The Best Cat Litter Box for 2 Cats

the best cat litter box for 2 catsAs a lover of cats, you might have a dream of owning more than one because of how cute and adorable they look. They feel great when you are cuddling and playing with them until you remember about the litter boxes that are a nightmare to everyone.

The cat litter box fills up so fast and the house might get so smelly thus living with them gets uncomfortable. That is, why having the best cat litter box for 2 cats is important due to its improved features. Below is comprehensive information on a cat litter box for 2 cats and their reviews.


What Is The Best Cat Litter Box for 2 Cats?


How To Pick The Best Cat Litter Box for Two Cats?

In the market, there are many cat litter boxes which might leave you feeling confused about the best cat litter box for two cats. Therefore, there are features you need to consider before diving in to be sure about your choice. Below are tips on how to pick the best cat litter box for two cats.

Size of The Box

When your cat is conducting its business, it’s important to enter the box without straining. That is an important part while the bigger boxes translate to easier cleaning while they don’t fill up quickly as small ones do. The large litter box feels sanitary and cat-friendly as the waste does not accumulate in a single area.

State of The Boxes, Enclosed or Covered

Different cats have different variations in what states they lie in their litter boxes. You might have some cats that have aggressiveness or soft character. The aggressive might corner the soft ones in the enclosed boxes making the soft ones cower away thus looking for alternative areas to litter. Hence, if your cats both like an enclosed area mean it’s the best but if one has started some behavioral issues buy an open-topped box.

Odor Control

When you have two cats in the house that automatically means there will be an increase of odor in the house. As we all know living in a smelly house is always a struggle. Therefore as much you are scooping the litter frequently to reduce the odor, look out for the cat litter boxes that have odor control like replaceable air filters and cat litter doors to prevent sticking. Besides, look for litter boxes with microbial features and non-sticking coating, since they will help in the reduction of odor build-up.

Budget-Friendly Prices

When looking for the best cat litter box for two cats, look for a model with your desired feature for easier maintenance of your cat accessory but get it with a budget that is affordable to you. When buying a cat litter box for two cats, you might need an additional litter box, thus don’t go for the expensive one.


The Best Litter Box for Two Cats’ Reviews

1. Best Value- Affordable Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan with A Large Space

Affordable Catit Jumbo Hooded cat litter box for 2 cats

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Are you looking for a sturdy litter pan with a lot of space giving your cats the privacy that they need? Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan is what you have been searching for. The litter box from the Catit brands comes with the enclosed model which gives your cat the privacy it requires when conducting its business. It has a large hood lift that easily lifts, thus enabling you to have easy cleaning. Besides, it comes with a built-in bag anchor that keeps the bag open and free from hand scooping.

With a Catit Jumbo Hooded litter box, you don’t need to worry if your cats will fit in the box or there will be a strain as it has a large space that makes them comfortable after entering there. The Cat litter box is made with plastic materials and has a dimension of 22.4″L x 18.3″H x 17″W inches. Ensure to clean it and afterward your hands with mild soap and water. As cat owners get worried about having a smelly litter box, you are covered as this one comes with carbon-impregnated filters that effectively removes and traps the odor from the litter box.


  • The filter trap removes the odor
  • Excellent size
  • The handles make it easy to lift


  • None found yet

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2. Best Easy Cleaning- PetFusion Large Durable Cat Litter Box for 2 Cats

PetFusion Large Durable cat litter box

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Are you wondering what is the ideal litter box that will promote healthy usage to your cats with waste not sticking to the edges? Then you are in the right place. The PetFusion Cat Litter Box has recommended features for cats who start having behavioral issues due to using enclosed cat litter. This cat litter box is open-top thus highly encouraging healthy usage. The ABS plastic material made from the litter box is of great value as it is durable and rigid in comparison to the standard polypropylene. Besides, it has a non-sticking coating enabling easy disposal in the litter.

