Cool Cat Houses: 10 Cool Options For Your Kittens!

Designing cool cat houses is always fun. Especially if you have a cat that likes to hang out in unusual places? Perhaps he prefers sitting next to your favorite book on the top shelf of your library. Perhaps the lands on your freshly cleaned underwear. He may even hang from the arm of your chair. Have you ever considered purchasing him a cat house? Indoor cat condos give safety and amusement to cats who can’t go outside. Cat houses for outside are great for keeping cats safe from predators and providing them a place to seek refuge when the weather is bad. These are some of the greatest cat house ideas we’ve seen so far.

1. HOK Kitty High Rise

This house has everything a cat could want. The basic design is made of wood. Carpeting covers the inside surfaces, encouraging cats to scratch. One tunnel has a hide-and-seek game for cats, while the other two conceal them away and provide an exit if another animal comes by. The passageway’s translucent walls allow for peekaboo play. The front porch is ideal for growing cat grass, a plant that’s non-toxic to cats and prevents them from damaging your home plants.

2. The Kitten Coop

You may use the chicken coop to hold your furry pets in a fun manner. Just avoid housing birds at the same time. This coop was built so that the cats could go in and out of their owners’ house via a window. Another floor was built into the foundation. The home is surrounded by mesh screening on all sides, keeping cats in and other animals out. This is an excellent method to allow your house cat to go outside safely.

You may utilize plywood, carpet, and wire grid that we already have regularly, so the additional cost of the wheels is just around $20. “I suggest wheels, as they make it much simpler to remove the window from the house when you’re going on a trip and want it locked up extra tight. ”

“My home’s entrance has a secure door that you can shut and open from inside.

3. A-Frame Cottage

The triangular design of this wooden house makes it both attractive and classic. Cat houses like this, which are constructed from a high-quality wood such as red cedar, keep your cat cool in hot weather and warm in the winter. For additional comfort, you might add insulation. Wooden cat houses are becoming increasingly popular. They’re often available in high-end pet shops. You may also construct your own.

4. Cat Hobbit House

What could be more ideal for your little Hobbit than this lovely hillside hole? Your cat may hide under the fake grass in the front and come through the hole. You’d never believe it was made for animals. It looks like a work of art, not a cage.

This is wonderful if you enjoy Lord of the Rings and cats. Your cat would love to live in his Hobbit hole! Isn’t it incredible?

Your cat will be given a Hobbit home, just like in the movies, as well as a custom scratching post by the Super-Fan Builds show.

Then, if the cat wants to be alone and attack Sauron’s eye, he may do so. It’s without a doubt one of the most amazing things you’ll see, and it’s certainly the most creative cat home.

5. Wheeled Cat Tower

Does your cat have a lot of energy to burn? This massive tower has a long run, a high jump, and a tall climb for your cat to enjoy. It has a huge hamster wheel, a big slide, and lots of areas to scratch and hide. Hopefully, your cat won’t make the wheel squeak all night as a hamster would. Even though this furniture for cats does not appear to be available in the United States, it would make for an interesting DIY project.

6. The Aquarium Cat House

Do you have any fish? Build your aquarium around the cat house to save space and provide the kitty with some amusement. This one has a roof to keep curious paws out. It’s both beautiful and fascinating to humans and canines. Just be sure your fish have enough hiding places so they don’t get disturbed from being watched all day.

7. Customized Kitty Camper DIY Design

It’s no secret that cats like cardboard boxes. So, why not construct a lovely cat house out of some of your recyclables? This one is innovative and doesn’t need any carpentry abilities. All you need is some cardboard, strong tape, and paint. If your cat likes to scratch cardboard, it might be time to replace it. It’s quite simple to construct that you may get a thrill out of changing up the design.

8. Screened Cat Porch

Is your cat a window-watcher like mine? Make more room for your beloved companion by building a screened-in porch on the other side of the aperture. Cats will be able to get some fresh air and enjoy being outdoors without being pursued or lost by the neighborhood dog. There are several methods for constructing a screened cat porch.

9. Catio

We’re fairly confident that cats acquired control of a human’s patio to building this enormous cat playground. There are numerous cat condos, scratching posts, and tunnels available. The swinging bridge adds a touch of playfulness to the arrangement. It also allows cats to express their confidence.

10. Cat Tree House Outside

If your cat isn’t keen on sitting next to the window, build a jungle gym in the backyard that takes him to a tree. This forest of wood and screen allows cats to venture easily from the house to the great outdoors. The treehouse is built on top of a fallen stone fireplace that is no longer in use. However, you may easily add it to any surface or the trunk of a real tree.

Do You Think, Your Cat Needs A House?

The best cool cat houses are adaptable to your budget, space, and lifestyle. If your cat is happy in a cozy nook within, you may not need a big jungle gym. In the bedroom, approximately 96% of cat owners allow their cats to snooze. If your cat likes curling up in the crook of your knee while you’re sleeping, he may not sleep in a kennel overnight.

However, he may use it to hide and play during the day. Your cat may be harmed if you let him go free in the great outdoors. Make his life safer by providing him with a secure location where he may get fresh air without being exposed to clogged roads or other animals. A cool cat house can make your family happy and impress your kitty’s pals.