6 Best Electric Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Multiple cat electric litter boxDaily scooping and cleaning can be tiresome, especially for multi-cat families; thankfully, due to technological advancement, there are now litter boxes that offer an excellent solution to handling such chores. They are characterized by automatic self-cleaning, whereby it detects when your cats do their business in it. So, if you don’t have time for scooping and cleaning, then the best electric litter box for multiple cats will be the best choice to consider.


What Is The Best Electric Litter Box for Multiple Cats?


Why Do You Need An Electric Litter Box for Multiple Cats?

why do you need a electric litter box for multiple cats

All cat owners with multiple cats will agree that an electric litter box really works for them. You don’t have to hire someone to look after your cats, especially if you have a tight schedule. Here are the reasons why this electric litter box will completely change your life.

Odor Control

Dealing with multiple cats can’t be easy when it comes to odor control. However, with an electric litter box, litter box odor is significantly reduced. They sift wastes within minutes hence avoiding a buildup of odors. Similarly, they are often equipped with odor control mechanisms that aid in eliminating odors.

Save Money

Generally, the vets often recommend having more litter boxes for multiple cats but having an electric litter box will be perfect for your multiple cats. In other words, we can say it save your money since one electric litter box is enough for your cats.

App Control

Some electric litter boxes for multiple cats have gone to an extent where you can monitor and control it using your phone. This might sound strange, but it works! Some are equipped with an AutoPets Connect App that will notify you on the waste drawer level, troubleshoot and monitor its usage history, among others.

Ease of Cleaning

The electric litter box for multiple cats is more comfortable to use and clean. Comparatively, the regular litter boxes aren’t easier to clean since you will be required to scoop maybe twice a day or more, but it eliminates the need to scoop or brush it for an electric litter box to remove clumped waste.


It guarantees your cats healthy living since they will enjoy a clean and tidy litter box at all times. As a result, your cats won’t contact diseases such as urinary tracts since multiple cats share them. It also helps them live a stress-free life.


The Best Electric Litter Box for Multiple Cats:

If you find the choosing process tiresome and time-consuming, then you don’t have to worry. We have sampled the best electric litter boxes for multiple cats that guarantees a healthy cat and a happy you.

1. Best for Odor Control- PetSafe ScoopFree  Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Multiple cats

The functionality of PetSafe will completely simplify your work. Imagine having an electric litter box that doesn’t require cleaning, scooping, or you to refill it. It is designed to remove the waste while controlling the odor automatically. Actually, I’d say this option should be at the top of your list. Similarly, the low-tracking crystals protect your home from dirt as it does not stick to your cats’ paws. You can monitor your cats’ health since, with this brand, you can track the usage patterns. Consequently, the disposable trays equipped with will protect your home against leaks.


Easy to clean
Odor control
Automatic waste removal
Eliminates leaks



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2. Best Quiet- PetSafe Electric Simply Clean Litter Box with Carbon Filters

Are you uncomfortable with a noise-producing electric litter box for multiple cats? Our pick is there to cover your needs as it is constructed with a whispering motor. Therefore, you can put it in any room, including your bedroom. A self-cleaning cat litter box also features an automatic mechanism, thus eliminating a tiring and time-consuming scooping and cleaning. Similarly, a replaceable carbon filer and the covered waste bin helps eliminate the odor. However, the LED light will show you that the system is running due to its silent performance.


Easy to clean
Odor control
Automated self-cleaning
Quiet motor


Maybe inappropriate if your cats are “sprayers.”

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3. Best Budget- Omega Paw Affordable Self-Cleaning Litter Box with Easy Operation

Since we are dealing with multiple cats, the rate at which this brand runs self-cleaning makes the best since it cleans in seconds. What draws our attention is that it doesn’t require electricity, and its construction offers privacy for your cats. This covered brand will also help in reducing odors, thus making it conducive for your home. Unlike other litter boxes, it uses less litter, thus saving your money.


Uses less litter
Easily cleans


Doesn’t guarantee odor control due to a lack of filters

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4. Best Smart- CatGenie Self-Washing & Flushing Electric Litter Box with App Control

CatGenie comes with improved features, which makes it unique. With this brand, you will forget anything to do with litter since it uses washable granules that don’t require changing hence a perfect money saver. It washes after every cat’s visit. Therefore, your cats will be enjoying a clump-free litter box. Similarly, these litter-like granules are dust-free, making it ideal for cats with health issues since it offers a total conducive environment. When it comes to odor control, CatGenie offers a perfect solution.


It washes itself
A total healthy environment for your cats
Non-replaceable washable granules
Cleans after every use



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5. Best Large- Catit Enclosed SmartSift Litter Box for Multiple Cats

Catit is equipped with great features that every cat owner would want for their cats. A noiseless self-cleaning process makes ideal for all rooms, be it your bedroom or study rooms. It is equipped with a large entrance making it appropriate for cats of all sizes, and the covered design provides your cats with privacy. Similarly, its construction majored on odor elimination; this is made possible by the integrated carbon filter that plays a role in arresting the odor. Uniquely, it is built with cat litter liners that keep the waste bin and litter box clean.