The litter box comes with a smart design as it has spacious curves that are inviting and makes cleaning and scooping easier. The sticking with this litter box is reduced by 70% while it’s anti-microbial, supporting better hygiene and less odor. It qualifies the size and safety as it has dimensions of 22.6 x 18.1 x 8 inches thus large for your cats. Also, all the materials are tested and affirmed by stringent international safety standards.


  • Great value for your money
  • Ideal for cats with behavioral issues
  • Has safe non-sticking coating


  • None found yet

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3. Best Budget- Van Ness CP2HS High Sides Cat Litter Pan for Easy Cleaning

Van Ness CP2HS High Sides litter box for 2 cats

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Perhaps your cat’s loves digging on the litter box occasionally in the litter box which leads to scattering of the litter around your floor, worry no more as Van Ness CP2HS High Sides comes to your rescue. The litter box is perfect for a cat who loves urinating at the sides where if it’s short messes with your look, however, this equipment is taken care of due to its high sides. Also, to cats that love digging in the litter consequently scattering it around the house, the high side’s confines the activity inside.

The Van Ness CP2HS High Sides litter box comes with different colors in the market thus the ability to choose among your preference. Also, it has a high polished finish on the plastic material that makes it resistant to odor and stain. The litter box is lightweights and has 1.26 pounds while it’s easy to clean. It is very spacious for both your cats as it has dimensions of 17.5 x 15 x 9 inches thus giving adequate comfort to your pets.


  • It’s perfect for cats who love digging
  • Has a variety of colors
  • Sturdy and Lightweight


  • Not ideals for normal-sized adult cats

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4. Best Top Entry- IRIS Top Entry Private Cat Litter Box for Two Cats

IRIS Top Entry Private cat litter box for 2 cats

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Wondering what is the best cat accessory that is of high quality made with a unique stylish design keeping your cat from scattering litter everywhere? Then the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box is your best option. The litter box features top entry access that gives it more space to move around while not making a mess. With the unique and stylish design, your cat is provided the privacy needed while the box is BPA free hence not toxic to your cat.

With the IRIS TOP Entry Cat Litter Box, you are assured that scattering of litter will highly be prevented as the groove on the lid creates a built-in mat to prevent litter from leaving while the top part is segmented to detach the liter in the cat claws to be left on top. It has a rounded shape and attachable hook to hang the litter scoop accompanied by it which makes it easy in cleaning.


  • Comes with unique stylish designs
  • Has favorable features to reduce litter scattering
  • Made with BPA free materials


  • Heavy

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5. Best for Odor Control- Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan with Replaceable Zeolite Air Filters

Van Ness Enclosed cat litter box for two cats

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Are you tired of having a smelly cat litter box around your house that occupies large spaces? Van Ness Enclosed Cat Litter Pan is the best for you. The litter box is enclosed thus assuring elimination of little scattering around while it’s made from odor-resistant plastic. With this cat accessory, you are assured of saving space, this is because the litter box perfectly fits at the corner of your house leaving massive space for other needs.

The silver Van Ness Enclosed cat litter box is made with a plastic material that is odor and stain resistant while it has a high polish finish thus cleaning is easy. The Van Ness brand makes this class-leading odor control box that has added benefits to ensure that your house does not smell The odor door and replaceable Zeolite air filters to ensure at no point does the house smell. The litter box is made in the USA and it’s large in turn accommodating your cat without straining it.


  • Perfect when not having much space
  • Spacious and Deep
  • Appreciates the cat’s privacy


  • The door doesn’t move

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6. Best Modern Look- The REFINED FELINE Large Cat Litter Box Enclosed Cabinet

The REFINED FELINE Large cat box furniture

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The REFINED FELINE Cat Litter Box Enclosed-Cabinet is a versatile top-notch little box that is made with great design and style to bring some decorum to your decoration. The cat accessories bring a discreet solution to your cat litter box needs as it fits in any home while hides the litter tray from view. It offers storage to your pet’s toys and things as it has a top drawer included in the top cabinet to offer hidden storage.

