How Deep the Kitty Likes the Litter?

how deep should kitty litter beCats are one of the most famous pets in many families. Most cat household families have kitty litter in their homes, but the biggest question is, how much or deep should the kitty litter be in the box?

Although some brands provide directions on how much you should put, this question remains to be challenging to most cat parents. It is important to note that the amount of kitty litter in the kitty litter box can affect how your cat uses it.

The general rule and the rule given by most kitty litter manufacturers say that the appropriate amount of kitty litter should be three to four inches deep. However, remember that just like people have different preferences, it is the same with cats. Cats vary from one to another, therefore, some cats will love deeper kitty litters while others will prefer shallow ones. This article will discuss how deep should kitty litter be.


The Depth of Kitty Litter

The general rule

– The general rule.

To begin with, it is good to know and consider the general rule given by most cat litter manufacturers. But before that, it is good to appreciate that cats are fastidious and love to cover their business after answering their call of nature. Therefore it is important that you ensure your cat gets ample space and litter to do that. Generally, the rule demands that your kitty litter should be 2 – 3 inches or 3 – 4 inches, depending on your manufacturer as well as the height of your kitty litter box. Therefore, for a beginner cat parent or new cat, 3 inches kitty litter depth would be the perfect amount to start with.

This is to ensure that your cat gets enough litter to dig and cover its business, and at the same time, it gets enough space to do that without being kicked out of the litter box. Remember that it is important to have the right amount to avoid litter wastage as well as considering your cat’s comfort while using the box. Also, putting too much kitty litter in the box or too little will affect the way your kitty uses the litter box and can be another source of the problem.

However, despite knowing the general rule, it is crucial to appreciate that cats are different just like humans are, therefore, there are chances that your cat might deviate from the general rule. Also, note that this rule applies to one cat only and it doesn’t mean that if you have 2 cats in your house, you should add more litter to that box. Always stick to one litter box for one cat. The general rule for the number of kitty litter boxes demands you to have the number of litter boxes more than the number of cats in your house with one box.

the depth of kitty litter

– Do it your way.

In case your cat is the cat that deviates from the general rule, then you can opt to do it your way to determine how deep should kitty litter be specifically for your cat. The following are the steps for determining the appropriate depth of the kitty litter for your cat.

Step 1.

Using clean unused kitty litter, fill your clean litter box up to 3/4 or more.

Step 2.

Tilt the litter box in a way that one side is so deep while the other remains shallow. About 5 – 7 inches on the deeper side and 1 – 3 inches on the shallow side.

Step 3.

Place the litter box at your designated position and watch your cat’s behavior. Remember that this might take some time before your cat uses the litter box. When the cat is on the move, look at the side your cat likes: is it the deep end, shallow end, or at the center position. Also, check whether the cat likes to scratch for a long time or just stands to finish his/her business. Finally, check whether he/she kicks a lot of kitty litter outside the box.

Step 4.

After watching how your cat behaves when using the cat litter, then you will be in a good position to know what your cat requires. In case your cat prefers deeper litter and loves scratching for a long time, then you will have to use more kitty litter, while on the other hand, if he/she just stands to finish the business, then you don’t have to fill the box with the litter. Also, if your cat kicks out litter, then you will have to change your box height.

how deep should kitty litter be

Factors affecting the kitty litter depth.

Despite having the general rule, some factors determine how deep kitty litter should be. It is equally important to know them. The following are the factors that determine the depth of your kitty litter.

1. The type of kitty litter you use.
2. How often you clean it.
3. The number of cats.
4. The age of your cat.

Generally, the first two factors play a crucial role, while the last two factors might not have much effect, but they are worth considering.

1. The type of kitty litter you use.

Typically, there is a vast variety of ingredients used to make kitty litter, hence different types of kitty litters. However, the main types are clumping and non-clumping litters.

– Non-clumping kitty litter.

When using non-clumping kitty litter, the recommended kitty litter depth ranges between 2 – 3 inches for one cat. However, you can add the litter with time if your cat likes scratching a long time, but if your kitty has long hair, then shallow levels might work best.

– Clumping kitty litter.

Unlike non-clumping kitty litter, clumping cat litter requires more depth. Typically, the ideal depth for clumping kitty litter ranges between 4 – 5 inches: this is to prevent the kitty urine from reaching the bottom of the litter box before clumping. This prevents the clumps from sticking to the bottom while clumping.

The type of kitty litter you use

2. How often you clean it.

After identifying the ideal kitty litter depth for your cat, then how often you clean the box will determine whether to use the lower limit or upper limit of your range. If you plan to clean it more often then go for the lower range limit and vice-versa.