Best Covered Litter Box for Large Cats Reviews & Guides

best covered cat litter box for large catsAre covered litter boxes the best choice for larger cats? The cat litter boxes come in two styles where some are covered, and others are uncovered, the choice between the two is determined by the owner’s preference and the cat size. The covered cat litter boxes are great when it comes to odor sealing since they ensure not much odor is dispersed in the room.

Also, some cats prefer the best covered litter boxes for large cats since they offer more privacy than the opened ones. To learn more about the covered litter boxes, you need to read through this article. We are going to provide a review of the best-covered litter boxes and how to choose them.


6 Best Covered Litter Box for Large Cats


Why Do You Need a Covered Litter Box for Large Cats?

large covered litter box for large cats

– Retain Odor

This stands as one of the major benefits of using the covered litter boxes for large cats. The litter boxes for large cats tend to produce strong bad odors that easily spread in the house compared to small cats. However, the covered litter boxes are the perfect choices for sealing in the strong odor and prevent it from spreading in the entire room or house.

This is because the majority of models are equipped with filters for odor control. But make sure to clean the litter boxes per manufacturers guide to ensure the smell does not pile too much in the litter box which may be uncomfortable for the cat.

large covered litter box for large cats– Keeps the Area Clean

If your cat is prone to digging, then a closed litter box is a perfect choice for the cat. The last thing you need is to find litter and pet messes scattered all over the floor. The covered litter boxes ensure to seal in the litter even when the cat digs by covering it.

– Are More Pleasant

The covered litter boxes are more pleasant to set up in the house compared to the open models. First off, the litter plus the animal messes are hidden so no one will notice it. This also makes it possible to set up the litter box even in the most visible areas around the house where you cannot be able to set up the open litter boxes.


The Best Covered Litter Box for Large Cats Reviews

1. Best Odor Control – Catit Jumbo Private Hooded Cat Litter Box for Easy-cleaning

You don’t need to overspend to acquire a beautiful and durable closed cat litter box for your pet. This model retails at less than 50 dollars, yet it is quite functional. This cat litter comes with a transparent lid that easily opens and closes to ensure your cat has enough privacy when using the litter box.

Cleaning this litter box is made easy considering the hood is large and wide for smooth removal of litter and for cleaning with water. Do you want to set this litter box in a frequented area around the house? Well, this is possible since it conceals the odor from spreading in the room. The box has a carbon filter to control the odor in the room.



  • This covered litter box is washable with water and soap
  • It is large to fit large cats
  • Has carbon filter to keep the area odor-free
  • Has built-in bag anchor for easy scooping the litter


  • The litter feels a bit flimsy

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2. Best Easy-carrying – IRIS USA Large Hooded Corner Litter Box with a Swinging Door

You don’t need to hustle looking for a scoop to use with this litter box since it comes as a full pack. Meaning, the litter box also comes with a scoop for emptying and adding litter. The litter box has a jumbo size of 21 x 18.75 x 17 inches to make sure your large cat has enough space to access in and out of the litter box.

The other great feature you will love on this litter box is the flat door closure. This ensures the litter box remains closed, so the odor does not spread in the room. Carrying this litter box in and out of the room, or to clean is easy since the box has handles for grip.



  • This litter box is light for easy portability
  • The hood is removable for easy cleaning
  • The litter box comes with a scoop as an accessory
  • The litter box has a door


  • This litter box does not have a filter, and it keeps the smell in the box

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3. Best Value – Affordable Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan with an Easy-carrying Handle

One of the outstanding features I love about this enclosed litter box is the silver finish. So, you can comfortably set up the litter box in any area of your choice. Other than this, the litter box ensures the litter does not scatter around the floor by containing it in one area.

So, I would recommend this litter box for cats that tend to dig. The top section has a handle for convenient holding the box to move it around. This litter box has a filter that absorbs the odor to make the area more comfortable for cats too.



  • This litter box is large to fit large cats
  • It has a beautiful finish
  • The litter box is quite affordable
  • Has a replaceable filter to keep the area odor-free


  • The litter box feels a bit flimsy and may not work for extra-large and heavy cats

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4. Best Top Entry – Petmate Large Eco-friendly Litter Box with a Litter-free Floor for Large Cats

Petmate is only ideal for large cats that are comfortable accessing the litter box from the top because it has the top entry mode. The entry area is large to accommodate all large cats and ensure they are comfortable to get in and out.

On the other hand, this litter box ensures your house is free from any form of litter considering the sides are fully enclosed. Because of making with eco-friendly materials, it is safe for your pet and home in general.



  • The litter box cover is compatible with all Petmate Top Entry pans
  • It ensures total cleanliness in the area you set it up
  • The litter box has safe materials crafting
  • This litter box is suitable for messy cats


  • This litter box is only suitable for energetic cats considering the entry is at the top section

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5. Best Modern Design – IRIS Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Anti-skid Materials

This is another excellent litter box for a large messy cat since it prevents the litter from scattering on the floor when the cat accesses it. This design also ensures to keep the area looking neat as not many would notice there is a cat litter box in the room.

However, note that the top entry of this litter box is quite large such that even wider and taller cats can comfortably access to use it. The lid of this litter box has grooves that ensure the litters trapped on the cat’s paws are left in the litter box.



  • This litter box comes with a scoop
  • It has a round design for easy cleaning and scooping off the litters
  • The feet have anti-skid materials to hold it firmly
  • The litter box is comfortable and easy to clean


  • The grooves on the lid are not too functional since some customers have reported about their cats tracking

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6. Best Roomy – Durable Petphabet Easy-cleaning Covered Litter Box for Large Cats

The extra-large size of 25 x 19 x 17 inches on this litter box guarantees the comfort and safety of your cat when accessing it to use. The litter box has quality materials and a transparent design for easy monitoring of the litter box. The top hoodie is removable for easy cleaning and easy adding litter for your cat. Another thing worth noting is that this cat litter is a bit high, so even if your cat is a sprayer or messy, you don’t have to deal with urine and messes scattering on the floor.



  • This cat litter box is quite large
  • It has a removable cover for easy cleaning
  • The plastic materials are easy to clean
  • Assembling this litter box is easy and fast


  • Constant of removing the lid causes it to loosen up too quickly

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How to Choose the Best Covered Litter Box for Large Cats?

large covered litter boxThe Size

This is definitely the first thing to consider when buying the closed litter box for your large cat. The most parts of such litter boxes are covered, which restricts the cat from moving around as much as they would want, unlike with an open litter box. A cat also needs enough space to move freely when accessing in and out of the litter box. So, make sure to choose a large-sized litter box.

The Height

The height of the covered litter box is essential to consider if your cat is a sprayer. The litter boxes are crafted in varying height sizes that range from 3 to 9 inches. The choice based on the height will, of course, be determined by the size of your cat. The taller the cat is, the higher the litter box should be, and vice versa.

But still, don’t compromise the comfort and safety of your cat when accessing in and out of the litter box. Choose a model with a comfortable height for easy reach.

Easy to Use

A well-covered litter box should not give your cat or you a hard time. These litter boxes are supposed to be disassembled when emptying, cleaning, and when adding the litter for the cat to use it. Also, a well-covered litter box should be comfortable for your cat to access in and out. So, make sure the disassembling process is easy to crack, and it is comfortable for the cat to access too.


These are the top six best litter boxes for large cats worth buying. They are made in large sizes to ensure the cat is comfortable when accessing the box, and others have a filter to absorb the odor for a more comfortable environment. So, check out the review to find the best litter box for your cat or cats.


6 Best Covered Litter Box for Large Cats