and participate.

Positive Training

Give your Raas cat what he likes. It’s easy to see that every cat is a unique individual with his or her own preferences. She’ll have to be trained on the desired response. They may be difficult to handle at times.

Grooming Requirements

The Raas cat is a low-maintenance feline when it comes to grooming. However, you’ll need to groom them on a regular basis to keep their dark coats looking great.

You may use a soft cat brush to groom them once or twice each week. You’ll also need to clean your cat’s teeth on a regular basis. When brushing your cat’s teeth, pay attention to their mouths and be on the lookout for any dental problems.

Trimming their nails every one and a half to two weeks is an excellent method to keep them under control. A scratch post in the house, on the other hand, is another great method to encourage your cat’s good health.

Feeding And Dietary Needs

Raas cats don’t require any specific diets. To maintain your cat’s weight at a healthy level, give them 24 to 35 calories each day for every pound of body weight.

Keep in mind that larger kitties need more food to develop than older cats. If you’re expecting a new kitten soon, check out these articles on the best wet and dry cat foods.

Family Compatibility

You can keep Raas cats as pets since they are domesticated felines. Many people on Raas Island and its surrounding areas keep these exotic cats as pets.

Cat lovers will instantly become infatuated with their beautiful appearance because of it. In the early phases, however, this admiring feeling would not be reciprocated.

Raas cats are not fond of people, and they are usually skittish because of it. As a result, it might be difficult for them to adjust. This cat would appreciate a person with a lot of patience and the capacity to control the Raas cat’s strong personality.

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