Top 6 Best Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces Reviews & Buying Guides

For pet lovers living in apartments, a cat litter box is a must-have. Such a litter box must contain the kitty’s waste and its smell for a clean living space. Additionally, the litter box should empty easily without littering your space.

To help you locate such a litter box, below is a review of the best cat litter boxes for small spaces.

best cat litter box for small apartment

Why Do You Need Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces?

Why Do You Need Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces

1. Easy management of the available space

Modern cat litter boxes come in small sizes. Unlike traditional litter boxes that take up a lot of space, you will no longer be required to set up a big area, thus an ideal option for placing in the bedroom or bathroom.

2. Odor control

Unlike big spaces, the smell of the cat’s waste could diffuse in small spaces fast and easily. To avoid that, I would recommend that you get the best cat litter box. Most boxes can contain the smell to protect your small space from pet odor.

3. Easy management of the cleanliness

A cat litter box allows for easy management of the pet’s waste. With a cat litter box, you will never have to deal with your cat’s waste all over your apartment. Thus, you can be sure that you have dealt with all waste after emptying the litter pan.

4. Gain peace of mind and save time

Think about it, without a litter box, cats could poop anywhere. You could end up wasting a lot of time cleaning your space and beddings, something that you can avoid after purchasing the best cat litter box for small spaces.


How to Pick the Best Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces?

How to Pick the Best Cat Litter Box for Small Spaces

1. Size

The best cat litter box should fit into the available space. You should measure the available storage to get an idea of how big or small the cat litter box should be. Compare the available space to the dimensions of the litter box and opt for a model that will fit into the available area.

2. Construction materials

The best materials should combine durability, safety, and ease of cleaning. Still, such materials must not absorb odor for easy maintenance and cleaning. The materials should be free of toxic substances and have smooth edges that will not harm or injure your pet.

3. Ease of emptying and cleaning

Such litter boxes should integrate handles that are easy to hold for easy lifting when cleaning. Moreover, the litter boxes shouldn’t have materials that will discolor for effortless cleaning. If you are willing to spend some more cash, opt for self-cleaning cat litter boxes that remain tidy and clean without much intervention.

4. Odor control system

You must take into consideration that odor is likely to waft through the air quickly in a small space than it would do in a big house. Automatic cat litter boxes aid in the control of odor without needing much of your time. Also, some boxes include built-in odor control filters for the containment of odor.

5. Aesthetics

A cat litter box for small spaces is more noticeable since you might not have adequate areas to hide it. Therefore, opt for a sleek and stylish cat litter box. Some boxes include flowers on the top to enhance style. Others come in cute colors and designs to enhance the décor.

6. Anti-litter tracking

Look for cat litter boxes that minimize tracking litter on the floors. Some litter boxes integrate raised entrances for such purposes. However, you could opt to get an anti-litter tracking carpet that catches the litter that is stuck to your cat’s paws.


What Types of Cat Litter Boxes Are Suitable for Small Spaces?

There are different types of cat litter boxes. For small spaces, the most ideal type of litter pans is an enclosed litter pan, self-cleaning litter box, and disposable litter box. However, you could still opt for the other types if you have an adequate amount of space to conceal the litter box.

What Types of Cat Litter Boxes Are Suitable for Small Spaces

1. Enclosed litter tray

Also referred to as hooded litter pans, these are litter boxes that feature a dome or plastic hood that covers the litter pan. Most enclosed litter boxes are made of plastic. Cats can access the litter through an opening in the cover. The opening could either be open or fitted with a swinging door for easy entry and exit. I would recommend enclosed litter boxes as the most suitable option for small spaces for different reasons.

  •  High-sided entry points. These points reduce the amount of litter that is tracked out while making it tougher for the pets to kick litter on the floor.
  • Odor control. These litter boxes can contain the waste’s smell to keep your small space clean and smelling fresh.

2. Self-cleaning litter boxes

If you are willing to spend some more cash and take the cleaning process off your schedule, you will want to invest in such a litter pan.

These litter boxes have a cleaning cycle that works with reusable plastic granules. This cycle entails automated scooping, flashing the waste to the laundry drain, washing the granules in cold water, deodorization, and drying the litter granules in a heated cycle.

3. Disposable litter box

The pans are portable and designed to control odor effectively. With disposable litter trays, you can forget about the pain of cleaning and litter refills. You can use disposable litter boxes inside carriers or pet crates.


Best Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces Reviews:

1. Best Enclosed – Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box with a Removable Lid

Petmate Booda Dome litter box

  • Dome lid and a raised entrance

The Petmate Litter Box features a dome lid and a raised entrance. The lid encloses the cat pan on all sides for the cat’s privacy while keeping the floors free of litter. Plus, the raised entry prevents cats from tracking litter outside for clean floors.

  • Charcoal litter box filter

Best suited for use in small spaces, this litter box has a charcoal filter. Along with the enclosed design that contains odor, the filter neutralizes the unpleasant odor. The benefit of this is the ability to place the cat litter pan in any room with the confidence of maintaining an odor-free space.

  • Easy to clean

This litter tray is easy to clean. It has a non-stick round plastic pan. The pan doesn’t include stubborn corners to protect it from trapping the litter. Still, the cat pan has a handle that allows you to lift it comfortably when you want to dispose of the waste.

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2. Best Special Design – Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box with Durable Materials

Good Pet Stuff Hidden litter box

  • Durable

It is made of durable polypropylene for long-lasting longevity. It has a large entry point for smooth entry and exit. To protect cats from tracking litter outside, the litter box highlights a raised entrance.

