Litter Genie Review – How does it work?

If you own a cat in your household, you will no doubt have to collect its droppings. That definitely demands that you lay your hands on a piece of equipment that is able to do both at the same time. The litter genie apparatus it is.

In our proceeding, Litter Genie Review – How does it work, discussions, we are going to define the item and provide answers to the pertinent questions like:

  • What is Litter Genie and how does it work?
  • Steps of operating it
  • Does it work well?
  • Special notes on cat Genie bags
  • How long does a Litter Genie refill last?
  • What is the difference between the Litter Genie and Litter Genie Plus?

litter genie


 #1: What is Litter Genie and How Does It Work? 

Litter Genie is a waste disposal apparatus that mainly accepts cat wastes, facilitates their subsequent disposal, and also seals off the odors. It also negates the need for you to dispose of the wastes to the municipal dumping sites on a daily basis as it holds the contents until such a time when the can is completely full.

cat litter genie

A typical gadget of this kind comprises a chamber in which the wastes are stashed. Also coming along is an airtight lid that conceals the contents in such a way as to eliminate the spreading of the odors to the exterior environment.

Some contain antimicrobial contents that inhibit the emergence of foul odor during the time when the wastes are in the container. The cans, basically accept and hold the wastes in escrow until such a time when it is convenient for you to empty the contents now.


 #2: Steps of Operating It 

Follow the steps below to operate the litter genie

 a.) Inserting the refill

To insert the refill:

  • Slot the scoop holder in the grooves at either side of the container
  • Pull the refill tub
  • Remove the outer rim of the refill
  • Open the lid and pull up the funnel
  • Stash the film down into the bottom chamber of the container
  • Push down the funnel and close the lid

 b.) Empty the wastes

To empty the wastes from the container:

  • Scoop the clumps from the litter box
  • Open the lid to drop the clumps after which you should close it
  • Seal the clumps by holding the pail and pulling the handle

 c.) Empty the bags

To empty the bags:

  • Open the container at its middle segment
  • Cut the bag and tie the same using the built-in childproof cutter
  • Pull the plastic film to the bottom of the container
  • Tie a knot to close the unit


 #3: Does It Work Well? 

Does it work well

YES, it does work well. Below are some of the benefits it potentially brings about:

  • Inhibits foul stench

Most of these containers are equipped with antimicrobial agents whose roles are to inhibit the emergence of the foul stench. They do this by neutralizing the foul odor and at the same time suppressing decomposition. In doing all these, they uphold the comforts of the interiors.

  • Holds the wastes in escrow

Perhaps the most significant role they play is to hold the wastes in escrow. In this regard, they simply provide space for you to stash the wastes until such a time that you are now prepared to empty the same in the municipal dumping site or dumpsters.

  • Negates consistent and regular emptying

By incorporating these containers in your home, you do not have to constantly and consistently empty the contents in the municipal dumping sites or the dumpsters. Of course, this lets you focus on the other activities that matter to you in the meantime such as other household chores.

  • Keep your interiors tidy

Lastly, these containers serve to maintain your interiors tidy and devoid of any unwarranted droppings. They hence complement the cleanliness and the overall engagements of your interior management as greatly as can be. You can never hope to do a better job without them at your fingertips hence.


 #4: Special Notes on Cat Genie Bags 

A cat genie bag is basically the insert refill that plays the actual role of holding the wastes in escrow until such a time that it is now convenient for you to empty the same outside. The typical bag of this kind contains a barrier whose role it is to block out the germs and the foul odor.

The carrying capacities of these bags differ considerably. It is important hence to find that which is capable of holding the volume of wastes that your cat or cats do produce per given time. On the same note, you have to match this volume with the size and the configuration of the container of your liking.

Since these bags are the ones that actually hold the wastes, they have to be refilled and replaced from time to time. That requires that they be easier to handle and engage all the while. Pay keen attention to your expertise as well in your search for the right bag.


 #5: How Long Does a Litter Genie Refill Last? 

