5 Different Types of Blue Buffalo Cat litter Reviews

To take care of the mess that your cat potentially leaves behind, you have to acquire and make use of a great cat litter. Even though many such litters abound, none beats the Blue Buffalo. It is manufactured using a strong and highly reputable brand that also performs this task exceptionally well.

In our Blue Buffalo cat litter review here below, we shall endeavor to answer the questions listed below. It is our hope that at the tail end of it all, you will gain the inspiration you need to make use of this item better.

  • What is Blue Buffalo cat litter?
  • Different types of blue buffalo cat litters
  • How does Blue buffalo cat litter work?

blue buffalo cat litter


What is Blue Buffalo Cat Litter?

This is just a special container whose role is to hold the waste of the cats in escrow and facilitate their disposal later on in ways that are safer and more convenient.

This brand also freshens the interiors where the cat litter is because it boasts three times the absorption capacity as compared to its ordinary counterparts. All these are not to mention the fact that it lasts longer than your other litters while also enduring the many spates of damages that be.


Different Types of Blue Buffalo Cat Litters

There are various kinds of Blue Buffalo cat litters. Here below, we delineate and explain them in totality:

1. Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Walnut-based Litter

blue buffalo cat litter review

As its name implies, this is a cat litter that is largely able to make the air of the interior spaces fresher. The source of this freshness is given by the existing walnut-based absorption apparatus. The walnut also cleanses the air by neutralizes the foul stench and makes the same to be easily breathable.

Particularly, this item has the ability to mitigate the foul stench of ammonia. It however operates organically and thus does not rely on harsh perfumes. This of course spares your lungs from any of the possibilities of damages that potentially come along when in use of such gadgets.

2. Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Ultra Odor Control Quick Clumping Litter

blue buffalo cat litter

When the wastes in the litter are not disposed of in time, there is usually the tendency to the same developing some sharp and extremely piercing stench. This stench cannot be removed using ordinary means. Instead, only an ultra-odor control apparatus may be employed for the job.

The absorption apparatus of this second type of Blue Buffalo cat litter is stronger and more effective than that of your average litter. On top of all these, the apparatus is also eco-friendly and thus safer for your environment too! Feel free to use them where there are children.

3. Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Quick Clumping Litter

blue buffalo cat litter review


This item is made of purely biodegradable items that are safer and appropriately capable of mixing with the soil well.

Its biodegradability largely draws from the extensive use of natural walnut shells. On the strength of this makeup, it is also safer and less harmful to the agents that make great use of them. You want to give it a try if you also happen to have some delicate children in your vicinity.

4. Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Herbal Attraction Quick Clumping Cat Litter

blue buffalo cat litter review

For your utmost safety and overall peace of mind when disposing of the mess of your cats, you want an item that is really safer for your skin and respiratory faculties. The herbal nature of this item makes it well able to sort that issue particularly well.

This item also exudes some fresh and natural attractions. It goes beyond that to serve some eco-friendly ends while also controlling ammonia odors effectively. Beyond mitigating the harsh ammonia scents, the litter also exudes some fresh scents that make the interiors livable. It is hence cool and great for cramped up spaces.

5. Naturally Fresh Walnut-based Alpine Meadow Scent Multi-Cat Quick Clumping Litter

blue buffalo litter

Many a time, you may usually have to employ harsh perfumes to create some fresh air in your rooms. This ought not to be the case though as many people are naturally allergic to such strong scents. The problem is particularly compounded if you have some inherent respiratory illnesses.

To stem this tide, you need a litter whose absorption apparatus is organic and less reliant on artificial perfumes. This type of Blue Buffalo is intended for that very experience. It suits that role by virtue of drawing its makeup from the all-natural walnut shells.


How Does Blue Buffalo Cat Litter Work?

How does Blue buffalo cat litter work

Below is a breakdown of how the Buffalo Blue cat litter works:

– Scent  (rating 4/5) 

The scent of this item is natural as opposed to many of the competing litters that are largely artificial. Two main advantages draw from this. First is the limited likelihood of interference with your respiratory faculties Then there is the safety to the other members of the room particularly those who may be allergic.

– Odor control  (rating 3.5/5) 

As explained above, the item makes use of the walnut-based shells to absorb the stench. These shells are very effective insofar as the absorption and effective controls of the ammonia is concerned. They also mitigate any further damages or losses that may inflict the nose and the respiratory faculties.

– Dust  (rating 4/5) 

Given their efficacy in matters of odor controls, these items are also great at mitigating dust. You may hence consider making use of yours in areas that are naturally prone to dust like the hot locations. Only be sure to cleanse the exterior a little bit more frequently to stave off the accumulation of dust.

– Easy to scoop  (rating 3.5/5) 

When compared to the alternative litters, this one is relatively simpler to empty and scoop. All its parts are highly adjustable and are less inclined to fidget when in the course of handling. These give you some steadfastness you need to handle and tackle all of your scooping tasks well.