  • Large capacity

It resembles a real clay pot, which means that guests will never know what it is until cats reveal it. The litter tray is suitable for multi-cat households or uses with large cats. It measures 20″ wide x 55″ high with the plant and 20″ wide x 19.75″ high without the plant.

  • Vented system

This litter box integrates a filtered vented system that controls dust and odor. Better, the litter box comes complete with a high-quality plant, dust filter, and decorative moss, so that you can add the litter to make it ready for use.

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3. Best Hidden – Zoovilla Kitty Litter Loo Litter Box Furniture with Large Capacity

Zoovilla Kitty Litter Loo furniture

  • Stylish construction

It is a stylish piece of furniture available in white and black. The litter box furniture comes with the required hardware and instructions for easy assembly. It has a door with a knob for smooth opening and closing.

  • Durable construction

Zoovilla is constructed of MDF with a durable painted finish which enhances the style without compromising durability. Adding to that, the litter loo incorporates framed panels that hide the litter messes while providing privacy for the cat.

  • Spacious interior

This is a large-capacity litter loo that can fit litter pans with a dimension up to 18.50″ wide x 16.00″ deep. It features a door that measures 7” x 8” for smooth entry and exit. The entrance highlights a raised design to prevent cats from spilling litter on the floors.

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4. Best for Multiple Cats – Petnf Hidden Cat Litter Box with Huge Internal Space

Petnf Hidden Cat litter box

  • Multiple uses

The Petnf serves multiple uses, with the ability to act like a cat house or litter box. Furthermore, it highlights medieval color schemes that match multiple pieces of furniture to decorate the interior.

  • Comfort and privacy

This is an enclosed-design cat litter box. Its sides conceal the cat while doing its business for the cat’s privacy. Besides that, the enclosed design contains mess odor, to help you maintain an odor-free space. The cat litter box highlights a raised entrance to protect cats from tracking litter on the floors.

  • Easy to install

This litter box is easy to set up. It comes in different pieces, including the litter box, flower pot, flower mud, and artificial flower. These parts lock into each other for effortless assembly without professional assistance.

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5. Best Multifunctional – Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture with a Storage Drawer

Penn Plax Cat Walk litter box

  • Cute and stylish

The furniture is finely crafted and fitted with a shutter-style door for easy placement of the litter box and effortless cleaning. Additionally, it features two cat-shaped holes on both sides so that cats can jump in or out as they please.

  • Multi-functional design

Other than providing a perfect spot for the cat litter box, this furniture doubles as a pet house. You can place a small cat bed or pillow so that it can act as a lounging area. The flat top is suitable for lamps, potted plants, or magazines.

  • Ample storage

The ample storage includes an inner shelf to facilitate the easy organization of the cat’s supplies. The top drawer can glide open, thus an ideal space for storing cat toys and supplies out of sight.

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6. Best Modern Look – MS Cat Lightweight Litter Box for Easier Cleaning of Cat Litter

MS Cat Lightweight litter box

  • Blends in modern decors

The MS Cat Litter Box is sleek and cute. It can blend in with the rest of the furniture without disrupting the tone of your home. The litter box has a hidden storage compartment and a complimentary scoop for an all-in-one storage solution.

  • Pull-out drawer

Its drawer pulls out smoothly for hassle-free cleaning. Additionally, the litter box highlights a non-stick technology for effortless clean-up. Integrating advanced plastic technology, the litter box can contain odor to help you maintain an odor-free house.

  • Curved filter

If you are worried about having the cat track litter on the floors, you can get this litter box with an assurance that your feline friend will leave the litter contained in the box. The interior features innovative grated steps to help keep the kitty’s dirty business confined within the box.

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Features That Make the Best Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces

Features That Make the Best Cat Litter Boxes for Small Spaces

1. Small size but spacious interior

Consider the exterior and interior dimensions of the litter box. The exterior dimensions should enable the litter box to fit into the available area. The interior dimensions should accommodate your cat’s size and height while protecting it from feeling cramped.

2. A cat litter box with an odor control system

Besides getting an enclosed litter box, I would recommend that you get a model with odor trapping filters. Such filters can control the smell and keep the unpleasant smell contained to help you maintain a fresh-smelling house.

3. A litter box that highlights durable materials

A high-quality litter box should be made of high-quality material. Such material should last for years without the risk of breakage. Furthermore, the materials should not contain toxins to safeguard your cat’s health. Also, it must not absorb unpleasant odor for easy sanitization.

4. A litter box that is easy to clean

Opt for litter boxes with removable rims for the effortless disposal of the litter. When the rim is on, cats find it difficult to spill the litter on the floors, another measure to ensure the cleanliness of your area.


Where Should I Keep My Litter Box in Small Apartment?

Where Should I Keep My Litter Box in Small Apartment

In a small apartment, there are several places to place a cat litter box so that it is out of sight and easily accessible by your cat. Such places include:

  • In a bathroom cabinet – The cabinet under the bathroom sinks is a perfect place for storing a cat litter box out of sight. Consider removing the door of the lower cabinet, but store it safely.
  • Next to the toilet – You could place the litter box next to the toilet. However, this only makes some sense if there is plenty of space surrounding the toilet to avoid cluttering this area.
  • One corner of your laundry room – Finally, you could place the litter box in one corner of the bathroom. Consider a section you do not use a lot and place your cat litter box.