Quiet performance
Adequate ventilation
Odor control
Suitable for different sizes of cats


Inappropriate for older or kittens due to its raised entrance

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6. Best Easy Sifting- Le You Pet Semi-Automatic Litter Box with Eco-Friendly Materials

This brand features a stylish design that facilitates easy removal of waste. However, if you are dealing with senior cats, this should be your choice; its larger size makes it appropriate for cats’ sizes. Controlling odor can be easier since it uses a moisture-resistant hence zero odor development. Similarly, its construction features an easy setup and uses it; therefore, its unique design doesn’t be deceived. It is also favorable with the cats with mobility issues as you can vary its position based on the height your cat can achieve.


Effortless cleaning due to its self-cleaning design.
Stylish design
Suitable for different cat sizes
Odor control



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What Are The Features of Electric Litter Box for Multiple Cats?

What Are The Features of Electric Litter Box for Multiple Cats

An electric litter box for multiple cats has excellent features than regular ones hence more outstanding performance. They include:

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

Electric litter boxes for multiple cats are designed to detect when your cats use it. It engages a sifting mechanism, and the waste is collected in the tray, usually at the underneath of the electric litter box. Your work will only be emptying the waste bin.

Litter-Like Washable Granules

With these types, most don’t use the regular litter but instead, they come with non-replacing litter-like washable granules. Ass a result, you won’t be required to replace the litter.

Waste Bins

These electric litter boxes for multiple cats are equipped with a waste storing chamber. Although their sizes vary, some will allow you to go for days without emptying, while others can even go up to a week. It depends on the size you choose.

Odor Trapping Mechanisms

Some electric litter boxes are equipped with filters that play a role in eliminating odor. Some are also designed with instant self-cleaning mechanisms; therefore, there won’t be any buildup of waste hence zero odor.

Stylish Designs

A number of electric litter boxes are constructed with a modern design. Let’s say if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to interfere with home decoration, then I can guarantee you that these types of litter boxes will blend with your home décor.

Best Modern Look- PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box 

 Petsafe scoop-free automatic hooded litter box

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Varying Sizes

Regardless of how big or small your cats are, you won’t miss a suitable electric litter box for multiple cats. Also, if your cats have health issues, there are designs that gather their needs.

Covered & Uncovered

Electric litter boxes for multiple cats are either covered or uncovered. Therefore, depending on your cats’ toilet habits, you can still have a suitable one. This is because some cats demand privacy while doing their business; hence will prefer a covered cat litter box.


How To Pick The Best Electric Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats?

Since there are various electric litter boxes for multiple cats in the markets, picking the right brand can be confusing. This is because they vary in shape, size, litter sifting mechanism, and price. Therefore, we are here to help you find a suitable one. So, how should you go about it?

1. How Large Is An Electric Litter Box Do You Need?

This is one of the crucial factors since you might end purchasing a small-sized electric litter box for your senior cats. Generally, the best size should allow your cats to turn comfortably, check on things, and sniff around when they are in it. Most electric litter boxes are sized for regular cats, but if you own an exceptionally large cat, you may need to consider a sizeable electric litter box for your cats. Similarly, there are cat breeds that require a roomy compartment.

2. Does It Make Much Noise?

Due to varying brands in the market, their construction often varies hence the noise production. Generally, these electric litter boxes for multiple cats aren’t really silent; therefore, you need to know your cats’ response. Some cats find the motor sound alarming hence may not use it. At all cost, always avoid a noisy electric litter box for your cats to train your cats easily and if you’d want to place it in your bedroom.

3. Is Your Choice Covered or Not?

covered litter box for multiple cats

Since you have multiple cats, you need to ask yourself whether they are on good terms. If your cats have conflict issues, you will be forced to go for an uncovered electric litter box. For your cats to feel secure, they need to see what goes on around them while doing their business. However, if your cats have no conflict issues, you are free to choose between a covered or uncovered one.

4. How Large Is Its Waste Bin?

Most of the electric litter boxes have storage chambers; therefore, you need to consider a brand with a large storage chamber since we are dealing with multiple cats. If you consider smaller storage, you may need to empty it regularly, but for a larger storage bin, you can even go for days. Remember to go through their features, and if it isn’t indicated, then it will be best for you to visit stores.

5. How Much Are you Willing To Spend?

Price is also a crucial factor that should impact your selection. Generally, most brands run from $100 to $ 600, but some might cost higher than that due to the advancements made on the new products. So, be guided by their prices when sampling the best options. Since the sellers often offer them at a different price, it is advisable to shop around so that you can compare their prices. You might be even be advantaged to acquire a great offer.


Will The Multiple Cats Use The Same Automatic Cat Litter Box?

Yes, but you need to be careful when choosing a suitable one. For the sake of convenience, an automatic litter box should have a large waste bin and a roomy area to allow your cats to turn comfortably.



When it comes to electric litter boxes, they are designed to simplify your work. Depending on your selected size, you won’t be scooping and regularly cleaning as you can even stay up to a week. Similarly, the cost of replacing litter is reduced as most use washable granules. However, we have reviewed the best electric litter box in the market; feel free to place your order.