Best 5 Litter Box for Bengal Cats Reviews and Buying Guides (2021 Updated)

suitable litter box for bengal catsBengal cats are adorable and graceful, and that’s what the majority of pet lovers like. Their sleek and muscular body is eye-catching. However, having this cat comes with great responsibility. This article will generously discuss the best litter box for Bengal cats. This is an interesting read for cat lovers.


What is the Best Litter Box for Bengal Cats?


How to Choose the Best Litter Box for Your Bengal Cat?

large litter box for bengal cats

Choosing a litter box for your Bengal cat might be an uphill task. However, it has to be precise and fit your cat’s habits. For your cat’s health and your household tidying, you need a litter bin that serves all your intentions. Here are some of the things to look out for.


Depending on your feeding schedule, cats grow in various ways. A female Bengal cat can weigh 8-12 lbs, while a male weighs 10-15 lbs. Healthy Bengal cats fall within this range and can even be bigger.

The litter bin’s size should be able to let your cat fit in with ease and even have extra room. Buying an exact fit for your cat or a smaller litter bin can make the cat uneasy. This results in your cat feeling insecure about using the litter bin and opts to use other spaces around the house.

Some homes have more than one Bengal cat. You might wonder whether it is safe to use one litter bin for more than one cat. Fortunately, there are cat litter boxes for multiple cats.

If you have more than two cats, it’s advisable to purchase different litter bins. It will help you keep track of their medical records in case of an illness. Also, the cats will feel safer to share their spaces in harmony.


Modern litter bins are manufactured with rounded edges and neutral colors. The round edges make it comfortable for the cat to use, and the colors vary to the customer’s liking.

The bins are made so that they can be enclosed under furniture to keep them out of sight.


suitable litter box for bengal cats Your cat’s behavior will determine the height of the litter box you want to purchase. Some cats tend to kick up litter while they cover their waste. Others have poor aim and might miss the litter box.

For this kind of characteristics, it is advisable to buy a higher litter bin for your cat. The higher sides will save you time because you won’t be wasting time cleaning the floor again.

However, the litter bin should be able to complement your cat’s abilities. It should not be very high to climb on. The bin should also be cleaned regularly to prevent an awful whiff around the house.


The Bengal cats are, at times, choosy in their way of living. As the caretaker, it is essential to select a comfortable litter box. The litter bin should suit all recommendations and every other aspect.

Concerning the above requirements, the cat litter bin should feel like a second home away from people with all things considered. The bin should be located in a hidden place for privacy reasons.


The Best Litter Box for Bengal Cats Review

1. Best Private – Omega Paw Self Sifting Large Cat Litter Box for Bengal Cats

OMEGA PAW Self Sifting Large Cat Litter Box

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This litter box is ideal for both large and small cats. Besides, it gives your cat all the privacy it deserves as it does its natural business. It also suits your home decor because barely can it be recognized as a cat litter bin unless keen attention.

The omega paw litter bin saves you the hustle of scooping litter. It is designed to self-clean. This feature makes the box a better solution to your Bengal cat needs. Say goodbye to making your hands dirty and welcome the future of litter boxes.

With a unique patented sifting grill technological feature, the box scoops and removes clumped waste and deposits it in a removable pull-out tray.

The omega paw is compatible with an integrated litter step. It catches leftover litters as your cat exits making your work easier. You don’t have to tidy up after the cat has finished its business.

The enclosed craft helps control the bad odors and litter dust without additional provision.



  • The tray is easy to handle when disposing of waste
  • Ideal size for a Bengal cat to use
  • It is easy to clean


  • It isn’t easy to assemble

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2. Best for Odor Control – Petmate Booda Dome Covered Litter Box with Eco-friendly Materials

PETMATE Booda Dome Covered Litter Box

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Petmate Booda Dome boasts a weight of 22.0 pounds, and it’s specifically meant for cats. It is easy to use and naturally fits in any corner of your house. It does not come with many complications making it easy to use. Besides, it gifts your cat some privacy thanks to its enclosed top.

The Petmate Booda litter box might be what you have been looking for. That’s because it keeps your floors litter-free. This litter box offers privacy like no other litter box and creates a safe space for the cat to finish its business.

You don’t want a smelly house, and that’s why Petmate should be your to pick thing. This is because it boasts an enclosed design. You will be treated to an odorless environment within your home. This is made possible by the feature of a charcoal litter box filter that absorbs odors.

The petmate litter box arrives with products that ease waste management. They include training pads, waste bags, and rakes and all these are at your disposal.

Keeping the environment safe involves buying something that will not harm it. Fortunately, this litter box is made of eco-friendly materials and boasts of high quality.



  • Enclosed to control odor
  • It is easy to clean
  • Comes with waste management equipment


  • The lid is not well attached to the body
  • Not ideal for playful Bengal cats

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3. Best Top Entry – Petmate Private Litter Pan with a Wide Entrance for Bengal Cats

PETMATE Private Litter Pan

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Petmate is the best litter box for your Bengal cat. It is available in gray color and has a standard size for your furry friend. The petmate litter pan is perfectly made to ensure your cat gets its privacy and comfort. Besides, this litter box is eco-friendly and ideal to use in your home.

The enclosed design for the petmate litter pan is crafted with high walls to ensure cats’ privacy. The top entry is made wide to accommodate cats of all sizes. Additionally, the grated top makes it easy to collect litters from cats’ paws.

I am sure you wouldn’t want a littered floor. This is the more reason why you should purchase this box. That’s because it has a tall litter pan that allows the cats to excavate and seal their waste, preventing it from spilling. This saves you time in a great way.