It comes with rear slots that allow ventilation or fitters to carbon odor filters to prevent the house from becoming smelly. It offers reversible wall entry that is either to one your cat is conversant with. While it hides the litter trays from the view, it is made with sporting cleanliness and real wood grain which makes it look a classy and elegant piece. It has internal corrugated litter liners with high walls that contain litter and easy to clean up. Also, it’s made with a slotted design that catches litter as the cat exists in the box to avoid littering around the house.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has an elegant and classy look
  • Has reversible walls for entrance


  • The quality could be better

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Litter Box Tips for 2 Cats

best cat litter box for 2 cats

As a first time owner of a cat or when you need a refresher of the best practices to keep your cat litter tidied up, you need some tips. Below are the tips of the litter box for 2 cats.

1. Every cat should have its litter box plus an additional one. Each cat loves having a specific item that it claims also having each makes it more convenient in promoting health and peace.

2. A healthy environment in the house by ensuring the add one is for emergencies where when you have not cleaned the others, your cat can conveniently use it.

3. Cats always prefer a clean place to do their business, therefore, ensure that you clean the cat litter box daily, when using a clumping litter, scoop and toss the clumps every day.

4. Cleaning the litter box should be regular, therefore, ensure that in a month you have cleaned the cat litter severally with water and mild soap and put fresh litter every time.

5. If you prefer using a clumping cat litter, ensure you fill it 3-4 inches of a litter box when changing to fresh litter. This guarantees that there will be enough litter to cover the waste and cover the tight clumps.


Where Should You Place The Litter Box for 2 Cats?

As the cat owners and guardian, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the cat litter box is strategically placed in an ideal position to maintain peace in the household. The cats can be territorial and marginally social animals naturally. By noting the spot which your cats have marked their favorite is better to put the litter box. Each cat will have its territorial engagement since the bathroom is always the battleground.

By placing the litter box in different places for both the cat, they enjoy their psychological wellbeing as they are granted private territory they always crave. For cats that have different characters naturally, their boxes should be placed far apart. Also, when looking for the best location for the cat litter box, it should be private where it’s not in the view of every guest in the house. It should be placed under or near an object like the table or corner where you cannot spy on its business.


How Big of A Litter Box Do I Need for 2 Cats?

How Big of A Litter Box Do I Need for 2 Cats

The sizes of cat litter boxes for 2 cats may vary according to the length of your cats or kitten and sizes offered by different brands. For instance, the size of a cat litter box for kittens is not the same as that of old mature cats. Some of the cat litter boxes might be bigger than the other boxes.

However, when buying the ideal cat litter box ensure that they are one and half-length of your cat. This is good to leave space where the cat can do its business comfortably with straining. Also, the width should be approximately the length of your cat.

In conclusion, the bigger the cat litter box, the better. This is because the cat can sit in several spots and the ability to turn inside the box. In most cases, the dimensions of the cat litter box for cats range at 23 x 15 x 8 inches, length, width, height respectively.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Should I have 2 litter boxes for 2 cats?

If possible, yes. Every cat loves claiming its space and identifies itself with the litter box. As much as the aggressive cats are likely to corner the calm ones, it enables convenience for each cat and peace around the house.

2. How often should you change a litter box for two cats?

The cat litter box should be changed as frequently as possible. An increase in number to two means that waste is going to accumulate more making the cat unlikely to use it due to its untidiness, So scoop the waste daily and clean and refill with fresh litter twice a month.

3. Why do you need 3 litter boxes for 2 cats?

As established earlier, each cat should own its cat litter. However, one might mess up its litter box making it avoid the box. Having an extra one will act as an emergency to be used by that before you clean the mess.



Don’t cower from adopting that extra cute cat from the shelter due to wondering where to get the right litter box to accommodate both of them. By buying a cat litter box for 2 cats you are good to go and take care of them expertly. From the above information, I hope you got the assurance you needed to take that extra cat for your home.