Best Litter Box for Cats that Spray Reviews of 2021- High Sided and Stainless Steel

best litter box for high spraying catsDo you have a cat that is a sprayer when urinating? Well, you need to consider getting a litter box that accommodates such cats. The best litter box for cats that spray should have tight sealing to prevent leakage and should be able to contain urine as well.

I believe the materials used to make the litter box should be strong and have a quality coating that cannot easily be damaged by the cat urine. So, which are the best litter box for cats that spray? Here is all information you need to know about the cat litters made for cats that spray and how to choose them.


What Is The Best Litter Box for Cats that Spray?


How To Choose The Best Litter Box for Cats that Spray?

Choose A Large Litter Box

The litter box’s right size will always be the first crucial thing to consider when buying a litter box for any cat. An oversized cat litter box may work even better for cats that spray since it has a large space to contain the urine.

Besides, it is quite challenging for the cat’s urine to reach on the box’s edges, which in return helps prevent leakage through the seams. The bottom line is always going for a litter box that has a big sizing.

Choose A Litter Box With Tall Walls

This is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a litter box for a tall and enormous cat. A litter box with high sides ensures no urine can pour through the ends when the cat uses the litter box. Note that such a litter box does not necessarily need to be covered all around. Some litter boxes with open tops have high walls that can work for sprayer cats too.

The Materials

The litter box materials matter since if the litter box has poor materials that can easily leak, you will always have to deal with smelly and wet flooring from the cat’s urine. So, choose materials that are resistant to damages from urine acidity. If you choose the stainless steel litter boxes, make sure it has rust and corrosion-resistant materials to prevent this.

Covered VS. Uncovered Litter Boxes

The covered cat litter boxes will always win when choosing a cat that is a sprayer. But, the choice may also be determined by the nature and the type of your cat. If your cat loves privacy when using a litter box, it will find a covered litter box more comfortable to use. If your cat prefers the open litter boxes, you need to avoid the covered models. But, make sure to choose a litter box with high walls to ensure the urine does not leak on the outside.


The Best Litter Box for Cats that Spray Reviews

1. Best Easy Cleaning – Modkat Litter Box that Reduces Litter Tracking for Messy Cats

Modkat litter box comes with a liner that acts as a locking mechanism to prevent the urine and litter from touching the litter box’s ends. With the top entry mode, your cat can comfortably urinate from any lot without worrying about the urine leaking from the sides.

I would recommend this litter box for messy cats since it helps prevent tracking and messing the floor with litter, thanks to the enclosed sides. Emptying this litter box is super easy since the lid has a swivel mechanism. So, all you need to do is swivel the lid and scoop out the litter to clear.



  • This litter box prevents urine leakage on the sides
  • The litter box helps minimize tracking in the house
  • The package comes with a scoop
  • The litter box is large to provide enough space.


  •  For small to medium-sized cats

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2. Best Large – IRIS USA Large Hooded Corner Litter Box with An Easy-Carrying Handle

IRIS litter box has an extra-large space such that even when your cat spray urinates, the urine cannot easily reach on the sides. Still, it is great for cats that pee high since it has a fully covered design. The large size of 21 x 18.75 x 17 inches can accommodate large cats.

This litter box is also crafted with ergonomic parts like the handle on the cover for easy carrying the litter box to set up or clean. Besides, it is too light for easy portability.



  • The litter box has a full cover to prevent urine from leaking
  • The litter box is quite portable
  • It has greats lining to prevent leakage
  • The litter box comes with accessories like a scoop


  • The scoop is too small, and you may need to buy another one for easy scooping the litter to clean up.

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3. Best Top Entry – IRIS Large Litter Box for Cats that Spray

Any litter box with a top entry mode is always recommendable for cats that spray since the enclosure style on sides prevents any leakage. This litter box from IRIS is still quite comfortable for both adults’ cats and kitties since it is easy and smooth to access from the top.

With the size of 20.75 x 16.13 x 14.63 inches, it can comfortably fit large cats. The box’s anti-skid feet ensure the litter box is stable regardless of where you set it up since it cannot quickly move when the cat hops on it.



  • This litter box prevents litter and urine messes on the floor
  • The litter box is enough for kitties or adult cats
  • The base of the litter box is stable
  • Has the quality and BPA free materials


  • The cat may still track in the house if it has litters stuck on the paws since the litter box cannot prevent this

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4. Best for Odor Control – Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Litter Box for Sprayer Cats with Carbon Filters

If you need a reliable litter box for a sprayer cat that does not take up considerable space in the room, I suggest you consider this model. This Van Ness litter box is fully enclosed on the sides to prevent the urine from leaking. The seams edges have excellent sealing to secure the litter box from leaking even after prolonged use.

Another feature that makes this a perfect litter box for spraying cats is the carbon filter that prevents lousy odor from accumulating in the litter box. So, even when the urine touches the edges of the litter box, the litter box will not emit a foul odor.



  • This litter box helps to control lousy odor too
  • Does not take up considerable space in the room
  • The door swings in and out to open and close
  • The litter box is quite affordable


  • This litter box may not fit large and furry cats since it is narrow at the base.

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5. Best Self-Cleaning – PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Hooded Cat Litter Box

The hood on the top of this litter box prevents any leakage happening in your house when the cat urinates. The self-cleaning cat litter box is also quite wide to ensure the cat has free space to use the litter box. However, the large size ensures the urine does not reach on the sides.