The Petmate litter pan also comes with various waste management merchandise for ease when cleaning up the litter box. Your Bengal cat has never been cared for and felt at home more with the petmate litter pan.



  • Extra tall walls to avoid litter spilling
  • Promotes privacy
  • Grated top to clean paws of litter
  • Ideal space for large cats
  • Has a strong and durable plastic structure


  • Might be tall for small cats to use
  • Its floor is uneven hence difficult to clean

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4. Best for Mulitiple cats – Catit Jumbo Large Hooded Cat Litter Box with a Carbon Filter

Catit Jumbo Large Hooded Cat Litter Box

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This cat litter pan is built with a modern structural design and is available in warm gray. It weighs 0.76 kilograms; hence it’s easy to carry. The Catit Jumbo Hooded cat litter box has a swinging door and is the perfect deal for your domestic friend.

This litter box has enclosed walls to ensure the cat litter does not leave the box. The litter box comes with a handle that makes it easy to lift.

This cat litter pan is fitted with a carbon filter to take care of the bad smell. They are made of strong materials. Besides, it has an anchor that is a built-in bag to keep the bag open, and you don’t have to scoop with your hands.

The front of the Catit Jumbo litter pan has a front opening that boats a dimension of 10.4 inches by 9.6 inches. The cat litter box is designed in a manner that it can be dismantled and stored.



  • Has enough space for any cat size
  • High walls to avoid litter spillage
  • Carbon impregnated filter on top to reduce bad odors
  • The litter box can be dismantled for storage
  • Easy to assemble


  • The flap door in front is not reliable as it gets stuck at times
  • The door is not safe because it can trap the cat
  • More urine might leak through

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5. Best Easy Cleanig – Petfusion Large Durable Cat Litter Box with High Walls

Petfusion Large Durable Cat Litter Box

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This litter box is designed to be open on top. It has a non-stick coating and is made of eco-friendly ABS plastics. Besides, it is easy to clean and has a standard weight. Though it consists of high walls, it can be stressful for owners who have restless cats. It is designed to fit cats of all sizes.

This litter box is manufactured with a non-stick coating that reduces 70% stickiness. With its open design, it is recommended as the best for your cat’s hygiene.

The walls are built high to contain litter and leaks. The plastic used is of high quality making it more durable and rigid than standard polypropylene.



  • Spacious manufacturing design
  • Nonstick coating
  • Open top for better cat hygiene
  • Mobile for any cat


  • Can slip litter around the house when the cat is digging
  • Not encouraged for fulltime house use

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Is Your Bengal Cat Picky About Litter Boxes?

Is Your Bengal Cat Picky About Litter Boxes

Just as humans, cats can’t use untidy places to relieve themselves. With Bengal cats, the level of cleanliness is a notch higher than other domestic animals. They are picky about the type of environment they are placed under.

Bengal cats value their intimacy that they can refuse to use an open litter box. They prefer closed areas and must be clean to use. A covered litter box for large cats is suitable for Bengal cats. Never the less, Bengal cats are disciplined in nature. They can’t relieve themselves out of the litter bin. It is a habit that can be easily noted.

That’s why it is encouraged to keep their litter boxes clean at all times.


What to Consider when Picking Litter Boxes for Bengal Cats?

best litter box for bengal cats

1. Cats behavior: Before picking a litter box for your Bengal cat, you need to study and understand the cat’s behavior. This analysis will aid you to know the dos and don’ts of your cat.

2. Size: A big litter box will be able to accumulate a handsome amount of litter. It will make it more comfortable for your cat when using it.

Bengal cats are proved to be very intelligent in their way of living. Unfortunately, many Bengal pet owners assume that the sizes don’t matter, which can cost both your comfort and the cat. Additionally, the bigger size will save you the many trips of offloading the litter box.

3. Flexibility: Purchase a box that is not fixed in structure. That’s because some Bengal cats prefer an open box while others prefer a closed one. Despite a closed box being a better candidate for bad odors, other cats are prone to free movement when they are relieving themselves.

4. Material: The litter box you pick should be easy to clean and should be made of non-toxic materials. The box is to be as comfortable as possible at all times. You can look for fully automated litter boxes that will ease your activities when cleaning.


What to Avoid when Picking a Litter Box?

  • best litter box for bengal catsAvoid small litter boxes because your cat is growing
  • Avoid a litter box that is made with materials that are not ecofriendly
  • Avoid getting something that will increase your trips to offloading the box


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won’t my Bengal cat use the litter box?

Bengal cats are very picky about what they want. The litter bin may be less attractive or small for the cat to feel comfortable to use.

Another reason might be cleanliness. Bengal cats tend not to use messy places when they are releasing themselves.

2. How do you potty train a Bengal cat?

Patience is crucial when training a Bengal cat. Shift the litter box to different points around the house where the cat enjoys lying down mostly. Make a visible hole in the litter box, and sooner or later, your cat will adapt.

3. Are Bengal cats hard to litter train?

No. As long as you have patience with them, everything falls in plan smoothly after a while.

4. Why does my Bengal cat pee on my bed?

Any animal in a new environment tends to mark his or her territory. Everything in its surrounding is different, and so the cat may feel secure peeing over the bed as a way of claiming its territory.



Bengal cats are magical to have around. Their intellect nature makes them friendlier. Understanding the cat’s behavior plays a key role in giving the cat the best. This article has discussed the best litter box for Bengal cats. I believe you now know what to purchase for your furry friend.