Steps for Making Clumping Cat Litter and Benefits

Cats are among the best pets at home, they are known for their hygiene and cleanliness. Cats are easy to train where to litter, unlike other pets in the house. The clumping cat litter is most commonly used because of how easy it is to scoop the urine and conserve the rest of the litter since it clumps up when hit by moisture. The article focuses on what are important features, how to make clumping litter, and the benefits of homemade clumping litter.


Important Features when Considering a Clumping Cat Litter.

There are a variety of features that you should be in the know when using the clumping cat litter. Below are important features you should consider when selecting a clumping cat litter package.

Important Features when Considering a Clumping Cat Litter

– Non-tracking.

Unlike other cat litters that stick to the cat claws when they leave the litter box, the clumping cat litter is anti-tracking when the cat is in the litter box. Hence when the cat is coming from the litter box it has no litter sticking on its claws that could be spread all over the house.

– Hard clumps.

The clumps formed after the cat has littered should be hard enough such that when you are scooping them for disposing of purpose they won’t fall apart making disposal hard.

– Odor control.

Not all clumping cat litters have properties of odor control thus making your house smell when your cat litter. Therefore, there is a need to acquire the appropriate clumping cat litter that will control the smell from the cat litter.

– Moisture activated formula.

This is a feature when it can only clump when the moisture gets in contact with the litter. The formula should only clump from the cat’s urines when kept in a place away from any moisture.

– Dust-free.

There are a variety of kitty litters that have dust or some particles that come out when you are pouring the litter in the litter box. You ought to use a clumping litter that controls dust.

– Hypoallergenic.

Some cat litters are likely to be sensitive due to some ingredients made from them. Ensure that you use cat litter that is not sensitive to your kittens for their comfort.

– Natural ingredients.

Instead of using chemical-based clumping cat litter, there is an alternative to natural ingredients cat litter that is best for your cat’s health.


How to Make Clumping Cat Litter?

How to Make a Clumping Cat Litter

Despite buying a cat litter that might be a strain on your pockets, you might be wondering if it’s possible to make it in the comfort of your home. The answer is yes, you can do it and create a few weeks of clumping cat litter. Most of the clumping cat litter contains a material called bentonite which prevents the litter from absorbing the liquid. Besides, there are a variety of materials that could be used to form the cat litter. They include newspaper, sawdust, sand, and chicken feed.

Below are steps on how to make a cat litter with a newspaper.

Step 1: Shred the newspaper thin paper shredders and collect them in a clean litter box.

Step 2: Mix warm water with a few drops of gentle dish soap which is biodegradable. Add the shredded paper to the mixture and soak them. The papers take on cooked oatmeal consistency although they won’t come out clean the water takes the grey color.

Step 3: Drain the grey water and replace it with clean water and repeat the soaking process of the papers while doing away with soap. Continue until the water is colorless meaning that the dirt is got rid of.

Step 4: Sprinkle the biodegradables baking soda on the wet papers liberally. Use the gloves to knead it into a mixture and because you might get ink on your hands.

Step 5: After forming a standard dough from your papers, squeeze the remaining moisture completely until it’s dry as much as you could.

Step 6: Finally crumble it over a flat-screen and leave it to dry for a few days. When the substance dries you can collect it and ready to use it in your cat litter box.

The process may take up to an hour but the result from the products will be making you enjoy using it more than the commercial cat litters or any other options out there.

Here’s a video of the process if you need more information:

Benefits of Using Homemade Clumping Cat Litter.

Benefits of Using Homemade Clumping Cat Litter

There are numerous valid reasons why you should consider making homemade clumping cat litter at home for your cat rather than using the commercial ones. Below are the benefits accrued from using substitute homemade cat litters.

1. Saving money.

The ingredients for making the cat litter are readily available in your home and they are cheap to acquire. With readily available newspapers, dish soap, and easy to acquire baking soda it is easy to make it while the process does not take long. However, with the use of commercial cat litters, it’s costly while you have to buy it more often.

2. Health concerns.

These clumping cat litters are not made from any chemicals that cause harm to your cat e.g. carcinogen. Therefore, no need to worry about allergies and asthma problems in your cat.

3. Eco-friendly and safe.

The substance made for these cat liters is environmentally-friendly while flushable thus they cannot be able to contaminate your water. You do not need to worry about harming your environment from using this cat litter as they are safe.

4. The desire for self-reliance.

Many people are increasingly desiring to follow simple lifestyles which makes the idea of making your products more popular around the world. By following a simple procedure, you can make a clumping cat litter on your own mostly during this time with COVID 19 pandemic.



Clumping cat litter is commonly used by pet lovers because of how they conserve the litter and the less frequent task undertaken in emptying, cleaning, and refilling the fresh litter. Moreover, you get to save the money you would have bought the commercial cat litter and make some conveniently in your home. Follow the above steps to making a cat litter and enjoy and ascertain how easy a task it is.