– Price range  (rating 3/5) 

Even though this gadget has many parts and components that are somewhat sophisticated, it does come at a price that is somewhat affordable. You won’t have to dig too deep into your pockets to have your way in it hence. Instead, you stand to enjoy the very best that it brings along but at a cheaper price.

– Value  (rating 3.5/5) 

A combination of greatly adjustable components, relative ease of engagements, and the long-lasting nature of the item work to confer higher value for money for you. This in turn reflects itself in the way in which you make the ends and derive the benefits that the item potentially brings along.

– Overall Rating  (rating 3.5/5) 

Its overall rating presently stands at an impressive 3.5 out of 5 stars. Thanks to this wonderful rating, the item is certain to give you the self-same awesome benefits that others of kinds potentially bring along. That many past users have already granted great reviews means that you also stand to garner the selfsame benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Blue Buffalo cat litters biodegradable

We now take the time to answer some pertinent questions with regards to this specific subject matter:

 Q1. Are Blue Buffalo cat litters biodegradable? 

YES, they are! All the constituent parts and components of the litter are wholly derived from nature. As such, the item is biodegradable and will hence not pose any adverse strains on the environment at all. That is not all though. Most of its parts are also fresh and devoid of any harsh chemicals.

Particularly, the non-clumping pellet formula stands out. It is eco-friendly and does not in any way pose any nuisances to your environment. The walnut shells are extensively used to make the item up. These are also fresher and well capable of making your experiences a little bit awesome.

 Q2. Do Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litters come in re-sealable bags? 

YES, they do! Stemming from their biodegradable character, these litters are also packaged in some re-sealable bags. These bags are not single-use but allow for multiple usages. As such, they are less likely to pose environmental nuisances as their single-use counterparts ordinarily do.

Apart from being re-sealable, these bags also tend to break down a bit too easily. They are hence less likely to pose some undesirable effects on your environment as others of their kinds consistently do. Need we add that newer cats tend to get along with them easily?

 Q3. Do Blue Buffalo cat litters contain silica? 

NOT at all! This substance is a well-known carcinogen for both pets and humans. As such, the manufacturers of this item have been careful not to incorporate it in the makeup of the litter. This stance also gets along to enhance the green, eco-friendly and bio-degradable character of the litter.

To make up for the non-use of this preservative, the litter is sterilized to prevent any growth of pathogens that may be responsible for sicknesses of whichever kinds. That also goes a long way in enhancing the health and the stature of the cat on the whole.

 Q4. Are Blue Buffalo cat litters safe for kittens? 

YES, they are! They are not only safer by reason of being devoid of the silica gel but also draw their inspiration wholly from nature. Your kitten is hence less predisposed to the risks of cancer and other respiratory disorders that may arise when the same is inhaled.

Also, it comes in many shades and sizes. This makes it great for the growing kittens as it gives you the leeway to select the one that may suit your needs and in the order in which you may want the same to be. Wrapping it all up is the fact that it suppresses the growth of the bacteria and germs that may harm the kittens.

 Q5. Can you use Blue Buffalo litters in a mechanical or self-sifting tray? 

YES, you can! It is useful for the mechanical litter trays as many of its parts and components adjust for easier engagements. Also making them capable of doing this is the fact that the item in question pairs and communicates seamlessly with the other like-minded apparatus.

Given the simplicity that the item comes about in, it is also easier to make use of. You do not have to garner or expend too much of your expertise to be able to juggle your way. The same goes for the matters of transportation to the designated locations of use and overall engagements.

 Q6. Does Blue Buffalo make a pellet-based litter? 

YES, it does! Its pellets, as a matter of fact, are derived from the walnut that is fresh and natural. This derivation similarly brings about some eco-friendly applications that tend to maintain the safety of the interior room occupants with an exceptionally high level of zeal.

These pellets also have the added advantage of being easier to juggle and get rid of in totality. You will find them appropriate for your use and eventual disposal. What’s more? The pellets also fight off the infestations of and by the ammonia gas in exceptional ways and means.

 Q7. Are any of the Blue Buffalo litters well for cats with respiratory issues? 

YES, they are! As we have explained severally, this litter derives its functionality from purely fresh and natural sources. The walnut pellets are by far the most dominant structures that form the core of the gadget. They are less likely to inflict any respiratory issues on the cat.

On top of all these, the items are devoid of any silica gels that may inflict respiratory injuries to the cats. Also, other than merely suppressing the foul stench, the item makes the interior air fresh as well. By this arrangement, it purifies the air to make the same great to breathe.


Where to Buy Blue Buffalo Cat Litter?



From our foregoing Blue Buffalo cat litter review, it is crystal clear that this item has many benefits to give to a potential cat owner. Why don’t you now go ahead and utilize the information we have furnished you in the best ways possible? Please share this information far and wide to help other people gain from it.