You will also enjoy this litter box because the blue crystals help prevent tracking on the floor. It has a disposable tray at the base to ensure there is no litter stagnating in the area where the cat sits or stands.



  • The litter box has a self-cleaning mode
  • Cleaning the litter box after cats use it is easy
  • It absorbs urine to prevent lousy odor
  • The litter available does not track in the house


  • This litter box is quite large and super bulky to move around

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6. Best Private – Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan for Cats that Spray

Does your sprayer cat love privacy when using a litter box? This is an excellent choice of litter box worth buying. The top cover ensures no urine can leak on the sides. Still, the litter box is quite large, so the comfort of your large cat is guaranteed and ensures the urine does not reach the edges of the litter box. With a frontal door, it easily opens and closes for the cat to access in and out of the litter box.



  • The litter box has a large hoodie
  • Cleaning it is easy and fast
  • Has a carbon filter to get rid of foul odor
  • The litter box has quality BPA free material construction


  • This litter box is super massive and may not work for cats that don’t like enclosed spaces

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7. Best High Sided – iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel XL Litter Box for Large Cats

A quality litter box worth buying if you have a large cat. Iprimio litter box is made of quality stainless steel material construction such that even when it comes to contact with cat’s urine, it does not rust or corrode. It features an open-top design but has high walls to ensure the cat does not urinate on the exterior parts.

The litter box also has a non-stick coating that prevents litter and other messes from sticking. So, cleaning the litter box is relatively easy and fast.



  • The litter box has quality material construction
  • It is easy to clean
  • Can also fit large cats
  • Absorbs odor to keep the space clean


  • This litter box is not the right choice for large sprayer cats since the urine may leak from the top

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What Types of Cat Litter Boxes Are Designed for Cats that Spray?

Top-entry VS. Front-entry

If you have a large and heavy cat, the top entry litter box is the best choice. These litter boxes are covered all around, so the urine will be contained in the box on the sides when the cat urinates. However, such litter boxes may be inconveniencing for small kitties that cannot jump to access in and out of the litter box. It may not be the right preference for cats that fear being in an enclosed area.

The front entry litter boxes may work for kitties that spray if the entry is located at a high area that even when the cat urinates, the urine will not pass through the entrance. The litter boxes may also work for large cats as long it has a door that closes when the cat enters the box.

Covered VS. Uncovered

The covered litter boxes are more recommendable for sprayer cats compared to the uncovered models. With a covered litter box, all areas, including the top section, are covered to prevent the urine from leaving from the sides. These litter boxes have flap doors that close when the cat gets in and out of the litter box. However, ensure still the litter box is big enough and has good sealing on the sides.

The uncovered litter boxes are still functional as long as the litter box has high sides that do not leak the urine. So, the trick to securing the sprayer cat from spoiling your house when using this type of litter box is to make sure you buy a model with high walls on the sides.


How To Deal With A High Spraying Cat?

a cat that spray

  1. Ensure the litter box is always clean such that your cat will not need to move to the edges of the box trying to find a clean space to use.
  2. Choose a large litter box so the cat does not squeeze in to use. A large litter box prevents the urine from leaking when the cat uses it.
  3. Have the cat checked by a professional vet as it could be a medical issue.
  4. If you have more than one cat, ensure each cat has its litter box to use.


What Helps In Dealing With Cats that Spray?

Cat Litter Mat

Placing a large mat under the litter box, especially with high absorbency power, may work since it absorbs all the urine from leaking on the floor. However, note that you will need to clean the mat as often as possible since keeping it with the cat’s urine may cause the room to stink.

  • Super smooth surface - doesn't bother cat paws like other mats .Suitable for lots of type of litter, and kitty litter boxes,hooded,self cleaning litter box.
  • Easy clean washable litter mat : Double-layer honeycomb design helps you gather the litter.Big on size means small on mess - leaves a wider border around the cat litter tray to capture flying grit.You just pick up the mat and all the litter falls through and then dump it back in the litter box make it recycling. No more getting litter stuck to my feet on a daily basis!
  • Waterproof/Urine proof mat: design, which makes the bottom layer waterproof and non-slip, doesn't make your cats paws uncomfortable like other mats. Prevent urine from soaking in the bottom layer, keep your floor dry all the time and save a lot of cleaning time.
  • Phthal ate/Bpa free: Great litter trapping mat, comfortable on tender paws.Many other mats use rough materials that may hurt kitties. Our premium comfort mat is Phthalate free and our super soft EVA material is gentle for sensitive cat paws.Cats even like to step on or have an afternoon snooze on it.
  • About Poabalyee: We are honored to provide problem-free processing for your products. This product is EVA material, it will have a little taste at first, it will dissipate after being placed for 2 days. If you still mind, please feel free to contact our customer service to solve it.No matter what happens, you can reach out to us directly for assistance.

Spray Coating

Spraying an extra coat on the litter box’s interior part can work in controlling the urine from leaking to the outer parts. However, choose a spray that has non-stick material as it works better than other models.


Is It Possible to Teach a Cat to Stop Peeing High?

It is not easy to train a cat to pee horizontally, considering some cats are born peeing in a vertical mode, but you can use the right gears to prevent the urine from spreading on the floor. This means that the litter box you choose should be large and enclosed such that even when the cat pees high, the urine will not leak out of the litter box.



These are the best litter boxes to consider if you have a sprayer cat. The litter boxes have styles that block urine from penetrating outside while still ensuring the cat is comfortable when using it. Depending on your cat’s personality and size, find the perfect litter box to get from these seven options.