There is no standard duration of time when the litter genie refill lasts. Nonetheless, many have to be replaced within two months. In your search for the right refill, it is important hence for you to consider this duration so that you may settle on a bag that is able to really serve your needs well.

litter genie


 #6: What is the Difference Between the Litter Genie and Litter Genie Plus? 

The Litter Genie differs from the Litter Genie Plus in the following ways:

  • Carrying capacity

A typical Litter Genie is generally only capable of holding fewer wastes compared to the Litter Genie Plus counterpart. It is hence mainly suitable for those impromptu settings and operational environments. Examples of these could be camping or an outdoor trip. They generally accrue limited wastes.

  • Space requirements

To contain the Litter Genie, you will generally require less space than you would contain the Litter Genie Plus. The logic here is simple. A typical litter genie plus is slightly large in size and hence demands more space from you to contain. Woe unto you if you reside in a cramped up apartment!

What is the difference between the Litter Genie and Litter Genie Plus

  • Suitability

As hinted already, the Litter Genie mainly comes in when you reside in an area that is smaller and if you also anticipate minimal wastes. The reasons behind this are that the item is smaller. Go for the Litter Genie Plus on the other hand if you expect more wastes or reside in a spacious area.

What is the difference between the Litter Genie and Litter Genie Plus

  • Operational expertise

Considering the simple stature of the Litter Genie, you do not have to possess extreme levels of expertise to handle and engage it. As for the Litter Genie Plus, you generally have to be equipped with extremely high levels of expertise and operational experiences to handle and engage them better.


 #7: Frequently Asked Questions 

We now provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to this topic:

 Q1. How much is the Litter Genie? 

A typical litter genie goes for $27, give or take. The exact amount nonetheless depends on the size of the container, the material construction, and the kinds of trash it is supposed to haul alongside other vital parameters. Be sure to carry out extensive product comparisons before embarking on a purchase.

 Q2. Does the Litter Genie come with bags? 

YES, most of these containers come with their own bags. You do not have to purchase them separately hence. Unfortunately, some of them come without bags. You hence have to purchase these bags separately. It is important hence to carry out extensive research before embarking on a purchase.

 Q3. Where can I buy Litter Genie refills? 

You may buy them from a variety of locations and settings like supermarkets, hardware stores, online auction sites, and the manufacturer’s warehouses, to name but a few! Of all these avenues, it is the online auction sites that are the best as they give you the leeway to compare prices and also offer door-to-door delivery.

 Q4. Will Diaper Genie refills work in Litter Genie? 

YES, it can! However, it has to be modified to fit this container. This requires some level of expertise which unfortunately not many people have. You really have to be sure of the possession of the level of expertise before proceeding to make an adjustment.

 Q5. How do you open the Litter Genie Funnel? 

To open the litter genie funnel, follow the procedures outlined hereunder:

  • Commence at the left portion of the tab
  • Pull the film apart at about one foot
  • Push the film down through the center of the rim
  • Tie a knot at the bottom of the container
  • Open the lid and lift the funnel up


Litter Genie Review

  • REDUCE LITTER BOX ODOR: The makers of Diaper Genie present the Litter Genie Pail to keep litter box odor in check! The pail holds up to 14 days of soiled litter per one cat, eliminating daily trips to the trash.
  • NO MORE STINK: Our pail includes a refill bag featuring a multi-layer film to seal in odor while lasting up to 8 weeks.
  • USE IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS: Scoop clumps from the litter box and drop in the pail. Pull the handle to help seal in waste and odor!
  • A PURRFECT FIT: The pail's compact design is great for bathroom, under the kitchen sink, and home office spaces. The pail minimizes your trips to the trash!
  • PET PARENT MUST HAVE: Litter Genie Pails and Refills are necessities for any cat, small dog or rabbit parent! Trust the Litter Genie brand for a fresher smelling home.



Our long and conclusive peak into the subject of Litter Genie Review – How does it work, comes to an end there. It is now our hope that you have whatever insight you now need to do a great job of finding a suitable search. Why not go ahead now and deploy the skills you have obtained to action?